XenocideEnder s series has long been one of my favorite in the sci fi genre and that is why I am slowly working through the series long after I have moved on from most of my childhood favorites There was something about Ender s world even for a reader who was most at home with the most elaborate of high fantasy and sci fi, the subdued world of Ender had a different sort of fascination It did not try to sell a fancy world or any fancy technology or an advanced race of humans none of the regular tropes It was the most human of sci fi stories in a way only dealing with the fundamentals, with life and death alone and with how to deal with them True it was set in a fascinating slot to tell this story but it asked nothing of the reader, no suspension of belief, no acceptance of an distinct world, it only asked the reader to connect with Ender.Then Uncle Orson had the brilliant idea to take this brilliant story line and merge with a rejected story from his early career and mix in all sort of mumbo jumbo He took the big leap that so many sci fi authors love to take straight into ancient hindu philosophy which is a very tempting and logical end space for all of sci fi In fact, you will not find a cogent and perfect sci fi universe But that is no excuse for so throughly mixing it up with a series that was going so perfectly.Worse, just when I promised myself that I will wrap up this series with this book, Orson throws at me the most absurdly taunting sort of conclusion and then has the nerve to come along with an afterword and tell me slyly that the best way to earn from a book is to split it in two So bingo, please read the next one and sorry to leave you hanging And true to the spirit of Ender, I am pretty sure I will. Had this been a stand alone novel, rather than a continuation of the Ender Wiggins series, it probably wouldn t have irritated me so much In the interview with the author at the end of the CD, he pretty much verifies what I thought throughout the whole novel The premises of this book is one that he had first thought of as an independent story line, but since Ender Wiggins was a ready made hit, rolled it into the trilogy instead With each subsequent book, Card looses a bit of the initial power of Ender Wiggins His need to explore philosophical ideas, in far greater depth than is necessary, overwhelms the story One of the greatest aspects of Ender s Game was that it delved into a number of deeper issues, without being in your face or pushy It managed to be a fast paced, action oriented science fiction novel, while at the same time offering enough substance to appeal to a intellectual mindset Xenocide completely missed the mark in this aspect The philosophical debates are rammed down your throat, detracting from, and eventually completely ruining, the characters introduced in Ender s Game Had he simply written a separate novel that dealt with the issues addressed in this novel, I think I would have enjoyed it much As it is, though, the forcing of a separate story plot into the continuing saga of Ender Wiggins did not work. The War For Survival Of The Planet Lusitania Will Be Fought In The Hearts Of A Child Named Gloriously BrightOn Lusitania, Ender Found A World Where Humans And Pequininos And The Hive Queen Could All Live Together Where Three Very Different Intelligent Species Could Find Common Ground At Last Or So He ThoughtLusitania Also Harbors The Descolada, A Virus That Kills All Humans It Infects, But Which The Pequininos Require In Order To Become Adults The Starways Congress So Fears The Effects Of The Descolada, Should It Escape From Lusitania, That They Have Ordered The Destruction Of The Entire Planet, And All Who Live There The Fleet Is On Its Way, And A Second Xenocide Seems Inevitable This may be my favorite of the Ender series The dynamic with all of the different forms of alien life and the debate about when and whether it is OK to destroy such life is facsinating to me I think that part of the reason I enjoy science fiction so much is that, not only does it force me to use my brain, but it can address real life issues in a setting that, although comparable to real life, does not have quite the same affect on my while still making me think about real principles I am not sure if that makes senseI am the type of reader that is deeply affected when I read about horrific things that happen in real life ie murder, rape, war, violence etc I can t shake the images and they truly disturb me and give me nightmares However, science fiction can address the same themes like racism and violence and intolerance for diversity in a setting that is less realistic and therefore, for me tolerable That is exactly what this book does It makes you think about the way you look at others and makes you question your judgements and even on a broader scale helps you to analyze how we a a nation look at other nations etc A very facsinating read, but not for the faint of heart It is a deep book that might