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Curse the Dawn Bissig Und Unwiderstehlich Der Neue Bestseller Von Karen Chance Cassie Palmer Ist Nicht Nur U Erst Attraktiv, Sie Hat Auch Mehr Feinde, Als Sie Z Hlen Kann Vampire Und Magier Sind Noch Das Kleinste Bel Einzig Der Vampirsenat Unterst Tzt Cassie, Doch Der Verlangt Einen Hohen Preis Sie Soll Sich Endlich Auf Den Verf Hrerischen Meistervampir Mircea Einlassen Und Dann Heftet Sich Auch Noch Der Gott Apollo An Ihre Fersen Um Sich Und, Nicht Zu Vergessen, Die Ganze Welt Zu Retten, Muss Sich Cassie Ein F R Alle Mal Ihrem Sch Pfer Stellen

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  • Paperback
  • 496 pages
  • Curse the Dawn
  • Karen Chance
  • German
  • 14 August 2019
  • 9783492267366

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    Series Overview ReviewThe rest of these books were a solid three star review for me They re interesting, sexy, reasonably well written novels The fourth novel, Curse the Dawn, is a far better read that the first three In my opinion Which is the only opinion that counts because this is my review.PS Jon Stewart is funnier.Curse the Dawn is FUNNY The rest of the series has definite moments of funniness to them but they don t compare to Curse the Dawn.However, there are several problems with the series Chance really just doesn t seem able to balance all of the timelines and contingencies in a way that makes sense I could give examples but those would also be called spoilers and as we all know, spoilers are bad I knew thatAlso, sometimes I think she gets so caught up in the action that she sometimes doesn t quite write things clearly There were several times where I had to read over a few paragraphs again and again and I still had no clue what had just happened.Finally, there s one serious problem with this book and that is that Cassie is a big ho She has three paranormal hunks hanging I mean, at least Anita came out and said, Okay, you know what I want seventeen boyfriends So if you don t want to get in the sausage parade then please exit stage left Cassie doesn t let Mircea know that she and Pritkin are getting it on Pritkin knows Mircea and Cassie are involved but it doesn t really bother him and Tomas is clueless but we re not supposed to remember him because he s been conveniently forgotten since a mere mention of him at the beginning of book three And what s even weirder is that Cassie never has a single moment of hangup on the fact that she s running around on Mircea Not even a, Hey he s a first level master vampire likely to rip my throat out if he finds out about this maybe I shouldn t The closest she ever gets to a possible guilt trip is when her and Pritkin are about to buck the bronco and he calls it an emergency instead of sex She agrees thinking that s probably a safer idea THEN NOTHING MORE UM HELLO You know what, I want to live in Cassie Palmer world where I never need bother about manogamy again Since I m practically a giant slut, that would work out nicely for me Other than these three things, I really enjoy this series and I look forward to the next book coming out so I can slut it up vicariously

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    Entertaining.I read the 4 first books of the series in a row Then, I reread them in a row again so I had them fresh to read the 5th one That means that I have them all scrambled in my mind right now which is why I can t review each of them separately This is a general opinion of the combination of the 5.This series have many elements that make it an entertaining and interesting read It has compelling plots, action, miseries to solve, enemies, romantic tension, magic, friendship, humor, a strong female lead, deaths, attractive men, fantastic creatures, time travel, vampires, and much much Nevertheless, I had a few problems with the books, which prevented me from giving them a higher rating To me these books have way too much action and the scenes are way too long The books are a succession of action after action without rest, no pause to collect our thoughts Due to this huge amount of action the information is dropped in the middle of it, which elongates the scenes As a result, this can be a bit tiresome at times With all that activity and turmoil, there is obviously no time for musings, there barely are any reflections we only know what the characters are thinking because of what they do in each moment while affronting the situation in the middle of the action I truly believe there is a serious need for dialogue and thoughts communication here, it needs deepness.The romance need to be explored further There is just enough of it as well as enough sexual tension to keep you interested, but not enough to trap you And after 5 books, it has become annoying to always be left wanting Mircea is your typical sexy vampire type In fact, he is so stereotypical that there are exact copies of him on many other Urban Fantasy books But I can t fault the writer much for this since it seems to work every time for most female readers Despite my issues with the series, all and all, these books are ok, stimulating and intriguing And, if I recall correctly, I liked the third one a bit than the others.I will continue reading this series.

