Death Of An Old Goat

Death Of An Old GoatWhat a well written mystery I read a lot of mysteries and it is both a rarity and a pleasure when I cannot figure out who done it until almost the end The story takes place in Australia and contains a fair amount of racism which I could happily do without However as it was written over 35 years ago, I can accept it.An aged professor is over from Oxford giving guest lectures at the various universities in the country when he is found with his throat slit He doesn t know a single person in the town, making it difficult for the bumbling detective to find the murderer. Wonderful satirical look at Australia, academia, Oxbridge, outback lifeDon t read the last page early. I haven t enjoyed a mystery this much in a long time A party for an Oxford professor visiting a remote Australian university ends in murder Barnard excels and making distinct and memorable characters of all the suspects with a minimum of words the entire book clocks in under 200 pages Filled with great Australian detail even if Barnard himself didn t seem to care much for the place The book racial politics date it especially in regard to its treatment of Aboriginal people but other than that I loved its skewering of a University English department and I laughed out loud multiple times The book s final sentences give a twist that is both shocking and darkly hilarious. The mystery is secondary to the satire in this tricky little entry from Barnard It takes place in Australia with much of Barnard s trademark skewering this time of the Australian social classes in general and the local police force in particular The coppers are portrayed as stupid, randy, corrupt, lazy buggers who do as little as they can and still draw their pay The last paragraph is truly a perfect ending please don t spoil the book for yourself by reading the last page first. Good academia detox. This delicious spoof of an elderly English professor traveling around the less salubrious portions of outback Australia undoubtedly created a certain amount of ire when published This type of murder mystery is dated but very much to my taste, though my daughter has sent me all of Lee Child s vicious hand to hand killings now in vogue and optioned by Tom Cruise.For those of us who have survived professors like Wickham, we simply revel in a tastefully done death scene. Reading Robert Barnard s Death of an Old Goat has been a lot of fun It is a pretty solid mystery, crisply written, full of humor, even to the extent of being laugh out loud hilarious in some places The last sentence of the novel provides one of the best twists of the plot I have ever encountered.Dr Belville Smith, an octogenarian Professor of English from Oxford is on a lecture tour in Australia He arrives at a second tier Australian university to give the same lecture he has been giving for almost 50 years To celebrate the distinguished visitor, the chair of the English department throws a party for the academics and the local squirearchy Alas, the Professor is found murdered the morning after the party Inspector Royle conducts the investigation, which allows the reader to learn about his schedule of day jobs pure hilarity The novel offers an incisive portrayal of life in academia being an educator myself, I can attest to the accuracy of various observations What s , Mr Barnard pokes fun at the Australian society and culture in general the prevalence of heavy drinking, rampant corruption, especially among the police force, the attitudes towards the Aborigines the plot takes place in the early Seventies I do not know whether these observations are totally true, but the author should know as he taught English literature in Australia for six years.The pace of the plot slows down a bit in the second half of the book but the denouement is not at all implausible and, as I have mentioned, the last sentence is stunning All in all, the novel, while a bit of a trifle, is extremely readable I am thankful to the author for providing me with three hours of intelligent entertainment and I am looking forward to reading his other books The understated British humor at its best.Three and a half stars. BOTTOM LINE Academia writ large on the landscape of rural Australia, in a satirical pseudo classic mystery awkward in spots it s his first novel but fun.When a doddering lecturer on tour gets himself bloodily murdered after a particularly noxious Welcome Party at an extremely small college in a particularly obscure little Australian town, the local police haven t a clue That s not new, exactly, as their lead investigator usually solves his cases by beating up the suspects until somebody, anybody, confesses But this time he s got to use his brains or find somebody who has some, and so he obtains the aid of a sly young transplant from Oxford Everybody drinks too much, lusts a lot, fights a great deal, and shouts at everybody else in this very peculiar mystery But it s a heck of a lot of fun once you realize the wit underneath the extremely broad humor, plus the skewering of most of the classic academic mystery cliches is rather delicious An often awkward but generally very entertaining first novel, with a zinger of an ending. This book was fantastic and absolutely hilarious If you don t like it, you re probably Australian Barnard is relentless with his skewering of Australia and Australians The humour is dry, subtle, and very very funny, and it s a good little mystery as well.One very important thing if you re in the habit of peeking at the last page of a book, you MUST restrain yourself The very last sentence is a stunner. Professor Belville Smith Had Bored University Audiences In England With The Same Lecture For Fifty Years Now He Was Crossing The Australian Continent, Doing Precisely The Same Never Before Had The Reaction Been So Extreme, However, For Shortly After An Undistinguished Appearance At Drummondale University, The Doddering Old Professor Is Found Brutally Murdered

Bernard Bastable.Robert Barnard born 23 November 1936 was an English crime writer, critic and lecturer.Born in Essex, Barnard was educated at the Royal Grammar School in Colchester and at Balliol College in Oxford His first crime novel, A Little Local Murder, was published in 1976 The novel was written while he was a lecturer at University of Troms in Norway He has gone on to write than 40 other books and numerous short stories.Barnard has said that his favourite crime writer is Agatha Christie In 1980 he published a critique of her work titled A Talent to Deceive An Appreciation of Agatha Christie.Barnard was awarded the Cartier Diamond Dagger in 2003 by the Crime Writers Association for a lifetime of achievement.Under the pseudonym Bernard Bastable, Robert Barnard has published one standalone novel and three alternate history books starring Wolfgang Mozart as a detective, he having survived to old age.Barnard lived with his wife Louise in Yorkshire.Series

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