The Missing Butterfly

The Missing Butterfly Cassidy Monarch Had Dreams To Sing, To Be Famous, To Tour The World At The Head Of His Own Rock Band Then His Parents Were Killed In A Tragic Accident, Leaving Him To Raise His Two Siblings Determined To Hold On To What Remained Of His Family, Cassidy Settled Into An Ordinary Life, His Dreams Of Fame Reduced To Occasional Nights Of Singing At Karaoke Dives But His Careful, Ordinary Life Began To Fray With His New Job, And The Beautiful, Charming Boss Who Reminds Him Of All The Things He Tried To Stop WantingMalcolm Osborne Is A Classic Rags To Riches Story, A Foster Child Who Wound Up With The Perfect Family And Money Than He Knows What To Do With He S Wealthy, Beautiful, Successful, And Completely Miserable Then He Hires A New Worker For His Office, A Young, Hard Working Man With A Sadness In His Eyes That Malcolm Aches To Banish, Hoping That In Doing So He Will Be Rid Of His Own Loneliness As Well

Megan is a long time resident of m m fiction, and keeps herself busy reading, writing, and publishing it She is often accused of fluff and nonsense When she s not involved in writing, she likes to cook, harass her cats, or watch movies especially all things James Bond She loves to hear from readers, and can be found all around the

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  • The Missing Butterfly
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  • 23 March 2019

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    Re read January 2020I love this book so much This was awesome This pushed all my happy buttons, and made me smile like a loon all day.Cassidy is 18, and ready to give everything he has to his band, when he gets terrible news His parents died in a car accident, so he now has his two younger siblings to take care of He immediately gives up his dream of becoming a famous singer and gets a job to support his family.9 years later, Cassidy is happy he now has a nice office job His brother and sister are grown up now, so he doesn t have to parent so much He is happy with his new job, and tries his best not to screw it up by crushing hard on his hot boss.This hot boss, Malcolm, really likes Cassidy Too bad he has a thing for tattooed bad boys, and Cassidy just seems so nice He doesn t even wear any short sleeved shirts.When Malcolm goes out one night, he sees his dream man A tattooed hottie, singing in a bar on karaoke night Too bad he can t really see his face with the cap he s wearing, and Malcolm is too drunk to really pay attention anyway So when he runs into the guy from the karaoke bar outside, he offers to have his driver drive him home After a very hot kiss, the man, who introduced himself as Jonathan , gets out of the car and runs away Malcolm can t get the hot guy he shared a kiss with out of his mind, but he is also slowly falling for the sweet, but apparently always anxious Cassidy.Cassidy knows he should give up singing altogether, but he needs those karaoke nights so bad It s the one time he can just let go But now he can t go any since he ll risk running into Malcolm And he still can t believe Malcolm didn t recognize him.This book is just so good Talk about a Cinderfella story This book kept me on the edge of my seat hoping that Malcolm would finally see who the real Cassidy was There are a couple of not very detailed sex scenes, so those could have been better But this was still such a feel good book, that I can t say I minded all that much.And I LOVED that ending.

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    3.5 STARS

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    Never was rock star Cassidy Monarch gave up his dreams to raise his brother and sister after their parents were killed by a drunk driver Cass has done everything in his power to make sure his siblings have all they need to be successful even if he s had to put his own wants on the back burner His dreams of taking his band The Four Butterflys to international stardom have faded as the band reluctantly moved on without him.Cassidy hides his real self from his boss and crush, Malcolm, but secrets have a way of coming out and I really got a kick out the journey here Wonderful chemistry between the MC s and the secondary characters have great stories as well My first contemporary from Megan Derr and I liked her voice here quite a bit Definitely checking out the others in the series.

