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Our Mutual Friend With An Introduction And Notes By Deborah Wynne, Chester College Our Mutual Friend, Dickens Last Complete Novel, Gives One Of His Most Comprehensive And Penetrating Accounts Of Victorian Society Its Vision Of A Culture Stifled By Materialistic Values Emerges Not Just Through Its Central Narratives, But Through Its Apparently Incidental Characters And Scenes

George Orwell and G K Chesterton for its realism, comedy, prose style, unique characterisations, and social criticism On the other hand, Oscar Wilde, Henry James, and Virginia Woolf complained of a lack of psychological depth, loose writing, and a vein of saccharine sentimentalism The term Dickensian is used to describe something that is reminiscent of Dickens and his writings, such as poor social conditions or comically repulsive characters.On 8 June 1870, Dickens suffered another stroke at his home after a full day s work on Edwin Drood. He never regained consciousness, and the next day he died at Gad s Hill Place Contrary to his wish to be buried at Rochester Cathedral in an inexpensive, unostentatious, and strictly private manner, he was laid to rest in the Poets Corner of Westminster Abbey A printed epitaph circulated at the time of the funeral reads To the Memory of Charles Dickens England s most popular author who died at his residence, Higham, near Rochester, Kent, 9 June 1870, aged 58 years He was a sympathiser with the poor, the suffering, and the oppressed and by his death, one of England s greatest writers is lost to the world His last words were On the ground , in response to his sister in law Georgina s request that he lie down from Wikipedia

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    I listened to this for the first time on audio And I know I m not supposed to do that with first time books because I can t comprehend audio as the first read I already have the book in my wishlist But I couldn t stop listening to it because the marrator Simon Vance was freaking amazing His voice was perfect for the book Um, I have it in my audible wishlist too He gets all the stars Now I m hoping my re read will bring this up to 5 stars when I can use my brain Just another book I would never have read if it weren t for Goodreads, friends and challenges Mel

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    Although not quite the equal of those great late works Bleak House and Little Dorrit, this last completed novel of Charles Dickens has much to recommend it It is particularly memorable for its symbolism, the way it uses a series of dust mounds huge heterogeneous piles of waste, primarily of cinders and ash, waiting to be recycled as bricks owned by the Golden Dustman to represent great fortunes, their barrenness and avarice, and their harmful effects on an increasingly money mad society It also contains as does all Dickens a range of vivid scenes and memorable characters harrowing glimpses of riverfront lowlife contrasted with wonderful comic scenes of nouveau riche display, a particularly vicious pair of married grifters, an ambiguous young lawyer and dandy who turns out to be something like a hero, and perhaps a late apology for Fagin an evil goy moneylender who uses a kindly Jew as a front One reason this novel has gained in popularity during the last century is that it is as close as Dickens ever gets to a meta fiction The reading and interpretations of various texts exemplified by Silas Wegg s oral reading of Gibbon s Decline and Fall to the illiterate Noddy Boffin, and their subsequent discussions is an important metaphor here.

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    Well, well, well, my dear Dickens It is time for my Christmas letter to you, which I impose on your powerless spirit like a Marley not quite as dead as a doornail, if you please Unsurprisingly, I show my consistent inconsistency by telling my son that this is my favourite Dickens Do I even bother to justify my choice any, suspecting that it will be replaced the moment I take on Little Dorrit or The Pickwick Papers Yes, I do care to elaborate For one thing I have learned from Dickens and contemporary world leaders is that you have to state your shakiest cases as absolute truths and then stay cool if your friends dig up old , aka fake reviews that say exactly the opposite of your current opinion Just bear with me as long as Our Mutual Friend is my eternal favourite.Why, then, repeats the likeness of Marley, yet not quite as dead Because We see a play in the play, where a Buffoon plays Scrooge with conviction than Scrooge himself ever could, and with a visible result in the change of heart in a lost little mercenary soul Standing ovations, Boffin I was so mad at you, I would have strangled you on stage Because There is a social message embedded in the story, speaking up for those who are systematically mistreated by the so called Voice Of Society oh, that evil croaking, nobody imitates it quite as well as Dickens If your heart doesn t feel the sad monologue of Riah, describing the antisemitic reality of his life, or the self examining inner turmoil of Bella, who realises that she is not for sale, then I don t knowIf you don t laugh out loud at The Chase, or bite your nails during The Murder s for there are several to choose from, even though very few of them are actually fatal or during the appearance of The Will s for there are several, even though none of them are followed properly by the obstinate and headstrong characters , then I don t knowIf you don t fall helplessly in love with Dickens notoriously lovely minor characters, such as Miss Wren and Mr Sloppy, or even THE VENEERINGS we don t speak about the Lammles after their big smash , then I don t knowThe only thing that separates Dickens magnificent storytelling from real life is his comforting habit of flogging the villains and tucking up the heroes nicely in the end You can rely on it it is a tradition And it leaves me to the point why I find it so rewarding to read Dickens in December if you happen to spend a month, almost 800 tightly filled pages, with Mr Fledgeby, and you happen to feel he resembles all those real hateful hypocrites who play society like a fiddle while enjoying their own misogyny, antisemitism and general evil power, you thoroughly indulge in the poetical justice of his treatment in the end as a metaphorical fall for all those who excel in villainy, or Weggery, and don t land in a dungheap by themselves.So, same procedure as every year, my dear Dickens, I thank you kindly for the splendid company Tears were shed, from laughing mostly, and the heart felt tight at times, from compassion and anger, mostly, and what can I expect of a book Nothing, my dear friend, and I remain your umble not competing with Uriah, of course servant,The Affectionate Reader

