The Secret Swan

The Secret SwanEven though I didn t like the plot or the romance, I have to say that Shana Abe can write There s nothing wrong with the way she describes the setting, the people, or the customs The only bad part is that her writing in this book at least tends to tell and not show Because of this, I just couldn t believe that Amiranth and Tristan were truly in love.At age 15, Amiranth was wed by order of King Edward to Tristan Gerault, the young knight that she had loved from afar since she was a girl When she overhears Tristan and a friend discussing his lacking plain bride, she is understandably crushed Her wedding night is littlethan abjectly horrible, she is taken to a remote, forbidding estate, and the next morning her groom heads off for war in France Eight years later, the plague has swept through the estate, leaving sole survivor Amiranth She, however, has decided to leave her own life behind and presume the identity of her beloved, beautiful cousin, Lily, whom she had always admired and who she now very closely resembled Her plans are thwarted when her dead husband returns, although he doesn t realize it s Amiranth And so, not knowing where he s been or what he s been through, she decided to deceive him and pursue a life of her own.What Tristan has been through, though, was a horrendous eight years of imprisonment His title has been given away to his brother, his home no longer under his control, and his wife, he is told, dead from the plague He has nothing, and so he clings tightly to Lily.It s here that the book sort of loses me First of all, I hate deceptive protagonists, and although I can sort of understand why Amiranth wanted to leave behind her old life, she held on to the deception far too long We re not really privy to most of either of their emotions until they show them to each other, so it s unclear when Amiranth s resentment softens, and it s equally unclear when Tristan s remorse, lust, and dependency turns into love In the end, I just couldn t buy that either of them loved each other They still hardly even knew one another, let alone be ready to trust absolutely and live together happily Kind of a disappointing read from an author I ve heard good things about C Shana Ab Has Captured The Imagination Of Readers Everywhere With Her Superbly Sensual Tales Of Forbidden Love Now She Weaves The Exquisite Story Of A Man And Woman Torn Apart By Fate Who Realize Years Later That Love S Second Bloom Is The One That Matters MostAt Fifteen Lady Amiranth St Clare Became The Bride Of Tristan Geraint She Thought All Of Her Dreams Had Come True Until She Learned On Her Wedding Day That Tristan Had Married Her Only For Her Bloodline A Week Later Tristan Deserted Her For The Glories Of Battle Heartbroken, Amiranth Felt She D Been Abandoned, Not Knowing That Tristan Had Become A Prisoner Of War Nor That He Would One Day Return To The Life He Didn T Know He Wanted Until It Was Taken Away Eight Long Years Pass Before Tristan Finally Comes Home A Beautiful Woman Greets Him In The Garden, Claiming To Be Amiranth S Cousin Yet Somehow She Seems Hauntingly Familiar, With An Ethereal Radiance That Stirs Him Deep Within His Heart Is She Really His Wife, Grown Into A Lady Of Breathtaking Beauty Or Another Woman Who Has Awakened Within Him A Passion He Has Never Known To Discover The Truth, Tristan Must Reveal The Secrets Of What Happened Those Years He Was Away And Find The Love That Was Closer Than He Ever Imagined From The Paperback Edition The Secret Swan is a beautiful historical romance about a fifteen year old girl named Lady Amiranth St Clare, who has been hopelessly in love with eighteen year old Earl of Haverlocke, Tristan Geriant since she was just a little girl The day finally arrives and all her dreams and fantasies come true, she is about to marry the love of her life But at last, Tristan only married her out of duty and for her bloodline Soon after they are wed, he abandons her at one of his manors Safere and rides out to seeks his true passion, the glory of war 8 long years as passed and Tristan has finally come home He sees a lovely, achingly familiar, woman in the garden and learns that it is his wife s cousin, Lady Lily Granger and comes to learn that he has lost a great deal while being presumed dead His title, his identity and his wife, Amiranth But there is is still the lovely Lilybut is she really who she clams to be She has stirred something deep and passionate in Tristan s heart Can he finally be the man he s always meant to become This is only the second book I ve read from Shana Ab and I think it s safe to say that I finally found a historical author who s books I simply adore The only other book I ve read from her was The Smoke Thief, and while I have the rest of the series at the ready, I picked up The Secret Swan in hopes to find a sweet romance And that s exactly what I found.I consider myself a simple minded reader so I ve never been one for this genre since, truthfully, I usually don t understand half of what I m reading, but Ab s book are never dulled down by heavy traditional tongue, which as always intimated me in other reads Her writing makes me crave historical romance She makes it easy to absorb myself within the characters drama and the engaging story line.Tristan and Amiranth story is filled with so many different emotions It is a simply enough story, overly predictable and doesn t have any huge stunning revelation, but it s also filled with steady complications, constant wonder, and aching anticipation It s the getting there that makes it so worth the read Tristan was an arrogant ass and his fame seeking was his downfall, but he was so young and the past of a regretful mind has a way of changing a mans spirit and eventually he has come to learn of what is truly important in life Love Amiranth has felt the sting of betrayal Love and loneliness has slapped her in the face repeatedly and she has become a bitter version of herself A fresh identity A different life How easy would it be to disappear and slip into someone else It appeals to her in so many ways that she has even convinced herself that s it s the right thing to do and within time even believe that he was just a dream, after all Till the love of her life unexpectedly comes back and with it seduces all her younger emotions, a raging force of a feared hope and resentment Together they will learn the true versions of their past and find a happiness that should have always been