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Animus und Anima Animus Und Anima Wikipedia Animus Und Anima Sind Begriffe Aus Der Analytischen Psychologie Von Carl Gustav Jung Es Handelt Sich Hierbei Um Zwei Der Wichtigsten Archetypen, Also Im Kollektiven Unbewussten Angelegte, Von Individueller Erfahrung Unabhngige Unanschauliche Strukturen Der Mglichkeiten Menschlicher Imagination Und Emotionalitt ANIMUS ANIMA Encyclopdia Universalis Le Couple Anima Animus Joue Un Rle Important Dans La Psychologie Des Profondeurs De Carl Gustav Jung Il S Agit D Une Rsurgence De Deux Termes Du Corpus De La Philosophie Mdivale Anima Et Animus Jung Anima Et Animus L Anima Est Fminine Elle Est Uniquement Une Formation De La Psych Masculine Et Elle Est Une Figure Qui Compense Le Conscient Masculin Chez La Femme, L Inverse, L Lment De Compensation Revt Un Caractre Masculin, Et C Est Pourquoi Je L Ai Appel L Animus Animus Und Anima AnthroWiki Animus Und Anima Sind Begriffe Aus Der Analytischen Psychologie Von Carl Gustav Jung Es Handelt Sich Hierbei Um Zwei Der Wichtigsten Archetypen, Also Im Kollektiven Unbewussten Angelegte, Von Individueller Erfahrung Unabhngige Urbilder, Die Sich Unter Anderem In Religisen Berlieferungen, Mythen Oder Trumen Niederschlagen Was Ist Mnnlich, Was Weiblich Animus Und Anima Ombre

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Animus und Anima book, this is one of the most wanted Emma Jung author readers around the world.

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    Indeed, I think that without relationship to a person with respect to whom it is possible to orient oneself again and again, it is almost impossible ever to free oneself from the demonic clutch of the animus In a state of identification with the animus, we women think, say, or do something in the full conviction that it is we who are doing it, while in reality, without our having been aware of it, the animus has been speaking through us However, in the field where the creative activity of woman flowers most characteristically, that is, in human relationships, the creative factor springs from feeling coupled with intuition or sensation, than from mind in the sense of logos Here, the animus can be actually dangerous, because it injects itself into the relationship in place of feeling, thus making relatedness difficult or impossible It happens only too frequently that instead of understanding a situation or another person through feeling and acting accordingly, we women think something about the situation or the person and offer an opinion in place of a human reaction This may be quite correct, well intentioned, and clever, but it has no effect, or the wrong effect, because it is right only in an objective, factual way Subjectively, humanly speaking, it is wrong because in that moment the partner, or the relationship, is best served not by discernment or objectivity but by sympathetic feeling However, projection means not only the transference of an image to another person, but also of the activities that go with it, so that a man to whom the animus image has been transferred is expected to take over all the functions that have remained undeveloped in the woman in question, whether the thinking function, or the power to act, or responsibility toward the outside world In turn, the woman upon whom a man has projected his anima must feel for him, or make relationships for him, and this symbiotic relationship is, in my opinion, the real cause for the compulsive dependence that exists in these cases For by her unconsciousness, a woman exerts a magical influence on man, a charm that lends her power over him Because she feels this power instinctively and does not wish to lose it, she often resists to the utmost the process of becoming conscious, even though what belongs to the spirit may seem to her extremely worth striving for Many women even keep themselves artificially unconscious solely to avoid making this sacrifice The anima as a rule is projected first upon a real woman this may lead the man to enter upon a relation with her that he might otherwise find impossible As long as such a projection exists it is naturally difficult for the man to find a relation to the inner anima, to his own femininity.

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    Has historical interest as an indicator of how an intellectual of the period was dealing with shifts in gender, but it s drenched in essentialism that seems dated now In other words, moderately feminist for its time, but not for ours.

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    This book may have changed my life I m not sure.

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    a really lebanese girl let me borrow this book, i should re read it

