Entangled in Darkness

Entangled in Darkness Annalyn Johanssen Was Moving Out From Home With Her Best Friend And Starting University For The First Time It Was Supposed To Be An Exciting Time In Her Life She Saw Herself As Being On The Road To Success And Hoped To One Day See Herself Getting A PhD And Starting A Prestigious Career University Was Just The First Step In A Long And Happy Life Of SuccessAs Much As She Hoped To Get Away From The Unhappiness Of Her Adolescence, She Soon Found Herself Spiraling Into DarknessLindsey Webster Graduated With A Bachelor Of Arts In Psychology And Endeavored To Get Another Degree In Psychiatric Nursing In Accordance With Her Passion For Mental Health And For The Darker Side Of Life That Encompasses Mental Illness, Disorder, Abuse, Trauma And Anything Else That Challenges The Soul Her Writing Explores This World And Has Been Inspired By Her Own Struggles With Darkness, Disorder, And Chaos Her Other Passions Include Writing Poetry And Editing For The Literary Magazine Cerulean Rain She Lives With Her Many Pets In British Columbia, Canada And Continues Her Work In Psychiatric Nursing

Author and poet, Michelle Webster, published her debut novel ENTANGLED IN DARKNESS, under the pseudonym Lindsey Webster, in 2009 It is a dark and intense journey of a young woman as she faces mental illness just as she is graduating high school and dreaming big about the future Available as ebook Her writing often takes on a dark flare and explores the depth of the human experience whether in t

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  • Paperback
  • 199 pages
  • Entangled in Darkness
  • Lindsey Webster
  • English
  • 05 August 2019
  • 9781600473487

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    Lindsey Webster has provided a dark and gritty portrayal of bipolar disorder in Entangled in Darkness Annalyn is initially a happy teenager heading off to college and her first apartment Her family is dysfunctional at best and she is glad to leave the drama behind but hesitant to leave her youngest sister Janey Annalyn has moved in with her best friend Lexie and is fully prepared to being an adult or is she The first days of college can be overwhelming but Annalyn seems to be drowning in thoughts of not fitting in and meeting expectations She rapidly spirals down into a depression that is as painful as it is puzzling She stops going to classes, becomes paranoid about others behavior and speech, and finally stays in bed neglecting her physical hygiene At first I wondered why neither Lexie nor Annalyn s mother sought mental health support for someone so obviously depressed and paranoid The reason s why became slightly apparent the I read This deep depression is followed by a suicide attempt, which again is not treated, only to be followed by a manic episode It is the mania that results in an arrest and mental health intervention in the form of a hospitalization and medical treatment Annalyn s mother insists that she is in the right place and refuses to allow her to leave while the father loudly proclaims that he ll have his lawyers get her out in no time The sad truth is that mental illness impacts the entire family not just the individual Annalyn s illness adversely affects her younger sister Janey, who might be showing early signs of the disease as well The father has a history of mental illness and also attempted suicide as a young adult, but is in serious denial about being labeled and feels he has the problem under control The mother simply feels that the father has moods and everyone should be accommodating and is truly unaware of his past mental health history This denial of the reality of mental illness ultimately results in tragedy Entangled in Darkness is not for the faint of heart but it does provide an interesting and realistic glimpse into the horror of untreated, and poorly treated, mental illness.

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    I was a lucky winner of Entangled in Darkness in a Library Thing giveaway.This might be one of the most personal reviews I write When I learned that this book dealt with a psychological disorder, I was certainly interested since I also hold a BA in Psychology and plan to work in the mental health field Much of my life, I personally have dealt with depression and anxiety, partially inherited from my father another similarity with this read As I read through the first third of Entangled in Darkness, I was immediately wrapped up in the intensity and darkness of Annalyn s story It brought up a lot of personal memories and feelings for me My life certainly wasn t exactly like hers, but I could definitely identify with her helpless spiral into depression That first night, I slept horribly because of the nightmares that the memories had brought on The following day, I was in a total funk both from exhaustion and all the thoughts that were crowding my head I actually had to take a break from the book to catch my breath When I continued, Annalyn was moving into the manic stage of her disorder and starting to realize something was going on I identified less with her from this point, but I was no less enraptured with her life Her relationship with her father was striking for me Again, it was not exactly the same, but there were many similarities between their relationship and my own with my father Overall, I really liked this book Lindsey absolutely knows about the darker side of mental illness the side that often stays hidden within the person s own mind She describes this perfectly through Annalyn s experiences and thoughts The effect that it can have on family and friends is also flawlessly portrayed through her story My only issue with the book is that sometimes the actual writing became a little repetitive, and there were several technical things that could have used a little cleaning up I read the Kindle version, so the paperback might be somewhat different Without all that, I probably would bump my rating up to 4 stars, because the actual story is very interesting and enlightening As far as being emotionally moving, Entangled in Darkness could not have been any better in my opinion I am curious now if Lindsey will continue the story or if she is just going to leave us hanging

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    I received this book from the Member Giveaways on Library Thing.Wow What an interesting and intense novel this is This is a book about a young woman, who comes from an intense family situation, embarking on her adult life journey She leaves home to attend University and goes to live with her best friend and another friend in an apartment She has very high hopes for herself and her future and is very excited to start this chapter in her life She leaves behind a little sister, who means the world to her and is very close with her An event happens that starts her downward spiral into Bipolar Disorder.I do not know much about Bipolar Disorder, other than the high s and low s associated with it This book goes into detail about how the person with the disorder thinks and feels and shows how this disorder affects everyone around them I don t want to give away the details of the book, as it would reveal the various things that happen within the book All I can say is that this book reveals the troubling symptoms of this disease in detail and is not for everyone.I did have a few problems with the way the book flowed, but I understand that it is a proof copy and it has not been completed The conversations within the book could be depicted a bit clearer, as it became very confusing at times I do applaud the author for the detail of the emotions that were extreme throughout this book, however.All in all, it was a good read I would recommend this book to those who are interested in mental illness and who don t mind depressing story lines.

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    LINDSEY WEBSTER S ENTANGLED IN DARKNESS REVIEW The story of a college aged girl named Annalyn s descent into the dark confines of insanity Feeling that her home life is a wreck and in the constant position of dealing with her father s violent anger, she begins to lose her grip on reality and tries to commit suicide Slowly her own darkness starts to consume her younger sister Janey causing her to end her life tragically by stabbing herself.This story was haunting and extremely dark and scary as you realize just how easy it is to slip so far into depression that you can t even claw your way out A story with an ending you won t soon forget Entangled in Darkness , is a great read Kitty Bullard Great Minds Think Aloud Book ClubRead

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    WOW What an intense and somber story Entangled in Darkness by Lindsey Webster gets you from the Dedication and doesn t let go This is a story of mental illness from the prospective of Annalyn Johanssen who is a freshmen at a University with her best friend Lexie There she falls into a depression not knowing what is wrong with her In the meantime, her father seems to also suffer from some type of mental illness which shows these types of diseases run in the family Very heartbreaking and touching all at the same time.

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    Such a tragic, but a gripping look into the world of bipolar disorder and the effects on a family I love the way the narrator takes you into her mania thinking and suffering The story grips you from the first word and does not let you go even at the last, you will consider to ponder the characters after the story is finished.

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