Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth

Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on EarthThis is a five star graphic novel , so I am giving it five stars However, I hated it Well, no, I didn t hate it, I hated reading it So I am abandoning it with relief.The great thing about this book is the brilliant graphic concepts which dazzle and delight on every other page They are really stunning The unreadable thing about this book is its subject matter, which is the life of a miserable loner with a bullying father examined in very great painful detail Rarely has a book been so original in its presentation and so painfully banal in what it s talking about Moreover, Jimmy is saddled with this horrible face with a single woebegone expression in every panel I don t think he is allowed to smile in the whole 380 pages I would reproduce Jimmy s visage here so you could see what I mean but then my review would have the painful balding cringing circular kisser looking out at me and frankly if I never see Jimmy Corrigan again in this life it will be a blessing This book is so going to Oxfam, as fast as its little feet will carry it. I love me some graphic novels but I don t pretend that the vast majority of them rise to the level of serious literature Most of the time I look for the large number of books out there that are clever as in, better than 90% of TV as a mindless respite between novels And in the case of ones such as Louis Riel, Berlin, or Maus, I get a little bit of education without trudging through a 600 page history book Jimmy Corrigan, though, is one of the five or six graphic novels I ve read that have simply blown me away It really has to be read and not explained, because I think that the taglines thrown on this book make it seem like any run of the mill post modern angst book And while this subject matter gets mined to death, it works here Beautifully Oh, and Ware s art is a consistent revelation It s always either relentlessly spare or bursting with detail, with very little in between. I guess I understand why people might consider this a masterpiece I, myself not a wholehearted admirer of the graphic novel, am usually very surprised by the narrative techniques and posh styles used in famous comics like Watchmen , Maus , most recently, Ghost World This one is said to elevate the medium to another level and it kinda sorta does like witnessing Jim Carrey going from funnyman to dramatic actor The story is so droll, boring, sad did I really need this type of monotony and even, ironically, with thethan 3000 illustrated scenes which change beautifully in scope, color, emotion, etc It was like watching an Oscar inclined indie drama with no end in sightlong, yes, beautiful, poignant, well put together, even avant garde But James s face never changes neither does the reader s interest peak or descend Nothing here spoke to me in a blatant, colorful, or graphic novel way. I m surprised that GoodReads doesn t allow a sixth star for this book alone I can not say enough great things about Jimmy Corrigan Honestly, it changed my life, and I can t imagine anyone not being in awe of its mathematics, literally and figuratively This book is like the Catcher in the Rye for graphic novels It raised the bar and it will not be matched for a very long time Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant Breathtaking and deep Brilliant. This is my third foray into the world of graphic novels This book compels me to continue into this genre Chris Ware tells a heart rending story of loneliness, but what truly captured my admiration was the artwork He does a sort of stylistic 180 from the narrative While the story is intimate and emotional his images sort of stand back He employs repeated frames of seemingly insignificant details, such as a bird moving along a tree branch He emphasizes the alienation of the characters by focusing on the architecture, somewhat akin to the way John Ford uses long shots of mesas in Monument Vally in his westerns, or the way Ozu uses pillow shots in his movies This makes the human drama stand outwhen Ware does focus on the people A small down turned line on a face takes on greater significance as an emotional marker The one drawback is in the layout of the frames I found it confusing at times I had to think for a second, which frame am I supposed to focus on next It interrupted the flow. Imagine life eclipsed by imagination The bloodiest, the most beautiful, the most vulnerable imaginings, and the disintegration of wishes as we make them This is how life unfolds in the mind of Jimmy Corrigan, the desolate main character in Chris Ware s graphic novel Jimmy