The Ballot Box Battle

The Ballot Box Battle Illustrated In Full Color Just In Time For The Presidential Election Comes Caldecott Medalist Emily Arnold McCully S Stirring Tale Of A Young Girl S Act Of Bravery Inspired By The Great Elizabeth Cady Stanton It Is The Fall Of , And Cordelia Is Interested In Horse Riding Than In Hearing Her Neighbor, Mrs Stanton Talk About Her Fight For Women S Suffrage But On Election Day, Mrs Stanton Tells The Heart Wrenching Story Of Her Childhood Charged With The Story S Message, Cordelia Determines To Go With Mrs Stanton To The Polls In An Attempt To Vote Above The Jeers And Taunts Of The Male Crowd With Faces, Landscapes, And Action Scenes Brought To Life By McCully S Virtuosic Illustrations, Cordelia S Turning Point Experience Is Sure To Inspire Today S Young Girls And Boys Everywhere

Emily Arnold McCully received the Caldecott Medal for Mirette on the High Wire The illustrator of than 40 books for young readers, she divides her time between Chatham, New York, and New York City.

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Ballot Box Battle
  • Emily Arnold McCully
  • English
  • 09 June 2017
  • 9780679879381

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    I can t say this book particularly moved me or would be the best first introduction to Stanton but it was engaging and did a good job of portraying this event in history making it vivid and lively and I would recommend it along with other books on the subject.

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    Ten year old Cordelia is bored by her elderly neighbor, Mrs Stanton s, stories about women s suffrage Who cares Men make all the decisions like that anyway Cordelia would rather be riding horses Then she discovers a common bond with Mrs Stanton that helps her achieve her goal of riding a horse, if only a borrowed one Through Mrs Stanton s words and actions and the words and actions of the men of Tenafly, Cordelia s eyes and ears become open to what Mrs Stanton is trying to tell her.Adult readers will probably recognize Elizabeth Cady Stanton, one of the first women s rights activists in the United States This slight biography is told through the eyes of a child rather than just the facts laid out for the reader I think this technique will make the story interesting and relatable to young children, especially girls I hope kids read this and think about that boring old person and wonder what stories that boring old person has to tell that are relevant to their own lives Girls will especially be interested in this story, I think My nieces were very well aware than a girl was running for President of the United States in 2016 the FIRST girl well no, but the first in our lifetimes They didn t really understand what else was going on just that someone female like them was poised to make history and didn t They were crushed when Hilawy didn t win and felt it was a blow to female kind Prior to that time they didn t even know women COULD be President and Elizabeth Cady Stanton would be deeply upset by that She would tell them the same stories she told Cordelia about the fight for equality and sometimes you have to take the reins yourself rather than wait for them to be handed to you Cordelia is a little bit spunky and very typically single minded for a girl her age She s focused on herself and what she wants I found her a bit annoying until the end I liked young Elizabeth better and my heart broke for her She must have been brilliant but so brokenhearted by the rejection of her father I know this story and remember it well from reading ahead in my English textbook when I was about Cordelia s age Elizabeth s father is the sort of villain of the story as are the men who refuse to allow Elizabeth to vote It s not so black and white, however, some men aren t sure what to do about this pushy Mrs Stanton and two men are in support of women voting I appreciate the author subtly and briefly showing different viewpoints The illustrations are pretty good Elizabeth Cady Stanton is instantly recognizable as the elderly dowager she was in the 1880s Cordelia s dresses date to the 1900s 1920s not 1880s but close enough for most people not to notice The difference between her and young Elizabeth is readily apparent to those paying attention.This book contains an author s note biography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton mentioning the books she used for research.

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    This is the fourth book that I ve read by McCully, and I realize that she s joined the ranks of my favorite authors She introduces snippets of history, writing tales that make the era come alive.

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    Originally posted on Creative Madness Mama.It was actually last week that we read this book but I kept forgetting to sit down and write a review for you This is a book that I picked up on a whim after a glance at a local used bookstore before it closed The Ballot Box Battle is a story about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a long term supporter of the idea of women s rights, especially the right to vote Right now we are working on an Elections unit study from Homeschool in the Woods and I dug this out of our bookshelf thinking that it would make a good read aloud to go with the theme, and it was a perfect choice In this story a young girl who wants to learn to ride horses and stand up to the local boys including her brother goes to a neighbor, Ms Stanton for lessons and advice This was an attractively illustrated book and set our day off just right that we continued on the theme of suffragettes in our elections study I highly recommend this one for your study on elections and especially women s rights.View all my reviewsThis review was originally posted on Creative Madness Mama.

