Holland, kranten, kerkers en koningen

Holland, kranten, kerkers en koningen Vol Leugens En Vuil , Was Een Oordeel Over Het Opzienbarende Boek Dat Journalist Eilert Meeter InLiet Uitgeven Door JF Hope In London, Onder De Titel Holland, Its Institutions, Its Press, Kings En Prison Nederland, Haar Instituties, Kranten, Koningen En Gevangenissen Eillert Meeter Was Een Hoekige Groninger Die Zijn Standpunten Niet Onder Stoelen Of Banken StakWillem I, Willem II Door Eillert Meeter

Dutch revolutionary Republican journalist After his career as an sergeant in the Dutch army, Meeter became a journalist In 1840 he started the newspaper Tolk van de vrijheid in which he railed against the influence of the knighthood in the States of Groningen, he also was an advocate for the poor day laborers and called for the refusal of paying taxes In 1840 he was arrested for insulting the

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  • 419 pages
  • Holland, kranten, kerkers en koningen
  • Eillert Meeter
  • Dutch
  • 14 January 2017

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    These memoirs were originally published in English during Meeter s exile in London Meeter was a republican publicist who was constantly harassed by the state and even a attacked by an monarchist publicist, who was primarily hired by the Dutch king to counter and spoof Meeter s publications In those times the king offered cosy jobs and money for publicists, who criticized the king and even publicists, who never had published anything and never intented to But collected the money.Meeter for a while took such a job working in the French embassy and got information and access to the king s inner circle So the book gives many well documented facts about the inner circle and the kings Willem I and II Unfortunately I have a Dutch version and I suspect, that is toned down for Dutch publication, althought it was published 95 years after the original English publication The English iis in the public domain and you can download it for free from google books.

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