lose some readers with its complicated plot lines Once again the characters are fabulously developed and you are completely attached to them, especially to Ender. Let me tell you the most beautiful story i know.a man was given a dog, which he loved very much.the dog went with him everywhere,but the man could not teach it to do anything usefulinstead it regarded him with the same inscrutable expression thats not a dog, its a wolf said the mans wife he alone is faithful to me said the manand his wife never discussed it with him again.one day, the man took his dog with him onto his private airplaneand as they flew over the winter mountainsthe engines failedand the airplane was torn to shreds among the trees.the man lay there, bleedinghis belly torn open by shards of sheared metalbut all he could think of was his faithful dogwas he alive was he hurt imagine his relief when the dog came padding upand regarded him with that same steady gaze.after an hour, the dog nosed the mans gaping abdomenand began to pull out the intestine, spleen and liver,gnawing on them,all the while studying the mans face thank god the man said at least one of us will not starve how can you NOT love that.the book was AMAZING.my second favorite in the series. This is one of the most profoundly philosophical science fiction books ever written.Humans have colonized the planet they call Lusitania, home to the piggies, intelligent mammal like animals with no technology Then Ender Wiggin arrives, with the Hive Queen, the last remaining member of her high tech species Now three intelligent species must cohabit one world for if they leave it, they will take with them the ultimate biological weapon, the descolada virus.Human contact with not one but two intelligent alien species sets the scene for a thorough and balanced discussion of some of the most important questions about being human What does it mean to be intelligent What does it mean to be alive Does free will exist Where did the universe come from How can we pursue our own interests while remaining respectful of others My only reservation about this book is that it really only makes sense having read the other two first, Ender s Game and Speaker for the Dead I tried reading it immediately after Ender s Game, and put it down in frustration after a few pages But if you have time to read a great sci fi trilogy, with interesting characters, a suspenseful plot, and some surprisingly unique ideas, you will be richly rewarded.Addendum In light of Card s homophobic statements, I feel obligated to add a few words It is incredibly disappointing to me that such an imaginative, creative writer as Card sees homosexuality as wrong He is able to imagine species that reproduce in incredibly innovative and foreign ways, yet is not able to tolerate something as banal as one human loving another human who happens to be of the same sex I admire Card s creativity, but I am saddened by his narrow mindedness regarding his own species. I can t say that I enjoyed this as much as the other two.I found the characters bland There wasn t one that I could connect with among them, other than Jane, and perhaps Valentine The women were all ridiculously emotional, leading to foolish and irrational decisions that made me want to scream Quara, Gloriously Boring Bright, Novinha The only redeeming factor was a female computer and Valentine, as the other women just opened their mouths and made problems or spent the entire book talking about their unworthiness Luckily they have men to fix everything right Lets move to the synopsis, which states The war for the survival of the planet Lusitania will be fought in the heart of a child named Gloriously Bright.I can t even say how irritating that statement is, since Gloriously Bright exacerbated the problem, and then spent the entire book being a stubborn fool, contributing nothing further That statement alone dropped my rating by one star I would have enjoyed this book had she never had been in it Wang mu is the real hero, and should have been credited, or maybe it is because she is just a lowly servant.And don t get me started on how weird the relationship is between Ender and Valentine They are so close they make their marriage partners jealous What The story isn t awful, although I feel like it could have been shorter than it was, featuring pages and pages of dialogue While some of it was interesting, I did feel myself start to glaze over as it continued with no end in sight I can see why people don t progress with the series past Ender s Game.Cross posted at Kaora s Corner. 