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    Our Mutual Friend In Two Volumes , Charles Dickens Our Mutual Friend, written in the years 1864 65, is the last novel completed by Charles Dickens and is one of his most sophisticated works, combining savage satire with social analysis It centres on, in the words of critic J Hillis Miller quoting from the character Bella Wilfer in the book , money, money, money, and what money can make of life In the opening chapters a body is found in the Thames and identified as that of John Harmon, a young man recently returned to London to receive his inheritance Were he alive, his father s will would require him to marry Bella Wilfer, a beautiful, mercenary girl whom he had never met Instead, the money passes to the working class Boffins, and the effects spread into various corners of London society 1992 1369 1031 1370 19 .

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    In completing Our Mutual Friend, I believe that I may well have just finished reading the finest book written in the English language One could perhaps argue that the prose of Austen in her novel Emma is perfect but the plotting and characters of Dickens in Our Mutual Friend is exquisite Our Mutual Friend rivals Tolstoy s War and Peace in breadth, scope, scale, and number of characters but while War and Peace proceeds forward majestically in a linear fashion Our Mutual Friend, like Dickens Circumlocution Office Little Dorrit proceeds circuitously, bobbing and weaving, exposing its mysteries and delights, one by one, like peeling back the layers of an onion.In Our Mutual Friend, Dickens plumbs the deep and dark depths of humanity s soul with the creation and actions of some of fiction s most horrifying villains At the same time Dickens balances the novel s darkness and depravity as we meet, and fall in love with, some of the kindest, noblest, and most good natured saints and souls that ever graced the pages of his novels One cannot but be completely taken with little Jenny Wren my back is bad, and my legs are queer , and the beautiful Bella Wilfur and Lizzie Hexam, and kindly Betty Higdon One must admire and respect the steadfastness and resolute nature of John Rokesmith, Eugene Wrayburn, and Mortimer Lightwood One cannot help but laugh and smile at the comical goodness of Our Mutual Friend s saints the Boffins, Mr Twemlow, Rumty Wilfur, and Mr Riah Then there are the multitude in the gray ambiguity between light and dark the Veneerings, and those of Podsnappery like the Lammles But it is the grotesque evil of the novel s villains that makes the good characters shine so bright There s Weggery , an awful tasting dose of Fascination Fledgeby, all horrifyingly blended with Rogue Riderhood and the Dark Prince himself Bradley Headstone.From Dickens pen, Our Mutual Friend falls forth onto the printed pages like the brush strokes on the canvas of the grandest painting of an old master Our Mutual Friend depicts the freshness and rawness of human emotions in all of its attendant forms, including joy and happiness, pain and sorrow, anger and hatred, and love and tenderness Like looking too closely at a painting of Hieronymous Bosch, we have an almost macabre fascination as we follow the novel s characters through life s stages life, death, rebirth, and even resurrection Primary roles and responsibilities are switched too with children raising parents, the disadvantaged aiding the advantaged, and the poor enriching the well off.In Our Mutual Friend things are never as they appear or ought to be On some levels, Our Mutual Friend is the quintessential detective novel or mystery but it is really a series of mysteries nested inside a larger mystery The reader must pay close attention to the seemingly slightest detail, for all does truly come together in the march to the grand, and most satisfying, conclusion Through it all, however, there is one overarching and unifying theme, one thread that connects all The River Thames The Thames is the source of life, of death, of rebirth, and even resurrection it infects and purifies it is the source of depravity, horror, and hope and prosperity The river is always there, relentlessly rushing onward, carrying the flotsam and jetsam, and the hopes and desires, of the novel s characters, and even those of the reader All I can say, upon turning the last page with a sigh, is that this is a novel for the ages and one that I shall visit and revisit setting forth again in my little boat upon the river of Our Mutual Friend.

