White Stallion of Lipizza

White Stallion of LipizzaI actually read the original 1964 first printing from my public library, which still hoards it I was reminded of its existence through a chat list conversation, and though I still remember vividly nearly all of Henry s other wonderful kids books from my horse mad childhood, I think I may have missed this one, published when I was in junior high It is still very fine, and I m glad to see it has been recently reprinted I cannot imagine how an e edition would reproduce the to me, integral classic illustrations by Wesley Dennis, so this is definitely worth obtaining on paper, with the color plates.A story of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna during the post WWII era directorship of Colonel Alois Podhajsky, told through the eyes of Hans, the young son of a Viennese baker, who aspires to become a master rider there.It makes me want to hunt out the old Disney movie about the dramatic rescue of the institution and its horses during WWII ah, I don t have to hunt very far Netflix has it And, I see, better still thank you , Podhajsky s own writings, including an autobiography covering, among other things, the war years, titled My Dancing White Horses Which I suspect was a major source for both Henry and Disney Next stop, the Hennepin County Library on line catalogTa, L. It was very interesting because I didn t know anything about these famous Austrian horses But, Savannah thought some parts were a little boring She is not that into horses but if you had a kid who is into horses they d prob really love this story. Not one of Henry s best However, a bad Marguerite Henry book is still better than most children writer s best books There is not much of a plot, although it is partly based on the life of a real rider with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna Yes, Vienna is not in Spain but the style of riding and some of the original bloodstock for the Lipizzaner originated in Spain You may know Lipizzaner best from the Walt Disney film It s hard to read about the happy times in Austria portrayed here and know that World War II is just around the corner Writing about the Spanish Riding School during World War II would have made for a interesting book EDIT One such book not for kids has been published in 2016 called The Perfect Horse which I m currently reading It s also hard reading this knowing of the other problems the breed faced, such as whole studs getting machine gunned during the Bosnian war in the 1990s.The story suffers without the magnificent illustrations by Wesley Dennis who also did the lovely cover If you are going to get this book, invest in an old hardback that has all of the full color plates I used to own such a book but sold or lost it years ago Yes, I m an idiot.This is especially recommended for horse crazy kids who are interested in horses than plots in books about horses. Hans Haupt is the son of a baker, and is fully expected to take over the family business in time But his passion is for horses, and his dream is to one day be a Riding Master and work with the magnificent Lipizzaners of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna Against the odds he gets a chance to pursue his ambition, and this story tells in exquisite detail all that he goes through in training.No one can tell a horse story like Marguerite Henry, and what keeps this tale from becoming a dry history is the coming of age of young Hans and the development of his bond with the veteran stallion Maestoso Borina We as readers become completely invested in Hans s hopes and dreams, crashing with him in his despairing moments, and thrilling to his successes I wish I d read this as a child, as I would have loved it when I was going through my horsey phase in my pre teen years This was book was purely delightful I ve always admired the Lipizzaner horses, but this book gave me even knowledge of them, their history, and what exactly they do All told by Marguerite Henry s wonderful story, Hans and the Lipizzan stallions came alive I don t know how I missed reading this book for so many years, but I m glad I ve finally rectified that mistake. Review to come. Excellent book about a boy whose determination and hard work help him live his dream. The Magnificent Lipizzan Stallions Of Vienna Come To Life As Never Before In This Exciting Story By Award Winning Author, Marguerite HenryA Young Boy Named Hans Dreams Of One Day Working With The Famed Stallions Of Lipizza But Coming From A Family Of Bakers, Hans Is Discouraged From Ever Becoming A Rider That Is, Until The Day He Is Invited To Watch The Extraordinary Ballet Of Lipizzaners From The Imperial Box And His Life Is Changed ForeverMarguerite Henry Artfully Weaves Authentic Details About The Skillful Training Of Both Horse And Rider, As She Unfolds The Story Of Hans And His Beloved Lipizzan Stallion, BorinaThe Brilliance Of Hans S Dazzling Public Performances And His Devotion To The Art Of Classical Riding Make This Story Uniquely Rich In History And Horsemanship A Story To Be Treasured By Horse Lovers Of All Ages 4.5 starsI think this is now my second favorite Marguerite Henry story after King of the Wind I really enjoyed learning about the Lipizzan horses, and following Hans, the protagonist, on his dream to become a Riding Master He demonstrates a sincerity and passion in his pursuit of knowledge and experience that is admirable and contagious.I also enjoyed reading this in a large format rather than a mass market paperback the numerous small illustrations really help tell the story, especially when complex horse ballet movements are described. The White Stallions of Lipizza are an absolute spectacle The perform not simple circus tricks, but ornate movements of pure magic Hans Haupt makes it his mission to become one with the world of Lipizzaners but, and let s face it, when has society seen a baker s boy rise to great fame other than through his pastries The Spanish Riding School of Vienna is no place for such an individual Or is it White Stallion of Lipizza will take you to places that you never could have imagined could possibly exist in this world Places so exquisite and yet so heavenly that you will not have time to take your breath back The book will take it away, never to return it to you, its rightful owner And you will not lament a single second of it 5 stars No questions asked Get it at your local bookstore or online Enjoy the adventure Say hello to Hans and Borina for me please , Angelina Equus

Marguerite Henry April 13, 1902 November 26, 1997 was an American writer The author of fifty nine books based on true stories of horses and other animals, her work has captivated entire generations of children and young adults and won several Newbery Awards and Honors Among the famous of her works was Misty of Chincoteague, which was the basis for the 1961 movie Misty, and several sequel

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  • White Stallion of Lipizza
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  • English
  • 20 June 2019
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