Counterpoint: Tecumseh Vs. William Henry Harrison

Counterpoint: Tecumseh Vs. William Henry Harrison Counterpoint Is A Saga Of Theconflict Of Cultures Between White Settlers And Indian Inhabitants Of The Old Northwest As Personified In The Rivalry Between Tecumseh AndWilliam Henry Harrison Alternating Fromone To The Other, It Traces The Early Training And Education Of Each,Tecumseh S Disappointing Romances, Including His Deep Friendship With The WhiteRebekah Galloway, And Harrison Searly Disappointments In Love Until His Enduring Romance With Anna SymmesIt Goes On To Relate Their Riseto Positions Of Leadership Among Their Respective People Tecumseh, As Thegreat War Chief, With His Brother, The Prophet, Who Became The Spiritualleader Harrison, As Governor Of The Indiana Territory For Twelve Years Andthen As Commander In Chief Of The Northwestern Army During The War Of They First Met In The Battle OfFallen Timbers, When Anthony Wayne S Legion Defeated A Combination Of Indiansunder Blue Jacket Later Came Theconfrontations At Vincennes Harrison S Move Against Prophet S Town And TheBattle Of Tippescanow While Tecumseh Was Away Theirencounter At Fort Meigs In Northwestern Ohio, And Atlast The Showdown At The Battle Of The Thames In CanadaMany People Consider WilliamHenry Harrison The Ablest Of All The Territorial Governors Many Consider Tecumseh The Greatest Indian Ofthem All On The One Side There Wasdaring And Bold Enterprise And Struggle To Reach Out To A Bright, Promisingfuture On The Other There Was Daringand Bold Enterprise And Struggle To Hold To A Present Against The Despairingprospect Of No Future At All I couldn t finish this book It was written in 1987 The book had so many racist images The Shawnee and Creek peoples were referred to as Red Men There was overindulgent use of the S word an offensive word used to described indigenous women I stopped reading after 4 chapters And the book was boring.

James A Huston was Professor of History at Purdue University He received the B.A and M.A degrees from Indiana University and the Ph.D from New York University Huston served in the U.S Army as a rifle battalion operations officer with the 134th Infantry, which fought in France in 1944 45 as a part of Patton s Third Army Later, he served with the Office of the Chief of Military History and t

[KINDLE] ✾ Counterpoint: Tecumseh Vs. William Henry Harrison ❂ James A. Huston –
  • Paperback
  • 616 pages
  • Counterpoint: Tecumseh Vs. William Henry Harrison
  • James A. Huston
  • English
  • 08 August 2018
  • 9781418410209

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