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Puppy Love Matt Is Everything That Petey Is Not He Is Self Confident And Brave Matt Is Tall And Masculine And Athletic He Is A Natural Born Leader Puppy Love Is Their Love Story, Their Romance It Is Both A Coming Of Age And Coming Out Story, But Sexual Orientation Is Not The Primary Focus Petey Struggles With His Identity Both As A Homosexual And As A SubmissiveWhat Do You Do When You Love Someone Who Is Truly Superior To Yourself In Every Meaningful Way How Do You Feel, And What If These Feelings Are Not What Everyone Tells You You Re Supposed To Feel We Are Taught That Every Individual Is Equal, But What If You Know, Through Experience, That This Is Not The Case What If, In A Society In Which Everyone Is Supposed To Be A Leader, You Discover That Your Passion, Your Destiny, Is To Submit In Puppy Love, Petey Drinkell Discovers The True Nature Of Power, Its Role In Sexual Relationships, And His Own Role In The Power Structure Puppy Love Is Perhaps The World S First Gay BDSM Coming Of Age Novel This Erotic Epic Is Than Classic Erotica It Also Challenges The Fundamental Assumptions We Make About Human Relationships And Democracy

Jeff Erno currently lives in southern Michigan He holds a bachelor s degree in business management and human resources Jeff began writing stories in the late 1990 s and initially posted them to a free online amateur website The positive feedback he received from readers encouraged him to continue, and this eventually led to the publication of his first novel, Dumb Jock Erno has subsequently pu

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  • 21 May 2019

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    I m not sure where to start When I read the description of this book I thought, M M romance with teenage D s relationship dynamicsounds interesting Having finished the book, I wish I had stopped reading a hell of a lot earlier and just moved on to another book.I started out liking Matt He seemed arrogant, yes, but also charismatic and funny and handsome Petey s idolization of him from the very beginning was a bit overwhelming, but teenage love can be like that, right Right So I suspended disbelief and tried to just immerse myself in the story When their D s relationship began to develop, I had no problem with it Petey was happy with it Matt was happy with iteverything was fine and dandy Even when Matt referred to Petey as a fag during their scenes, it didn t bother me at all because they both seemed to enjoy that kind of language in their play The book started to lose me with Matt s infidelity I don t care if he s bisexual I don t care if he has a super high sex drive I don t care if he s the dominant partner and responsible for making the decisions about how Petey and Matt will interact and behave in their everyday lives I found Matt s infidelity deplorable It s not even that I have a problem with polyamorous open non monogamous label free relationships I say, if both partners want that type of relationship, who is someone else to decide what is right for the people in said relationship What I have a problem with is Matt s insistence on sleeping around when he knows how devastated and devalued it makes Petey feel It was disgusting to read Absolutely disgusting If Matt wants to be in an open D s relationship that allows him to step outside the primary relationship and not get grief from his partner, then he should take is sexy, athletic, smart, uber awesome ass somewhere and find a partner who can handle that kind of thing Petey going through the entire relationship on the verge of tears for half of the book saddened me immensely.Another complaint I had was Matt and Alex s description of women with whom they were fucking And I say fucking because there was nothing even remotely decent about what they were doing I think the only female that was not referred to as a bitch was Petey s sisterand the author even tried to make her come across as a nagging, whiny pain in the ass.I was also thoroughly annoyed by the way Petey treated Cameron at the end of the book Imagine that you receive a phone call from someone who is practically a stranger and is crying hysterically You agree to meet with him to be a shoulder to lean on Now imagine getting screamed at by said person when you dare to suggest that perhaps he should evaluate his relationship because you think he deserves to be treated in such a way that he doesn t end up bawling on a street corner due to some incident involving said relationship Would you be pissed at this obnoxious, psychotic, hysterical stranger I sure as hell would be At the end of the day, I think I was actually bothered least by the actual D s dynamic in Petey and Matt s relationship What I found so frustrating was Matt s complete disregard for Petey s emotional health, and toward the end of the book, Petey s manic shitty personality.I enjoy M M D s books, but this is NOT something I would recommend to others If you re looking for a good gay D s book, I recommend Submission The characters are grown men, but I don t think that that is what makes Submission better than Puppy Love It shouldn t matter what age you are If you re old enough to have a sexual relationship, you need to be mature enough to treat you partner with human decency.I ll take a pass on the sequel.

