Ruffian: Burning From the Start

Ruffian: Burning From the Start During Two Short Seasons At The Track, Ruffian Was Hailed As The Greatest Thoroughbred Filly Of All Time Unbeaten In Her First Ten Starts, She Shattered One Record After Another, Dazzling Crowds With Both Her Beauty And Her Brilliant Speed Then Tragedy Struck On The Afternoon Of July , Ruffian Broke Down On The Lead In The Middle Of A Match Race At Belmont Park Later That Night She Had To Be DestroyedRuffian Burning From The Start Is The Story Of This Exceptional Filly, A Horse So Dominating, So Powerful, That Writer Walter Farley Once Suggested She Was Like The Fictional Legend, The Black Stallion, Than Any Colt He Had Ever Seen Beginning With Her Earliest Days In Kentucky, The Book Follows Ruffian At Every Stage Of Her Career And Through The Agony Of Her Final Hours Venturing Behind The Scenes Of The Racing World And Exploring The Politics And Personalities That Came Together To Shape This Extraordinary Filly S Fate

Jane Schwartz has written for many publications, including the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, the Blood Horse, and Daily Racing Forum, where her column Free Rein appeared She is also the author of a novel She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • Ruffian: Burning From the Start
  • Jane Schwartz
  • English
  • 17 April 2018
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    I can remember seeing Ruffian run in the match race that ultimately caused her to be euthanized Sadly, her death brought many reforms to the often ugly sport of horse racing and management of injuries, as well as greater attention to breeding.Ruffian was a gorgeous animal and an amazing athlete Even though I knew how the story ended, I wanted to know about her, her owners, trainers, and all those around her This book gave me that insight, and even the tears in my eyes at the end didn t tarnish the story Well written, easy read a must for horse lovers.

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    This is the book that Ruffian deserves Schwartz does justice to this immensely talented horse, and to the people around her Frank Whiteley, her trainer, her groom, exercise riders, jockey and her owners I came away with a great respect for all of them Schwartz alternates chapters dealing with Ruffian s training and racing, her past, with chapters leading up to the match race with Foolish Pleasure It s a style that could be confusing, but she handles it with skill It s a technique that also builds tension as it leads up to the race, even when you know the outcome The last few pages, when Ruffian is put down after a heroic effort to save her, are written lyrically, tragically, beautifully You ll need a big box of tissues I did.If I could ask Jane Schwartz for insight or analysis, it would be in regard to the mad house confusion that surrounded Ruffian when she was taken back to her stall after the race, and then to the equine hospital across the road from the Belmont race track Other than that, it s a wonderfully researched book about a great racehorse, written in a style that reads easily and quickly as one of Ruffian s early morning workouts But be sure to have the tissues handy for the last five pages.

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    I can t decide why I liked this book I don t know that it was necessarily as well written as some of the other thoroughbred biographies Lauren Hillenbrand s, specifically , but I still enjoyed it.The end we all know And of course I cried A lot But, the rest of the story was still interesting to read I guess what makes this less exciting is that Ruffian never really had a chance to really show off what she could do Man o War got his fair time on the track, as did Secretariat, and Seabiscuit battled back from so much that even those victories are impressive enough But Ruffian s career was cut short when she was only just beginning to approach the peak of her career The book is less exciting than others only because she was never given the chance to be as exciting as she could have been All in all, it s a pretty good story with an incredibly sad ending Worth a read if you love horses, but probably not interesting enough for those who are not horse people.

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    This book was moving, informative, and brilliantly put together Schwartz certainly did her homework in the research department, and she writes with enough skill and subtlety to touch you deeply, without having to resort to petty tricks It helps that the story of Ruffian is a tragedy, but I believe Schwartz s skill contributed a lot, particularly after reading William Nack s take on the subject If you want to know what I thought of that, you may find your way to that review, thank you.Ruffian was magnificent and brilliant in the same way lightning is brighter than everything around it, but short lived This book captures Ruffian s moment, and you won t ever forget it.

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    A in depth biography of a remarkable filly who was born to run Ruffian is unique in the racing world not only for her speed but for her heart and will to win She is buried entire near the flagpole at Belmont Park, facing the finish line Ruffian lived a life of triumph, courage and tragedy, one of the foremost race horses of the 20th century.

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    Even though I ws a little girl when her tragedy occurred, knew what the outcome would be before I ever read it, this was an amazing book It made me laugh, it made me cry The photos were a wonderful memory to have of this filly who gave her heart to her sport, who s broken life touched America s horse lovers Thoroughbred lovers around the world Rest In Peace brave girl You were a star that burned out way too soon.

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    I remember crying for 3 days after Ruffian was put down I also re evaluated my desire to be a vet And learned that I was not cut out to be one I would not be able to put a horse down, nor allow one who needed to be put down to live in pain, and be able to live with my decision.

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    I had a tough time deciding between a 3 a 4 rating but went with a 3 because there were some slow spots where I picked up other books and read them all the way through before getting back to Ruffian.If you were a sentient being in the mid 70 s, a fan of TBs or TB racing, you ve probably heard of Ruffian, her fabulous beginning and her tragic end This book was an interesting behind the scenes story, introducing all the folks who owned, trained and cared for this amazing filly.

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    It s well written and fast paced, like any horse racing book should be I laughed throughout the entire book, up until the fatal Match race, when, as you can probably guess, I cried my eyes out However where is an updated edition An afterword at least, about Ruffian s legacy Actually, forget updated editions This one is from 1991 and still lacks information known prior to that year.Ruffian broke down, is buried, end of the book I, for one, would like a little bit on the subject of why it happened her breeding, and TB in breeding in general and what changed afterwards recovery pool Posthumously she earned the 1975 Eclipse Award for Outstanding Three Year Old Filly But you wouldn t find that info in the book What about the Ruffian Handicap, run in Ruffian s honor since 1976 Not there either 1976, inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame 35th out of 100 top TB champions of the XXth century, also being both on best filly and best horse lists 53rd and the only animal on Sports Illustrated s top 100 female athletes list And finally, The Ruffian Equine Medical Center opened in 2009 But to find out about all of that, one has to consult other sources.

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    I loved this book A perfect combination of in depth history about all the people and events around Ruffian without the story being weighed down with minutiae I could have lived without the description of Ruffian s conception I think non horse people don t care about how horses are bred, and horse people already know how it works But otherwise the story was amazing And the ending I won t spoil it, but it was a perfect way to honor Ruffian s life and close the story A must read for horse lovers, but be aware that it s terribly sad From a political standpoint, the story provides a convincing argument that our racing Thoroughbreds are too fragile in the pursuit of ever increasing speed Racehorses should not be inbred to fragile lines like Native Dancer Eight Belles is yet another a perfect example that while the resulting horses are amazingly fast, their legs are not made to support their weight in serious competition.

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