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    Using a fictional young girl as the main focus of the story, the author describes Elizabeth Cady Stanton s life story and her efforts in the Women s Suffrage Movement The narrative shows Ms Stanton telling the fictional neighbor girl, Cordelia, about growing up in an environment where girls are valued far less than boys, while knowing that she was just as smart and as capable.She describes major events in her life that shaped her decisions to follow her calling as an activist, a leader, an author, and a prominent member of her community She also encourages Cordelia to pursue her dreams and to continue the fight for women s suffrage.The illustrations, created using watercolors and pastels, give the feeling of an older time and help to give young readers a glimpse into what life was like in the late 1800s Overall, I really liked the way that the biography tells readers about Ms Stanton s life even without sharing many details The final page of the story helps readers fill in the blanks with the details that were omitted Without being a very definitive book about Ms Stanton, this story still depicts an important event in her life and helps young children discover the struggles that finally brought women the right to vote in America.This book was selected as one of the books for the June 2018 Women s Suffrage discussion at the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at Goodreads.

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    First let me say that my school s library has this book s reading level at 2.8, and I don t know whose crack our librarian is smokin , or if it s a publisher misprint, but this book is at least upper third grade and likely fourth I was really excited about reading a feministy picture book on a younger kid s level, and sadly, the RL misled me and I was let down.That said, it s still an excellent book about a young girl s relationship with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a leader in the women s suffrage movement She can t relate to Mrs Stanton s passion for women s right to vote and she is embarrassed by Mrs Stanton s public display on Election Day But then when her brother and his friends mock them, she realizes how pointless the prohibition is Mrs Stanton s courage inspires her to face her own challenges head on.

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    The Ballot Box Battle Emily McCully 1996Genre Non fictionFormat picture book Plot summary Ten year old Cordelia accompanies her neighbor Elizabeth Cady Stanton to the polling place on Election Day as Mrs Stanton goes to the polls to attempt to vote Along the way, Cordelia learns a lesson in determination.Considerations noneSection source School Library JournalRecommended age 6 9

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    This is really what Emily Arnold McCully seems to do best, creating picture books that pair meaningful stories from history with splendid illustrations The Ballot Box Battle allows us the unique opportunity to experience the story of women s suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton through the eyes and ears of her young granddaughter Cordelia Cordelia knows that her grandmother is fighting for important civil rights, but to her the bigger significance of her grandmother s work pales in comparison with her own love of horses In fact, it takes a discussion with her grandmother that is initially about horses before the two of them have their first meaningful talk about the efforts that her grandmother is making on behalf of females everywhere Cordelia s grandmother has a very poignant story to tell about when she was young, and how the death of her brother rocked the foundations of her world and very nearly destroyed her father Cordelia s grandmother as a child had strived hard to please her father and do all of the things that only boys were supposed to be capable of achieving, but in her father s mind there would always be a gulf that his determined daughter could not cross, and she could never be as good as a new son to take the place of the one he lost Cordelia never comes to entirely understand her grandmother s insistence on giving women the right to vote, but she can see even in the way that she herself is treated by her brother that one should not be dismissed just because of one s gender At the end of the book Cordelia musters up her courage to prove in a small but important way that she is as capable of achievement as anyone else, and her success is also a minor triumph for her grandmother, who had battled for years against the presupposition that girls just shouldn t, or couldn t, do some things iThe Ballot Box Battle is a very good story with some excellent historical and emotional content, and I would easily give it two and a half stars.

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    Through full page illustrations, a fictionalized account of one of Elizabeth Cady Stanton s attempts to vote is told through the eyes of young Cordelia Cordelia takes riding lessons from Mrs Stanton doesn t understand why she d want to vote But Stanton s courage inspires Cordelia to stand up for herself It s a simple account and thus doesn t really stand on its own, but would be perfect to kickstart learning on women s suffrage and feminism.

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    This book was cute It would be PERFECT to use as a supplement when teaching about women s rights It s a bit long, but it s a great way to show students that not every person always had the same rights as everyone else.

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