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    I was going to read this as an object lesson in why I shouldn t request books from lendle when I haven t read the synopsis or any reviews, but I have come to the conclusion that I don t hate myself quite that much I would try to express how much I hated this story, the characters, and the lack of any real affection between them, but words fail me Petey is obsessed, almost fanatically so, with Matt who sort of talks him into this relationship Petey knows nothing of D S, bondage, or even that he is in fact gay, but he just goes along with whatever Matt tells him to do because he should trust Matt He knows Matt has a girlfriend, and doesn t expect monogamy because who is he to make any demands of his hero Matt, but he still has unprotected sex with Matt He has no safe word No limits He just accepts everything Matt does to him, and everything Matt tells him as immutable law Petey has no sense of self preservation, and almost no sense of self His entire world is becoming Matt, and Matt s needs He has no thoughts of himself, or of his sister, just Matt I tried, and I made it than half way, but the kink water sports really combined with characters that made me want to pull my hair out did me in All the time I was reading this I kept reading Petey s voice in the 90 s valley girl voice He s supposed to be 19, but he reads like a stereotypical pre teen girl all gushing and self pity, and it made this book even creepier to me No thanks.

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    THIS PUPPY IS NO BITCH What can I say that hasn t been said before, this book will push your boundaries, leave you going hmm and the next second have you pissed as hell I can say this is work of good writing, interesting characters and a storyline unlike any, I have had the privilege to read I thought I would dislike this book and let me tell you how surprised I was that I actually loved it The idea behind it I found original and that could be because of my interpretation It was hilarious, sweet and down right exhausting at times but you are never bored A little over 500pages, I devoured it in one day.Petey is small, Petey is weak and then Petey is bullied, Petey is rescued by someone he idolizes and possibly worships The idol comes in the form of Matt Porter, he is the epitome of all that is man He is beautiful, smart, athletic and rich He is idolized by anyone he comes in contact with, he is awesomeness With them both you have the superior and the subordinate and it begins a relationship of a Dom and his submissive.The plot is pretty much about two nineteen years old boys coming into their roles They both recognized the roles that they will play in each other lives, and they both figure out how to progress from there Petey knows he is supposed to be bowing at Matt s feet, and Matt recognizes that its where Petey belongs The road ahead isn t easy and you recognize the immaturity in both of them I came the conclusion that the immaturity was written on purpose because it leaves them room to grow, they are so very imperfect and its that s imperfection that makes them genuine.The narration is told through Petey s POV and he is believable as a submissive character, he tends to be a bit on the annoying side at times, but his personality never wavers His inner most thoughts are a true reflection of himself he struggles with insecurities and he constantly questions the love of Matt He never questions that he is supposed to be owned and I liked that He knows he is property, accepts it and moves on from there I felt there was a whole lot he need to be open about, but the author just never ventured down that road Petey is believable as a character and also as a submissive.Matt on the other hand is an asshole plain and simple, but you cant help but love him Him as a Dom is like a big ego trip, he walks the walk of a man who rules and everyone around him takes notice He rules with a firm hand but its also gentle, he knows exactly who he is and I just love it He has swagger, he s got style and he can be down right vicious Matt owns his role and he is believable There is the occasional mistake but his age makes up for that Together they just work, I found myself finding the scenes with them together sexy sweet A mixture of erotic, romantic and sometimes dirty They were like two halves of a whole both able to give what the other needs and in then end creating a perfect balance in the relationship Some of the scenes were a little out there, but I never got the feeling that it was for the purpose of shock value.Overall a pretty out there read, some might say its sexual slavery or borderline abuse but if you think that s slavery obviously you have never taken a history class For the purpose of abuse, doesn t even fall in the same category Petey wants to be owned, he needs to be owned and in the end every humiliation and order could have been stopped if that was what he wanted I must warn you there is the exchange of the occasional bodily fluids and I don t mean sperm , which I found disgusting the only set back for me There was some spanking that I found hilarious, could be I am having a very perverse month, because this book was freaking funny.So if you want a D s story without all the whips, chains and leather then you might enjoy this one If you dislike human ownership and someone telling another what to do and then calling it love, then you might wanna stay clear of this one Then again I thought I would hate it, but I ended up loving it so sometimes one judgement can be off The other characters in the book are pretty great in the background, but they fail to take the spotlight off of Matt and Petey I am excited to see what Petey and Matt get up to in Puppy Love 2 because these two are purely entertainment.

