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ItSo B It is a hearting warming novel about a young girl named Heidi who wants to knowabout her life, where she came from, and who she really is She lives with her mother who is mentally disabled and only knows 23 words she also lives with her neighbor Bernadette, who took Heidi and her mother in Heidi sets off to an adventure to Liberty, New York where she will hopefully find herself, and her mama, some answers When she arrives she gets a lot of answers, like what soof meant Unfortunately she gets some very dreadful news I learned that you shouldn t give up on something you really want to know because once you get the answer everything seems to make sense, and if my review left you with some questions about the book, then I strongly suggest you read the book So B It is a delightful story about 12 year old Heidi who is in search of her identity She lives with her mother who has a mental disability and knows exactly 23 words Together with their neighbor Bernadette, they live in Reno and get by through Heidi s luck with winning at video games and Bernie s disability check One of the words that Heidi s mother knows is soof and there lies the driving factor to Heidi s travels to find her identity and what the word soof means Bernie has named Mama So B It because she feels that everyone deserves to have a middle name The story centers around Heidi s unraveling of the mystery surrounding her mother and her travels to New York to discover the truth It is about coming of age, identity, family and mental disabilities It is a great read for middle grade students I enjoyed this book and couldn t put it down once I started reading it I heart Heidi. I loved this book It was beautifully written and the story drew me right in Great pieces of wisdom were woven throughout and the book has a very satisfying ending, though not the one I expected Everyone should read this one, and it would make a great read aloud. Twelve year old Heidi, homeschooled by her unofficial guardian and neighbor Bernadette, has a mentally disabled mother and only one friend her age But she doesn t seem to have the types of problems I would imagine someone in her situation to have Heidi is obsessed with discovering the mystery of her past How did she and her child like mother arrive at Bernadette s door in an apartment building in Reno, Nevada when Heidi was just one week old Heidi s mother, who calls herself Sobeit, and whose entire vocabulary is made up of 23 words, doesn t have any answers Heidi s only clue to her mother s and her own past is one mysterious word her mother often repeats soof When Heidi finds an old roll of film in the back of a closet, she gets a big clue that takes her alone on a cross country journey to find who or what is soof This book is about identity, asking questions, and living both with and without the answers Intelligently and sensitively written, at times poetic, this book was a great read I was drawn to the mystery aspect and couldn t put it down. Now A Major Motion Picture Starring Alfre Woodard, Jessica Collins, John Heard, Jacinda Barrett, Cloris Leachman, And Talitha Bateman In Theaters OctoberFrom Acclaimed Author Sarah Weeks Comes A Touching Coming Of Age Story About A Young Girl Who Goes On A Cross Country Journey To Discover The Truth About Her Parents, Which The New York Times Called A Remarkable Novel Perfect For Fans Of Rebecca Stead S When You Reach Me And Ali Benjamin S The Thing About JellyfishShe Doesn T Know When Her Birthday Is Or Who Her Father Is In Fact, Everything About Heidi And Her Mentally Disabled Mother S Past Is A Mystery When A Strange Word In Her Mother S Vocabulary Begins To Haunt Her, Heidi Sets Out On A Cross Country Journey In Search Of The Secrets Of Her PastFar Away From Home, Pieces Of Her Puzzling History Come Together But It Isn T Until She Learns To Accept Not Knowing That Heidi Truly Arrives If you ve ever read a book that haunted you long after the last page ended, then you understand the difficulty in writing a review that expresses the sheer beauty of an incredible tale.Attempting will be feeble, but here goes There is security for 12 year old Heidi Bernadette, a loving neighbor, provides help and guidance in taking care of her severely mentally challenged mother Limited in the ability to express words and thoughts, Heidi s mother repeats one word over and over.Suffering from agoraphobia, Bernadette cannot leave the apartment and thus Heidi s world is a small, safe cocoon of love Whereas Heidi s mother has few words in her grasp, Bernadette is a voracious reader and avidly searches words and their meaning.Found by Bernadette when Heidi was an infant, she is well cared for and home schooled by Bernadette Unlike her mother, Heidi is highly intelligent and