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    Anyone familiar with LOST understands where I m coming from here, but just in case you re stuck under a rock and have never watched the show looking at you, Josiah the above cupcake image is the character, Desmond Hume Our Mutual Friend is associated with him on the show it s the one book he claims he will read before he dies and we find later he has named his boat wait for it Our Mutual Friend.With that said, this connection to LOST is absolutely not the reason why I decided to read this book At least it s not the whole reason Actually I ve been meaning to read some Dickens for a while and I figure this is a good place to start again It s also the last completed novel by Dickens which I guess in some morbid way I was drawn to when I decided to pick it up So there we are It didn t hurt that sex pot Desmond Hume also toted it around with him which I m certain has some deeper meaning than I m able to comprehend right now All of the LOST references aside, Our Mutual Friend was freaking fantastic I don t wanna hear anyone s tears looking at you, Rhonda about how boring Dickens is, and OMG, he writes for paaaaages without really saying anything You all are wrong respectfully Oh, sure, I get it There are a lot of words and lots of pages and sure, it seems like he s not really getting anywhere, but that s his freaking genius And, well, I like big books and can not lie.This is the darkest Dickens I have read so far, and I wonder how much of that has to do with the fact that he was older when he wrote it already in his 50s , was probably spending a lot of time contemplating his life and the fact that he never got that sports car he always wanted, had an anorectal fistula ahem, a different sort than the fistulas we deal with, Rhonda , and whatever He was probably just an old curmudgeon by that point anyway I m sure he had to deal with a lot of people saying all the time, Why can t you write a nice story about that sweet little Oliver Twist again He was so darling That s gotta be a lot of pressure It s like Arthur Conan Doyle not being able to stop writing about Sherlock Holmes Or J.K Rowling not being able to stop writing about that pesky Harry Potter.So this book is darker, but it s also about money As opposed to his other books which deal largely with the lack of money, this book actually focuses on people with money This leads to a different dynamic than his other books.There are a lot of effing characters, but they re all really well written characters Note Wikipedia references 19 major characters and 16 minor characters Jenny Wren is probably the most fascinating characters in literary history, for example, but I could probably babble on about everyone else as well Apparently Henry James had a problem with the characters not being realistic or something Whatever, Hank, suck it No one cares what you think anyway and you re just jealous.The one real complaint I have is Bella s father who is referred to as cherubic multiple times on several pages The book is almost 1,000 pages long That s a lot of words That shows Dickens was a wordsmith A pretty darn good one at that Couldn t ya come up with something else besides cherubic , Chuck Someone buy that man a thesaurus The Afterword in my edition was great and really touched on the issues people have with the book, like good ol Hank James up there calling the characters unrealistic and shit That was intentional The whole thing is intentional From beginning to ending, Dickens knew what he was doing and it all means something and O.M.G Just like the creators of LOST But the bottom line is and this review certainly doesn t do the book justice Our Mutual Friend probably ranks as my favorite Dickens which previously had been, I don t know, Great Expectations or something My excuse is simply that I didn t know any better And Your Yumminess Desmond Hume wasn t even stuck on that island when I first read Great Expectations.

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    Terminada la segunda lcmagrat Y oye, muy fan.Este es uno de esos libros que lo tiene TODO asesinatos, enga o, misterio, romance, giros sorprendentes y personajes inolvidables A estas alturas de su vida la pluma de Charles Dickens no pod a estar m s afilada ni ser m s perfecta, es sorprendete la belleza de muchos de los pasajes, la cr tica incisiva que se aprecia en cada p rrafo, el significado oculto de cada giro en las vidas de los personajes Es un libro que he disfrutado mucho, aunque es cierto que el inicio resulta bastante confuso en algunos aspectos y personajes, es algo que r pidamente queda atr s, atrap ndote con sus numerosos personajes y tramas.Es una historia m s oscura y triste de lo que nos tiene habituados Dickens pero al mismo tiempo est llena de luminosidad En fin, uno de esos grandes novelones victorianos que se queda contigo