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    Whew As usual, what a ride This review is probably going to mostly be a response to a lot of the other reviews I have read of this book I was surprised by the mediocre to poor response this book received I loved it It seemed like most people s complaints fell into two categories The break neck pace, and Cassie s intelligence.So to respond to issue 1, I have two points A This is what the series is It has always been this way You re just figuring this out now See my roller coaster analogy in my review of book 3 This turned out to be a bit literal in book 4 B I think you may be taking this a little too seriously I think these books are so cram packed full of action and adventure partly because Chance is such a skilled writer and can get away with it, and partly in parody of the genre I m pretty sure she s doing it on purpose, people It s meant to be entertaining You re meant to feel dizzy and exhausted at the end, and I think you re meant to laugh a little and say Whoa, that was insane And maybe a little ridiculous It s part of the fun It s meant to be just a little over the top.C Turns out I had a third point there were actually about two pages almost a full day for Cassie where all she did was sleep, play poker and swim in the pool This is actually downtime than we ve seen in the other three books combined.As far as Cassie being dumb as a box of hammers as one reviewer put it I don t really know how to respond to this, other than just to say that I disagree I don t get that impression I have read than my share of TSTL heroines and I just don t think Cassie is one of them She s leaps and bounds beyond Rachel Morgan in this area, if you ask me I ve never gotten the impression that Cassie was dumb I actually like her a lot I felt like she was a bit bland and one dimensional in book 1, but by book 2 she had become a very dynamic and interesting character One of my favorites, in fact She makes mistakes like anyone would, but I don t think she makes a disproportionate amount of stupid decisions She s been thrust into a very overwhelming position with zero preparation or training She has no idea what she s doing, and the people close to her ahem, Mircea won t tell her what s going on in order to protect her Another reviewer brought up the end of the book with the big what s going on reveal and used it as evidence of Cassie s dumbness that people had to explain this to her Well, 1 This needed to be explained to the reader I for one hadn t figured it out I barely had time to try and 2 It was hardly overexplained Cassie understood immediately, and at the same time as Pritkin, I might add He hadn t figured it out either And it wasn t pages of people having to drill something into her head It was just the big end of book reveal that every book has to have, and was done to exactly the right extent.So basically a great book in what s turning out to be a great series Plenty of action, plenty of funny, a little bit of sexy It s great.If anyone would like to get into a Mircea vs Pritkin debate with me, feel free to comment This is an excellent love triangle, and one I m hoping to see a resolution to soon Or at least some kind of development that will provide some satisfaction It doesn t have to be a concrete decision, just something Throw me a bone, Karen Re read 6 6.

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    I really wanted to love this series but four books in Cassie is still shrieking practically everything she says ends in exclamation points running around like a chicken without a head Four books in there has been no character growth No real new developments each book is still chock a block full of major events in which the resolutions are soooo underwhelming in their simplicity, it s left me wondering if the author is purposely trying to paint her MC as an idiot b c why did I even read the previous 400 pages The author Chance , wastes a TON of words Too much for my liking I don t give a crap about dramatic, verbose scenery descriptions which are pure indulgences I would MUCH rather have the best characters feature Mircea, Pritkin focus on some intelligent personal growth How about some dialogue Most dialog is crammed in between action shots and most are extraneous b c they re so redundant or at the VERY end of each book like the last five pages Chance also has a habit of having big things happen to characters, who we know are still around but, they just seem to disappear Tomas, Rafe etc Umm, I d like to know what s been going on w these guys a bit where the hell they ve gone off to.Chance to be a bit of a cock tease I guess as a way of drawing out sexual tension and it s soooo tedious How many times are we going to have Cassie allllmost have sex or close to it but then something dramatic happens to interrupt her And even the few times you do get some down time much needed closeness between characters, that also gets a dramatic interruption SPOILER Also, Cassie doesn t seem to process the fact that she essentially cheats on Mircea She gets very sexual w Pritkin a few times yet she s currently sleeping with Mircea so cheating It s very bizarre There s no processing of these events or their implications at all Sure it s in the line of duty but ahshe is emotionally vacant Afterward, it s like it never happened Maybe it has to do with all the people trying to kill her every time she turns around so she can t really concentrate on the fact that she s actually had oral sex with Pritkin Yeahmaybe that s it If I was interrupted that many times, I suppose I d ignore my frustrating sex life too Chance reminds me of Patty Briggs in this vein, she seems to try every trick in the book to avoid having to confront therefore, write any sort of meaningful dialog between characters It s the curse of the emotionally stunted author, IMO Lastly, Chance seems to rip off many of Charlaine Harris s concepts in the Sookie series She just tweaked them to make them work in the context of this series and some of the dialogue is practically verbatim.Overall, I felt after four books, I must be going back in time b c I had an overwhelming sense of deja vu.It was extremely repetitive with lots of filler no killer Weak plot resolutions an even weaker love triangle which has become lifeless already It s a shame b c the characters could be great, so could the series but usually by four books, the authors have hit their stride Not this one.

