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Queen of SwordsIt Is The Late Summer Of , And Hannah Bonner And Her Half Brother Luke Have Spent Than A Year Searching The Islands Of The Caribbean For Luke S Wife And The Man Who Abducted Her But Jennet S Rescue, So Long In Coming, Is Not The Resolution They D Hoped For In The Spring She Had Given Birth To Luke S Son, And In The Summer Jennet Had Found Herself Compelled To Surrender The Infant To A Stranger In The Hope Of Keeping Him SafeTo Claim The Child, Hannah, Luke, And Jennet Must Journey First To Pensacola There They Learn A Great Deal About The Family That Has The Baby The Poiterins Are A Very Rich, Very Powerful Creole Family, Totally Without Scruple The Matriarch Of The Family Has Left Pensacola For New Orleans And Taken The Child She Now Claims As Her Great Grandson With HerNew Orleans Is A City On The Brink Of War, A City Where Prejudice Thrives And Where Hannah, Half Mohawk, Must Tread Softly Careful Plans Are Made As The Bonners Set Out To Find And Reclaim Young Nathaniel Bonner Plans That Go Terribly Awry, Isolating Them From Each Other In A Dangerous City At The Worst Of TimesSure That All Is Lost, And Sick Unto Death, Hannah Finds Herself In The Care Of A Family And A Friend From Her Past, Dr Paul De Guise Savard Dit Saint D Uzet It Is Dr Savard And His Wife Who Save Hannah S Life, But Dr Savard S Half Brother Who Offers Her Real Hope Jean Benoit Savard, The Great Grandson Of French Settlers, Slaves, And Choctaw And Seminole Indians, Is The One Man Who Knows The City Well Enough To Engineer The Miracle That Will Reunite The Bonners And Send Them Home To Lake In The Clouds With Ben Savard S Guidance, Allies Are Drawn From Every Segment Of New Orleans S Population And From Andrew Jackson S Army, Now Pouring Into The City In Preparation For What Will Be The Last Major Battle Of The War Of

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  • Hardcover
  • 576 pages
  • Queen of Swords
  • Sara Donati
  • English
  • 10 February 2019
  • 9780553801491

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    Well Ms Donati, just when I had thought you had done the unforgiveable, Referance to , and my review thereof you go ahead in redeem yourself in a major KICK ASS way DAMN how I love this family You are a talent to be reckoned with for sure, Up there among my lists of the greatests Off to buy my copy of Sad really as I am SO NOT ready to let this family go I really hope you are able and desirous of introducing us to another family of epic characters, real soon.Until then.Thank you

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    The Bonner family saga continues with the adult children take center stage Hannah and Luke have spent a year searching for kidnapped Jennet After the rescue they find themselves in New Orleans again searching, this time for Jennett and Luke s infant son.Intricate plot twists, a lot of history, and new characters abound.The author keeps the story line moving but the reader is easily lost if not paying attention The War of 1812 is the crux of the history in this book, and as is usual with this series, I was educated and entertained This diverse family has held me in their thrall for a while now And there is only one book left in the series I am looking forward to and dreading the final book.

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    Even though I was sad that Nathaniel and Elizabeth weren t really in this installment of the Wilderness series, I liked the focus on Hannah, Jennet and Luke I can always tell when I consider the characters like they are my family because I actually refer to them by name and not as MC or whatever This has been a fun series I love the attention to detail given to the historical back drop This book went from New York Canada to the south with the War of 1812 front and center Now I did have my problems with this, but it seems wrong to give it less than 4 stars They had something to do with reused story lines from earlier installments, a lot of the men have the same personality when talking with their women, and some of this felt hurried But I m always a little forgiving with family.

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    My reviews get lower as I continue with this series While, I may enjoy the characters, I can t ignore the plot holes such as why was Jennet kidnapped by Degre To have a new book seems to be the explanation She wasn t held for ransom nor did he marry her Why did he want her so she could sit around on an island playing with her tarot cards until Luke rescued her Then why did Honore have a fake marriage to Jennet He could have just slept with her in exchange for taking the baby And why was it so important that Jennet get the baby away from Degre What did she think he was going to do and why Too many ludicrous situations.The one thing I did take away from the book, was a glimpse at the horrible racism, prejudice, and slavery that were typical of the time in New Orleans You really get to feel that through Hannah and the other characters around her.