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    Don t let the cutsie cover fool you this is not a cutsie romance It is, in fact, a fairly well written story that gives a very disturbing view of the, perhaps unintentional, abuse that can happen when an innocent with no self esteem and a submissive nature falls into the hands of a young, cocky, inexperienced Dom who s in denial about his own sexuality Not really what I would call a romance , but perhaps an honest look at some realities for those who blindly stumble into the BDSM lifestyle Knowledge is power and both of these characters reveal how the lack there of works against them and has the real potential to cause harm than good I m not sure this was the author s intent, but that s my interpretation of the book I bought this one after reading Jeff s book DUMB JOCK, a young adult story about a nerdy freshman and a jock junior who s budding love has some mild D s overtones Even though they were in high school, the maturity of those characters and their relationship are leaps and bounds above those in PUPPY LOVE I really enjoyed DUMB JOCK PUPPY LOVE, not so much Both main characters in PUPPY LOVE, Petey and Matt, are nineteen year old college students, something I had to keep reminding myself of as I read their misadventures Told through Petey s point of view, Petey is attacked by gay bashers on his way to class although he s never admitted his sexual orientation, even to himself and while being beaten to a pulp, Matt the jock steps in to save him and rushes him to the ER Petey instantly idolizes and crushes on the big strong stud who stepped in to defend him, and Petey admits to himself he s gay When Matt invites him over to show him his new puppy he s named Petey, Petey is elated In awe of his hero, Petey instantly feels subservient toward him, calling him sir and finding a certain security in sitting at Matt s feet These are just natural inclinations for Petey who s never heard of BDSM odd, but okay There are definite signs that Matt certainly knows what he s doing and what he wants from Peteyand so begins Mr Toad s Wild Ride into BDSM Spoiler Alert gonna give some scene specifics There s an introduction to BDSM, and then there s abduction which is what Petey experiences Talk about blindfolding your sub, tying him to the back bumper, lubing his feet and hitting the gas there was so much about this book that set off warning bells Highlights Matt violently throws Petey down, ready to ruthlessly rape him, Petey who s still a virgin at this point Matt stops only when Petey smacks his head and is out of his mind with terror, and tells him it was only a scene Petey has never even heard of a scene Even while soothing him, Matt still doesn t enlighten him on the lifestyle their embarking on, no mention of D s or safe words Petey is fully at his mercy When Matt decides to put Pete in chastity, poor Petey s wang is literally skewered because Matt didn t understand the equipment he s strapping on his sub Of course he apologizes, that wasn t his intent but still It s his responsibility to know, to protect While Matt initially stepped in to help Petey from a group of thugs, my overall impression of him was a selfish kid who has a general lack of respect for anyone but himself He gets off on degrading Petey, using his dominance over him to convince himself that even though he s having sex with a guy, he s not gay or even bi Matt has his tender moments, but they are few and far between He s all about not labeling his own sexuality while he repeatedly and venomously calls Petey a faggot especially in the heat of passion Why Because Matt s a big strong jock, and any guy who is visually straight , even though he has a secret boyfriend and a public girlfriend , there s no way he can be viewed as anything other than totally straight And yet a gay man who lacks a sporty physique is automatically a faggot That whole concept fractures my brain It s repeated so often throughout the book, I m not sure if that s a message the author is trying to get across as some twisted truth, or if it s just showing the f cked up thinking that some muscle heads have out there The lack of respect toward submissives by Matt and his dom friend in this book was frightening IMO, these guys need to have their muscular meat sacks strapped to a cross and shown some of the discipline they re so willing to dole out while getting their gay groove on.But Petey is all about blind faith A loyal pup, he worships Matt, and is simply grateful for the attention Matt bestows upon his unworthy fag self When Petey by chance meets another submissive who s also involved with an inexperienced Dom Jock their dialogue is something like this Yeah, they re big hunky jocks, and we re just fags Yeah, they re big and strong No one would ever say they were gay cause they re not fags like us We re so lucky Makes my brain hurt Since when does muscle mass account for self worth or rate as the end all be all indicator of sexuality Makes no sense Hello Beefcake can be submissive The hopes that Petey s new sub bud will offer guidance is quickly dashed as he continually gives Petey bad advice.The saddest part of this book for me was that Petey has NO sense of self preservation He allows Matt to do whatever he wants because he doesn t believe he deserves otherwise, whether it s drinking Matt s piss or never questioning the unprotected sex when Matt straight up tells him that he will and does have sex with anyone he chooses Polynogomy is all well and good for those who are into it, but poor Petey yearns for a monogamous relationship, but again, doesn t feel he can question Matt s authority Matt continually tells him he ll never hurt him, yet hurts him over and over.The saving grace of this book came when Pete s sister introduces him to a gay friend, hoping to lure Pete away from Matt, whom she believes is manipulating her little brother When their D s relationship is revealed to everyone and everything blows up, Petey is given an out and he seeks the advice of the gay friend, and all the voices of reason are presented Hope at last But no, Petey loves Matt unequivocally, how can he doubt someone willing to love him He s emotionally bound to Matt, and it s clear that the only hope Petey has is for Matt to gain a clue about true dominance and dig up some new found respect for his sub boyfriend who d literally do ANYTHING for him Petey is a good sub, but unfortunately for him Matt has a long way to go to earning his Dom status IMO Matt showed a glimmer of growth at the end, but I wasn t convinced But then again, he s only nineteen There was a To Be Continued at the end of this story, suggesting it s incomplete So will Book Two show this young D s couple building a relationship that s safe and mutually satisfying for both I m almost afraid to find out.I ve been stumped on how to rate this book, so I m not gonna Like I said, it s a fairly well written story, depicting a very clumsy and unsafe start into the BDSM lifestyle, something that undoubtedly happens.