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    Essays by Emma Jung on the animus and on the anima I took an interest in this book because I wanted to understand, what does it mean if a woman projects her animus onto me and what does it mean if I project the anima onto her, and how do these mysterious internal images make an external affect I also wanted insight into the relationship of a woman to her animus and a man to his anima, and that s what this book is all about I like to post quotes from the books I ve read I ll include several here Some will be on how the animus involves itself in a woman s life in either a positive, creative manner or in a destructive possession Jungian books so often mention animus possession of a woman With the anima, however, rather than using the term possession, writers say that she puts a man under a spell of obsession or fascination Emma Jung refers to several myths and fairy tales as examples of the nixie, water woman or fairy who carries the man away into the unconscious, underwater or into a magical fairyland Quotes from the essay on the Animus If the possibility of spiritual functioning is not taken up by the conscious mind, the psychic energy intended for it falls into the unconscious, and there activates the archetype of the animus Possessed of the energy that has flowed back into the unconscious, the animus figure becomes autonomous, so powerful, indeed, that it can overwhelm the conscious ego, and thus finally dominate the whole personality Pg 6 Such a total transference of the animus image as that described above creates, together with an apparent satisfaction and completeness, a kind of compulsive tie to the man in question and a dependence on him that often increases to the point of becoming unbearable This state of being fascinated by another and wholly under his influence is well known under the term transference, which is nothing else than projection However, projection means not only the transference of an image to another person, but also of the activities that go with it, so that a man to whom the animus image has been transferred is expected to take over all the functions that have remained undeveloped in the woman in question, whether the thinking function, or the power to act, or responsibility toward the outside world In turn, the woman upon whom a man has projected his anima must feel for him, or make relationships for him, and this symbiotic relationship is, in my opinion, the real cause for the compulsive dependence that exists in these cases Pg 10 What is really necessary is that feminine intellectuality, logos in the woman, should be so fitted into the nature and life of the woman that a harmonious cooperation between the feminine and masculine factors ensues and no part is condemned to a shadowy existence Pg 13 One of the most important ways that the animus expresses itself, then, is in making judgements, and as it happens with judgements, so it is with thoughts in general From within, they crowd upon the woman in already complete, irrefutable forms Or, if they come from without, she adopts them because they seem to her somehow convincing or attractive But usually she feels no urge to think through and thus really understand the ideas which she adopts and, perhaps, even propagates further Her undeveloped power of discrimination results in her meeting valuable and worthless ideas with the same enthusiasm or with the same respect, because anything suggestive of mind impresses her enormously and exerts an uncanny fascination upon her This accounts for the success of so many swindlers who often achieve incomprehensible effects with a sort of pseudo spirituality On the other hand, her lack of discrimination has a good side it makes the woman unprejudiced and therefore she frequently discovers and appraises spiritual values quickly than a man, whose developed critical power tends to make him so distrustful and prejudiced that it often takes him considerable time to see a value which less prejudiced persons have long since recognized Pg 15 One of the animus activities most difficult to see through lies in this field, namely, the building up of a wish image of ourself The animus is expert at sketching in and making plausible a picture that represents us as we would like to be seen, for example, as the ideal lover, the appealing, helpless child, the selfless handmaiden, the extraordinarily original person, the one who is really born to something better, and so on This activity naturally lends the animus power over us until we voluntarily, or perforce, make up our minds to sacrifice the highly colored picture and see ourselves as we really are Pg 18 The transmission of the unconscious contents in the sense of making them visible is the special role of the anima It helps the man to perceive these otherwise obscure things A necessary condition for this is a sort of dimming of consciousness that is, the establishment of a feminine consciousness, less sharp and clear than man s, but one which is thus able to perceive in a wider field things that are still shadowy Woman s gift as seer, her intuitive faculty, has always been recognized Not having her vision brought to a focus gives her an awareness of what is obscure and the power to see what is hidden from a keener eye This vision, this perception of what is otherwise invisible, is made possible for the man by the anima Pp 25 26Quotes from the essay on the Anima Being carried away to fairyland is, psychologically, a very important motif In the Celtic tradition this realm does not have the terrible and fearful character that it possesses elsewhere That the anima rules this realm and leads the way to it is well known The danger of getting lost there, that is, in the unconscious, seems to have been felt even in the early times, for countless stories describe the knight caught in the bonds of love, who forgets his knightly duties and in a self sufficient twosome with his lady becomes estranged from the world and from reality An extreme example of this kind is the case of the enchanter Merlin, whose beloved, the fairy Vivian, used the magic arts which she learned by eavesdropping upon him, to tie him in invisible bonds and imprison him in a hawthorn bush from which he was never able to escape This story is particularly instructive because the figure of Merlin so very fittingly embodied the consciousness and the thinking faculty which were lacking in the masculine world around him He was a Luciferian, Mephisto like being, and as such represented the intellect in statu nascendi, that is, in still primitive form To this he owed his magic power but because his feminine side had been neglected, it drew him back in the form of eros, and bound in the toils of nature this man who had identified himself with the logos principle Pp 71 72Commenting on a Welsh tale of a Nixie The water woman brings her husband prosperity and transmits to her sons a knowledge of healing herbs which is obviously due to her connection with nature Rhys cites countless similar legends connected with definite persons who trace their descent to water women and are proud of it The taboos are not always the same sometimes the man may not touch his wife with iron, or he may not speak unfriendly words than three times, and so on But always the violation of the condition results from heedlessness, or a fateful accident it is never intentional Irrational as these conditions may be in themselves, the effect that follows from infringing them is as consistent and invariable as a natural law For half human beings like these are part of nature and do not possess the freedom of choice allowed to man, which enables him sometimes to behave in a way that does not correspond to nature s laws, as, for example, when his behavior is determined by insights and feelings which raise it above the purely natural Pg 62 The nixie who lives in the water, that is, in the unconscious, represents the feminine in a semi human, almost unconscious state In so far as she is married to a man, one may assume that she represents his unconscious, natural anima, together with his undifferentiated feeling, since her transgressions occur in this realm At the same time it must be noted that she is unadapted not to matters of individual but of collective feeling It is a fact that one s unconscious personality components the anima, animus, and shadow , or one s inferior function are always those which the world finds offensive, and which are therefore repressed again and again The nixies disappearance into her element describes what happens when an unconscious content comes to the surface but is still so little coordinated with the ego consciousness as to sink back at the slightest provocation Pg 63 In this context, too, belongs the revenge which elfin beings take when they are despised or insulted, for they are extremely touchy and likely to persevere in resentments unmodified by any human understanding The same may be said of the anima, the animus and the undifferentiated functions indeed, the exaggerated touchiness frequently to be met with in otherwise robust men is a sign of anima involvement Likewise to be discerned in the anima are the incalculability, mischievousness and frequent malice of these elemental spirits, which constitute the reverse side of their bewitching charm These beings are simply irrational, good and bad, helpful and harmful, healing and destructive, like nature herself of which they are a part And the anima, as the unconscious, feminine aspect of man, is not alone in showing these qualities the same can be seen in many women For woman, in general, because of her biological task, has remained a elemental being than man, and often manifests this kind of behavior or less plainly It is easy for a man to project the anima image to the elemental women they correspond so exactly to his own unconscious femininity Pp 63 64 In recent literature the figure of Antinea in Benoit s novel, L Atlantide, most impressively reveals both the serpent and the beast of prey aspects of the elemental anima Fascinating all the men who come her way with the beauty of Venus, the wisdom of the serpent, and the cruelty of the carnivore, she works irresistible magic upon them and without exception they perish Then their mummified corpses are used to ornament the mausoleum erected especially for the purpose Antinea claims to have risen from the Lost Atlantis and to be descended from Neptune hence, like Morgan le F e and Aphrodite, she is sea born She is a purely destructive anima figure those whom she enchants lose all of their masculine strength and virtue and finally die As may be seen from these examples, succumbing to the power of the anima always has the same fatal effect and is in a way comparable to the emasculation of the priests of Cybele Pg 78 In modern dreams and active imagination, the anima also appears frequently in the company of a father figure This can be taken as an intimation that behind the feminine nature element there lies a masculine spiritual factor, to which may be ascribed the knowledge of hidden things possessed by these elemental feminine creatures Jung calls this factor the Old Wise Man, or the archetype of meaning, while he designates the anima as the archetype of life Pg 80 Both the nature creature and the anima represent the eros principle, the former transmitting hidden knowledge, just as the latter transmits information about the contents of the unconscious Both exert a fascinating effect and often possess a power overwhelming enough to produce ruinous results, especially when certain condition affecting the relationship broken off or made impossible Fro this it may be seen that such a tie is a delicate matter, as is also the relation to the anima Indeed, we know from experience that the anima makes certain demands upon a man She is a psychic factor that insists on being considered, not neglected as is the general tendency, since a man naturally likes to identify himself with his masculinity However, it is not a question of either surrendering his masculinity completely to the service of the Lady Anima or losing her entirely, but only of granting a certain space to the feminine, which is also a part of his being This he does by recognizing and realizing the eros, the principle of relationship, which means that he not only becomes aware of his feeling, but also makes use of it, because to create, and especially to preserve, a relationship, a value judgment which is what feeling is cannot be dispensed with A man by nature tends to relate to objects, to his work, or to some other field of interest but what matters to a woman is the personal relation, and this is true also of the anima Her tendency is to entangle a man in such relationships, but she can also serve him well in giving them shape that is, she can do so after the feminine element has been incorporated into consciousness As long as this element works autonomously, it disturbs relations or makes them impossible Pp 80 81