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    Charles Dickens is one of my favourite authors and I have read fair number of his books And so far, two have become my favourites those being David Copperfield and Bleak House But if I were asked to name my three favourites, none of the Dickens works have made it through, until now I say until now, for Our Mutual Friend compensates heavily for the exclusion.This is the last complete work by Dickens and I read that this work is much criticized as being less Dickensian There is probably a truth in it, for while thematically relying on social commentary and preserving his natural wit, satire and critical sense, Dickens has departed from his comfortable and established zone in to a matured, complete and elevated level While it may not appeal to those who preferred the established Dickensian style, for my part, I found it really amazing and fascinating It is really a pity that Dickens couldn t complete any work after this, for I loved this new turn in Dickens and would have loved to see its progress.Money plays a major role in Our Mutual Friend so one can easily say that it is the main theme A man fakes his own death to avoid an inheritance straddled with a bride and the bride, in her disappointment, seeks another money match Then there is a fortune seeker and an adventurer whose deception of each other unites them in marriage only to learn their own deception Stuck together however, they unite and scheme not very successfully to advance their financial position Then there is also the greedy and corrupt Christian money lender who hides in the coat of a gentle Jew and who he represents to the world as being the principal while in reality he is his employee.Love is equally a strong theme here Not being satisfied creating one love story to expound on the theme, Dickens weaves two different beautiful love stories I said they are different, for while in one the male influence works miracles to rescue and bring up his love morally upright, in the other, female influence works a similar miracle to save and uplift morally her love from aimless wondering If I m to be quiet honest, this theme was what really attached me downright to the book The stories themselves coupled with passionate, emotional and sentimental writing bring out two delightful classical love stories and undoubtedly best by Dickens I have read so far And to add to the allure, Dickens uses a jealous and maniacal villain who would have almost turned one love story in to a tragedy.Class difference is yet another major theme Dickens expounded on this theme through one of the love stories A barrister s love and admiration for a working class girl is checked by the difference of their social status And when irrespective of this obstacle their union is finally made, Dickens expresses the voice of the society and their eagerness in casting their votes in condemnation Dickens also touches on mistaken identity, a little on mystery and on discrimination Feldgeby treatment of Riah making the novel thematically rich Social commentary is a fixed feature of all Dickens s work, and there is no exception here Using a wider range of characters, Dickens works on the upper class hypocrisy, the lower class deception and middle class salvation Dickens saw and believed that the future of England lay in the hands of the rising middle class Eugene s marriage to Lizzie despite her low class and John Harmon s decision to use his new wealth for the benefit of those unfortunate but deserving fellow men places faith in the middle class to uplift England socially and economically And all these themes are expounded and engaging plots are created with the use of a set of extremely interesting characters Here too, Dickens is at novelty in introducing than one hero and heroine And interestingly, there is than one villain too Almost all are interesting in their own way But my interest was very much captivated by one heroine Lizzie Hexam and one villain Bradley Headstone.Writing is absolutely beautiful It is rich, fascinating, dramatic and complete I was utterly amazed at Dickens s skill at writing, for in this work most of his satire he has achieved figuratively It is totally awesome Our Mutual Friend is doubtless the best of the Dickens that I have read so far And all though I have read only about half of his work, I doubt whether the place this work has taken in my heart can be replaced by any other David Copperfield was my most loved until now but no longer I m really glad that Dickens produced such a great work even though his literary journey was cut before his elevated mind and writing could produce another completed work However, for producing this beautiful work which I would cherish for the rest of my life, I m eternally grateful to him.

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    And this is the eternal law For, Evil often stops short at itself and dies with the doer of it but Good, never Charles Dickens, Our Mutual FriendDicken s last finished novel, but not my last Dicken s novel I think I still have 5 left to read before I m done with Dickens I liked it It might have been closer to 3 than 4 EXCEPT I liked that Dickens seemed to reform somewhat his era s bias and his own bias towards Jews Mr Riah is a better character than was typically included in 19th century novels and better than Fagin in Oliver Twist Like most of Charles Dicken s romances it is a social and an economic critique and satire He also dances on themes of education, status and society, poor laws, inheritence, love, virtue, etc., etc. Like many Dickens novels, it is a bit baroque with all the characters and those characters often bend toward caricature Boffin, the Golden Dustman the peg legged Silas Wegg Jenny Wren, etc I loved them all, but while their sentiments are often VERY human, they still seem like dolls dressed up, not fully formed people Some of my favorite characters in Dickens novels are those that move between being good and being bad or if not bad, selfish indulgent exasperating human I loved Bella Wilfer While she is nowhere near bad, and quite obviously the primary heroine of the story, she is an imperfect heroine at first She is interesting and dynamic for it I also adored Sophronia and Alfred Lammle a scheming match made in Dante s inferno for sure Finally, I adored Eugene Wrayburn, the 2nd hero barrister with zeros cases A Russian bride whose daugther went to the same school as my kids, when I was teasing her about Putin, God, and something about the Russian Orthodox church once called me a pofogist I m still trying to figure out what the exact word My best guess was she was trying to say I was both absurd and apathetic This unknown word describes Euguen Wrayburn for most the novel and I love him for being like me my wife would argue with that, but my friend the Russian bride certainly thinks it is true Finally, I did enjoy the imagry of this novel The water plays a huge role, so does money obviously , boats, and dust heaps Dust heaps and money Water, boats, and baptism And throughout the measure of it, people getting by, and people being exceptional It was C Dicken s last finished novel, and certainly not his best I could easily name four or five I liked significantly better , but I don t regret a day or a dollar I spent on it.

