Conquest (Conquest, #1)

Conquest (Conquest, #1) re read 14 December 2015 What can I say about this book It ROCKED bad pun Seriously I really had a hard time putting it down I loved the character interaction and the sound of their voices I mentioned before that my major peeve was the shift in POV for one paragraph to the next I shift POV all the time but not THAT drastically so for it to bother me is the ONLY bad thing I can say AND, it wasn t that annoying as you read so I couldn t even take off a 1 2 star for it or anything SJ shifts POV, BUT the voices of the characters are distinct enough that I think after you get going you KNOW who is talking There were some brilliant lines I d love to quote it It really was a great book Highly recommended Forgot to say one thing I truly enjoyed was the songs She wrote songs to add to the depth of Jesse and the band s authenticity I felt the emotion way because I could almost hear them by the end I wish a sound track went with the book They were beautiful. I can t elaborate about this DNF since I barely hit the 10% mark I don t even know if it was mine or the book s fault Maybe it s not my kind of book any if there was a time it was, and I m not sure about it either or maybe I just picked a bad moment to read it because even with the great company I had Izengabe I couldn t feel it I wasn t into it But it s important to state that there s nothing g wrong with the book itself, I didn t read enough to know what was going to happen And now, if you excuse me, I m gonna try and get lost in another book Not bad.I m reminded why I don t really like rocker romance books Musicians are so often written as ridiculously arrogant and that grates on me Jesse Alexander, the up and coming music phenom has conceit and ego so huge it s almost comicalHe wasn t used to being around another guy who he felt was attractive than himself He decided he would love doing photo shootspart of it could be because the extra attention he got since the photographers always wanted him in the front, in the most dramatic sexy poses, or shots of him solo Ughso arrogant.HOWEVER, the moments and there are gloriously many of them that Jesse and Even were together were surprisingly sweet and tender and steamy and overshadowed all the bit of annoyance I had I loved their relationship And I loved that they found commonality and acceptance and understanding in each other I m committed to reading book 2, though I fear once Jesse makes it big, his ego might turn me awaywe ll see I ve had this sitting on my Kindle for a while, and my resolution for this year was to catch up on reading all the books I already own No doubt that some will be better then others, as my taste has seemed to change a bit recently Thankfully, I still really liked this Both Jesse and Evan are singers Evan has already made it big, and Jesse is on the brink of all his dreams coming true These two men were both good looking, and they knew it I found that to be a bit honest then when books have these beautiful men and they have no idea of how attractive they are I also feel you would have to be self confident to chase your dreams of stardom Evan and Jesse had self confidence, especially Jesse This didn t make me dislike him I found his cockiness appealing and refreshingly different.There was a small cast of secondary characters, some for the reader to love, and some for us to hate I look forward to learning about these characters in future books There was one character driven storyline that seemed to just disappear without any real ending, but it may come up in future books I do hope so.The overall plot was a little obvious, but I was so happy reading about these two men, I really didn t mind I will be reading of this series in the near future. This book excelled my expectations I have only 3 words that best describes the story IT KICKED ASS I ll admit that I m a serious fan of the Heaven series by Jet and devoted to that being the best rock group stories but, oh yeah, now there s a but people and not the tight 2 cheek muscled ones When Jesse and Evan and we sure can t forget the guitarist which is a little too adamant about being straight came into play I was blown away Totally Reading the lyrics I envisioned what I thought they would sound like and was impressed by them At the end of the story you can catch a glimpse of the next story after this called FEAR, but there s no way, no how I was going to read it and sit back eager to read it having only gotten a taste of what s to come I m not a very patient guy One of my failed human traits, but aren t we all like that snorts Now I thought for sure Tim would seek revenge but I guess we ll just have to wait and see if plays up in the next book, hmmm.Anyhow it s a two thumbs up I even dedicate one song to Jesse Tongue Tied by Faber Drive laughing After waiting so long to read this I was a little worried it wouldn t live up to my expectations, I m happy to say I had nothing to worry about This was a great story to lose yourself in A main couple that were so damn cute together,and secondary characters you wanted to either hug or strangle One of my favorite parts was the interaction between Jesse and his brother Brandon So funny but so realistic too In fact pretty much everyone was believable, view spoiler With maybe the exception of Tim He was a little too cliche d for me I can t help but feel his character would of gone to the press no matter what kind of hush hush clause he signed when he took the job Arragant asses like him believe they can get away with anything As for Trisha, you know right from the start she is there purely as a extra story line Whether she will become the main story later on or just keep popping up so we can all hate her in small doses remains to be seen,LOL hide spoiler Jesse and Evan are just SWOON I WANT TO LIKE EAT SMOOCH THEM I swear MM books just do something to me P hahaTheir love story is like SUPER cute and the lyrics of the songs were just breathe takingly amazing Jesse and Evan are Adorable 3 I loved this book steamy, romantic and beautiful DJumping onto the next book to re read it Mod Conquest Reforged Minecraft Conquest Reforged S Appuie Sur L Inventaire Des Crations De Minecraft En Rorganisant Chaque Bloc Et Chaque Onglet Pour Offrir Une Slection De Blocs Intuitive Le Bois N Est Plus Mlang La Pierre Les Blocs Ont T Regroup En Fonction De Leur Matriau Et De Leur Utilit Conquest Definition Of Conquest By The Free A A Person Or Group Whose Affection Or Admiration Has Been Gained The Pianist Made A Conquest Of Every Audience On The Tour Longines Conquest Classic Montres Tradition HorlogreConquest La Longines Conquest Reprsente La Quintessence De L Lgance Sportive De La Marque Une Attention Toute Particulire 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Smith And Games Like Stronghold Many Creative And Exeptional Builders And Players Have Gathered And Made The Comunity Flourish In The Light That It Is Today Battle Conquest Home Battle Conquest Is Totally Free I Will Never Ask You To Pay Anything I Will Never Ask You To Pay Anything But I Will Actually Ask You One Thing To Disable Your Adblockers Conquest Reforged So Good It Is Not Even Minecraft The Minecraft Mod That Brings You New Blocks New World And A Whole New Level Of Freedom Astro Conquest Astro Conquest Is A Space Strategy Game Build Up Your Star Empire Many Space Ship Classes Are Available On Astro Conquest Build Starbase Defense Cannons To Protect Your Base Create An Alliance Or Join An Alliance To Team Play With Your Friends Against Other Real Players Fuck yes Hot and sappy, my favourite This book did it for me, I don t know how to describe it But yes Conquest is an amazing book, and it has great characters Its a very sweet story and might not be for everyone I know some of the things in this book are usually no no s for me, and that was interesting for me because I did not hate them in here Jesse, was a character I found rather adorable from the beginning Even with his insane temper and nerdy ways I was smitten with him I hated his father and mother throughout this book It was something I hoped would have been resolved, but it was not essential either He is an amazingly gifted singer and that was shown as the book progressed His talent for songwriting as well was shown at certain points of the book And I just loved his relationship with Evan.Evan, for me was a character I loved and felt so so, sorry for He had his fair share of tough times and then when he was finally happy he was forced to do something he never wanted to do His character was far complex for me than Jesse s, but no interesting He just had some dimension that Jesse did not need to have But Evan s character needed the complexity and the mystery It was all part of his charm, which I have to admit won me over.Jesse Evan image error

S.J Frost resides in Ohio with her family, pets, and horses Her short stories have been featured in several erotic and romance anthologies, and her novels are published through MLR Press Rock stars, vampires, fantasy heroes, and , she enjoys dabbling in many different sub genres in gay romance, but no matter what she writes, love and passion are the driving forces in every story.

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