The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat

The Berenstain Bears Trick or TreatThis is a fairly typical Berenstain Bears book, a cute story about the Bear family with a moral lesson woven throughout This time the moral is don t judge a book by its cover, or rather, as the book mentions, appearances can be deceiving We enjoyed reading this book together. Brother and Sister bear map out their locations for trick or treating Halloween night, the first year they ll be allowed out without Mama and Papa One place they plan to avoid is Miz McGrizz s scary place, but when they end up there unexpectedly, she turns out to be a nice old lady who makes fantastic candy apples. Slightly dated considering the cubs go trick or treating without an adult, but the book is very effective at conveying the message that appearances can be decieving My three year old, who I thought might be too young for this book, seemed to understand the basic idea I like how the book does not try to scare kids, but attempts to make kids aware and cautious, to trust their instincts. Jump into this cute story and have fun trick or treating with brother and sister bear Happy Halloween. Appearance can be deceiving I agree totally with it Sis bear and Brother are not going to Miz McGrizz Because they thought she is a witch But she led the terrified cubs into a cozy living room.She was a sweet, kind old person. I have mixed reviews about this book I loved the lesson moral of the story appearances can be deceiving, but didn t like that fact that the kids ventured out by themselves Espeically on Halloween Yikes Granted this book was written twenty some years ago, but still I d never let my kids trick or treat by themselves today. Popular E Book, The Berenstain Bears Trick Or Treat Author Stan Berenstain This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Berenstain Bears Trick Or Treat, Essay By Stan Berenstain Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Even little bears expect a good fright when they go out for treats on Halloween night I was surprised that the story wasn t rhyming and was like an actual story rather than a poem The title page had the above rhyme, and the last Berenstain Bears Halloween book rhymed so it was a surprise that this one didn t.Brother Bear s costume didn t look so much like a spooky monster as it did a devil costume I thought it was actually a devil until I read the next page The illustrator should have gone with a different colored costume besides all red It s really weird that Papa Bear would be the one not okay with the kids going trick or treating by themselves, and the mom doesn t really care Now, Papa If Brother and Sister want to accept the challenge of going out on their own, I think we should encourage them The mom s character is actually annoying I don t like the role she had, always knowing what was best, like her word was law She did have rules for them though, they had to stay in their own neighborhood and couldn t eat any of the treats until they got home.The illustrations could have done without all of the lines through everything It made the pictures look really scratchy.The authors used the word deceiving, but at least Mama Bear explained that it means things aren t always what they look like When they used the word forbidding though, that was a really bad idea There are many simple synonyms that would have worked to replace that word, that kids would understand Ventured wasn t a good idea either I m surprised at the word choices in here Kids wouldn t know these The word warily was used and someone definitely should have edited this thing to get all of the big words out You just can t use words like this in a children s book Interesting concept that Brother put together a map of the neighborhood and which houses to go to They decide not to go to the witch s house Mama Bear overhears and tells them the person is a kind old lady who looks forbidding but is nice Too Tall Bear and his gang led them to the witch s house The door opens and she invites all the cubs inside, gives them candy apples to eat I was disappointed they just walked out immediately after and didn t stay and talk I expected a better moment of them getting to know her All Sister said was Mama was right, she is a nice old lady, and then they left to continue trick or treating By the end it was Sister Bear who was telling her dad that he must remember appearances can be quite deceiving He asked where they got the candy apples, and when they told him he said From that scary looking old grouch puss that lives down Crooked Lane I m surprised he said that about the old woman I expected from the witch scenario, like maybe they would go and see her or learn of a lesson. This was one of the books I was most excited to read for Halloween, so I saved it for Halloween night I meant to read this last, but I somehow ended up reading something else last Farmer Ben It was nice to see people from the books that are also in the show Just watched an episode where they competed against each other for the biggest pumpkin.They say he s going as a monster but it looks like the devil.Papa s scary face was too scary He looks demented They go to the doctor s to trick or treat even though she gives out healthy snacks, just to be polite I thought that was nice They can see the scary house from their house They looked out the window there it was That doesn t seem realistic, as there s never been a haunted house that I ve seen I don t like when authors throw out houses and people for convenience, in one book or episode, and then you never see them again I also dk why it was considered haunted, because it was a cute house in good shape.The branches of the tree looked weird shooting up from the house There s one branch with a window in it, but you couldn t physically get into the branch to even look out of it also, it looks too tiny a house to live in, and have different rooms I didn t understand when Too Tall funny name said they d tie knots in her clothesline What would that do It was a surprise to have the woman pop out, full of ire, saying Aha I m ready for you it was nice that she saw it coming, and ruined their pranks I like that she was spunky and not helpless It was odd how the woman just takes Brother and Sister and their friends into her house, and not the bad kids, when they were with the bad kids, and all a part of going to teepee her house Where did the bad kids go That scene was over so fast Then they re leaving I was like what I thought they d get to know her and realize she s nice become her friend I just read Arthur s Halloween, where the story was similar, so I guess I was expecting something like that.Never heard of grouch puss before.There was a lesson to be learned, but it needed.It s 2 stars I like reading books that are shows, because it feels like watching the show you can read it in their voices and imagine it as an episode. I recently came across Trick or Treat in an unpacked box of books My mom must have snuck it in for me before I moved and I m so glad she did I live a thousand miles from home and was feeling homesick so when I found this hidden in the box I had to read it right away Trick or Treat isn t necessarily one of my favorite Berenstain Bears books, but it still has a good lesson for children to learn Brother and Sister Bear are going trick or treating on their own with friends this year and are planning out their route When they are out an older group of kids tries to get them to play some tricks on an old neighbor that the kids believe to be a witch In the end everybody learns that appearances can be deceiving.

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