La traición de Rita Hayworth

La traición de Rita HayworthRey de los registros, ya lo dije Todos los dijeron y no es novedad, pero s lo comprob aun m s.Distintos niveles de dificultad de lectura Disfrutable Recomendable, por lo tanto. Amo a Manuel Puig, pero no pude con este libro Su estructura no me ayud , los di logos me confundieron, sin duda, requiere una segunda lectura. Manuel Puig S Celebrated First Novel Is A Startling Anatomy Of A Small Town In Thrall To Its Own Petty Lusts, Betrayals, Scandals, Thefts, And Gossip But Most Of All, To The Movies Centering Around A Boy Named Toto, Privy To The Town S Secrets And Always Eager To Fill In The Ugly Or Upsetting Moments Of His Childhood With Hollywood Inspired Fantasy, Betrayed By Rita Hayworth Is A Symphony Of Disappointed, Comic, Bitter, And Bawdy Voices, All Hemmed In By Life S Refusal To Behave Like The Silver Screen, And Is Perhaps The Funniest And Most Honest Coming Of Age Story Of Its Time If John Waters was Argentinian, but wrote like Faulkner, maybe he d write something like this.At first i was gleefully amazed at how anyone could capture so flawlessly how a bright infant might pick up words and ideas overheard or misrepresented, and with the magical thinking and billion neuron connection of a baby brain, twist them into connections hilarious, absurd and totally logical in that context Toto Jose Casals is a delight to watch for at least half the book Each chapter we are gifted sight into a day or days or series of thoughts of an inhabitant of a dusty town, Vallejos, from 1933 to 1948 Often Toto is our focus.Perhaps a small town doesn t give rise tooptions, or maybe the wicked differences in wealth create meanness on both sides, but the amount of time, thought and energy given over to plotting, envy, and imagined differences between people, seems sad and empty and maybe they re supposed to i felt the most optimism reading Esther a student of humble background is recognized as the finest student and thus wins a scholarship to the rich kids school Her family dedicated Peronists, attending meetings, sacrificing no radio til 10 so Esther can study We share her lapse, first from studying, then envying the lifestyle of the rich and the boys they hang out with from her values A crisis then an inspiration bring her home to her descamisados This was, for me necessary balance After two misogynist montages first of the inside of Hector s Toto s cousin head, then the misanthropic and violently misogynist torture, rape, kill Cobito s i was ready to apply to join another species, or at least put the book down Salvaged by some sweetness, or at least bittersweetness in others to follow even if based in fantasy I especially appreciated learning a little about the moody, sleepy, movie star looking, controlling Berto, eventually.A bold insane undertaking not my favorite Puig, but worth reading after several others. Impresionante Avasalladora novela Puig redefini lo que es la literatura argentina Hoy en d a hay cosas que leemos como normales o incluso arriesgadas que l introdujo Qui n hablaba de pel culas de Hollywood en los libros Por Dios, todav a exist a Victoria Ocampo y la revista Sur M s de un seudo moderno de hoy en d a deber a pegarle una buena rele da a este excelso escritor Tengo una especie de mini tradici n, cuando llega el verano 1 Puig, 1 Vonnegut, 1 Auster, 1 cl sico Este Puig muy bueno, me encant , sobre todo las partes de las mujeres y de Toto, el nene que pinta para gay No as las de los adolescentes machos, que me parecieron m s esquem ticas y clich s.Me hizo acordar a El ruido y la furia, tengo que retomarlo. this was one of about 20 30 stories on a list provided to me and others in the class by padgett powell 85 87 or so a reading list before we were all wired so it was welcome i read it, had this copy in paperback, and can t for the life of me remember much about some of the other stories on the list, seems it could be that it made it there for the manner of the tellingasthan a few had a unique, or if not quite unique, a different approach to the art of story telling i should give this another goreading the story description.update, 9 jul 13betrayed by rita hayworth, 1968 that right reading this one again 9 jul 13, tuesday evening, 6 12 p.m e.s.t.translated by suzanne jill levinefrom what the spanish argentinamust be spanish what is it, brazil portuguese i think that s how it shakes out.chapter headings narrationi mita s parents place, la plata, 1933 unattributed dialogueii at berto s, vallejos, 1933 iii toto, 1939 6 yr old boy eye narration streamiv choli s conversation with mita, 1941 monologue cholias if we re hearing one side of a telephone conversationv toto, 1942 the boy again, 3 years oldervi tete, winter, 1942 tete, a 12 yr old girl, eye narration streamvii delia, summer, 1943 eye narration stream, but from an older femaleone concerned w marriage, menviii mita, winter, 1943 eye narration stream, from mita, mother of toto, wife of berto, sister daughter ofix hector, summer, 1944 hector is barely 17eye narration stream, concerns of a young male this agex paquita, winter, 1945 paquita, paqui is 15, next year 16, andof eye narration streamxi cobito, spring, 1946 cobito is a puzzlenot sure how he ties into thisother than being from the same areai believe he is a freshman collegefreshman for sure, and the things he is concerned w suggest college ageaway from home, this too is eye narration, stream of consciousnessxii esther s diary, 1947xiii annual