Poor Little Bitch Girl

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Jackie Collins, who had kept her illness secret, said recently that she believed in an afterlife, that she had no regrets and that she had emulated Frank Sinatra in that “I did it my way.”

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10 thoughts on “Poor Little Bitch Girl

  1. says:

    I do not understand the raving reviews about this terrible, terrible book. I picked it up thinking that since someone was murdered there would be a good mystery mixed with drama. Granted, I've never read a Jackie Collins book, so I was unprepared for such a fluffy, trashy read. It was made even more disgusting to me when I realized that this author is my grandmother's age. Yep, this raunchy stuff is being written by a 75 year old woman. Needless to say I will not be reading another one of her books. I feel cheated that I wasted my time reading this instead of something truly entertaining.

    The characters were poorly developed and I didn't care about one of them. The author also took liberty with basic facts that, in my opinion, demonstrates inattention to detail. One thing that really irked me is that Denver was described as being a 25 year old attorney with 3 years of experience. I guess Jackie Collins doesn't realize that one needs at least a bachelor's degree plus 3 more years of legal education to become an attorney, so it was impossible for Denver to have so much experience, unless she graduated high school/college 3 years early. It also mentioned Denver having a 4 year old Camaro, which was also impossible because they stopped being made in 2002. Random fact that most Jackie Collins readers probably don't know or care about, but this inattention to detail is just annoying and diminishes the writer's and editor's credibility.

    Also, the dialogue was hackneyed and did ring true with the way these characters would speak to one another. It seemed like the author just sprinkled in designer names like "Cartier" and "Louboutin" with some references to celebrities to try to make it sound glamorous. Maybe it's because I live in Los Angeles and I see glamorous people all the time (though I definitely do not run in those social circles), but this book just sounded so inauthentic.

    Don't get me wrong, I like an easy read sometimes. I especially like such books when they're set in Los Angeles. I don't even mind sex in a book, but that seemed to be all the characters thought about and it wasn't even well written. But hey, if you're looking for a mindless read featuring flat characters, an almost nonexistent plot and some sexual encounters written by a 75 year old woman then this is the book for you!

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    What a stupid book. I wanted something trashy to read on a cruise, but this wasn't even fun. Stupid characters, stupid plot - not even any good sex scenes. And what the hell was with the Madonna/Cher character (Zeena) who talked about herself in third person? I rolled my eyes through any chapter in which she was featured. I'll give it an extra star just for holding my attention on the plane - I held in there to see if everything would be wrapped up neatly without any of these "outrageous" people being held accountable for being morons.

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    This is the first book I read by Jackie Collins and I can definitely say it won’t be the last.
    Denver, the main protagonist, a hot shot attorney working in L.A. finds herself in the path of old school mates: Carolyn, Annabel and Bobby. Carolyn, Denver’s best friend ever since high school, is the personal assistant of a married senator with whom she is having an affair. Annabel, the daughter of 2 major Hollywood movie stars, is the “poor little bitch girl” who is now living in NYC with her cocaine addict boyfriend Frankie Romano with whom she is running the illicit business of call girls. And Bobby is the owner of Mood, the hottest club in New York, and Frankie’s best friend.
    When Annabel’s mother is found dead in her own bedroom and Annabel’s father is a prime suspect, the quartet is brought back together.
    Jackie Collins manages to come up with so many characters, each interesting in their own way. And although the stories at first have nothing to do with each other, soon all the stories are brought together.
    My favorite character was Denver and I just loved that she and Bobby are brought together at the end. Another thing I liked about the end was that Collins told what happened with each and every character giving us a closure so no questions are left unanswered.
    The novel is sexy, fun and enjoyable from beginning to end.

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    As much as I couldn't put this book down, I hated it. Every character was boring, contrived and overdone. Every situation was predictable. The sexiness synonymous with Jackie is missing. I am tempted to believe that a ghost writer wrote this story and just stuck her name on the cover. I was very disappointed in the poor plot, 2D characters, overdone settings and cliched themes. Overall a bad read I won't be tempted back to her books unfortunately.

  5. says:

    As I listen to this I realize I've read it before. This is a good series.

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    This was probably the worst book I've ever read cover to cover. The writing was juvenile, and even for chick lit there was absolutely no redeeming quality about it for me. The fact that Denver was supposed to be a lawyer with the way she talked/acted was laughable. The entire thing basically made me feel like anyone can write a book, stick some celebrity references in it, and have a hit.

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    This book was passed onto me by my mother in law and it was pretty raunchy. It was my first Jackie Collins book, and probably my last. Even though the story line and characters kept my interest, it was a little too soap opera for me and I wasn't impressed by the writing.

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    I love love love the Lucky series and was excited to pick up this copy from the library because it continued with a Santangelo via Bobby..sry to say fans but I wasn't too thrilled with reading through this book. Usually, it takes me less than a day to finish her book but this one took 3..was so not a fan of Denver's backwards ass..thoughts of Josh (ex) and hooking up w/two diff men back to back but all of a sudden she has eyes for her hs crush Bobby and "chemistry" happens between them? I was more thrilled and convinced when Lucky and Lenny hooked up..Carolyn deserved everything that happened to her..I swear I would've skipped her part if it wasn't for Gregory and Benito were entertaining even tho as soon as gang was mentioned, I knew what was to come..Annabelle was crazy fun and I had hoped that somehow in some twisted way they would've got together but alas, wasn't meant to be..wasn't a fan of Frankie (a loser)..what Zeena had announced to the audience had me DYING! one of the best parts of the story!

  9. says:

    This is a book you have to be in the mood for. I was coming of a 5 book dystopian roll and I needed something to take my mind off the obvious impending dystopian take over of all my literary favors. And this was it. This was the first book I have ever read written by Jackie Collins AND this is a series that I was able to jump into with the latest edition and not feel like I am missing the back story. I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone for a little while. The writing is great, I mean it's Jackie Collins she KNOWS where her bread is buttered. There are many characters in this book and she switches between them quickly, so I recommend reading this one when you have the time to focus on it. It was easier in audiobook form because there was a flow, and also 3 actors reading the book portraying the characters.

    But there was a couple I kind of wanted to end up together and .......I'm not holding my breath. Hey who knows?? Maybe in the next one.

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