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    This book was yummy Mal and Cass in love was too cute It has all the right ingredients a bad boy who has tattoos and has to stop his life to take care of his family Throw into the mix a gorgeous millionaire who is attracted to bad boys, then add a serving of rock and roll music and fun secondary characters Toss and serve

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    Still love it

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    OMG, I love this book image error

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    3.5Cassidy s dreams of being a rock star are shattered when his parents are killed in a car crash and he becomes the guardian of his two younger siblings Cassidy lives in fear that any misstep on his part will cost him the only family he has left.Eight years later, Cassidy feels he s finally in a stable place in his life His siblings are going off to college and grad school soon and he s landed a nice office job that will help him provide for their education and even have some time for a few college courses of his own He tells himself he s content with singing at karaoke bars just to still have music in his life Now all he has to do is forget about the huge crush he has on his millionaire boss.Malcolm likes bad boys Tattoos and badass attitudes really push his buttons Which is why he can t understand why he s so obsessed with his shy new employee That doesn t stop him from lusting over the hot tatted up guy that sing karaoke.This was a very sweet modern day fairytale I loved Cassidy and Malcolm and their chemistry together I also really liked the secondary characters Malcolm s brothers were hilarious and fun and Cassidy s brother and sister were great too I love musician stories so I m looking forward to the rest of this series.

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    I could kick myself for leaving this book so long This is one of those perfect romance stories with characters you just want to read of I love how we see Malcolm and Cassidy build slowly Theres no instant fall into bed for OTT sex The story runs at a perfect pace, nothing is too rushed nor does it ever drag If your looking for a sweet romantic feel good story with characters that come to life then this is a must.This goes straight to my would read again shelf The only thing that could make this book better would be a bit attention to proof reading Quite a few missing or misplaced words Sadly a common accurance in this field ETA Not much to add except this was still a great book and I loved it just as much second time around ETA Still one of my favorite rock star reads.

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    I m in an absolute crappy mood and saw I hadn t added a review of this story that I read in April of 2011, so I m going to reread and improve my mood and add a few words for this great story sigh just what I needed This is a definite feel good story Cassidy was going to be a rock star, he had the voice, the talent, the band and the tattoos, now all he needs is to make it big.Unfortunately his parents died when he was just 18 and he somehow managed to keep custody of his two younger siblings and finally work his way to a decent job, but he had to leave his dreams and ambitions behind.The only problem with his new and greatly improved job is Malcom, his boss That s not to say there is anything wrong with Malcom, he is sexy, drop dead gorgeous, filthy rich, a genuinely good guy and he has the hots for Cassidy Cassidy is used to staying quiet and out of the way, since his old boss was the wicked witch of the east and he is crushing on Malcom, which causes him to be very shy and reserved around him Now there is the twist of Cassidy letting his hair down and doing karaoke, always avoiding the scout who wants to sign him, since he has given up on that dream and doesn t even want to get his hopes up and of course his run in with his very drunk boss.Now Malcom is a bit high handed and manipulative, but with Cassidy s best interest at heart.It s a sweet Cinderfella rocker story and my only niggles was a few editing mistakes, Joey becomes Jason and Denny is Deny, but that didn t take anything away from my enjoyment of this story.

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    I hope this is meant to be a modern day fairytale because the plot was just silly Cassidy was 19 y.o and practicing with his rock band when he was informed of his parents death He was the lead singer Having no choice but to take over raising his siblings, Cassidy gave up his dream of being a famous rock star Many years later, Cassidy works for an entertainment company as a low level worker His boss, Malcolm, is a gorgeous multimillionaire working as a mid level manager we are not given a decent explanation why Singing karaoke is Cassidy s guilty pleasure He goes to these clubs in disguise again, we never get a decent explanation whyhe never made it to stardom Anyway word gets around that a twink is taking the karaoke world by storm, everyone Malcolm, Malcolm s brother Antoine and their friend Wally either wants to get into his pants or sign him for a record deal Annoyingly, no one connects the karaoke twink with Cassidy, until later in the story by which time I had lost the will to live and then next thing we know, Malcolm is planning Cassidy s meteoric rise to stardom I thought Cassidy s siblings were great characters and I wish less time had been devoted to the cat and mouse storyline, and to the relationship between the Malcolm, Cassidy and the siblings on both sides Also disappointing was an Antoine and Wally relationship that was hinted at, but not developed.

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