speaks full sentences only when he imagines In his mind he has courage, kills people, commits suicide, has sex, and is the smartest kid on earth In his actual life, Jimmy is a spineless, aging man, with no friends and no romantic ties It is only with some courage and equal trepidation that a reader might see his herself in Jimmy With a little of both, I found that I could And I did It s the language of this piece that I identify with most This book assembles history, memory, and make believe in such a poignant way It speaks a language that reflects how we build the narrative of our own lives A single moment in the novel can span across several illustrated panels that call the reader to absorb information to taste and savor the moment and hold off on situating it within the chronology of the story, at least not immediately Jimmy s imagination works alongside the narrative to shock and dissemble it You never know what to expect His imagination is so easily pierced, so fragile, that it bleeds The image I see of this character, both figuratively and physically, is one of a big walking wound Even in the story, Jimmy walks around bandaged most of the time.As you may expect, this story is depressing It s not about plot or character development these features of the narrative endure little change Early on, we learn that Jimmy is abandoned by his father A few pages in, we see Jimmy as an older, insecure, socially inept man The story s life carries on despairingly Even after Jimmy gets a letter from his absent father inviting him to come visit, the father and son s time together suffers from Jimmy s volatile mind Old memories, family history, and violent make believe interrupt what could have been new development in the relationship between father and son Time shifts between the past and present, with repeated returns to 1893 and the Chicago World s Fair, the year Jimmy s grandfather was also abandoned by his own father We see here a pattern of father abandoning son Jimmy remains lonely, unwanted, disturbed He does not grow out of the mold This instructs the reader not to wait for what happens next but rather to give an eye to how moments flower A single page may rest on capturing a memory, a sound, a place, even a bird, from different points of view The sequence may be interrupted suddenly by a memory, by a violent wish A new image may evoke a previous one, asking the reader to retrace his her steps or to borrow and bring into play clips from an earlier scene What s special about the performance of this novel is that it uncannily reflects how we make into a story our own lives It quietly captures how we edit our life time, moment by moment, on the fly, calling on memories, fears, visions, prophesies, to help us assimilate the conditions of our present world This novel is visually and grammatically stunning Yes, the story is deeply sad, but the language is arresting and beautiful. La triste solitudine del perdenteInizio con il dire che non credo di avere mai letto una graphic novel o dovrei dire romanzo pi triste di questa.Un libro ponderoso trecentottanta tavole, tremilasettantadue disegni, trecentottantapagine che, in modo assolutamente innovativo, meticoloso e originale, racconta l incontro disastroso tra un uomo di mezza et debole, triste e incapace di reagire con il padre che lo aveva abbandonato da piccolo Ma il libro racconta nel contempo anche la storia speculare del nonno e del padre del nonno William Corrigan, padre di Jimmy Corrigan, padre di Jimmy William Corrigan, padre di Jimmy Corrigan, il nostro ragazzo pi in gamba della terra Cosa hanno in comune tutti questi padri L inettitudine, l incapacit di essere padre, una sensibilit pari a quella di un lampadario, una inesistente empatia verso i figli Perch triste il libro Perch Jimmy indifeso, giovane ma sembra vecchio, ha un aspetto dimesso e fa fatica ad esprimere le sue opinioni Subisce le decisioni di chi gli sta intorno Non riesce a reagire, anche se dentro di s vorrebbe e questo d luogo a una sofferenza silenziosa che si percepisce fisicamente.Jimmy sogna, spera, desidera Ha grandi speranze per l incontro con il padre che non ha mai conosciuto Ma questo incontro lo lascia ancora pi disperato di prima, mentre emerge sempre pi chiaramente la contrapposizione tra un padre opprimente, brutale e indifferente e la passivit imposta al figlio Le innumerevoli vignette, piccolissime dettagliatissime, mostrano impietosamente le situazioni, le esitazioni, le sequenze, le sofferenze di Jimmy L immedesimazione e la sensazione di oppressione, aumentata da una sorta di impietoso umorismo latente, massima, tanto che ho interrotto spesso la lettura perch troppo