literary essay competition free subject the movie i liked best by jose l casals, sopho, section bxiv anonymous note sent to the dean of students of george washington high school, 1947xv herminia s commonplace book, 1948xvi berto s letter, 1933story begins mita s parents place, la plata, 1933 a brown cross stitch over beige linen, that s why your tablecloth turned out so well this tablecloth alone gave metrouble than the whole set of doilies, a full eight pairsif they paidfor needlework, i could hire a sleep in maid and spendtime on embroidery, once i get my customers, don t you think embroidery doesn t seem tiring, but after a few hours your back begins to ache but mita wants me to make her a bedspread for the baby s crib, with bright colors since the bedrooms get so little light three rooms one after the other leading into a hallway with big windows, all covered with canvas curtains that your can pull open if i havetime, i d make myself a bedspread you know what s really tiring typewriting on a high desk like the one i have in the office.and so on and so forthonward and upward.time place scene settings la plata, 1933 vallejos, where mita is located at berto s, vallejos, 1933 toto, 1939 characters mom, an embroiderer clara, a person who works in an office mita, married to berto, and they live in vallejos, 1933 mita works in a hospital, in charge of a laboratory berto looks like carlos palau, an argentine actor the baby violeta totie, toto, mita berto s baby boy, 1933 violeta s father, who fixes shoes, although he does not have them ready if he says tuesday and you go in for them sofia cabalus accent marks are missing dunno how to make them sue me classmate of mita s at ua professor s daughter adelashe wears glassesworks in an office, she is mita s sister lito is berto s brother amparo, vallejosi think the baby s nurse is named amparofor totie toto, mita berto the maid of mita berto, a 12 yr old granpa grandma clara s child clara s mother was there, too fuzzy is the sister of ines is the daughter of big sister who s single a priest roldau girl felisa mora ortega s father mora oretega s nannyortega s fiance a baker hectorson of jaime who is in midrid, brother of berto, the mother of hector passes jose l casalsknown as casals throughouta student, along with others, hector, toto, various female charactershector toto are his cousins raul garcia paquipaquitastudent age luisito castro doctor garofalo turk antunez girl laurita estella esther castagno cobito umansky noziglia the rapist doggie, beanhead, blackie baldy lopez no, labruna, loustau soccer colombo paraguayan wagger the monitor the fat washerwoman father joseph various sisters darditonephew graciela lauritabefore movies actors carlos palau s latest movies romeo juliet ginger rogers fred astaire snow white the great ziegfeld shirley temple the constant nymph robert taylor, luise rainer, myrna loy weekend in havana rita hayworth blood and sand tyrone power her cardboard lover gone with the wind spellbound the magic mountain lusta note on the narrationuummm, um goua, our rpoc needs a showa.1933la platapeople conversingabout mita and her husband who looks like the actor carlos palauabout mita who works in a hospital as somethingmaybe a pharmacist, dispensing medicinecarlos s steers are dead we learn in 1933, vallejos, wherepeople are conversing, the baby s nurse and the maidabout totietoto, carlos and mita s baby boyconversing, about others as wellall those names listed above.not one line of dialogue attributed to anyone no breaks between dialogue, no suggestion of action other than what comes in dialogue a sense that people come and go as the conversation indicates sucha line of dialogue from someone, directly below another line of dialogue, suggesting the person who uttered the line above has left the room and so on and so forth and scooby doobie doobie.and then, iii toto, 19393rd chapter, starts thus there are three little boy dolls, and the queen of france, her hair is done in an upsweep and her skirt is as full as can be, the three little boy dolls in white stockings all the way up to their bloomers, the girl dolls in silk costumes and the boy dolls in silk costumes too, mommy, and the men in white dickey s same as you, tiny lacing, white wigs, they re porcelain and stand on a shelf, of the mother of the boy next door, and they re hard, you can t eat them, dressed the same as the silly face dolls, they are kind and look at the girl doll sitting in a hammock, painted on the cover of your box of spools, in the drawer next to the tablecloth and napkins, the box that had candy before.update, 12 jul 13, friday afternoon, 3 20 p.m e.s.t.okay thenand then after that chapter 3, life from the eyes of a very young boy, toto, age 6 thereaboutschapter 4 is another stylesomewhat like the 1st two chaptersthus iv choli s conversation with mita, 1941 mita, you should be happy with this child of yours he couldn t be sweeter no, that s not true, believe me i was sure he would have lost his looks by now, i figured his features would have become coarser, like a man s i was afraid too he could go on being so handsomealmost like we re overhearing a telephone conversation, hey only one part we hearthe other indicated thus i m trying hard to follow this i think it can be done others have why shouldn t i be able to, as well nothing up my sleeve another note on the narration, update, 14 jul 13, sunday afternoon, 1 02 p.m e.s.t.not hard to follow, not reallyjust that 1st chapter, the one