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    When something doesn t go right, take a break and try again That s exactly what I did reading this book Either I was in a ACOTAR hangover or I just needed something of a diferent nature, but for whatever reason Cassie didn t do it for me at first Then my dark heart had its fill with Take Me with You and everything was right with the world once again Still, even though I like the series and the book was just fine, there s no exitement any Me tinking I need a break from it.Over and out

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    Come check out the review Under the CoversI think I need a lie down and a nice cup of tea I have read the four Cassie Palmer books back to back and frankly I am exhausted just reading the damn things Which, makes me extremely grateful that I am not Cassie, the world s cheif clairvoyant if they would only listen to her , who has to put up with a lot of crap, from over protective sort of husbands to a vengeful god who wants to enslave mankind It all seems a little over the top when you think about it, how can one 5 4 strawberry blonde keep getting herself out of such impossible situations with only a few scars and a massive headache to show for it, well I guess you will have to read the books and find out So this was a nother fast and furious week or so in Cassie Palmers life and it doesn t look that much different from the last month, attacked by war mages, check A dozen near death experiences, check Wreck Dantes, check A few out of body experiences, check Ratchet up the sexual tension between herself and Mircea and herself and Prirkin, double check Like the other books this was pretty non stop as Cassie tries to make her wau through the magical world and get others to ackonwledge she is Pythia whilst trying to stay from the vampire senates control.What I liked about this book was that it told you of the inner workings of the Silver Circle, which is the organization the mages are under, and it finally allows you to see a way that Cassie can make peace with them As much as I do enjoy that action in this book, it is going to start bein pretty repeatative unless it gets shaken up a little We also see about Cassie s parents which I imagine will have a further role in future books Pritkin is an onion, he has many layers and each one makes your eyes water, in this we a little of the man behind the crazy war mage, and WHAT A MAN The bits between Cassie and Pritkin were some of my favourite in the book Not that Mircea is a slouch, but although I like him he doesn t come off the page like Pritkin does.So I am still trying to catch my breath after the last 4 books But can t wait to dive in to Cassie s next adventure when I finally get my hands on the book Something really hilarious happens in this book, so to give you a clue, here is my favourite quote What s the problem There s no toilet This is an old house, Pritkin said, like that explained anything And they didn t need to pee in the past I demanded.He groaned and threw an arm over his face There s a WC down the hall A what I asked, a little desparately A water closet It s in a separate room Why Why not put it in the Because a bathroom is where one goes to bathe, hence the name That s bizzare No, Miss Palmer, Pritkin said savagely It isn t What is bizzare is that I currently have a vagina

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    I dunno about this series There are a LOT of fun moments, but sometimes Cassie acts too stupid to live There are many times where she just acts dumb and bad things happen I think getting your character in trouble is taken to the extreme just to get plot moving, as fun as the ride is And THEN SPOILER ALERT STOP READING IF YOU CARE At the peak of the climax it literally takes 3 people to explain to her, for like 2 pages, how she caused everything to go wrong herself Not only did she mess up a lot, but she totally DIDNT GET IT AFTER IT WAS EXPLAINED TO HER LIKE 3 TIMES BY THE BAD AND GOOD GUYS I mean just catch UP already Also, there s a great love interest in this, Mircea, but this character is NEVER around him, and when they re around they say the same thing to each other over and over He s controlling and overprotective, she doesn t like it And there was a random love scene with another character that wasn t really built up to that well, so I was like WTF this is random.I still gave it three stars because I do love the world and the secondary characters are a LOT of fun and there s great humor, so I dunno If you like the genre this is definitely worth your look I will stick by this author but grrr Cassie, get it together

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    I ve been reading these books back to back, so I don t really remember what happened exactly in this book, but I think I liked it than the others, possibly My biggest issue with these books is Cassie is inept at everything and TSTL, granted she does it because she s the only Pythia, but she still spends all the books blundering around My biggest gripe is the effing love triangle Do you know of my loathing of a love triangle It s top tier on book devices that I hate Pritkin should not ever be a love interest He should stay in the friend zone The author is complicating Cassie and Pritkin s relationship just to have something else to write about These books are already wordy enough and could do with some editing, stop adding to that mess What I like about these books lots of action and myth, plus there are always new characters and I enjoy the side characters More Mircea, please.

