Justin Morgan Had A Horse

Justin Morgan Had A HorseJoel S Face Suddenly Lit Up As If He Had Thought Of Something For The First Time He Spoke Now To The Horse, As Though He Were The One That Mattered Why, Come To Think Of It, You Re Just Like Us, Bub You Re American That S What You Are AmericanIn A Vermont Schoolmaster By The Name Of Justin Morgan Comes Home With A Two Year Old Colt Named Little Bub Taken As Payment For An Outstanding Debt, The Little Colt Doesn T Seem Like He Is Worth Much, But The Kindly Teacher Asks One Of His Students, Joel Goss, To Train Him Joel Knows The Horse Has Great Potential, And Soon Word About Little Bub Spreads Throughout The Entire Northeast For His Ability To Outwork, Outrun, Outtrot, And Outwalk Any Horse In The Area This Is The Extraordinary Tale Of A Little Workhorse, Who, After Being Born In Obscurity, Becomes One Of The Greatest Breeding Stallions Of All Time In This True Story Newbery Medal Winning Author Marguerite Henry And Artist Wesley Dennis Celebrate The Life Of The Only Horse Ever To Establish A Breed All By Himself The Morgan Highly recommend Henry s books make wonderful read alouds Every time I read a book by Marguerite Henry it becomes a new favorite I ve never yet opened one I didn t love Her stories are sweet, beautifully written, and carefully researched You will learn something They are engaging enough for adults and children alike They carefully introduce vocabulary They teach virtue.www.loveboxes.blogspot.com Although I do indeed very much appreciate Marguerite Henry s Justin Morgan had a Horse as a story in and of itself the sweet and loving connection between Joel and Little Bub which not only endures but grows stronger and stronger over the years, and that it is young Joel who first notices there is something extraordinary and truly special about Justin Morgan s little horse , and believe that the main message presented is necessary and of both historical and contemporary significance and value namely that one should not judge a horse either by its perceived lack of a pedigree or by its stature, its physical appearance and size , I am actually also somewhat if not even majorly disappointed with this novel even though Justin Morgan Had a Horse is considered a classic by many and won a Newbery Honour designation for the author For unlike Marguerite Henry s Misty of Chincoteague series or her brilliant and evocative King of the Wind, I actually never did manage to feel all that fully and personally involved in Justin Morgan had a Horse and in the antics and exploits of Little Bub to the point of distraction, to the point of even skimming entire chapters that just did not seem all that personally interesting Still recommended, but definitely not all that good a fit for me personally and I guess perhaps that all the Americana and patriotism, although historical and thus of course even understandable, does not entirely, totally endear me to Justin Morgan had a Horse either, as I have never been at all into nationalism, finding it often than not tedious, even at times politically and culturally distasteful, not to mention potentially if not inherently dangerous.Now the version of Justin Morgan Had a Horse I have just read and reviewed and also the one most commonly available and in current print is the expanded 1954 edition, which would thus obviously NOT be the 1945 first edition of Justin Morgan had a Horse that won the 1946 Newbery Honour designation And while I do wonder whether I might like the original first edition and often rather enjoy comparing and contrasting older and newer editions , our local library only has the expanded edition and even ILL could not manage to locate the older unexpanded edition of Justin Morgan Had a Horse free of charge And I do not at present really want to take the chance of trying to purchase a copy of the original 1945 Justin Morgan had a Horse novel online, as this could prove expensive, I already have far too many children s literature books inhabiting both my shelves and my floor, and I have in the past purchased used books online deemed so called first editions only to find out that they were not first editions after all so I will and gladly refrain for the time being, unless or until I am able locate a used and above all inexpensive version of the original 1945 Newbery Honour winning novel at one of the local used bookstores we sometimes frequent Sure is a bit disappointing and misleading though, since this 1954 edition of Justin Morgan Had a Horse does not in any manner indicate that it has been expanded from the first edition and also clearly features the Newbery Honour designation on its cover which at best, is only partially correct. Meet Marguerite Henry, one of my favorite childhood authors Why Because all the stories I read by her were about horses, and like most young girls, I was horse crazy Justin Morgan Had a Horse was her only chapter book that I remember reading through three times I recommend it to all fellow horse lovers out there The true account with a fictional twist of how the popular breed Morgan came to be in the late eighteenth century, you ll find it inspiring and fun.It all begins in 1791 when likable school teacher Justin Morgan accepts Little Bub, a scrawny colt, as payment for a debt owed him Feeling he is stuck with the short end of the stick, Justin doesn t see much potential for Little Bub But he hands him over to Joel, an eager young student, as a project It is Joel who discovers the unique, strong, and soon to be famous horse he has the privilege of training Turns out Little Bub isn t so little he s a colt the world will not soon forget Enjoy the exciting story of this obscure horse turned celebrity and get a history lesson while you re at it You ll never look at Morgans quite the same way after you understand their memorable ancestor Little Bub.Recommended read aloud age all agesRecommended read alone age 8 and upMy blog www.oursureanchor.com I really loved this book It was so fun to read D5 stars.

Marguerite Henry April 13, 1902 November 26, 1997 was an American writer The author of fifty nine books based on true stories of horses and other animals, her work has captivated entire generations of children and young adults and won several Newbery Awards and Honors Among the famous of her works was Misty of Chincoteague, which was the basis for the 1961 movie Misty, and several sequel

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  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • Justin Morgan Had A Horse
  • Marguerite Henry
  • English
  • 22 March 2019
  • 9780689852794

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