No Fear

No FearThis was a continuation of Even and Jesse and I think I liked this slightly than book 1 There seemed a bit going on with this one and there were some good WTH moments, you know where your reading and find yourself mumbling What The Hell lol.The songs were as good if not better and I wish there was a way to hear them Over all another sweet easy read with a few tense moments and some lovely romantic scenes too S J Frost writes characters that you not only love but can believe in too One of the things I love is the way Jesse and Brandon talk to each other, its so real, and it was nice to see they still have the same rapport as in book 1 ETA Nothing new to add Still a mostly sweet read but too heavy on the sex for my tastes. No Fear continues the story of Jesse and Evan, two extraordinary talented musicians, and takes the reader on a yet another rollecoaster ride The sequel to Conquest doesn t disappoint Jesse and Evan finish their joint tour and come back home, but the peace doesn t last long As soon as they re back to the studio, new characters emerge on the scene, as bands Black Heart Down and Swiller come to record right next door The recording process is far from smooth, but Jesse keeps on his path to ultimate success, no matter the many obstacles he s faced with, he is unstoppable There s everything from having to deal with the two bands recording next door, to losing a band member, fighting with his brother, and with Evan, to arguing with Greg, and putting his foot down, surviving an attack, and coming out This book is nothing short of amazing, I love the author s style and skill in creating interesting plot twists without having it come off as cliche or over the top, as well as introducing one colourful character after another It makes you not only go, damn this book is amazing but also, wow, wish I could write like this, too The book drew me in quickly and made me a rapt spectator as I turned the pages and got immersed in the story I loved reading about the music business and getting a behind the scenes look at how things work I like how there wasn t an avalanche of useless information that reads like a wiki article, and yet, it wasn t lacking at all in that aspect It was like watching a movie, or even, like actually being in that studio It was done very smoothly, and I appreciate that in writing because then the reader isn t yanked out of the story abruptly by either 1 having a ton of questions, or 2 being hit with a ton of information The attention to detail in every aspect of the book is great, it creates a very solid and vivid picture There were so many new characters in this book, and yet, I had no trouble at all with following them Each new side character was well drawn, even those that played tiny roles in the book I was glad to see Trish go, and curious about Brad I m left wondering about Kyler and Robbie, and hoping Christopher is getting his face punched in somewhere I m happy Brandon found someone worthy to date, and can only shake my head at Swiller trying to rise to stardom I d love to read about Julian, and while Greg annoyed me a lot I do have a feeling he means well, at the end of the day And, of course, I am overjoyed to see Jesse and Evan happy in love and married There s so much I can say about this book, and how amazing it is, but I d just rather everyone went and read it to find out for themselves All in all, this is definitely a five star read, and I absolutely loved it There s so much that went into this book and so much that went on I have not enough words that can express how good it was and I wasn t disappointed with the whole of it Shannon really outdone herself this time If you thought Conquest was good or great than for you to read this one is a no brainer Reading the trials and tribulations of creating a new album was great Trish clearing out of the scene since I couldn t stand her in the first book made it even to me saying About damn time in this one amazing The attack that took place was infuriating but what s a book without the added drama to ink up the action The wedding was priceless Brandon finally getting his man goes beyond better than hoped for.We get to experience everything of this amazing group through SJ s excellent writing skills and my final thoughts on it Fanfawkingtastic No Fear starts or less where Conquest ended, with Evan and Jesse in a committed relationship, but only in private Evan still fears and here is the main reference to the title, other than the title of Jesse s album, that like for Conquest before, is also the title of the book to ruin Jesse s chances to stardom if they do coming out together best scenario is that people, and fans, will believe that Jesse is profiting from his relationship with Evan, and worst that they will desert him not accepting a gay rock start And then the majority of Jesse s, and Evan s fans, are women, and their producer doesn t think they will remain fans if they discover about Jesse and Evan And so, most of the story is spent with Jesse and Evan living almost two parallel lives, public and private, and this doesn t help neither of it No Fear is also a pretty complex book for the presence of a lot of supporting characters, whose presence is essential in the dynamics between Jesse and Evan from the previous book, there is Trish, Jesse s drummer, who apparently is hostile to Evan Brandon, Jesse s brother, who having found success in his professional life, like Jesse did, now wants to find true love like his brother did, and maybe there is a little bit of envy for the fact that his little brother seems to be happy even without his help plus enter two new characters, Kyler and Trent In a way they are related to Jesse and Evan for or less the same reason Kyler is gay, or at least bisexual, and he had a fling with Evan in the past he is Evan s same age, and he relates to Evan than Jesse, both for age than experience Jesse is jealous of Kyler for his past experience with Evan, and Evan is jealous of Kyler since he sees him like someone that could be competition for him with Jesse On the other hand there is Trent, so young and eager to please Jesse, but with a undertone of homophobic attitude that create an uneasy atmosphere in the recording studios they all are in at the same moment No Fear is a big net of relationships, of the love and professional types, and Jesse and Evan are in the middle of it, they goal will be to not end lost But they are growing, and even if there is still a core of selfishness in both of them, something that I noticed also in the previous book, now they are maybe able to recognize what is important in life As it s right for an artistry character, nor Jesse or Evan are the perfect heroes, they are moody and