Suicide Blonde: The Life of Gloria Grahame

Suicide Blonde: The Life of Gloria Grahame Starring In Such Films As Crossfire And The Bad And The Beautiful, Gloria Was A Legend On Screen As Well As Off Here Is Her Biography, A Story Of A Self Destructive Woman On A Collision Course With The Stars And A Vastly Underrated Classic Actress Who Will Never Be ForgottenBlack And White Photos

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Suicide Blonde: The Life of Gloria Grahame book, this is one of the most wanted Vincent Curcio author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➶ Suicide Blonde: The Life of Gloria Grahame By Vincent Curcio –
  • Hardcover
  • 319 pages
  • Suicide Blonde: The Life of Gloria Grahame
  • Vincent Curcio
  • English
  • 26 January 2018
  • 9780688067182

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    It s unfortunate that this is the only really definitive biography of Gloria Grahame out there and it s even out of print The book reeks of a casual sexism that no one would have likely blinked an eye at when it was written it zooms through her professional work and instead lingers on her romantic failures and her maternal tribulations Most unsettling, it both worships and tears down Grahame s vulnerabilities focusing on why she was difficult to work with and how she was troubled rather than addressing that in a larger context of her life and work tbh the book pretty much lost me the moment it suggested that all of Gloria s life problems stemmed from her heavy, painful periods and the way they made her behave I hope someone out there someday will give Grahame the due she deserves because it certainly isn t to be found here.

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    I enjoyed learning about this actress She was familiar to me mainly for her role as Violet in It s A Wonderful Life After re watching that movie this Christmas and not having seen it in years , I became intrigued by the Violet character and the actress who played her I had also seen Oklahoma and The Bad and the Beautiful a long time ago I ve started watching some of her other films recently, like The Big Heat, In a Lonely Place, and Crossfire, and have discovered what a terrific and complex presence she was, especially in the film noir era It turns out her life was often as colorful and complicated and sad and difficult as the characters she played Thankfully, the author of this bio writes about Grahame with a lot of empathy And being a theater director, he brings an interesting insider s knowledge of the theater world and doesn t shortchange that part of Grahame s acting career, which became the better focus of her work near the end of her life after good film roles dried up for her Too bad there isn t an even recent bio of Grahame I think there s appreciation for her acting style and the kind of roles she played these days I once read that Annette Bening used her as inspiration for her role in The Grifters, a character Grahame would ve been perfect for.

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    Gloria Grahame should have been institutionalized Read it and see if you agree.

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    I almost gave the book three stars because it wasn t a particularly pleasant read, but the writing at the end the inglorious end of Grahame s life was quite thoughtful, so I decided that any lack of pleasure in reading the book rested with the subject and not the author He has a difficult job of making the book compelling, as Gloria was not an easy person to know As a star, I already felt that I knew her quite well, occasionally rolling my eyes as her name appeared in the credits of one 50s melodrama or noir after another, usually playing a mild variation of the sexually frustrated wife or too knowing moll I know most of the facts of her life, particularly her marriage to Nicholas Ray, the behind the scenes of In a Lonely Place , marriage to Tony Ray, and her later career in the theater This book helped put all of those into a coherent chronology by filling in the gaps, most notably her tumultuous third marriage, her protracted divorce custody battles with husbands 3 4, and her fall from grace due to not just marriage 4 with Tony Ray, but also completely ruining her reputation on the set of Oklahoma where she was difficult not just with lighting, blocking, and of course, makeup, but also removed from the actors and supposedly kicked Charlotte Greenwood out of frame once She seemed to operate in a world sealed off from others, which became especially noticeable as an actress in stage rehearsals She was intelligent but could make people do things for her by acting helpless She was very sharp regarding business deals for film TV but had strange ideas about how to act on the set consistently not hitting her marks or intentionally staying out of the light, or focusing on how her lips were made up and not caring about the rest She would latch onto an idea and stick with it beyond all reason her plastic surgery around her mouth being the most notable example Yet she couldn t make up her mind whether she should be a leading lady or a character actress She s just a difficult star to know I recommend this book to anyone who has found her fascinating, as her career is different than most other actresses of the era due to her idiosyncrasies and the extreme natures of her marriages As a mother, she could be somewhat careless or remote, but she seemed to try very hard to provide an inheritance for all four of her children in the last few years of her life, accruing 100,000 through theater work and a few TV gigs As a wife, she tried very hard to be a homemaker, but once it was apparent she was not going to be ultimately successful at it, she wanted to get back to work She seemed to exist in sort of a haze of her own creation, and the people who had long relationships with her knew how to negotiate with her by keeping communication on a very concrete, strictly factual basis Hollywood, however, found her solitary and inflexible, unable to create a whole person of herself that could relate to the wants and needs of her co workers Even when working in theater where she was allowed to focus on her craft, she never verbalized her thinking and left the actors and directors mystified.I do not recommend this book if you or someone close to you is going through a long custody battle, as most of the 1960s are filled with these details and it is very exhausting if you are going through it yourself.

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    Gloria Grahame is one of my favourite actresses, mostly for her low life noir characters Now I ll have to get hold of The Bad and the Beautiful, for which she won Best Supporting Actress Oscar Her second husband was Nicholas Ray, who directed her in the wonderful In a Lonely Place Her fourth husband was Ray s son by a previous marriage In other words she married her stepson, which meant that her son with Ray senior found that his half brother was his new stepdad She came from a British stage family and, after her film roles dried up, she worked in television and in plays such as Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, often in the UK Her final illness began in Lancaster where she was rehearsing for The Glass Menagerie.So the author a theatre producer and fan has plenty of material, and he does it justice It s not a scholarly book but seems balanced and well sourced, even though the Suicide Blonde title has no link to real events Copies of the book are usually expensive by my standards This one cost me just ten pounds including postage from the US, so never mind that it s a former New York Public Library copy with the photo section ripped out.

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    Not sure I can separate how I felt about the book from how fascinated I became about the actress and the history presented here Knew virtually nothing about Gloria Grahame and was drawn in to the film industry as presented here Often found the author doing commentary on her life than just writing her bio though and it was distracting Also, crazy long paragraphs and a few times where future incidents were alluded to and felt out of order from the chronological sequence of the book, made it harder to read Really felt like I would like to know about this woman

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    Bio of a B starlet famous for her noir roles and winning a best supporting actress Oscar she lived the 40 s 50 s Hollywood cliche Probably best known for marrying her step son Well researched but a little dry.

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