A Pocket Full of Rye

A Pocket Full of Rye A Handful Of Grain Is Found In The Pocket Of A Murdered Businessman Rex Fortescue, King Of A Financial Empire, Was Sipping Tea In His Counting House When He Suffered An Agonising And Sudden Death On Later Inspection, The Pockets Of The Deceased Were Found To Contain Traces Of Cereals Yet, It Was The Incident In The Parlour Which Confirmed Jane Marple S Suspicion That Here She Was Looking At A Case Of Crime By Rhyme

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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  • A Pocket Full of Rye
  • Agatha Christie
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  • 05 July 2017
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    Sing a song of sixpence,A pocket full of rye.Four and twenty blackbirds,Baked in a pie.When the pie was openedThe birds began to sing Wasn t that a dainty dish,To set before the king.The king was in his counting house,Counting out his money The queen was in the parlour,Eating bread and honey.The maid was in the garden,Hanging out the clothes,When down came a blackbirdAnd pecked off her nose.The title and parts of the plot of the novel refer to the nursery rhyme quoted above Originally I gave this book 3 stars, but upon re reading I decided it deserves a 4th The only problem I have with the book is that almost all characters are unlikeable Apart from Miss Marple, Inspector Neele and Pat Fortescue view spoiler and look what kind of fate AC dealt her very sad hide spoiler

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    It s been a long time since I ve read any Agatha Christie and it s easy to let one s brain flow back into her story telling style Her books do have a comforting familiarity Dry humor to set the scene the murder the investigation dead bodies the red herrings the revealing No heavy lifting required Like a pleasant spring day This one is a Miss Marple and a decent read It also provides an unexpected and emotional denouement.Here s the kicker for me I find it very quaint that the British police force let an old lady their term old pussy Yikes wander into a crime scene and start sorting things out and offering clues Here s the way it would go down in America Old lady wanders onto multiple murder scene, annoys American cops, American cops plant crack pipe on old lady, subject her to a strip search and interrogation, drop her 20 miles outside of town, murder, of course, remains unsolved If this were James Ellroy, they d slip her a mickey and film her having sex with a camel, just for good measure.

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    A Pocket Full of Rye Miss Marple, 7 , original publication year 1953, Agatha Christie Abstract A handful of grain is found in the pocket of a murdered businessman Rex Fortescue, king of a financial empire, was sipping tea in his counting house when he suffered an agonising and sudden death On later inspection, the pockets of the deceased were found to contain traces of cereals Yet, it was the incident in the parlour which confirmed Jane Marple s suspicion that here she was looking at a case of crime by rhyme Characters Miss Jane Marple, Rex Fortescue, Percival Fortescue, Lancelot Fortescue, Adele Fortescue, Pat Fortescue, Elaine Fortescue, Jennifer Fortescue, Mary Dove, Inspector Neele, Gladys Martin, Vivian Dubois, Ellen Curtis, Miss Ramsbottom, Irene Grosvenor, Gerald Wright, Crump, Sergeant Hay 2010 1388 253 11 19 9789643636128 20 .

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    As anybody who reads the Miss Marple books knows, she often trains young housemaids, so they can go into service When Miss Marple reads that one of the young maids she trained, Gladys Martin, has been found strangled a clothes peg left on her nose in the garden of the house where she worked, she sets off at once to see who did such a wicked thing Murder had already visited the family, as the head of the household, Mr Rex Fortecue, was poisoned at work and, in his pocket, was a handful of rye The crimes in this novel are all lined to the nursery rhyme, Sing a song of sixpence and yet it all seems unbelievable to Detective Inspector Neele, who is sent to investigate However, as Miss Marple points out to him, there must be blackbird and, indeed, there are blackbirds She quickly gets to know the members of the family and, of course, manages to unravel the reasons behind the murders Meanwhile, D.I Neele, having heard of Miss Marple s reputation, is quite happy to listen to what she has to say.This is one of my favourite Miss Marple mysteries I love the opening of the book, the characters and the way Christie deftly creates the various plot twists Miss Marple is also very involved in the storyline and her outrage on Gladys behalf is wonderful to see Although never emotional, she is obviously quite attached to those young girls who pass through her little cottage in St Mary Mead, and she is determined to see justice done.

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    I was right I figured out this mystery s culprit And I also figured the identity of the person who had the grudge against the Fortescue family Though Miss Marple doesn t show up till maybe halfway and figures things out, of course , I did enjoy following Inspector Neal about as he questioned the family members about old nasty Rex s habits and behaviours I really enjoyed how Miss Marple does her twittery thing at first, until the inspector really begins taking her seriously Then we see the Jane I love tough as nails and very sure in her assessments, never mind her pink cheeks and bag of yarn.