unsteady, always ready to bolt and with a penchant for drama, easy to fire up but also to fall in bed to consume all the energy in interesting activities than being mad to each other If like me, you had the impression that in Conquest Jesse and Evan needed time to grow in their relationship but also in their life, No Fear perfectly covers that gap I would almost say that it s almost mandatory to read Conquest and No Fear together, if not that they are very long, No Fear than 350 pages, and so, probably you need time to plan this read.http www dp B003F2QO2I After finishing the first book in this series, and loving it so much, I broke my New Year resolution about buying new books because I had to have this I am so glad I have no self control as I really enjoyed this Jesse and Evan are still happily together, and finishing up their joint world tour Jesse hasn t been back to Evan s house since their break up, and was feeling nervous about going back Despite his worry, he soon realises that being with Evan is where he is home.This story has a bunch of new characters in the form of two other bands being at the recording studio that Jesse uses Some of these characters become friends, and some become enemies.Brandon, Jesse s brother has his own romance story in this book, and the little we see of it was sweet and romantic.The issue of gay bashings plus the problems of gay men trying to marry are explored in this story, giving it depth then the first book in my opinion.The only problem I had was the storyline that was never resolved in the first book was completely overlooked again, so I can t see me ever getting my answers where that is concerned.Now all I have to do is show some strength and not go and buy the next book until I read some of the books I already have. SHOW NO FEARMore of my reviews and thoughts on my blog PANTS OFF REVIEWSI enjoyed this second offering in the Conquest series, though a tad bit predictable and equally mushy It was still a wonderful book about the sexiest rockstars eva Evan and Jesse are back in big way, and it s never a bad thing to visit them.The relationship is established, but they still must keep it a secret from the public They both struggle with hiding their love for each other, and its becoming harder for them, not to shout to the world that they are in love It has the same feel as the first book, Evan and Jesse totally in love with each other Others hating on that love and trying to bring them down.A certain crush finally becomes known, involving the hater Trish I just never really liked her and am so glad she is finally gone I still don t understand what it was exactly that made her fall in love with Jesse Is it because he is a good singer, and really good looking On the other hand, could it be that, he completely ignored you from the very beginning and you were hoping that Ur vagina would turn him straight She just really irked me.There is a serious conflict, and I thought it was dealt with quite lightly The severity of the crime was no joke, and I was just hoping that the aggressors got of an ass kicking Or hope that they would drop the soap in prison I think if you are going to, write something of that degree the payout had better be good I just wanted so much those bitches hurt my Jesse.Overall, another fantastic instalment in the series Jesse and Evan are fantastic, sexy, and downright sinful Only once a month do I wish I was a man but these two would make me want to be one all the time They are incredible, rocking out has never sounded and looked so good The supporting characters are also back, some a lot better than others Always a good time in the world of Conquest.SideNote Easy with the unnecessary drama. 2.5 starsThis book suffers from taking itself too seriously And because if it, I started to feel like I was reading a comedy After book 1, I was hopeful that this might be a promising series that got better w each book Unfortunately that was not the case Yes, the relationship between Jesse and Evan remained the highlight of the book, it was really the only good part The rocker related scenes were so outrageous and the dialogue so ridiculous, over the top, and unrealistic That left me to find my entertainment value in the romance scenes between Jess Ev And though, like in the first book, they remained steamy and often times sweet, it started to get old And Jess, still living in his own ego god complex world, starting to grate on me, as I feared he might The story itself had potential struggles w having to hide being gay in the public eye, hate crimes, competition among talent, etc But, I just could not get into the writing.Leaving the series and will not be reading on A wonderful follow up story to Conquest , S.J Frost s No Fear takes us further into the lives of Jesse and Evan and of the band We also get to know Brandon a bit and I have to say I totally love this guy What a super big brother he is and he seriously needs an HEA Will he or won t he You ll have to read the book to find out Jesse and Evan s relationship continues to deepen and the emotional connection that we, the reader, get to experience is phenomenal I really love the way that S.J Frost writes her characters and their stories There s no lack of hot sweaty sex but , there s no shortage of love This really is a romance that I will come back to again and again, along with its predecessor, Conquest And Ms Frost please, please keep bringing us these delicious stories After Conquest S Long Tour, Singer Jesse Alexander Is Ready To Head Home With His Partner, Evan Arden When Conquest Hits The Studio Again, Jesse Finds Competition From Two New Bands And Tensions Reach A Breaking Point Facing Challenges Unlike Any He S Ever Known, Jesse Must Somehow Duplicate Conquest S Success And Reach His Ultimate Goal Showing NO FEAR And Announcing His Love Of Evan Publicly A really refreshing sequel I didn t read the blurb so expected the story to focus on a different set of main characters than the original pair of Jesse and Evan However this was an extension of their love story and provided the very happy ever after ending Nice parallel story of Brandon s search for love and introduction of some new characters Jesse and Evan may be rock stars but this is definitely a romance and not focused on the hard rock lifestyle.

S.J Frost resides in Ohio with her family, pets, and horses Her short stories have been featured in several erotic and romance anthologies, and her novels are published through MLR Press Rock stars, vampires, fantasy heroes, and , she enjoys dabbling in many different sub genres in gay romance, but no matter what she writes, love and passion are the driving forces in every story.

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