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    It took me a long time to warm up to this book That being said, I do think, overall, that I enjoyed it The fifth in the Into the Wilderness series by Sara Donati, it was only this book that I learned the authors real name I have to say I was quite shocked that Rosina Lippi Green was actually Sara Donati As a linguistics graduate I am much familiar with her work there, and it does a lot to explain why the accents and voices of these characters are so accurate in these works.As a bit of a recap and possible spoiler for the previous books we are first introduced to Elizabeth, a spinster teacher from England who has come to New York to teach the children there She falls in love with rugged Nathaniel Bonner and elopes with him in an attempt to restore some property to its rightful owners Next, they journey to Scotland when their twins are kidnapped and have a wild time trying to rescue them Later on down the road the story focuses on Hannah, Nathaniel s daughter from his first marriage and her efforts to be a doctor in a time that is not very appreciative of her talents The fourth book brings Jennet from England to America so that she can woo Luke Bonner The fight between the British and Americans have started and she and Hannah go undercover to rescue Hannah s brother from his captivity by the British It is at the end of this novel that Jennet is kidnapped and forced to go South.Queen of Swords takes place roughly a year after the last book We are shown a continuation of what happens when Luke Bonner s wife to be is kidnapped and taken south The book opens with her being rescued and we learn that she has borne a child to Luke in the time she has been away This child was sent away for its safety and they must retrieve it before they can go back home.There is a snag however, in that the man who took the child, and his grandmother are determined to keep him Jennet steals him away and must hide in the city with some old friends until they can escape safely To go along with this, Hannah Bonner has joined her brother in helping to rescue Jennet and her son She falls sick in New Orleans and loses touch with everyone until gaining the help of a dashing man who is half brother to a doctor she studied under When he decides to fight on the American side of the war for the battle of New Orleans, she engages on as a doctor to be with him.There are many adventures of course This book is full of them However, as they are side plots I am not going to go into detail about them with this review Suffice to say that the reader is kept on the edge of their seat throughout the whole book.Despite this adventure though, as I said before it was hard for me to get into this book The first part reads very slowly and I found myself putting the book down for a break a few times However, by the time it got to the middle I was fully engaged in the story and couldn t put it down I believe part of my trouble was that I had grown to love the characters of Elizabeth and Nathaniel, the original protagonists in this series and it was hard to read a book without them in it Luckily though, one of my favorite characters, Hannah, is restored to brilliant description and personality in this novel After the last I had feared that her character had been given up on and was much relieved to find her the focus once again.Donati s writings is very easy to read She is not heavy handed on the description, but still includes enough to give you a sense of the place she sets her stories in My only complaint on her writing would be that I m not thrilled with her use of letters as a means of plot continuation I can t stand the letters for some reason perhaps because there always seems to be than needed and I grow tired of seeing the format.While at first I wasn t sure I wanted to continue the series, now after finishing the book I look forward to the next one It is supposed to be the last book and it is my hope that all loose ends will be tied up Truly though I think Donati is up to the task and I will enjoy it greatly.Queen of SwordsCopyright 2006562 pages

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    5 WONDERFUL STARS My opinion of Sara Donati and her storytelling gets higher as I continue with the seriesthis book was absolutely fantastic I have been devouring the series and I ve been unable to put any of the books down There are some plot holes in this one, but it is so well writen and there s sooo much angst and adventure that at the end I didn t care that I did not get the why of some events I m totally in love with the characters and I cannot wait to find out what they are up to in the last book QUICK REVIEW Enjoyment 5 5Writing style 5 5Storyline 5 5Hero 5 5 Heroine 5 5Secondary characters 5 5 Chemistry attraction 5 5 Romance 5 5 Hotness Sex scenes 0.5 5Angst 5 5Drama level 3 5Humor level 3 5Depth of the book 3 5POV It s multi pov

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    If you have watched Last of the Mohicans and enjoyed it, this series is a must read as it continues the story This particular instalment focuses mostly on Hawkeye s grand daughter Hannah However, the POV is shared around a number of loved characters.This is my favourite in the series It packs a punch and being the character driven reader that I am, the character development in this warms my heart to no end That is number one Number two Ben Savard Read it and meet him.

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    It took than a year for Luke and Hannah to find and rescue Jennet, to dispose of her abductor After so long in captivity, the Bonner siblings had no idea in what condition they would find their wife and sister, respectively No matter what, though, they d be able to finally go home, to leave the sea behind, and heal together at Lake in the Clouds Only, there s to do than merely save Jennet and dispose of her kidnapper unbeknownst to Luke and Hannah, when Jennet was taken from them, she was carrying a child, a child that she, upon fearing for the baby s life, placed in the care of a stranger To recover their son, their nephew, Luke, Jennet, and Hannah begin the second leg of their journey, traveling first to Pensacola and then to New Orleans There, a maelstrom of complications await them, including the bemusing Creole culture, disease, and a looming battle between the Americans and the British, the war of 1812 raging around them In order to be reunited with baby Nathaniel, the Bonners find themselves pitted against one of the first families of New Orleans the cruel and sadistic Honore Porterin and his equally as crazed grandmother and depending upon the kindness of old and new friends and strangers alike It s a whole new wilderness for the Bonners to conquer, one that couldn t be further from the endless forest they know and love so well.From the very first pages of Queen of Swords, adrenaline starts pumping, and it doesn t let up There are no lulls in this novel Rather, it s constant action and meaningful suspense While obviously a strength of the book, its true genius is in its setting New Orleans, despite its balmy weather, breathed new life into this series Though always enjoyable, the change in location allowed Donati to explore a new culture, putting the unique Bonner perspective to use in interpreting not only the relationships between Creoles and both Americans and the British but also their slaves, free blacks, free blacks who own slaves, quadroons, Indians, and those Indians of mixed race Plus, New Orleans gave her a playground of new characters to introduce Finally, by removing Luke, Jennet, and Hannah from everything they knew, the characters were allowed to grow, especially the two women Jennet grew up, and Hannah was finally able to make peace with her past She did this by moving on, by letting go, by returning to herself while rediscovering who she was, things that just didn t seem possible back in Paradise By relocating the story to New Orleans, at least temporarily, Donati was also able to quickly and efficiently progress the story for the rest of the Bonners back in New York as well, relating what Luke, Jennet, and Hannah missed through letters Combined, everything sets up for the next phase of this family s tale, now properly spiced with a little foreign flair and fresh blood as everyone reunites in The Endless Forest.