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    It was Miss Somers turn to make the tea Miss Somers was the newest and the most inefficient of typists She was no longer young and had a mild worried face like a sheep The kettle was not quite boiling when Miss Somers poured the water on the tea, but poor Miss Somers was never quite sure when a kettle was boiling It was one of the many worries that afflicted her in life.She poured out the tea and took the cups round with a couple of limp, sweet biscuits in each saucer.That quote has very little to do with the plot of A Pocket Full of Rye, but it does set the tone of this story There is something edgy and sinister about A Pocket Full of Rye This is not a cozy mystery Sure, there is not blood or gore, but there is darkness, thirst for revenge, and calculating human horribleness.And that s what I see in the mention of tepid tea and limp biscuits No, I kid But I do see in this opening that there is something just not right, and it is this feeling that runs through this story I can t say that I liked this story a lot, and I can t even put my finger on why this is Maybe it is because of the murder method causes me to have questions, maybe it because the police investigation misses the mark so often, or maybe it is because of that horrible children s rhyme that is the basis for this story, but it is not a story that I enjoy re reading a lot.Nevertheless, I recommend it The different relationship angles in this story are fascinating Dark, but benefiting from Christie s acute eye for suffering that can be caused by family Approach with strong tea, and sweet, rich, fresh biscuits.

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    Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye, Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie When the pie was opened the birds began to sing, Wasn t that a dainty dish to set before the king The king was in his counting house, counting out his money, The queen was in the parlour eating bread and honey The maid was in the garden hanging out the clothes, When there came a litte dickey bird and nipped off her nose When Rex Fortescue suddenly falls ill after drinking his regular cup of tea at his office and dies shortly after, the police suspect foul play Inspector Neele visits Yewtree Lodge, Mr Fortecue s home, to interview the family and staff Between a younger second wife, an son with which Mr Fortescue was currenlty at odds with, a daughter who wished to marry but the fiance was not aproved by dad and a whole slew of characters with the staff, inspector Neele has no shortage of suspects and an abundance of motives As the investigation progresses, Miss Marple inserts herself into the case and soon links the murder to a rhyme Uncovering a complex plot, Miss Marple unmasks the culprit.The seventh book in the Miss Marple series, A Pocket full of Rye was originally published in 1953 Rex Fortescue is a ruthless business man with questionable practices Accustomed to having a cup of tea at work, he falls ill quite suddenly and dies A handful of rye is found in his pocket and soon his death is a confirmed case of poisoning through taxine Inspector Neele is assigned to the case which leads him to Yewtree Lodge, the home of the the Fortecues The house is surrounded by the plant needed to get taxine and now inspector Neele has a household full of suspects Miss Marple reads about the murder in the papers and after another twist in the case, gets involved As per usual with Christie, there were plenty of red herrings and misdirections I greatly enjoyed the way in which the plot unravelled and found the characters intriguing and entertaning especially Miss Ramsbottom, the sister of Mr Fortecue s first wife I love how the rhyme was incorporated into the narrative and how the culprit came to be revealed This book is yet another favorite by Miss Christie and I absolutely love it This book is a crime by rhyme and it was done masterfully Highly recommended

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    3.75 It s the beginning of the month, which means time for another Christie book 0 I remembered this one quite clearly, having read it a few years ago It felt somewhat different On one side, we have a Miss Marple story, although our favourite old lady doesn t come on the scene until around the middle of the book and stays in the background, and on the other a pretty ruthless murderer, hidden from sight until the very end The narrative is very deceptive, immersing itself in the life of this household, going from character to character, focusing on what looks like trivial things, until you realise the audacity of the killer In theory, I loved Christie s portrayal of all these protagonists, killer included, but on the other I didn t connect as much as I usually do.

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    Loved this brilliantly surprising ending, and one of those ideal Christie solutions where everything turns on its head at the end and all the same facts suddenly look completely different I would have given it four stars, except that Miss Marple didn t really as far as I can see have enough clues to lead her to the truth She seemed to have magicked the truth out of nowhere I know she s a genius about human nature, but I d have liked a couple of concrete clues to set her on the right path Stillit s a novel by Agatha, and therefore in a league way above most books

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    Without a doubt this has been one of my favourite books in the Miss Marple challenge It is not a novel I remembered reading and so it was wonderful to experience for the first time maybe As with a lot of the novels, Miss M is in it only fleetingly, but each appearance is worth waiting for in terms of insight and revelation, and yes I still see Joan Hickson every time.

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