Veritas When The Hallowed Halls Of Academia Become The Stage For Murder, Newly Appointed Dean Beth Ellis S Search For The Truth Leads Her To Unexpected Discoveries About Her Own Heart For Beth Ellis, Grafton College And Its Faculty And Students Are Her Home And Family But The President Of The College Rubs Everyone The Wrong Way, The New English Professor On Campus Isn T Much Popular, And Beth Has Her Hands Full Trying To Keep The Peace As Various Campus Factions Quarrel Still, She Didn T Expect A Tenure Battle To End In Murder Sally Sullivan Left The Chicago Police Homicide Division And Returned To Her Hometown Where, As Chief Of Police, She Expected Her Greatest Challenges To Be Dealing With Car Accidents And Drunk Drivers But Faced With A Murder Investigation With Motives Than Evidence And An Inexperienced Staff, Sally Finds Small Town Policing Isn T As Simple As She Thought Neither Are Her Growing Feelings For Beth Ellis As Sally And Beth S Different Worlds Collide, Their Desire To Solve The Murder Is Complicated By Their Unexpected Attraction A Second Murder On Campus Places The Survival Of The College Itself, Their Tenuous Relationship, And Even Their Lives In Jeopardy

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Veritas book, this is one of the most wanted Anne Laughlin author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 225 pages
  • Veritas
  • Anne Laughlin
  • English
  • 08 October 2018
  • 9781602821248

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    Originally posted here at Yaoi Radius.You might be tricked into thinking that Veritas is a murder mystery that happens to have a lesbian subplot Or that it s a lesbian romance that just happens to contain a murder subplot Both assessments would be totally wrong well, not totally wrong but certainly off the mark In this one novel, author Anne Laughlin has successfully woven together both romance and mystery into one single work that becomes both genres without being overcome by one or the other It is a tightrope act of genre balancing that makes the story only that enriching and interesting Fans of either genre will leave satisfied and will not feel stifled by the presence of the other genre and it shows that one can have an enthralling story of murder and intrigue and also have an LGBT romance that isn t stuck on or cloying There s also the fact that the characters are interesting Sure, some of them are dreadfully annoying oh hello there, Beth s boss but not because of poor writing I find myself drawn to Sally Sullivan s character the most she s headstrong and outspoken and wonderfully brash in an endearing kind of way All together, Laughlin was able to bring us a cast of characters with fears and loves and agendas that felt real and moved the story along naturally, not forced at all, which only made reading it enjoyable than if she had just forced certain moments to happen.Another point to its credit is that Veritas is wall to wall motion, full of murders and drama and scandal and romance and relationship troubles galore, but it is also very fun to read Never does reading the book become a chore, and the action never drags its feet, only to add pieces to the puzzle that is the storyline Every pause in the action only serves to deliver another clue as to what s going on or give insight into the characters current mindset It is a wonderful read and the only time I was ever truly disappointed was when I reached the end If Veritas is a faithful measure of her skills as a storyteller, I am certainly looking forward to reading of Anne Laughlin s works and I think you will too.

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    3 1 2 Stars Veritas, is a nice old fashion who done it mixed with a bit of romance Murders surround a small community where the college is the life blood of the town When one of their own colleagues is murdered, it s up to the new Chief of Police to find the murderer Both main characters are likeable I enjoyed being in the head space of the two mains, the Chief, to investigate the murder and the Dean, to understand how the college is impacted The writing was good, but the romance was just OK It s what stopped me from giving this book a 4 The romance starts slow, then just kind of jumps to I love you no middle.The actual murder mystery was quite good I did not guess the identity of the murder until so many clues were in front of me that a 5 year old would have known So kudos to Laughlin on that Also, the ending was great I d love to go into it , but I won t risk spoiling it.It s weird, but I realized, I have been putting off reading this book for almost 4 years I use to love mystery crime books As a kid I had a collection of Nancy Drew hardcover books Plus, looking back, I think I had a literary crush on Nancy probably would have been my first clue Also, I still remember being in 5th grade and reading my first Sue Grafton book thinking this is what a mystery is suppose to be But somehow becoming an adult, I lost my love for mystery It s just in the past few months that I ve been reading some Carsen Taite, Gerri Hill, Sarah Dreher, etc., that I can t seem to get enough of crime mystery thriller cop drama It s funny how ones literary taste can circle over their lifetime I didn t mean to go on a rant, and I put this at the bottom of the review so people can ignore it It s just hit me that it took so long to give this book a chance, and I m glad I finally did.

