The Substitute (Guntram de Lisle #1)

The Substitute (Guntram de Lisle #1) This is one of my most favorite books The depth of this book is amazing You go through the whole range of emotions from warm fuzzies to outrage to heart break It s written in the form of a diary kept by Guntram starting at age 19 and his life and relationship with his lover Konrad who is 44 It s a book of secret societies, German aristocracy, life with a multi billionaire Domineering Konrad and sweet and shy Guntram are very much in love, although plot twists have them both separated through part of the book They both act pretty twisted in the things that they do, especially Konrad in his desperation to have Gutram back at his side You want to choke both of them, but the ending is a sweet onea nice happily ever after Having sang my praises, the only thing that annoyed me at first was the extremely poor grammar which at first made me consider not reading the book It s obvious that English is not the first language of the author and that the publisher didn t require the book to be proof read I read on though because everyone said the book was so good One example being, using perspired instead of transpired Sometimes you had to re read sentences to get the meaning because the wrong word was used But it turned out that it worked out really well because Guntram is Spanish and Konrad is German so when you read it, you re reading it from their perspective and they are speaking somewhat broken English so it makes sence So it worked for this story So don t let the poor grammar bother you, it s a story worth readingover and over again I know I will. No rating.I can t make heads or tails out of the book because I m having to translate it, edit it, and somehow make sense of it This isn t something I m prepared to do for a book that I purchased with my very own United States dollars. I Understand This Is All New To An Inexperienced Youth Like Yourself I Was Half Expecting Your Denial, But I M Willing To Wait, That You Become My Lover I Will Provide, Take Care And See That No Harm Falls Upon You, As Long As You Respect Me And Behave According To Your Status As I Said, You Are The Most Adorable Thing That Had Caught My Attention In Years You Have To Be Mine And I Have Every Intention To Win You Over I M And Way Past The Age For Playing You Are Everything I Ve Dreamed Of For A Lover And A Companion In Life Your Beauty And Innocence Makes You Perfect For Me With These Words, Konrad Von Lintorff, A Swiss German Banker Declared His Intentions To A Years Old Penniless Student Guntram Was Young, Kind Hearted And Exactly Looking As Konrad S Former Lover Can A Young Sweet Boy Survive The High Finance World And The Love Of A Possessive And Violent Man Follow Guntram S Diary Through A Story Of Intrigue, Love, Sex, Betrayal, Secret Societies, Deceptions And Murder Note The Author Decided That Substitute And Its Sequel Will Be Available Only In Paper Version For Further Details Please Follow This Link That s it I give up I gather that this book has kind of a cult status on GR, and it s why I started reading it in the first place The premise is one I could see myself enjoying and I love the beautiful European setting, but my brain hurts from all the malapropisms and syntax problems Yes, I know English is not the author s first language, and a very valiant effort is made in writing in English, but I think it takes a stronger person than I to make it through the grammatical morass So, after many many wasted hours and much dawdling over this book, I m cutting it loose. I hated this book and yet I loved it enough to give it 5 stars.This book was I am having a hard time, even after such a long period of nothing to describe this book It was brutal I have never, ever read a book like this before and the fact there are sequels have kind of made me stop and wonder about my sanity There is so much to say about this book and I am not the person to take advice from I will warn you that this book has an ability to destroy you I have actually regretted reading this book.For 500 pages I was put through so much and I came out the other end raw and disturbed My first warning about this book would be that there is abuse Horrible, disgusting abuse My head was telling me that I should not love this book and yet my heart and my darker side enjoyed this book immensely It s disturbing me to say I enjoyed it It s not my usual sap and comfort read This is powerful and sick There was a huge age difference and a lot of lies and deceit in this book Konrad was an almost evil man, I hated him, I loved him and I felt sorry for him in many ways It left me with a blank feeling when I would read a scene where he was abusing Guntram I wanted to murder the man, but he was different to most of my hated characters I will never understand how.Guntram, how can I describe this man He was a boy who was too innocent and naive to know what he was getting himself in for and it was sad to see him enter such a violent, unfriendly world But I hated him too, he was weak and left me frustrated much like Konrad and he pissed me off just as much His character though was safer to like and safer to connect to Even during the good moments I knew none of it would last.This book has two MC s that cannot speak very good English In fact none of them were the greatest, that appealed to me though There were many things that appealed to me and in a sad way that was why it destroyed me the way it did I never wanted to read a book like this and love it, I never thought I could But, it happened and I cannot say I m happy about it.For me to tell you that this book is a lovely romance would be wrong This book had