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    The blurb really annoys me First off, there s rhetorical question tackiness Second off, it comes off as too this is novel and revolutionary This challenges social constructs and pushes you to question what you ve always thought of as set in stone This will blow your mind Please Shut up.Comments I made while reading O_oThis one s weird cuz it seems like it s heavily implying that all gay guys are kinky They have to, by rule, be kinky There is no such thing as a vanilla gay guy Gay and kinky are synonymous The gays are the subs and the bi s are the Doms Always Because liking pussy means they re manlier and jock y er and in general toppy.I was seriously craving some breaking of this status quo It s also got piss play, which is, to say the least, nmk post read sort of edit O_OOh, yeah It blew my mind In a really bad, really squicky, really, really creepy way.This book really scares me Petey seems the epitome of codependence, and really young and impressionable And Matt seems like a self centered, abusive jerk ass Drew and Alex kind of worried me at first, but then I think they actually have something that works Maybe it seems this way because Drew doesn t read like a 14 year old.It worries me, though, because Drew seems to assume that Petey is of the same mental maturity as he he s 28, I think when the narration seems to make Petey really, really young D STAHP, DREW STAHP YOU RE DISSEMINATING FAULTY INFORMATION TO THE WRONG AUDIENCE.DNF 50% or lessAnd another thingHow the fuck does democracy factor into this Stop, author Just stop You re trying too hard to make your niche genre work generally appealing applicable It ain t gonna work That s not how society works.Admittedly, the characterization squicked me out since I felt like I was reading child porn, so maybe there s some deep, subliminal social criticism here about how humans should stop fighting for equality and just accept that some people are created better Some people are born to dominate and some are born to be dominated and objectified and mentally broken down.I m sorry, but I can t find anything uplifting about Petey s experiences Maybe that comes later on and there s some kind of magical epiphany moment all around, but unless I know for sure it s coming, I don t think I can force myself to keep reading.From the blurb In Puppy Love, Petey Drinkell discovers the true nature of power, subs must allow Doms to take over all aspects of their lives Their silence is their tacit informed consent its role in sexual relationships, there is no such thing as power exchange Power is distributed only to those who are superior He is not one of the superior The Dom is allowed to be as much of an inconsiderate jackass as he wants because it is in his rights as a superior being and his own role in the power structure as the mindless slave No, not even a slave He s just a cum hole All the time That s all he is Pretty literally Well, I suppose he s also Matt s punching bag and whipping boy for when he s feeling bored and sadistic Puppy Love is perhaps the world s first gay BDSM coming of age novel the same way What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love is definitely a BDSM coming of age novel For those who can no longer distinguish my thick sarcasm from what I actually mean, I m being sarcastic What Worse Place is definitely NOT SSC The narrator is so unreliable he gives Poe s narrator s a run for their money shuddersI feel like I need to purge myself.