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    I liked reading this book, it has a good crime mystery story The romance went a bit quick for me, though There wasn t much built up or desire flowing from the pages I missed that Good read, though

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    If you think about it, stand alone novels are best suited for the lesbian mystery genre The obvious reason is that most readers of lesbian mysteries are also readers of lesbian romances in fact, they probably read far romances than mysteries In a series of mysteries featuring the same character, say Kate Halton in Helen Shacklady s delightful Liz and Kate mysteries set in the UK, we only get one chance in The Patterned Flute to see Kate meet and fall in love with Liz Sharpe In the second and third novels we see them together after they are a couple Ditto with Kate Delafield who, after a couple of flings in her first two adventures, meets and woos Aimee Grant in The Beverly Malibu In most of the following books, Aimee and romance are mostly just window dressing In other words the romance if not the sex is pretty much gone by the second book in a series Because there is no follow up at least not yet to Veritas, we can sit back and enjoy two people getting to know each other for the first time and even bite our figurative nails as we watch the mystery unravel And what a pleasure it is Beth Ellis and Sally Sullivan are intelligent, well drawn characters just different enough to look like the makings of a good couple When a little liked professor is murdered at the small college where Beth has just been made a dean, the two are thrown together for the first time And, of course, sparks fly.I always enjoy academic mysteries and for the most part, this one is enjoyable than most It seems that the dead man was disliked by almost everyone except the college s new president a nonacademic appointed by a Board of Trustees from the business world Why did the president hire the man And why would he threaten to fire Beth unless she convinced the tenure committee to grant him tenure It is a lively book with a lively host of lesbians, including the irrepressible Mel, a garage mechanic with a heart as large as her libido With about 30 pages to go, I was ready to assign this book a rate for me 5 star rating.But then things changed In the last few chapters after most readers would have assumed the book was over except, of course for the fact that there were still a couple of chapters to go , Laughlin subtly, then completely, changed the tone of the novel What was intelligent step by step storytelling suddenly leaps into violent action what I treasured as a believable ending to a puzzling mystery suddenly twisted into the same old chestnut of having the crimes committed by someone that just happens to be completely but secretly insane Of all the books I have read in this genre well over 100 this book reminds me most of T.I Alvarado s Wanted, which sprinkled off tone and over the top violence into an otherwise very enjoyable novel In Veritas, the tone changes only at the end It isn t just that I was disappointed at the ending I was shocked by it too The prose is as well crafted as the rest of the book, but the story completely changes It is as if Laughlin lifted the ending from another book and tacked it onto one already finished The first ending resorted to only a few mild implausibilities the final ending contained so many contrivances that they ruined what could have been a very fine addition to the genre one in which the romance from the handshake to the bedroom was really quite well done.Note I read the first Bold Strokes printing of this novel.Another Note See my full reviews of over 250 other Lesbian Mystery novels at less

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    This is a hard book to review Honestly I m not sure if it will be accurate to call the phrasings in the book to be bland, but it felt that way as I was reading I liked both lead characters and the set up of the mysteries are great for while I had a hunch as to who was really doing the killings, I was never entirely certain and I never saw the way things would escalate I mean, wow, it ESCALATED There are no explicit love scenes in the book, so I really was not expecting the scenes before the final show down you know, the part when the villain has the damsel captured and is spilling the beans on his her evil plans to be so dramatic It really made me feel queasy and I ve read my share of blood and gore in novels, but never had such a visceral reaction to it I m not sure why, but the language that I ve previously deemed kind of bland and detached somehow enhanced the realism of that scene I had to go back to read the passage twice before it finally sank in that HE SHE DID WHAT The tone of voice of the narrator didn t change, but the description of what is happening JUST SUDDENLY BECAME THAT EXPLICIT I don t think I ve read anything quite as jarring between the build up and the climax I m not sure if this is a good technique or bad, but it certainly caught my attention And while the ending is sweet, I was hoping for a detailed description of the wrapping up of the case and the relationship between Beth and her mom and Beth and Sally.

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    This was a quick fun read I d never read anything by Laughlin but I m very interested to read now She has a nice, comfortable writing style and a knack for loveable characters I really liked the leads in this, especially Sally Also the mystery was quite good and the bad guy caught me off gaurd to say the least If I had any complaint it s the the romantic part of the book could have been better developed Beth and Sally get together pretty quickly and some things happen off screen that I wish we could have seen Still it was fun and well written I recommend it.

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    3.75 starsThough well written, the characters needed just a little exposition for them to really shine Otherwise, this is a well written mystery with a romantic subplot that stayed where it was supposed to There are enough strings left dangling that this could turn into a series if the author wants to go that way, but enough are tied off that the story feels complete All in all a good read.

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    I liked the higher education setting The tenure discussion along with the decision can be very intense but murder, in general, not Both of the main characters were likeable A follow up with Beth as the college president and Sally solving crimes and Mae is a must.

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    Very good see my review at

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    Can you believe I ve never read a lesbian mystery story before This one certainly won t be my last The prose is painful at times, but the story is fun and I enjoyed the romance.

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