Bye-Bye, Black Sheep (Mommy-Track Mystery, Book 7)

Bye-Bye, Black Sheep (Mommy-Track Mystery, Book 7) A New Arrival In The Bestselling Mystery Series Private Investigators Juliet Applebaum And Al Hockey Finally Have A Steady Stream Of Clients Coming Through Their Garage Turned Office But They Ll Realize It S No Child S Play Tracking Down The Killer Of A Gorgeous Transsexual S Sister

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[PDF / Epub] ☉ Bye-Bye, Black Sheep (Mommy-Track Mystery, Book 7) Author Ayelet Waldman –
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Bye-Bye, Black Sheep (Mommy-Track Mystery, Book 7)
  • Ayelet Waldman
  • English
  • 18 April 2017
  • 9780425216392

10 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, Black Sheep (Mommy-Track Mystery, Book 7)

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    I found it rather slow going and tedious I didn t care for the main character at all Her constant flipping back and forth about the case and the family grew old around chapter four.I won t be looking up the rest of the series.

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    This is the first book of the Mommy track Mystery series that I ve read, although the seventh and author proclaimed last in the series Juliet Applebaum is an ex lawyer and full time mother of three, while a half time private detective Juliet Applebaum seems to be a homunculus of the author and Wikipedia seems to agree, stating, Like Waldman, Juliet is a 5 foot tall 1.5 m , red headed former public defender, with a nocturnal writer for a husband, who has become a stay at home mother but finds it boring I picked this up off the shelf at the library this morning when there were slim pickings Although a very quick read, I set it down at page 113 of 259 because I just wasn t enjoying the pace For a cozy mystery, this book is not very happy It does not have the comic breaks that I would ve enjoyed Further, there didn t seem to be much action or interest going on with the protagonist regarding the murder mystery The easy to read made the pages go by fast and yet the pace seemed slow due to the lack of anything of much interest going on The protagonist, and by extension, the reader, doesn t really have any great experiences of connecting with another character by this point and we re already 100 pages in.I would ve preferred something funnier and having supporting character development.

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    I think this is the last one in the Mommy Track mystery series, which makes me sad What other fictional private investigator obsesses about the dilemna of staying home with her children vs working like this I had been unprepared for how slowly the time would creep along, how interminable a day would feel I d been unprepared for how lonely and bored I would be But I d also been unprepared for the intensity of my passion for my children, how their lives would consume and subsume my own I love the issues Waldman decides to tackle in her books, whether it s how we want our crime victims to be blameless or what constitutes being an overprotective, over the top parent

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    I never warmed up to this book I think it was not tight enough or something I finished it, and thought, um, okay which is unusual for me I really can t give it much of a review because it was not gripping in any way.Shallow and uninteresting Nothing to write home about, a disappointing read.

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    I read this only because the author is coming to the lecture series shallow mystery series Too political and the plot line wasn t that great either maybe her new book is better

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    I did not think there was much depth to the story Perhaps the writing was not good.

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    Bye Bye, Black Sheep Ayelet Waldman 2006 Berkley 259 pages ISBN 9780425216392.Bye Bye, Black Sheep is the final book in the Mommy Track cozy mystery series by Ayelet Waldman Mom and ex lawyer Juliet Applebaum is back to help a transsexual named Heavenly solve a mystery surrounding the death of her prostitute sister, Violetta Because the cops have discarded the murder case given Violetta was not only a hooker, but a drug user too, Juliet becomes aggressive to obtain justice for Heavenly and her family.The tone of Bye Bye, Black Sheep is much darker and somber than the series previous books The humor is sparse if at all present, and Juliet s narration voice is much powerful, sending a serious message about the dangers in today s world from the standpoint of a mother I really love Juliet s soliloquy ish pieces throughout the book about being a realist versus a pessimist, as well as her mothering fears and worries about keeping her children safe What mother doesn t feel the same way these days These specific components are what really make this book great This book is excellent and engaging without any lulls, my only disappointment being the abrupt ending for a series finale With Bye Bye, Black Sheep being a cozy mystery, I would have enjoyed a solid ending or snapshot involving Juliet s family.I have delved into Ayelet Waldman s work outside of the Mommy Track series and am pleased to see she is continuing to write outside the cozy mystery scope I highly recommend Love and Other Impossible Pursuits and have Daughter s Keeper on my to be read shelf.Ayelet Waldman is married to Michael Chabon, famed author of Wonder Boys and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay.For book reviews by DreamSE22, visit

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    This was the first book in the Mommy Track series that I ve read, but apparently it s the last in the series Juliet Applebaum is an ex public defender, now the mother of three and a part time private investigator She is hired by a transsexual named Heavenly to find out who killed her sister, a drug addicted prostitute The police don t care about the murder, so Juliet takes the case I thought the book was very well written, although darker than most cozy mysteries and not exactly what I was expecting The author is clearly a very gifted writer, and I have no negative comments about the writing itself or the plot The only thing that keeps me from rating this book higher is the fact that I didn t connect with the protagonist That surprised me because as someone who has spent time working in the legal field though not as an attorney and who has raised children of her own, I expected to connect with Juliet Instead, I found myself wondering why Juliet even had children since she didn t seem to like them much I also found myself wanting to skip the long bits of introspection about how the world works because they felt preachy to me less the character s opinions than the author s As I read reviews from other readers, I notice that those are the parts of the book some people liked best which only goes to show how subjective this whole business of books and reading is.

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    I really, really liked this the latest entry in Waldman s Mommy Track mystery series The plot seemed robust than in Waldman s earlier books, the characters were rich, and it was a lot of fun to read that is, until I got to the end and realized there was no clear resolution Yes, I realize that that s how life is not everthing is tied up in a neat little bundle, with all the loose ends clipped But if I wanted ambiguous, I don t need to pick up a book to get it To me, mysteries are formulaic, and that s why I read them Bad guy commits crime Good guy investigates crime Bad guy gets caught and punished Good guy lives to solve another day Period Instead, I was than a little disappointed when I was left hanging at the end I also thought the book would have been stronger without the occasional author s rants hidden as character s thoughts about the fairness of society, and the injustice of the world Enough is enough We get the picture already

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    My usual mystery fluff, begun and finished in a day.Different from the usual Mommy Track novels, but with of a social conscience More thoughtful, contemplative than the others Waldman s first Mommy Track since her stand alone Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, an obvious shift shows clear in her writing I should be specific, an obvious shift for the better and a sincere testament to the social justice obsession that detective Juliet Applebaum often mentions but has finally illustrated.

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