a violent relationship built on abuse and lies If you have issues with this book like I normally do, stay away I would not like to see people read this because they want a flowery romance with some angst Nothing I have read compares to this It s unique than I care to admit.With that I leave you with this It s a long, tough and brutal I want to say and I can t This book was such a sick read and I have actually shocked myself by reading it Leave with the warning that this book would murder you Cannot recommend it, but can tell you if willing you should give it a shot This is a preliminary review on the free beta version downloaded from a link on the author s blog the author has decided to have paper copies only no authorised ebook version , so now I m waiting for my copy to arrive from Lulu for a re read I may decide to edit this review after reading the cleaned up version.The Beta has all the terrible English language issues that the comments complain about It s definitely a very good to amazing level story for me But if you are disturbed by bad grammer abuse of proper English, then you should go straight for the 100 page preview sample on Lulu, which has had the text somewhat cleaned up Personally, I didn t have too much trouble with the grammer after the first 10 pages or so I suspect the author is multilingual with Spanish and or French first language like the protaganist, Guntram also knowing English, maybe German and Italian Certainly, the English grammer language errors are consistent throughout the book, and it was easy to mentally correct the text while reading I didn t have trouble with comprehension because of the language In fact, I found the oddly non English turn of phrases to be very humourous and charming you won t ever forget Guntram s not thinking in English.The form of the book is in diary entries, and almost completely Guntram s POV Since Guntram s access to information is very strictly controlled, the reader mostly only knows what Guntram is told or learns by accident There is no real way to confirm if conflicting information is true or false, and Guntram is too naive to properly analyse most of it So a lot about what is happening in the background is left open to the reader s imagination This is a major strength of the story, it s extremely personal, but also like reading a murder mystery, thriller, whodunnit Unfortunately, it s also almost completely one sided, and the reader instinctively mistrusts a lot of Guntrum s interpretation of what happens The result is you ll keep reading desperately to catch the next hint to the mystery, for some 700 pages Personally, I think 700 pages is too long But then again, the detailed descriptions of locations, social situations and people are also part of the attraction of this story Five countries in two continents if I were living at any of the locations this story takes place, I would want to walk down the same roads and visit the same museums and restaurants I assume they are all real locations I think this is a book that has to be read at least twice The first time skimmed through to get the gist of the plot, and the second time read slowly to enjoy the fine details.I strongly recommend the alternate timeline story Into the Lion s Den , after reading The Substitute It s a much balanced story told from multiple POV s, and clarifies many issues the reader can only guess at in the original.EDIT July 2013 Have finished reading the cleaned up, 2nd Ed version for the second time, and decided I really had to bump my rating up from 4 to 5 stars A most amazing, utterly gripping story I still can t believe this book has become a comfort read for me 650 plus pages is ridiculously dangerous for just before bedtime reading Rating 4.5 stars I couldn t decide if I wanted to rate this a 1 star book, or a 5 star book so I settled So I started reading the unedited PDF version online up till chapter ten, then bought the physical book on Lulu to prevent my brain from overloading The book was expensive, but in the end, I was happy with my purchase The Substitute is probably one of the most fucked up piece of fiction I have ever had the pleasure to read There was so much I HATED which I will get to later in this review When I think about it, there really wasn t that many good points Yet despite my bickering thoughts throughout my reading just check my status updates if you haven t already , I had to re evaluate how I felt What was that clich Love and hate tread a fine line So I let me start by describing the premise of this book The story is told through journal entries from Guntram Guti for short , a 19 year old orphan who visits Europe with his best friend The entries date back from 2001 and chronicles to the year 2008 The book is divided into three equal parts The Duke, The Order, and The Griffin Each part is around 200 250 pages each By the time you get to the third part The Griffin , you get brief journal entries from a secondary character that helps to give some diverse perspective to the story For better or for worst, most of the story is told through dialogues between characters, or Guntram s own thoughts There isn t much description of the physical world except for certain architecture and basic things e.g a lake, a cloudy day, or the warm sand nothing too descriptive I count this a blessing since the author s use of the English language might have made things difficult if she tried to go in great details of the physical world.So now, I will list my dislikes 1 Grammar Nazis, beware It is quite obvious that the author s native language is not English Parts of the PDF version that I read up to chapter 10 had many errors punctuation, incorrect