Sherry and Narcotics

Sherry and Narcotics Kindle Edition On Sale AtThe Critically Acclaimed Debut By Nina Marie Gardner Gardner Captures Like No Other The Buildup Of Chemistry Between A Man And A Woman AM Magazine Enter The Book We Couldn T Put Down, One Which Kept Us Riveted MARIE CLAIRE Mary Is In A Very Fragile Place After The Death Of Her Father, Distance In Her Relationship With Her Mother, And A Tenuous Sobriety Which Has Long Slipped Away But For Her Hiding It From Her Family It S Under Such Inauspicious Timing, While Living In London, That Mary Starts Up A Correspondence With A Dreamy Poet, But From The Very Beginning Things Are Far From How They Appear LINUS S BLANKET Disturbing, brave and haunting But also supremely entertaining, wicked perverse. i am going to preface this review by saying that i own about a billion books and i have limited time, both in my day to day, and in my lifespan i don t have a disease or anything, but let s face facts mortality is a real thing so.i am always trying to tear through books, so i can at least make a dent in the piles and teetering stacks of books that already exist here so when authors slip into my inbox with their promises of reviewer copies and pdfs of their books, i generally turn them down because i just have too much on my plate already however, i got a request to review this one, and the reviews were so unilaterally positive both here and on the , just glowing and gushing, that i felt like, after i had verified with the author that they weren t just hundreds of her friends, i had to give it a chance plus, it sounded like a really sad and dark book, so i was powerless to resist.and it was exactly that a sad book full of sad and real people a self destructive roller coaster written at a frenetic pace that kept me up reading it until 3 30 in the morning, even though i had been exhausted when i got home that evening at eleven, but i could not stop reading it i needed to know how it was all going to pan out at the end, even though i knew it would not be happily.this is not a spoiler this is a story about two people who meet on the internet, and i think we have had enough reminders in the form of catfish and to catch a predator to have washed away any of the cheek pinchingly naive optimism of the kind of relationships displayed in you ve got mail the internet is for crazy people it is not a good place to meet friends or lovers except here of course on everyone is wonderful and everyone is exactly as advertised and you are all exceptions proving the rule cept me i am actually a 65 year old man with bad intentions this is about the impulse that drives you forward into increasingly poor decisions even when you are being hit with warning signs from a thousand different angles but not being able to slow the momentum forward into destruction because of the blindness of obsession and lust and self loathing it is about isolation even in a room full of people it is about making excuses until someone else starts making the decisions.the book incorporates many e mails into the text, which makes it a superfast read and there are some typos, but it didn t bother me at all, because when they appear in the e mails, it makes it seemreal, and some of them are just really cute, like when she refers to a baklava ed intruder instead of, presumably, a balaclava ed intruder, which sounds DELICIOUS this book is fast, and real, and painful.a marvelous addition to the salt in wound body of literature. Never no mind what this book is about The gory details represent a subset of a tale told a thousand times, and lessons never learned.Say you are a woman And you happen to get yourself a man He is dead hot, charming, witty, handsome, educated, polite and sensitive For extra bonus points add employed and leaves the toilet seat down But All is not well in the Kingdom of Denmark Prince Charming is weak, indecisive, emotionally needy and always on a bender But I ll change , says he.Question how many chances do you give Romeo to pull his act together before tossing him out , his dog, and the horse he rode in on Its hard, I can see The mixed signals scramble the brain and addle the mind I mean, he s intelligent and well meaning surely he ll turn himself round One chance after another, and by then, you ve invested so much in the relationship it becomes a matter of principle to persevere no one likes to sell at rock bottom when you ve bought at the top we cling on hoping for a Bull.Bullshit Set your stop loss high And then Have you ever been in a situation where you are seeing a very slow motion train wreck and you want to yell out to a person and warn them about the impending doom That is Sherry and Narcotics Gardner has nailed it She has methodically set out in writing this book that one just thinks it is the story of a woman living and dating in the UK..Under the surface, you can feel the destruction, both physical and mental, very slowly coming to Mary and the path she is chosing to take in her relationships with drugs alcohol and men Very giftedly writtenI took this book from 4 stars to 5 based on Gardner s ability to write beneath the surface One must pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to see the destruction If one reads it superfically they may miss very important parts of the story A must read for young women ETA 04 01 11 A very haunting bookI read 30 40 books a month so it is rare that a book gets in and stays in my mindthis one has def accomplished that If this is the debut, I can t wait to see what comes next from this incredibly talented author On a very side note The formatting of this book drove me nuts This is not the fault of the author though There were no page numbers and the page layout was weird An award winning novelist and playwright, she gradated from Yale University and earned her PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London, where she has served as a Visiting Lecturer since 2014 Her short stories, essays and reviews have been published in 3AM Magazine, The Fix, The Frisky, Flavorpill and the anthologies Bedford Square and 3AM London, New York, Paris In 2011, her debut novel Sherry Narcotics was published by Future Fiction London, and the stage adaptation was a finalist for the Verity Bargate Award 2014 and subsequently staged in London as part of the Arcola Theatre s inaugural PlayWROUGHT Festival, directed by Yael Shavit and starring Lucy Ellinson and Michael Colgan Her plays including The Land, Gabriel and Maggie Maggie have also been staged at London s Soho Theatre, The Clapham Omnibus, The BoilerHouse, and the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh She recently collaborated with the director Alex Browning as screenwriter of the short film Speakeasy, which premiered in London at The Hospital Club 100 Awards, and is now airing on Shorts TV She is a recipient of the Royal Holloway International Excellence Award, and a Crossland Research Fellowship.

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  • Sherry and Narcotics
  • Nina-Marie Gardner
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  • 08 July 2018
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