Spree Killers

Spree Killers Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, couldn t put it down The book covers a wide range of cases in different countries and the analysis of the criminals are superb However there was some information left out of certain cases that made are interesting, for instance the amityville case left out the murdered families own demonic experiences that linked up to the second family and the columbine massacre left out certain lines the killers spoke that made them particularly interesting like the conversation between student Valeen Schnurr not Cassie Bernall and Dylan Klebold where he asked her if she believed in god always found this so eerie plus it is used in American horror story in massacre inspired by this case Overall it is an excellent book, definitely recommend reading. This Investigation Into Spree Killing Analyses The Psychology Of This Chilling And Relatively New Phenomenon Cawthorne Carefully Examines Each Case And Shows How The Killers Suppress Their Rage And Violent Fantasies Until A Small Incident Sparks Off Their Fatal RampageThe Cases Include That Of Michael Ryan, Who Slew Sixteen In The Quiet English Town Of Hungerford Wade Frankum, Who Went Berserk With A Rifle In A Shopping Plaza In Sydney, Australia Teenage Students Eric Harris And Dylan Klebold And Their Killing Spree At Columbine High School In Colorado, USA Seung Hui Cho, Responsible For The Virginia Tech Massacre, The Deadliest Shooting Frenzy By A Single Gunman In The History Of The USA And The Incident With Isaac Zamora In Mount Vernon, Washington State An incredible read Very informing and delicate Although it s not incredible to read of the vicious crimes that have been committed over the years, I mean that the writing of this book was, indeed, incredible The amount of research that went to into writing this is shown throughout its pages and it informs us that no one is really safe Anyone can become unhinged and commit heinous crimes against humanity.Though it shows that many of these perps are unhinged and mentally ill, with no help whatsoever due to expenses that come with it which is ridiculous by the way I m in the UK and help is free for most, America should be too Goes to show the difference between countries that have help at hand freely and those that don t America has the most spree killers and mental health expertise comes had a huge price this is why young adults don t seek help for their suicidal tendencies and depression.Loved reading this book and found myself shaking my head at some of the crimes committed Most spree killers tend to kill themselves after they ve done their deed Although this book mainly covers spree crimes from back in the 50s 60s etc, it was interesting to see what the vietnam war did to people, even those that never served for their country.Intriguing, interesting and incredibly detailed, this book is one not for the faint hearted. Not interesting. Interesting enough of a topic, but was poorly written Nigel Cawthorne seemed unable to make the facts come alive, or to really explain certain things mentioned in the book It felt like the author was just merely stating the facts without putting in any of his own original thought into what he was writing However, the information was up to date and plentiful Some feeling would have made the book alotfascinationg. Glad to be done so I could move on to a new book Didnt hold my attention. I enjoyed it, a very easy read, and not judgmental, it actually presented information I had not read before, and I ve read quite a bit on spree and serial killers. Good read, I was able to pick it up and put down after a few pages which is just what I need right now Also quite informative while not dwelling on only a few cases. Nigel Cawthorne has a very flowing writing style that I really enjoy The killers and killings were well researched, overall was an enthralling look at Spree Killings The only aspect I didn t like about the book was the negative epilogue that encourages readers to be fearful.

Nigel Cawthorne is an Anglo American writer of fiction and non fiction, and an editor He has written than 80 books on a wide range of subjects and has contributed to The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph Daily Mail and The New York Times He has appeared on television and BBC Radio 4 s Today programme.Many of Nigel Cawthorne s books are compilations of popular history, without footnotes, referen

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Spree Killers
  • Nigel Cawthorne
  • 25 March 2019
  • 9781852834630

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