following was easier, and the middle chapters easier noted above, most of the chapters are eye narrated, first person stream of consciousnessblack wall from side to sidethough dialogue is included in this stream, attributedlongish sentencesand the stream varies by character.that first, initial chapter, wherein the dialogue is unattributedthere, there are several people conversing, and acareful reading is helpful is it necessary to know exactly who is speaking in that chapteror the one following maybe not the various names appearmake a note of themsome many follow it might behelpful to make a character list chapter by chapter, as there are new characters names introduced with each streama few names repeated throughoutsave for this last chapter i read, cobitowhose name is a first here in this chapterand the place names he uses are new to the story, as wellsave for buenos aires.update, finished, 4 50 p.m e.s.t 14 jul 13, sunday eveningcomplete a good read the story moves along through the years as noted above in the chapter headings datesplot is there a plot do we need a plot life is plot simply because one does not know the names of the constellations does not mean one cannot enjoy the stars yesthat opening is a bit hard to followwhich says what that we want to be involved, that we like to know the names of the lights i dunnobut it is curious, the manner in which the telling became easierthose many chapters of eye narration, stream of consciousness writing from the various individuals the reader has to go w the flowthere are times when what is streaming is not immediately apparent, although as the telling progresses, the reader eventually realizes that things are focusingthe characters are real peoplethe story moves alonglife is revealedas i m reading a few sectionsmainly to do w the male charactersall those hormones ragingremember that but as i m readingvarious forms ofrapethat s the word for it, never used, but that is what happens all too oftenand not only male on femalebut male on malew the telling the way it issome of that seemed brashout of focusas inthis is a fourteen year oldorthis is a freshman all in allthe various streamsthose chapters, all in all, things jivedone chapter, not stream, but the diary chapter, that at times seemed odd, out of focus, toobut by chapter end, whatever minor irritation resulted from the willing suspension getting a kick in the pants faded away.another story ialmostmark as a favorite toothinking back, i expected a bitplay on the movie anglethat did exist, but whoever wrote the blurbs description had a different take on the story than I did i was hoping for something that wasn t as apparentalthough this story is one i will shelf as time passages for the way characters use their imaginationsand that does relate to the story description. This was a very complicated book and i lost my interest in it along the way The story of Toto, practically his coming of age, followed from the perspective of different persons The style of the novel is very challenging but i have to say Puig is a master in writing Ok, it doesn t have the profoundness of Faulkner, but the phrases are longer The different voices men or women, adolescent males, married women are very well represented through the phraseology, and this is the genius of Puig However, apart from style and writing, the novel doesn t say much and it is actually boring It is a challenge for anyone who would dare to translate it on the last page of the book it says that the translator wanted to be anonymous, because of the multiple modifications the editor made to his text Sexually, Puig s novel is very strong, i am wondering if it is in fact a lotperverted and it was only censored. A Gentle Experimental CritiqueThis 222 page novel Manuel Puig s first is a subtle exercise in stylistic experimentation, as well as a gentle critique of the effect of European and American cultural imperialism on a small town in Argentina.Three of the first four chapters out of a total of sixteen use unattributed dialogue to portray the concerns of a small group of people, including Toto The remaining chapters areor less monologues, some letters, some diary entries, one a literary essay for a competition.Puig s use of unattributed dialogue preceded William GaddisJ Rby almost seven years, though I don t recall when the style was first used as extensively as in either novel.Cliques and MultitudesPuig refers later in the novel to cliques and multitudes of people In the unattributed dialogue passages, they all have their say, although it s difficult to tell who is speaking, even if sometimes you can tell who is not speaking, because they address one of the other characters by name You have to wonder whether the ambiguity with respect to the speaker s identity means that their individual identity is less apparent or important in an age of mass culture Only in the monologues do we get a better impression of a character as a subject.Society in TransitionBoth sections of the novel capture a society in transition Its culture and entertainment moves from religion to playing checkers and dominoes to reading novels to playing football soccer to listening to radio to playing jazz records to going to the opera to watching Hollywood films Bit by bit, the populace starts to model itself, for better or worse, on what the audience has learned from Hollywood Good and bad behaviour and values are increasingly determined by film producers and actors, rather than police and priests The