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    This book was the hardest to get through in this series This focused on Jennet, Luke and Hannah It was during war times and I felt it just encompassed too much of that aspect into the storyline At times the political aspect was so drawn out that it got to be quite boring For some reason it was hard to connect with the main characters especially Jennet and Luke It was nice to see a bit on Hannah and her trials and tribulations being an woman of mixed ethnicity I sorely missed Elizabeth and Nathaniel in this book They are ever present but the story does not directly involve them until the end This has to be my least favorite book in the series.

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    In the fifth book of Donati s Wilderness series, it follows from the fourth book, Fire Along the Sky, though a year has passed In that year, Luke Scott and his half sister Hannah Bonner have traveled the Caribbean in order to rescue his fianc e, Jennet They find her and kill her captors before escaping to Luke s mother s estate for safety He and Jennet are married and she confesses she gave birth to Luke s son in the past year To keep the boy safe, though, she gave him to a man named Honore Poiterin After he forced her to marry him in a sham ceremony the minister had been defrocked and had no authority to marry anyone Jennet and Luke have to overcome this and get their son back from Honore, traveling to Pensacola, FL, to do so But the War of 1812 is still ongoing and affecting the Gulf area With the British closing in, Honore has escaped to his family home in New Orleans and put the boy named Nathaniel into the care of his powerful grandmother, Agnes Jennet and Hannah make the journey to New Orleans with Luke planning to travel behind them Jennet gets herself into Agnes Poiterin s household, pretending to be Honore s obedient wife Agnes puts restrictions on what Jennet can and cannot do and in the end won t guarantee she ll let Jennet remain married to Honore and raise Nathaniel Hannah meanwhile comes into the city but is unable to help her friend due to swamp sickness She is rescued by Paul Savard from Lake in the Cloudsand is reunited with Jennet and the baby at his house Paul s half brother Ben helps them escape Agnes and brings them to Paul s for safety Luke is reunited with them shortly after as General Andrew Jackson arrives in New Orleans War is bearing down on them and the family has to hold on for it This is the first book where Nathaniel and Elizabeth do not play a major role in some way And it feels right Like the series has slowly become Hannah s, who is the main star of this book with Luke and Jennet close behind It seems very natural for the children, now grown, to move to the forefront while the parents move to the background We mostly hear about Paradise and Lake in the Clouds through letters and that is okay It is enough to know life goes on up in New York, though Nathaniel and Runs From Bears show up to help with the war But they are still minor characters, there to support Hannah.Queen of Swords is also the first book where I really feel Ms Gabaldon s influence on Ms Donati s writing Yes, even after the fact Dawn on a Distant Shore took place mostly in Scotland Jennet and Hannah are put through the Jamie Fraser ringer For those wondering, it s what I call it when an author throws as many traumatic events at their character as possible Jennet has a realistic reaction to her traumas than Hannah but in the end, it still feels right to her character But it s mostly in the beginning of the novel, which can make it a bit difficult to get through emotionally Most of it is Jennet s Hannah s comes later and has a bit of a punch than before because of how well things were going And the tension is built up better toward the middle rather than the beginning Most of the story takes place in New Orleans at the end of the War of 1812 Which means the city is bracing itself for war to come to it But it s a great setting It s unique in early American history in how the races interacted Mulattos and Creoles, Native Americans and Whites, etc It s a fascinating world and a good place for someone like Hannah, who walks between two worlds herself But it still shows the prejudices which still run through the city Hannah encounters them when she sets up a clinic in the city and has to earn the trust of the different groups of color in the city But I have gone on about how much I admire and enjoy Donati s description skills, I feel like I d bore you now and wouldn t really add anything Jean Benoit Savard or Ben as he is simply known is the romantic partner I had wanted for Hannah back in Lake in the Clouds Someone who shared the same world she did the one between White and non white I never got why Hannah had to choose between the two in Lake in the Clouds I always saw her walking the line between the two red enough for the Native peoples, white enough for the Americans He understands her struggles because they have been his While he is strong, he is also playful In all, he s the right man for Hannah in my opinion And a bit different from the usual Donati romantic hero, though he still is very similar to Nathaniel He works well with Hannah and when they get together in the end, it is very satisfying The only thing I think was held off for too long was Hannah s reason for keeping Ben at arm s length for a long time view spoiler It s revealed Hannah has closed herself off after the death of her husband, afraid of loving another man only to lose him to war hide spoiler

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