thirsts for knowledge That thirst includes the need to drink from the well of understanding about how her mother arrived in Reno, Nevada at the doorstep of Bernadette.Knowing they didn t simply drop from the sky, when Heidi finds a box of photos in the back of a closet, one of which indicates a sign of an institution in New York, she stubbornly pursues a journey to find the answer to puzzle pieces that seem disjointed.Bravely taking a bus from Reno to New York City, meeting a cast of characters along the way, Heidi s journey nets unexpected results.This is a lyrical, poignant, touching and heart warming book The writing is wonderful and the emotions expressed and accurately portrayed brought tears and a longing to finish the book, while paradoxically not wanting it to end.This is what great writing should be Going out on a limb, I ll wager that you won t be disappointed in reading this ASAP. usenmeyip 2017de okuduklarima baktim annemin kelimeleri hem hikayesi hem de sonunda beni hungur sumuk aglatmasiyla ilk 5e girmis.12 yasindaki bir kizin engelli annesiyle ilgili gecmisin perdesini aralamasini konu soof var..guzeldi cok I liked this book It wasn t my favorite, but I enjoyed it It was a good story about a young girl s life She had to go through many tough adventures that I don t think a 12 year old girl should have to go through The book was written by Sarah Weeks The girl s name was Heidi She had a Mama who was disabled Heidi said that her mom had a bum brain Her mom can t take care of herself, so she has a neighbor, Bernadette, who watches over them She is kind of like a guardian to Heidi Bernadette says, Its as if they fell right out of the sky Heidi doesn t know where she was born or what her mom s real name is Her mom says her name is So B It, but they all know that isn t true What kind of mom names her kid So B It Mama always says the word soof, and nobody knows why she does it or what it is One day, Heidi decides she can t take it any She needs to find out who she is and why her mama always say soof She desperatly needs to know Bernadette can t go outside because she has a disorder that if she does step a foot outside she will faint Heidi finds a photo album and relizes that it is her mom in the past They are from Liberty, New York Heidi has never heard of that place, but knows it s a real place Heidi calls the place that the photographs were taken at and finds out it is a home for the mentally disabled She desides she needs to go there, now Heidi finally convinces Bernadette to let her go, by herself, all the way to Liberty, New York Heidi takes the long journey and you will never belive what she finds This is my favorite part of the book because I love the tension in the air when she arives I am saying in my mind, Will she find the truth Will she find nothing It kept me reading and I loved it Heidi figures out that her mom lived at the mentally disabled home and that is where Heidi was born Her dad s name is Ethan and he has the same condition as her mom Turns out that soof wasn t something, it was somebody Soof was her mom s nickname Her dad gave it to her Her mom s actual name was Sophie, but she was given the nickname, Soof Heidi stays with some really nive people that work at the home She stays with them for a few days and realizes they are really nice people They offer to let her stay there and go to school Heidi doesn t want to go to school there, she wants to go home One day she gets a phone call from Bernadette and she says that she needs to get home, NOW Heidi says no, she will be home tomorrow, she is in the middle of finding out the truth When Heidi gets home, she gets another call Her mom went in her sleep She went when she was sleeping, she thinks its maybe from horrible heaadaches, over and over Heidi can t believe that her mom died She is stunned When she gets home she goes to school and trys to get over it, but can t quite seem to She gets better and realizes she is lucky she has Bernadette and that she found out about her mom s past Most of all, she is happy she knows what Soof means. I liked this book It wasn t my favorite, but it was still good It was written by Sarah Weeks This book was about a girl named Heidi and her Mama who is disabled Heidi is about 12 because they don t know when she was born They live with their neighbor Bernedette Bernedette is also Heidi s gaurdian Bernedette says It was as if they had fallen from the sky Heidi really wants to know who she is She doesn t know where she was born or what her last name is She also doenst know any other family members besides Mama and Bernedette Bernedette has a fear of leaving the house So Heidi is home schooled She also has to get the groceries and the things they need Mama says a word that know one knows Soof Heidi wants to know what it means so