significance of the title isn t expressly explained, although we can infer that the false, commercialised values of Hollywood are a betrayal of the family and community values that preceded Hollywood even if some of them were dictated by the institutions of religion, such as church, convent and school.Apart from the parents, most of the characters are adolescents who are preoccupied with forming relationships with the other sex, including losing or preserving their virginity Their methodology derives from the films they have seen at the cinema.Criticising the Middle ClassesMost of the characters are relatively poor working class people Towards the end of the novel, Herminia observes Toto once a boy start to develop a political consciousnessI think of him criticising the middle classesI really hate him when he criticises people who only think about eating, sleeping and buying a car It revolts him that nobody reads, when he reads almost a book a day, and also that nobody listens to musicBut he also criticises me because I like romantic music However, the immediate cause of his politicisation is less about working conditions than it is about their ability to afford a lot of meat and fruit,which are the most expensive items Toto appears to have turned away from God, arguingGod is a sadistic power that enjoys the contemplation of suffering The social and cultural changes also reflect a transition from simplicity to complexity Even at a personal level, Herminia argues with Toto that simplicity is a virtueFor the first time I dared to tell him I would have gladly married someone like that, since that very simplicity is the foundation of happiness, and there s nothing better than to live alongside of somebody happy I would have liked to have a quiet husband, it seems to me such a man must have a definite spiritual wealth What an adventure for a woman to marry a man and gradually decipher his soul There s a premonition that modernity or post modernity is too complex for this version of the public Post post modernity seems to necessitate a return to simplicity or, at least, the simplistic.SOUNDTRACK The White Stripes Take, Take, Take I guess you couldn t call me greedyThen I was shocked to look upAnd see Rita Hayworth there in a place so seedyShe walked into the bar with her long, red, curly hairAnd that was all that I needed Ti racconto un filmDegli otto romanzi di Manuel Puig, autore che ho molto apprezzato negli anni 80, ne avevo tralasciato uno dopo 30 anni dal mio periodo Puig e a 50 dalla pubblicazione di questo libro l impatto con Il tradimento di Rita Hayworth si rivelato complicato, al punto che giunto al quarto capitolo ho dovuto fermarmi e ripartire da pagina 1, fatto per me inusuale Mi ero disabituato allo stile cos particolare dell autore argentino, con alcuni capitoli interamente composti da dialoghi privi di indicazione di chi sta parlando, situazione che si fa complessa quando a pronunciare le battute sono 4 5 personaggi diversi, come le donne che dalla prima riga del primo capitolo intrecciano pettegolezzi, osservazioni domestiche e culinarie, ricordi e racconti, mentre sono intente a ricamare L effetto che ne risulta straordinariamente efficace e realistico nel presentare l insieme di questo gruppo femminile che immaginiamo frutto affiatato di parentele e conoscenze di antica data, ma d altra parte comporta al lettore acrobazie mentali per seguire il filo del discorso, individuare i rapporti fra le dialoganti, cogliere alcuni accenni, allusioni e nomi che potranno rivelarsi e spesso lo sono determinanti per comprendere lo svolgimento successivo della storia.A capitoli come questo se ne alternano altri la maggior parte interamente occupati dal flusso di coscienza di un personaggio, talora del medesimo personaggio nella cui mente entriamo in due diversi periodi della sua vita e, come ha gi osservato qualcuno, la rappresentazione del flusso di coscienza di un bambino un esercizio affascinante ma non privo di momenti estenuanti per il lettore Il risultato di questi virtuosismi, cui si aggiungono altri materiali come le pagine di un diario, un compito scolastico o una lettera anonima, una scommessa per l assimilabilit del racconto che richiede un notevole impegno si ha l impressione che in quest opera, primo lavoro di Puig, l autore non abbia ancora messo a punto la tecnica di assemblaggio degli elementi che compongono il quadro narrativo fino a rendere l insieme un opera coerente.A parte le invadenti peculiarit dello stile, il testo di Puig dominato anche in questo romanzo dal Cinema donde il titolo , filtrato dalla sensibilit dei personaggi il piccolo Toto soprattutto che ne raccontano, riproducono ed emulano in continuazione le trame si tratta di un cinema degli anni 40, di genere soprattutto melodrammatico, hollywoodiano o locale, pervaso dalla natura del Mito in tutte le sue forme, nel divismo dei personaggi o degli interpreti, via di fuga rispetto all esistenza grama, frustrata, irrisolta che sembra accomunare, pur con accenti, pulsioni e rancori diversi, tutti i personaggi.

Manuel Puig born Juan Manuel Puig Delledonne was an Argentinian author Among his best known novels are La traici n de Rita Hayworth 1968 Betrayed by Rita Hayworth , Boquitas pintadas 1969 Heartbreak Tango , and El beso de la mujer ara a 1976 Kiss of the Spider Woman , which was made into a film by the Argentine Brazilian Director, H ctor Babenco and in 1993 into a Broadway musical.

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