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    OMG This book is truly amazing I felt all along the novel as if I d be the one who wrote this story so much the author sees the D s like me.Each time Petey falls happily into Matt s arms, we are in agreement with him, and whenever he feels hurt, we feel bad for him view spoiler This letter Petey wrote to Stacy reminded me something I experienced, but I have not been as fortunate as Petey, the letter was not torn before being delivered to the addressee I had to read it on my knees before her and when she gave me her forgiveness, I had to kiss her feet to thank her for her forgiveness So I really felt in Petey s place Fortunately, there is a book 2, even a book 3 D hide spoiler

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    I made it through about chapter 4 in this book so I didn t get to what a lot of people s reviews are annoyed about cheating, drinking urine, etc However, my main complaint is that these MCs were just too young I know that the author says they are 19 years old but the narrative voice just doesn t play that out It felt like I was in the head of a 14 or 15 year old and I was too squicked to keep reading what felt like an underaged person thinking about and having sex I was also not a fan of their relationship dynamic Petey being so convinced of Matt s utter superiority and his own general crappiness but I think this stems from them being too young I don t think I read enough of this book to give it a starred rating Many people have liked it so you may too but it was not my cuppa.

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    I got this book knowing that there was some BDSM in it, but I really like stories about gay guys my age One of my favorite series is Mark Roeder s gay youth chronicles I had to struggle to get through this book If this is what a bondage relationship is like then I don t want to read about it I think its because the word was in the title but all I could think of was a puppy being beaten by a bully And because the puppy wants attention really badly it is mistaken for love If I could write this review without giving it any stars I would.

