The Room in the Dragon Volant

The Room in the Dragon VolantLe Fanu should be celebrated .This might be not be Exhibit A for that argument that would be Carmilla but it s pretty close Here, Le Fanu shows yet again that he can take old elements of stories notably from Poe and conjure something that would have an influence on genre literature centuries later Here, he mixes in a Gothic atmosphere and dread, romance, and a puzzle box mystery Not all of it works but that doesn t detract from LeFanu s achievement Along with Fitz O Brien, he is credited with first mixing the detective thriller and horror, and even without the knock out denouement this would be a great curio for genre history fans. The Room in the Dragon Volant By Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was first published 1872This gothic mystery story was about a Long con of a wealthy young Englishman named Richard Beckett.Beckett helps the Count de St Alyre and his younger wife the Countess de St Alyre with her exotic Violet eyes.He then is infatuated with the married woman and plans to run off with her.For most of the novel I kept trying to figure out who was in on the con.After the Napoleonic Wars the French resented English Tourists, and I suspected every French person Beckett came in contact with was in on the confidence game.A really enjoyable read from one of my new favorite authors J Sheridan LeFanu Irish Author Of Such Classics As The Short Vampire Novel Carmella Reputed To Be The Inspiration For Bram Stoker S Dracula And A Chapter In The History Of The Tyrone Family Said To Be The Tale That Gave Rise To Emily Bronte S Wuthering Heights Lived FromUntilHe Wrote All Sorts Of Tales, But He S Best Remembered As A Writer Of Mysteries And Horror Sheridan le Fanu is just about my favourite 19th century writer of supernatural and gothic tales The Room in the Dragon Volant is somewhat unusual for le Fanu, since it s not really a supernatural tale It does however have plenty of gothic elements and some genuine horror, and it s an ingenious and entertaining tale It s set in France just after the end of the Napoleonic Wars, and involves a young rich Englishman who falls in love with a beautiful but mysterious, and unhappily married, countess It also involves a room at the inn, The Dragon Volant, which has been the scene of mysterious disappearances. Loaded with mystery and suspense and ready for anyone who likes classics in these genres, the Dragon Volant can be summed up thus having a handsome fortune and maybe also seeking a bit of adventure, a young man leaves his home country to do some travels but is enraptured by a beautiful woman who causes him to become as his slave, who makes him a victim of her poisons, whose actions only lead to death Do enjoy reading this book A Estalagem do Drag o Voador Sheridan Le Fanu N o sei se haver colec o mais de culto do que esta Livro B, livro maldito, hist rias g ticas, fant sticas e do horror de fim de s culo, em livros altos e estreitos de p ginas azuis, que cabem no bolso do casaco ou da gabardina, para ler numa taberna em frente a uma aguardente, ou de noite, quando todos se foram deitar, esse tempo de fantasmas nocturnos vision rios, ou desfilar de espectros mortu rios de que fala Antero de Quental Le Fanu um v rios autores que, em todo o s c.XIX e XX, escreveram contos naquele limiar entre a ci ncia e o sobrenatural, e em que novidades em certas disciplinas como o magnetismo, a electricidade, o estudo da mente, a medicina, a qu mica, a farm cia e os efeitos das drogas, enchiam o mundo de uma realidade t o fant stica como a mais pura fantasia Assim surgem obras como esta, em que sem querer revelar nada que possa estragar o prazer de quem for ler o livro at mais de metade do livro sem que se passe a menor sugest o de algo sobrenatural, apenas a elegante e prazerosa escrita que nos transporta para outros tempos, de carruagens e estalagens, de bailes e saraus, de paix es e trai es, bandidos e actos de cavalheirismo, e de incidentes que desafiam os sentidos e exigem o maior sangue frio e coragem. Did Le Fanu mean for us to be surprised Perhaps the plot was innovative at the time, but I found it irritating knowing what was coming while the protagonist was oblivious Not Le Fanu s best work. As with Le Fanu s uniquely enjoyable House by the Churchyard, one cannot help feeling somewhat disappointed when this Gothic novella, marketed as a ghost story at least with the anthology I find it in ends up just being a maudlin romance mystery with only the fainstest hint of supernaturalism However, the tale is still told well enough and it s hard to really criticise it for the most part The climax, also, is excellent Le Fanu utilises a fairly notorious trope of the genre, and manages to make it terrifying The unfortunate deus ex machina does not deal too much damage to the story s ending. Un buen escrito que machaca los manidos temas de su siglo Bien narrado, pero da muchas vueltas a los di logos dejando de lado la atmosfera tan necesaria en este g nero.EL relato de la mano fantasmal brilla por su originalidad, m s propio de la cultura as atica. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu 1818 1873 es considerado el padre de la ghost story, adem s de ser el creador del doctor Martin Hesselius, experto en lo sobrenatural, y uno de los primeros detectives de lo oculto, que posteriormente dar a lugar a otras figuras similares, como John Silence de Algernon Blackwood, Thomas Carnacki de W.H Hodgson, o el profesor Van Helsing de Bram Stoker La habitaci n del Drag n Volador y otros cuentos de terror y misterio incluye una novela corta y seis relatos, que sin ser geniales, s se leen con placer.La habitaci n del Drag n volador Beckett, el protagonista, nos narra ciertos hechos que le sucedieron viajando por Francia Es una novela corta que transcurre de manera tranquila, solt ndonos pistas que nos preparan para la parte final, quiz s algo previsible.El fantasma y el colocahuesos Historia encontrada entre los papeles del reverendo Purcell sobre el curioso encuentro entre un hombre y un fantasma No est mal.Schalken el pintor Donde se narra la historia de Schalken, disc pulo de Gerard Douw, y de la hija de este No est mal.El espectro del madam Crowl La vieja madam Crowl cuenta una historia de fantasmas que le acaeci de joven Buen relato.Relato de ciertos sucesos extra os en la calle Aungier Donde se narra lo que les sucedi a dos primos, estudiantes ambos, mientras resid an en una vieja casa No est mal.Historias de fantasmas en la casa de los azulejos Que incluye dos cuentos que tienen como protagonista dicha casa Buen relato.El gato blanco de Drumgunniol Seg n una superstici n, si un gato blanco se aparece a alguien, ese alguien no tarda en fallecer.

M.R James described Le Fanu as absolutely in the first rank as a writer of ghost stories Three of his best known works are Uncle Silas, Carmilla and The House by the Churchyard.

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