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International Relations Top Selling Text In Its Field, International Relations, Provides Unparalleled Coverage Of International Political Economy, Traditional And Alternative Theoretical Perspectives, Technology, And Contemporary Global Events Completely Updated Expanded And Updated Coverage Of The Ongoing War In Iraq, Nuclear Proliferation In North Korea And Iran The New Palestinian Leadership Islamic Radicalism Global Anti Americanism The Expanded EU And NATO And World Trade Talks Expanded Discussion Of Constructivism New Policy Perspectives Is A One Page Feature Puts Students In The Shoes Of Top Policy Makers For Example, Russian President Putin Making Foreign Policy Choices In Response To A Problem Or Challenge The Box Includes An Inset Photo Of The Policy Maker The Feature Engages Students To Apply IR Concepts In Real World Situations, And Underscores The Role Of Individuals In The Foreign Policy Process NEW TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE MyPoliSciLab For International Relations

Joshua S Goldstein is an International Relations professor who writes about the big issues facing humanity He is the author of six books about war, peace, diplomacy, and economic history, and a bestselling college textbook, International Relations Among other awards, his book War and Gender 2001 won the International Studies Association s Book of the Decade Award in 2010 Goldstein has a B.

[Reading] ➸ International Relations By Joshua S. Goldstein –
  • Paperback
  • 597 pages
  • International Relations
  • Joshua S. Goldstein
  • English
  • 22 August 2019
  • 9780321354747

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    This book is required for the Thomas Edison State College online course International Relations I POS 315 Just be careful on this one that you get a fairly recent version, only a couple years behind the current year I got the 2010 2011 version and it worked great for the class I took in 2014 It s an engaging book You ll read the whole thing in the class.This is important information if you re taking the TESC course The book has an online companion at GET IT Even if you don t want to shell out 100 for a new book with the access code, that s ok Get an older book and buy the access code you can get it for about 35 I thought I would be ok on the tests by just rereading the books Nope Once I got the online companion and went through the quizzes, I found out how much deeper I needed to go and what to study They are great practice for the Midterm and Final, which are each worth 25% of your course grade REALLY important to do well on those There s a lot on the online site but the quizzes are what I used most, and they are super helpful And hey I just found the 35 companion site for the textbook online for FREE Just searched international relations practice test and up it came Here That Is super cool YOU WILL NEED THIS site for the practice quizzes, so take note The only thing it s missing that the paid site has is flashcards, but there are other sites where you can find those If at some point this site doesn t work, you might need to buy an access code for 35 and go to for the practice quizzes and other material This site could very easily mean the difference between a pass and fail on the tests, so it is not a bad deal.

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    This was an excellent introduction book The text was clear and thorough The only reason why I gave it 4 5 stars is because my professor felt the need to include supplemental reading as the main text this book did not cover everything necessary Yet, the things that were not covered were few in number and easily accessed elsewhere.

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    I was pretty happy with this book It was a very holistic and widely scoped introduction to international relations It is not as if the common person can get through life without knowing a bit about international relations It is on the news, we talk about international events and happenings because they affect all of us I have taken an interest in these kinds of issues even before I cracked open this book BUT I feel much informed about the basics like the difference between types of wars, the intricacies of ethnic conflicts, the significance of game theory like the Prisoner s dilemma in play in international relations, and a much better understanding of currencies and the monetary system It is different to know about these things, and to actually understand how they work And now I understand how these concepts work and can apply them to the real world.That is one definite benefit to the format of this book the real world examples There is a good amount of theory in the first few chapters which could have probably been explained better and in detail than the basic overview that was given but there were plenty of real world examples for every concept It has a strong connection to the events that have happened or are still happening So it makes it very easy to apply what you are learning to current events As a side note, I was required to buy the myPoliSciLab component for the class to do the chapter quizes These really helped me focus on what I needed to study and what concepts needed to be covered in detail Some things you need to know If you are short on cash and your professor requires the myPoliSciLab component, DO NOT buy the book You can get the e book when you buy myPoliSciLab which is way less than purchasing the paperback , and it will even read the chapters to you I had already bought the book so I did not get to try it out I do like having the print edition so I can flip through it and look up certain parts, but this is a pretty pricey book bought it used for 90 which was the lowest I could find The quizzes and flash cards are really helpful, especially if your professor does multiple choice style testing All of the extra content is really interesting, though not really necessary I did learn a lot Because there are always real world examples for each concept, I walked away with a better understanding of what other countries have gone through and their historical relations with each other There is just so much information out there, it is hard to get all of it in one place So that was definitely appreciated.

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    International Relations or International Relations for Dummies The latter, it seems That said, it should be noted that the text would serve as a decent introduction for precocious and politically minded young adults.

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    The book was a bit dry in areas but for the most part it was really informative and smooth reading Great book, really enjoyed it and I learned a lot about geopolitics.

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    I read this at the State Department s recommendation to help prepare for my foreign service officer test It seems like good material, and I think I did well on the test It s a very general and broad overview of modern and historic IR, with specific examples and data to back up its points.

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    I can t believe I finished a whole textbook cover to cover.It was a very good introductory book, though Benefited much.

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    Textbook for understanding the basics of International Relations I highly recommend it to those who want to get a grip on current affairs and understand how countries coordinate with each other.

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