within their reach.Bottom line, I loved it It s a stunning, charming story about love, fate, betrayal, regret and ultimately second chances I savored every single word I may still be wary when it come to historical romance but I know now that when ever I m in the mood for this genre I ll look to Shana Ab s books I m convinced that they re all hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Dark, unusual, and rewarding romance in the saddest of settings, a castle devastated by the plague The Black Death wiped out entire villages and a substantial portion of medieval Europe s population, so there must have been many instances where a warrior returned after years away to find few or no survivors In this story, a knight has come home to reclaim the wife and castle he abandoned 8 years ago when he joined the Crusades What he finds is a castle and village all but empty in the aftermath of the plague and a woman who informs him that his bride is among the dead What ensues is both a mystery and a love story of haunting beauty It s less about the question of the woman s real identity than of how the returning warrior can win the trust and affection of someone he abandoned Both people have survived nightmarish experiences They need each other, but how can she admit to needing him when she blames him for leaving her alone and unprotected A lovely story. Some Spoilers Here But I m not hiding them.I like romance novels I think they get a bad reputation from pretentious readers, but I like a book that will make me smile, that has characters I can cheer for, that just takes me away from my daily hustle for a little while Romance novels the ones that aren t trying to imitate the Sookie Stackhouse series or 50 Shades of Grey are the mac and cheese in my literary life Sure, you can live without it, but why would you want to I could live without this book It used to rank among my favorites, and now I question if the books that are my favorites actually were that good.The characters didn t strike me as people The hero, Tristan, is imprisoned for eight years while fighting in France, and he returns to his estate in search of his wife, whom he had abandoned Much of the story is told through his perspective, allowing Ab to write about how breathtaking the heroine is her golden hair, her pale skin, her golden hair lying on the pillow, her breasts, her golden hair floating in the wind It is a novelized Pantene commercial.But, really, there is not much else to say about Amiranth I suppose you could make an argument that she is resilient, but I d counter that her cousin is resilient Her cousin, Lily, pushes her through all the off stage hardships and conveniently dies before Tristan makes it to the castle to reclaim his wife Also conveniently, Amiranth has blossomed from a plain girl to a stunning, golden haired woman There s no deep psychological reasoning for this, like in Persuasion She just grows up and thins out She assumes her cousin s identity in order to deceive her husband.I felt like there was no connection to say nothing of sexual tension between these two They weren t even friendly with each other They went through the motions Okay So we have to go to this convent Okay So we have to go to the castle Okay So you need to pretend to be my wife hehe, says Ab , she really is your wife We ll have sex now Come ere Which brings me toAb s and Tristan s casual dismissal of Amiranth and her desires She s treated like she doesn t know what she really wants Tristan knows what she wants He wants to have sex with her, and she ll enjoy iteventually Her only experience was her wedding night, when she was a virgin, and she fears sex will hurt every time, that Tristan will humiliate her again But, as Ab says through Tristan, she doesn t know what she s turning down, so he ll just keep pressuring her, and he ll show her The one time she actually says No, though she eventually offers him her passive body, Tristan accepts her refusal Ab and he are certain that Amiranth is wrong for it Tristan pulled away from her, away from the bed The curtains swirled at his touch, whispering in the night, tugging at the air behind him as he left her room, left his wife alone in her bed, with only her blankets to comfort her and no comfort for him at all Maybe being alone is a comfort to Amiranth, Shana Far better than rape.So, no, snickering at your heroine for not desiring sex with a man who abandoned her doesn t win any affection from me The heroine is wooden even so, I wish she were treated better The hero is supposed to be the epitome of female fantasies, but he s just a bully and not at all seductive The plot is okay, but I wish all the action was not reserved for the end of the book. I admit that when I first read this a month ago, I really really enjoyed it It reminded me of one of my favorite books Something Wonderful But I m giving it 3 stars because I just now had to go back and read the summary to remember what this book was about I guess that means that the story doesn t really just Grab and Stick with you But one thing I ll give this book is that both the hero and heroine are extremely likeable throughout the book which leaves to rooting for them to work things out. A disappointingly quiet book with a tepid plot The hero was a bit of a jerk The heroine would have been better off without him Also, surprised she stayed at that abandoned little manor for so long. It s so wonderfully written with bittertaste that leaves me aching. This is not a bad book, I guess It s nice that there s an awareness of the currents that bring them together that Tristan is marrying for bloodlines and Amiranth for wealth I don t have much else to say about this book I liked how decisive Tristan was, although view spoiler the sex part was terrible Once Tristan found out that Amiranth was still alive, his attitude became rather possessive There are scenes where he tells her no, you re my wife There s no rape, and I suppose that attitude is period typical, but I m not keen on reading that hide spoiler Great

Shana Ab was born in Texas She spent much of her childhood living in Colorado, with a brief stint in Mexico as a foreign exchange student, and, at age seventeen, lived in Japan as a model Throughout her childhood, Ab wrote, completing what she calls The Silliest Romance Novel Ever during her free time during modeling shoots Her writing focused on romance, as those were the types of books th

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