spelling, incorrect use of articles, incorrect sentence structures, many inconsistent verb tenses, incorrect verb noun usage, and just strange use of the English language The physical version cleaned up a lot of the punctuation and misspelling and such but still had them To me, it made a big difference in my ability to read the book However, if you aren t bothered by these nuances or go in with the right frame of mind , then the PDF version may be fine with you The story is understandable even with the butchering of the English language, but it kind of ruined some moments for me like awkwardly spelled out love confessions, sex scenes, or tense moments i.e I love you replied with, I also or what have you being doing here these were repeated mistakes too.2 Guntram Sorry to all the Guntram fans, but I just really disliked him He is a 19 year old boy with an innocent heart that can only be labeled as really, really, really x 1000 na ve He is bratty and picks verbal arguments that felt well, stupid For instance this doesn t spoil anything, but I know some people are touchy about that kind of stuff , view spoiler he gets angry when his defender tries to kill an assailant that punched him in the face, kicked him in the ribs, then held a knife to his throat and actually made a cut Really The person just tried to kill you, and now you are angry at your defender for trying to protect you hide spoiler This review is about how I felt about the book and MCs, see other s reviews for about the story.I loved reading the book It is my first paper book in about 6 months and its 656 pages long The longer the better.I was fascinated with the story, well maybe it should be called a written Opera The drama and turn of events are amazingly operatic and majorly melodramatic At times I was racing thru the book happily reading which alternated with wanting to throw it out the window The MCs and most of the supporting cast are maddeningly juvenile yet I had to know what would happen next Amazing story.A few things the author got right and wrong about the characters in the book.I personally know several Billionaires and I can confirm Konrad s personality and sexual appetite.Anal sex without lube could cause anal tears and is incredibly painful You at least need saliva A totally dry fuck is a total turn off to me No animal magnetism there Women writing a gay story need to get the sex at least partially right.Could someone like Guntram really exist with that amount of naivet The pedophile incident was a major turning point in the story and it was not resolved, yet all the characters continued as if it had been satisfactorily dealt with.How many grammatical and editing errors can exist in one novel This was pathetic Yet I was able to overlook it to read the story I m not usually obsessive about this, but my oh my, someone should have looked at this.I want to give this 5 stars for the entertainment value but I must take off 1 star because someone should rescue the grammar and give it a basic edit How the fuck do you even rate a book like this There are so many problems, deal breaking, ruinous problems Most reviews justifiably mention the language, though in fact it didn t bother me I tend to hear what I read, so I was able to sink into Guntram s peculiar brand of non idiomatic English without any trouble My larger problems were with the depiction of the female characters, most of whom were slutty, deceitful, vulgar harridans view spoiler The entire section with Stefania almost ruined the book until just like that it shifted into the final impetus for Guntram to develop the backbone he needs to survive this world which could stand in for the overall impact of the book itself I wouldn t read those chapters again, but plot wise, they than justified their existence hide spoiler 4.5 stars Yes, this is going to be a long review You have been warned PThe best way to describe this book is as surprising and frustrating I had this idea in my mind of how this story was going to be that was completely wrong I purposely didn t read any reviews about it a few months before I read it because I didn t want to be spoiled or have some subconscious expectations placed on it So, all I knew about the book was what the blurb explains and the fact it s poorly translated with bad editing Yes, I am one of those readers who can read a review on a certain book and forget about everything I learned from the review weeks down the road lol The first fifty to a hundred pages of it are the most brutal to go through Not because they consist of violence even though they do but because of the poor translation If you can get past those and I strongly recommend you do then it is easier to read the rest of the book because you get kind of used to it You start filling in the words that should be there, replacing the correct gender words in your mind and understanding what is ultimately being said It s not easy, that s for sure I couldn t fully immerse myself into the story like I would have preferred although I think if I did I would be a wreck right now considering how deep of the emotions I already felt would have been tripled at least because I had to read lightly so I wouldn t constantly falter at the errors This book is twisted because Konrad makes it that way He s a powerful man in a powerful position He s cold, brutal, obsessive and ruthless He doesn t care who he hurts or how he does it He s manipulative, unstable, deranged, deceitful and always needs to be in control while never showing weakness He s the type of man you do not cross because he will retaliate in a much worse way than how you actually deceived him However, he s loyal, sticks mostly to his word and