doloroso Una tristezza agghiacciante, solida.Il libro mi ha costretto a riflettere parecchio sia sul rapporto con mio padre che quello con mio figlio E sufficiente un legame di parentela per stabilire un rapporto profondo Che cosa significa essere padri E soprattutto il ruolo del padre inalterabile o si modifica con il tempo Spesso mi sono trovato come Jimmy, in confronto scontro con mio padre con cui avevo un dialogo inesistente Spesso ho pensato di odiarlo, spesso ho sognato di andarmene, spesso avrei voluto prenderlo a botte Salvo poi, ovviamente troppo tardi, accorgermi che lui stesso era semplicemente impreparato a un ruolo che spesso troppo difficile Varr lo stesso per mio figlio Difficile dirlo Forse comprendiamo che tipo di contributo abbiamo lasciato solo pi tardi forse mai.Nonostante nel libro tutti siano assolutamente perdenti, gli ottimistici caratteri pubblicitari che gridano JIMMY CORRIGAN IL RAGAZZO PI IN GAMBA SULLA TERRA, insieme alle istruzioni per l uso e i riassunti grafici contribuiscono a intristire ancora di pi Il libro per me ha per anche qualche difettuccio Innanzitutto il volume di dimensioni troppo ridotte e si fa veramente fatica sia a leggere che a cogliere tutte le sfumature Secondariamente mi parso un poco confusionario in certi passaggi, tanto da costringermi a ritornare indietro spesso a rileggere I salti temporali e le 4 generazioni certamente non hanno aiutato Resta certamente un libro molto bello e che ha meritatamente ottenuto tanti riconoscimenti importanti due Eisner Awards, due Harvey Awards, Miglior GN al Festival di Angoul me e, per la prima volta per una GN, il The Guardian First Book Award.Consigliatissimo, per chi ha voglia di farsi un po del male. I won t lie to you I spent days not liking this book.Jimmy Corrigan is described by the author as a lonely, emotionally impaired human castaway You got that right He s also possibly the dullest man on Earth and Chris Ware does not skimp on the tedium Panel after cartoon panel of people sitting in diners, doctors offices, and hospital waiting rooms.This is WAY too much like MY life.Then we meet Jimmy s grandfather, a sad and lonely child, and his great grandfather, who helped build the White City during the 1893 Columbian Exposition Suddenly, I was happy again I loved their stories, though they were not always pleasant to read.What a family of unhappy men.The artwork in this book is spectacular The colors are vibrant and contrast well with the sad doings occuring in the novel The design and layout are creative It even includes a zoetrope and tiny farm scene to cut out and play with The little horse, and buggy, and coffin were really tempting, but I refrained as my copy belongs to the library.The ending was quite satisfying, and ended up bringing a book I started out not liking, very close to five stars. This First Book From Chicago Author Chris Ware Is A Pleasantly Decorated View At A Lonely And Emotionally Impaired Everyman Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid On Earth , Who Is Provided, At Age , The Opportunity To Meet His Father For The First Time An Improvisatory Romance Which Gingerly Deports Itself BetweenS Chicago AndS Small Town Michigan, The Reader Is Helped Along By Thousands Of Colored Illustrations And Diagrams, Which, When Read Rapidly In Sequence, Provide A Convincing Illusion Of Life And Movement The Bulk Of The Work Is Supported By Fold Out Instructions, An Index, Paper Cut Outs, And A Brief Apology, All Of Which Concrete To Form A Rich Portrait Of A Man Stunted By A Paralyzing Fear Of Being Disliked Well, the technical quality of the art is certainly good, and it s formally inventive and all that, and it most definitely does an effective job at maintaining and conveying a consistent mood if you were feeling charitable, you could even say that there s something kind of magnificent about it s overwhelming, unrelieved bleakness but when I was finished I couldn t for the life of me figure out what the point of the whole thing had been On quality I d say it deserved three stars, if it wasn t for all the critics and what a sour and joyless lot they must be claiming it as the greatest comic book ever written Bah

CHRIS WARE is widely acknowledged as the most gifted and beloved cartoonist of his generation by both his mother and seven year old daughter His Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid on Earth won the Guardian First Book Award and was listed as one of the 100 Best Books of the Decade by the London Times in 2009 An irregular contributor to This American Life and The New Yorker where some of the pages

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