5.0 stars I was amazed by how good this book is Speaker for the Dead is one of my all time favorite books and this book picks up right where Speaker left off Superb characters, amazingly orginal concepts of life and the universe and intense ethical debate Card s strong suit highlight this exceptional novel Highly recommended Nominee Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1992 Nominee Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1992 TOO LONG I grudgingly give this book a 3, based only on my affection for the characters and the creativity of the story Most of the book suffers from overkill in one sense or another, which leads to its main problem of length It s impossible to deny that Card is brilliant, but I can think of no writers other than Tolstoy and Dickens barely that can justifiably write 600 or pages of novel Yes I m aware I m including Dostoyevsky in this statement sorry Karamazov lovers Card could have brought this one in at under 500 and lost nothing while gaining much due to brevity.Problems where to start Much of the length problem was due to tedious treatment of 3 of the main characters Miro look, I get that he doesn t like being paralyzed and that he s wallowing in self pity You can cut at least 10 pages of his wallowing and I will still understand it His transformation at the end will still be impactful Si Wang Mu the introduction of Path and the gradual revelation of OCD was masterful What I needed much less of was the hammering home of their inner turmoil over the gods There s a specific 5 page passage starting on 430 that as far as I can tell is used solely for Wang Mu to ponder the nature of godhood If you re going to spend 5 pages on her, at least use it to develop the mind boggling and completely inexplicable split second decision she makes at the end view spoiler to run off with New Peter hide spoiler The war for the survival of the planet Lusitania will be fought in the heart of a child named gloriously bright.Says the cover Such a misleading thing to say This novel was 500 pages of bullshit, and 91 pages of slight enjoyment More or less 81.8% of useless shit Nominated for the Hugo award Thank heavens it didn t win.I loved Ender s Game and Speaker for the Dead, but Xenocide was just bullshit It even felt like Card didn t write this How could he create amazing characters, and manage to make them lifeless all of a sudden I didn t feel any kind of connection with any of the characters in this third novel To make things worse, this novel is way too long 591 pages, rambling on about uninteresting stuff.The main goal of this novel I believe was to keep things interesting by introducing another possibility of a xenocide , but all it did was introduce another set of alien species that are not even likeable They were flat and unrelatable I m chinese, and I couldn t even relate to the characters They were written that bad I even had to check the front cover to see if Card wrote this alone Unbelievable how much I hated this novel.The list of annoying things does not end Card made the characters seem like they were trying to be like Ender a lot Miro, Grego, and Wang mu were all pretentious in this novel They were trying too hard to be likeable, but they seemed like losers Especially Wang mu, and the twist that Card wrote in the near end about her was not even good She was not a likeable character from the start, so relentlessly trying to make her likeable is not going to work You might ask, who could be annoying than Wang mu Qing jao Another pretentious little bitch All her whining from the start annoyed me already I got it the first time, you don t want the life that you were given, so stop whining about it every fucking time you appear in a chapter Ender himself was fucking unbearable in this novel I saw this coming already, but Card just made it worseEla, after you ve inadvertently killed a couple of people with your bear hands, either you learn to control your temper or you lose your humanityYou killed people with your bear hands You fucking killed an entire species, shouldn t that be the cause of your losing of humanity Terrible example given, and I thought you were supposed to be the amazing speaker of the dead murderer of the buggers And up to now, I still can t believe that he married Novinha She was fucking crazy right from the start The plot itself ventured off a cliff Instead of focusing on the main story, it focused on the art of whining instead We get of scrubbing grease off hands, Miro s paralysis, Ender s marriage, and Novinha s family problem rather than the fucking possibility of a Xenocide Let me add the constant whining of everyone regarding Jane s humanity I don t give a rat s ass who created her, please talk about the fucking Xenocide instead Based on the summary at the back, this should ve been the best of the 3 Instead, I m considering giving up on the whole series because of this being such a bullshit novel Once I ve calmed down though, I believe I ll be reading the next novel 1.5 5 stars I gave this 2 stars because I still have an ounce of mercy left in my system Card could ve done better, and he already proved that with the first two novels I m not sure what happened here, but I m hoping the next novel wouldn t be this bad This novel should be called The Art of Whining and not Xenocide.

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