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    Stalking a time traveler is hard work, even if you are one Cassandra PalmerYou know what else is hard Not freaking squeeing That s right I m gonna say it Love triangle done freaking right This is why I keep torturing myself with bad love triangle after bad love triangle Because when done right, it s A mazing See other authors, it took 4 books to build this spectacular chemistry and FIRE Bless, you Chance Bless you Best part is I love both of the men vying for dear Cassie s heart Which is pretty darn funny because when I first started the series I actually disliked Pritkin a lot Talk about character development Totally head over the hills character development turn of obsession All right I ll stop.Man Curse the Dawn steps it up to a new level While there is a moment OK, many where I found myself wondering why Cassie would not try to develop her natural gifts on her own You know you re in a magical world where you re the underdog, use what you ve got The beginning of the book starts off bumpy with Cassie trying to get the previous Pythia to help her out Or the past version of the old Pythia Even I could have told her that that is a no no While it was cool seeing the two characters together, it felt like a huge waste to the story Yes, I had fun But it was one of the first times I felt like Chance was just doing too much when she needed to stick to the point, kind of like with the first book Adrenaline boredom is a thing, and Chance can create it.Other then that, this book was pure perfection for me Ah The way the time travel ties in may not be as flashy, but it s still at the top of it s game Cassie is very much on her own, even as she tries to accept people into her life This is the struggling point Where she tries to show she is the right person for the job, and not get pushed over Even though she s pretty much flat out says she doesn t want the responsibility of the office She s not perfect and that s what I love about a good lead They re always growing even if they don t want to My brain matter can t catch a break I m not even going to try and put it back in my skull Too much boom ka boom Pritkin and Mircea are perfection There hasn t been a sexier vampire since Anita Blake s Jean Claude Nope Mircea is hotter And a bit suave Pritkin has to be the hottest and most beloved male character that I ve gone from loathing to loving Go Chance Now I can t go to in depth on the plot for fear of spoilers But the death of a god no I m not saying which one was so impressive in its grand simplicity It always amazes me when Chance simply solves something when everything seems so out of control and unsolvable That s the beauty of this series The scale of it is insane, but impressive So with a impressive mix of character development and insane characters the Cassandra Palmer series cements itself as one of my favorite series Oh, and another solid entry into the series Sexual Content Oooooo, the tension fans self Again, this is very much for adults 4 5 Great Really enjoyed it Originally posted at Book Whispers.

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    Without a doubt, this has the best book yet in the Cassie Palmer series It had all the great characters, action and smexy goodness of the previous books, without any head scratching time travel conundrums.Two main things are happening here 1 The mages are redoubling their efforts to get their hands on Cassie and 2 Something has destroyed a ley line and the MAGIC center where the North American Vampires had their stronghold The mage attacks throw Cassie and Pritkin even closer together than ever And let me just say how much I love Pritkin His interactions with Cassie absolutely make these books shine for me Together, they face one disaster after another Some threats are physical, while others are emotional like Cassie s discovery of her father s dark past.It s amazing to me how the author manages to sustain the Cassie Pritkin dynamic, while Mircea stays very much in the game There is a wealth of chemistry between him and Cassie, as well Yet, even through her eyes, he remains mysterious his motives, unclear It goes a long way towards keeping their relationship fresh and sexy And even though I have landed squarely in the Pritkin camp, I still enjoy Cassie s scenes with her vampire beau.The secondary characters continue to shine as well I have formed quite an attachment to Rafe and Francoise And even Marco, Sal, and Nicu managed to make an impression There s a huge cast of characters, but the books have progressed to a point where I feel like I know them all and have a vested interest in their futures.And I can t ignore the fact that this book has some really, really great one liners I laughed out loud than once And it has some really, really hot loving Can t wait to see what happens next 4 1 2 stars.

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