bad She gets very frustrated with Mama One day Heidi finds a camera in the back of a droor She developes the film and looks at the pictures They are pictures of her mom in a place called Liberty It looks like a home for the handicapped Her mom and some other people,who are yet to be discovered, are at a Christmas party She thinks she sees her Grandma So Heidi goes out on an adventure to Liberty Bernedette and Mama can t come because of Bernedettes fear and Mama s disability So Heidi goes alone She takes a 3 day bus trip to Liberty When she gets to Liberty she goes straight to the place where Mama stayed in the pictures The boss won t give her answers because he thinks she wants money from him So Heidi stays with a employee who is very kind They make her dinner and clean her up The next day she goes back to Liberty and gets a phone call from Bernedette She says Mama died She went in her sleep Heidi is very upset and wished she had never left Heidi finds out everything she needs to know She found out what her mom s real name is Sophia not So B It She also finds out who her grandma, grandpa, and father is Her dad is a disabled man like Mama His name is Ethan Also she find out that soof is the name Ethan gave Mama because he couldn t say Sophia Heidi knows everything, but wishes Mama was still here Heidi goes back home for the funeral At the funeral the put stuff in Mama s casket like her tea cup and her favorite snacks Heidi also writes something special for the funeral about Mama Heidi is very sad and depressed It takes a lot of time for her to feel better I think the book was very well written It was interesting and it made you think what would happen next I like the characters and the whole message Pay attention to the important things in life like family I liked the whole consept of it It made you think, what if you had someone disabled in your family I really liked this book I would recommend it to anyone As a homeschooling mother, I was intrigued by the sound of this YA novel and all the positive reviews.12 year old Heidi has a very irregular family unit Her mentally disabled mother knows only a total of 23 words, and she and Heidi are both cared for by a loving neighbour, Bernadette, who has such severe agorophobia that just to step into the passage of their apartment building makes her collapse Heidi longs to know her own biological background and wishes some of her mother s words would drop a few hints Other than straightforward ones such as blue and tea , there is one, soof which puzzles and frustrates her One day a camera is discovered in a crevice of their apartment revealing some photos taken at a home for the mentally disabled in New York Heidi is sure it holds the key to her past and sets off alone to discover the mysteries.The section where she s on the road, meeting strangers aboard the bus takes up such a huge chunk of the book, I felt as if we were traveling with the brakes on I began to feel stretched beyond suspense to impatience The story had been geared toward discovering the solution to a possibly intriguing mystery, yet we had to get bogged down with random strangers small talk for what seemed an indefinite pause Then, when Heidi finally makes it to the Home, we get what the long interlude was for It was necessary to flesh out the book, because the longed for solution turns out to be too pat and easily discovered Rather than being an A ha moment with appropriate twists and concealments, the story of her past turns out to be nothingthan an awkward Ooops incident that was badly handled by those in charge.The many plot holes bothered me too Heidi s tendency to experience good luck seemed heavy handed and stretched beyond belief, becoming a convenient plot tool And surely her grandmother would have leftclues to her own identity than one old camera before she died It is completely unbelievable that she didn t Finally when all was revealed, I doubt we d expect such an extreme attitude from her grandfather, who after all, directed a facility for the mentally disabled These aspects were niggling.So sorry, I disagree with those who think this book should be up there with the classics I m wondering whether many of the high ratings were because of weirdness and originality It was weird and original alright, but lacked other essential aspects of a good story.

Sarah Weeks has been writing children s books and songs for the past twenty years She is a graduate of Hampshire College and NYU and recently became an adjunct faculty member in the prestigious Writing Program at the New School University, in New York City.Her first YA novel, So B It, which appeared on the LA Times bestseller list was chosen as an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and received the

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