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    My first thought on finishing Puppy Love was Well how the heck am I going to rate that This lengthy book had taken me through such a wealth of emotions, some good, some bad, that I found it almost impossible to place a rating on it In some parts of the book I was convinced I was going to give it a high grade and then later something would happen to make me think it needed a much lower grade By the time I got to the end I was so thoroughly confused about my feelings for the book, I wasn t sure how I could possibly place a grade on it or even write a coherent review of my feelings whilst reading it.As a result of this, I m going to write a slightly different type of review to the ones I usually write Instead of writing down my general thoughts, I m going to set out in two sections a list of what it was I liked about the book and what I didn t like Perhaps then you will understand why my feelings veered around to such a great extent Let s start with the positives 1 The character of PeteyPetey is our first person narrator I found him to be very sympathetic especially as he takes us very clearly through all the different feelings and emotions he experiences as he comes to terms with coming out as gay and reconciling himself to his submissive nature He is one of those people who over thinks and over analyses what is happening to him At times this was a little dull as there is an excessive amount of naval gazing done by Petey throughout the book At other times this was very helpful for me to get a clear understanding of why Petey acts as his does and allows Matt to treat him as his slave or pup A warning to those who don t like their heroes too emotional Petey cries all the time in the book He cries when he s happy, sad, confused or being punished As Petey is quite up front about his emotional state, I found I could accept this part of his personality and it didn t bother me too much.2 The other characters gave us differing viewpoints on the D s lifestyleDuring the book there are several characters who seem to represent different views on the D s lifestyle There is Petey s friend, Drew, another sub who acts as a guide and support for Petey There is Cameron, a gay man who looks at Petey and sees only exploitation and abuse There is Kathie, Petey s sister, who worries that Petey is being taken advantage of This allowed the reader to see differing viewpoints of the D s life, whilst also grounded in Petey s own self belief that this is what he really wants.3 Emotionally gripping scenesThere were several scenes in the book which had me literally on the edge of my seat At these times, I was thoroughly engrossed in the story and became very stressed, or emotional about what was happening to Petey It s the sign of a great book if it can engage my emotions to such a great extent and it was at these times when I really felt that this book was due a high grade I also found myself enjoying the story and I was genuinely interested in what was happening and how everything was going to be resolved by the end of the book.Now onto the negatives 1 Parts of the submission disgusted meAs part of Matt s total dominance of Petey he makes him drink his urine This led to a few detailed golden shower scenes which, frankly, nauseated me There was one particular scene where the two men are at a water park and Matt urinates into a empty water bottle and Petey has to carry it around and drink from it during the day To be honest it made me feel ill It still makes me feel ill just thinking and writing about it now There may be some readers out there who don t mind urine play in their D s books but it just wasn t my thing and I don t want to read about it in my m m books.2 Matt s InfidelityThis is a source of contention between Matt and Petey throughout the book Matt is bisexual and carries on a relationship with a woman as well as having sex with other women whilst also seeing Petey, whereas Petey has to remain faithful to Matt at all times Petey hates this, but Matt tells him that as a Sir he can do whatever he likes and if that means he sees other people then so be it Many of the other D s books I ve read have exclusive couples, or if they aren t exclusive there s a mutual agreement to this This aspect of the book saddened and frustrated me To be honest I agreed with Cameron when he said that if Matt really loved Petey then he would want to be exclusive, and on a number of occasions I wanted Petey to break it off with Matt because of the infidelity This was the only part of their relationship where I felt that Petey truly was being taken advantage of.3 The representation of women in the bookThere aren t many female characters in the book and, apart from Petey s sister Kathie, all the women are referred to in very derogatory terms as pussies or bitches In one way, I can understand Petey sees these women through the eyes of Matt who has very little respect for the women he has sex with This is also reinforced by his friend Drew who tries to help Petey s worry about Matt s unfaithfulness by dismissing these women as just a convenient hole for Matt when he fancies sex with a woman Although Kathie is supposed to be a loving support for Petey, she is portrayed as nagging or interfering for quite a lot of the book, even when she was trying to help or protect Petey This whole aspect made me very uncomfortable indeed and at times the way women were shown in the book bordered on mysogeny.Hopefully, by setting down my views in this way I have given the readers of this review an insight into some of the good and bad things about the book In the end I ve gone for 4 stars because I did find this a genuinely engrossing and unusual book For those of you who don t mind some of the negative things I ve mentioned in this review, it could possibly be much higher For those who would be very bothered by the negative aspects or who don t really like D s stories, I expect this book could be as low as 1 or 2 stars for you I ve certainly seen many other reviews of Puppy Love with completely polarised opinions There is a sequel planned for the book I m in two minds as to whether I want to read it or not I d like to see how Matt and Petey continue to work some of the unresolved issues that were left at the end of this book, but then again I m not sure I really want to read any about urine play so that would put me off reading a sequel If you ve read this book, I d love to know whether you thought the same as I did.

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    What the heck was that Yes, I gave it 4 stars because I definitely than liked it Although I have to admit it hurts too What I liked My goodness, it was intense Just like other BDSM lifestyle would be like Mmmhhmmm Understanding a lil bit better about TPE I loved how thoughtful Petey was Apart from everything I don t like from Matt, he does played a big role for how Petey found himself It s really awesome to see that I loved Petey 3 view spoiler What I disliked Watersports Urophagia Hmm. I guess it s not my kink shrugs Unprotected sex Long book is long And I m a slow reader Matt s infidelity and lack of respect for Petey Good god I m a bad person I really wanted to punch Matt hard on the face And I keep praying for Petey to cheat on Matt I m not oppose on open relationship IF that s what both party wants It was clear that Petey hurts everytime Matt was with someone else Relationship goes both ways Even in BDSM lifestyle There has to be a consent I hope this will change in the next book Or else I would drive myself crazy hide spoiler

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