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    A few tantalizingly interesting concepts, the animus and the anima, yet horribly written All assertion and description without any argument And the sexist language was unreal I m gonna give this one two thumbs down, and I m going to have words with that friend of mine who recommended it to me.

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    Mostly a selection of Psychology papers writen on Altered States of Consciousness A bit dated but none the less valuable States of consciousness are explored from their causes meditation, dreams, hypnosis, major minor psychedelics and so on Very strict scientific approach.

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    Emma has a great grasp of what the Animus and Anima are and can relate back many stories and mythologies on the theme There was a bit of sexist talk, part of what was acceptable for the day keep in mind the vastly different lifestlyes and how woman s lifestyle hadn t fully transferred from a traditional one I think there is some insight to gleam from it It s not that she thinks woman are less than men, it s that back then she witnessed a traditional lifestyle, where woman had less freedom than they do today in their choices and way of being and she s trying to unravel the mystery of woman s psyche as a whole in that time period I liked that she went into how the animus and anima can affect a man and woman in regards to each other and in spiritual quest.

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    Interesting description of the Animus and Anima The section of the Anima is much developed Ironic, since Ms Jung would have worked with her own Animus over her lifetime The paper on the Anima is most assuredly from the perspective of one who spent a lifetime looking at narrative and folk legends Over insightful and worth the read.

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    Woman has learned to see that she cannot become like a man because first and foremost she is a woman and must be one.

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