respectful From the moment he saw Guntram, he fell head over heels in love Guntram is kind, sweet, innocent and lovable but a bit insecure He has a heart of gold, who only wants to help out the poor He s physically fragile because of his heart condition, beautiful and an amazing artist He has an old soul as they say, having better manners than even the oldest of aristocrats and treating everyone with respect no matter their position, power or title He also, unfortunately, attracts the love from all the predators He s gullible in the sense he always sees the best in people and accepts their words as truth He will believe almost anything but he s stubborn and loyal and there s no swaying him on certain things He is the perfect Consort The start of Guntram and Konrad s relationship is rocky at best They go through a lot of ups and downs because of Konrad s possessive, controlling nature making Guntram into the perfect obedient boy In my opinion, they are both idiots and fools They caused a lot of useless grief and aggravation, making me get so frustrated I wanted to make them real to strangle them both They forced themselves into situations that only made their trust in each other falter They brought it upon themselves and then only made the situation worse by how one or the other reacted I either loved one and hated the other or I hated one and loved the other There s no other word for it but frustrating Some might say Konrad took advantage of Guntram at a tender time but I honestly don t believe that Konrad was besotted with Guntram than Guntram was with him Konrad needed Guntram in the beginning whereas Guntram did not need a thing If Konrad wasn t so persistent, Guntram would have left Konrad for good As the story progresses, though, Guntram falls deeply for Konrad However, no matter what the surface says, Guntram still holds all the cards in their relationship and the ability to make their lives miserable Konrad might look as if he rules Guntram but Guntram can do damage mentally to Konrad than anyone else Konrad still needs Guntram to be mentally happy He makes Konrad calm and less vindictive and crazy Guntram, however, does not need him Want him, yes, but he does not necessarily need Konrad to survive life and move on whereas Konrad would eventually go crazy and do something exceptionally stupid and get killed There are a lot of things I m leaving out of this review Mainly all the conflict with The Order and their problems, Konrad s enemies and the things Konrad did when he went temporarily crazy with the belief he could make Guntram jealous enough to take him back I m not explaining them because I don t feel they were the focus of the story To me, the story revolved around Guntram and Konrad and the other stuff is just details The things Konrad did, did not rate high enough on my to care meter to mention Lol Others might disagree, though The secondary characters were some on my favorites I loved Guntram and I loved Konrad even though they were both idiots People like Ferdinand, Friedrich, Michael, Heindrick, Alexei and Goran were right up there as my favorites, too They were actually a valuable part to the story, though They kind of push Guntram and Konrad into some problems but they also played a major roll in getting them back together and showing Guntram he has the power to make or break Konrad And I just want to say how cute their nicknames for Guntram were I want than anything to give this book five stars because to me it was an exceptional read but I can t I loved this book in every possible way but the poor translating and editing plus the than occasional inconsistencies with hair colors, eye colors and names grated on my nerves a bit Along with that, I want of Konrad and Guntram The ending was a bit unsatisfying I mean, on one hand, Guntram finally accepts he loves Konrad and wants to be with him as an equal but then on the other hand, that was it A few sentences of them heartfully telling each other they will be together for ever a bit corny, yes, but I thought it was sweet and that s it I want I want to know how they cope now their relationship is back to being an intimate one and Guntram isn t punishing Konrad by being cold and distant I want to know if Konrad keeps his word to Guntram about being equals and accepting he can t boss Guntram around like he did when Guntram was still young and naive I want to know I demand.Oh, and I desperately wanted to label this a sweet read because underneath it all, it was Konrad was hopelessly in love with Guntram from the moment he saw him like a love sick teenager He was a sweetheart during the times he wasn t making Guntram miserable and acting like a complete douche bag So, that explains the a sweet cute read shelf in case any of you were wondering P view spoiler Oh, and um, well, there s kind of cheating Not really when you think about it but, to me, it felt as if it were cheating If you love someone so desperately it hurts to live without them even if you break up with them, cuz really, you are in love you shouldn t need to find another to warm your bed Whether it s a way to make another jealous or to cope with grief, I don t like it and whether it s kissing, rubbing or going all the way, it still feels like cheating to me Hmph hide spoiler

I was born many years ago, but not that many, in Buenos Aires I studied Political Science with a Master in Defence Studies I live in Madrid since 6 years, married and with one child Author yes, I plead guilty of The Substitute , Do not Feed the Platypus, please and Into the Lion s Den Those are Slash Novels for adults so little children, go home

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