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    Money Filthy lucre The love of money may be the root of all evil, but money, whether you like it or not Dickens tells us, is also Our Mutual Friend.Nothing misses Dickens s sharp penetrating eye In this final completed novel he is at his most astute, most bitter, and most brilliantly sardonic We no longer have the posturing and hectoring tone of the earlier novels, but a much nuanced writing style Dickens has honed his skills to perfection, using his sarcasm and wit to entertain in the blackest situations, and weaving together a complex narrative of interlocking stories in which the denouement is well nigh perfect.Money Greed and avarice Cunning and contrivance Duplicity and deception All these, and many other ways of acquiring this desirable commodity are here Dickens weaves his words to tell us this truth, and as ever, we learn it through his portrayal of irresistible characters With a flourish of his pen, he starts We see Jesse Gaffer Hexam, a bird of prey , trawling the dirty, foetid river Thames at dead of night What can he be scavenging for through all that slime and ooze, through the accumulated scum of humanity washed from higher grounds, like so much moral sewage Gaffer Hexam is looking out for dead and decaying bodies for those poor drowned unfortunates from whom he can now strip anything of any value, before handing in the body to the proper authorities A hair raising profession by any account, and one which terrifies his daughter Lizzie, who rows the boat for him Thus the novel opens, setting the tone with an image which is hard to forget.From the lowest of the low we then flash to a very different picture the sparkling pinnacle of society We are present at a fashionable dinner hosted by two of its most recent members, the Veneerings, who have everything bran new These shallow parvenus are out to impress everyone Nicodemus and Henrietta Boffin, the Reverend and Mrs Milvey, the Podsnaps et al Here is the self satisfied Mr John Podsnap Mr Podsnap was well to do, and stood very high in Mr Podsnap s opinion He is believed to be based on Dickens s friend and biographer, John Forster Since Podsnap is complacent, pompous and full of bluster, notwithstanding his fine woman of a wife, one hopes that Forster never believed this he certainly never acknowledged it Lady Tippins heads this distinguished group Mr and Mrs Veneering consciously flaunt their good taste, their wealth and their position They are indeed well named their very way of life is a facade.The genius of Dickens is such that he encompasses examples from all aspects of society These two examples demonstrate his keen observations of the basest, to the most respected in the land He also shows us many stops in between There is Silas Wegg, indulging in little frauds, but also fantasising about the outrageous schemes he is to perpetrate, although when we meet him he only owns one tiny street stall, and its meagre contents Dickens also presents us with common or garden tricksters, such as Roger Rogue Riderhood, another canny character who automatically turns every situation to his advantage Or the greedy and corrupt moneylender, Fascination Fledgeby the meanest cur existing, with a single pair of legs He is one of the most unlikable villains since Christopher Casby, the landlord of Bleeding Heart Yard in Little Dorrit , outwardly showing an easy, gentle manner, yet behind the scenes getting someone else to do his dirty work Every perfect bon mot from Dickens s pen is assured, as we track the devious workings of these rogues minds, and each step towards their moral and sometimes literal degradation We are gripped by the machinations and workings out of their plot lines, and follow them with increasing horror.And we also delight in some of the funniest passages in Dickens s novels describing the high and mighty aristocrats, and those on the periphery, such as the rather confused but well meaning and kindly Melvin Twemlow, with his eggy hair allow ing his hair to stick upright , who is cultivated for his connection with Lord Snigsworth The most hilarious fraudsters of all his writing, surely, are two social climbers the middle class con artists Alfred and Sophronia Lammle Each of this most charming couple view spoiler married the other in the mistaken belief that they were wealthy hide spoiler

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