The Mystery of the Scar-Faced Beggar (The Three Investigators, #31)

The Mystery of the Scar-Faced Beggar (The Three Investigators, #31)Einer meiner Lieblingsf lle bzw folgen Die H rspielfolge ist auf Grund ihrer unaufgeregten Sprecher schon sehr angenehm, das Buch dazu hat mich gefesselt.Vor allem die Beschreibung ganz am Anfang des Blinden war sehr atmosph risch Generell einer der fr heren F lle, die in typischer Drei Art einen relativ einfachen und leicht nachzuvollziehenden Hintergrund bilden, und vielleicht gerade dadurch spannend umgesetzt werden konnten. T3I Update 31 read, 12 paperbacks to goThis was the first T3I book without Alfred Hitchcock as the introducing character and lead mentor Instead, a fictional movie director takes up the role and actually plays a part in the story very similar to what Alfred Hitchcock did in the very first T3I titles The structure and all of the T3I elements were still present in this book, and the boys do a great job untangling the mystery In most other respects, one would not spot much of a difference among this book and most others in the series The international South American presence near Rocky Beach is somewhat over the top, but nothing than where a few other books in the series go It is certainly nowhere near as far fetched as the much earlier Mystery of the Silver Spider This is a good solid read even if somewhat of a downer because of the loss of Hitchcock not being part of the series Remember, he had passed away before this book was published and his continued presence in the series was not authorized by his heirs Hitchcock was mentioned in the plot, but his name was no longer on the cover. This wasn t a bad mystery, but wasn t really one of the better one either I have yet to go below three stars for a Three Investigators story, and probably never will I just enjoy the characters too much, and even if the stories are a little formulaic they are still a fun read.This one did have some international intrigue as the plot dealt with rebels in a Latin American Country, bank robbing, gun running, and a high speed boat chase to boot I did enjoy it, just didn t think it was top tier Still, if you re a Three Investigators fan, I m sure you ll want to give this one a read. Pretty underwhelming and forgettable Skip it and stick to the earlier books in the series. It s an interesting choice by M.V Carey to choose to actually involve Hector Sebastian into this case The unfortunate issue is that she had inadvertently ruined the publisher s intent to ret con the previous books to excise Alfred Hitchock It s clearly stated that this is where they first met Hector Sebastian and that they were upset at Hitchcock s passing.Meanwhile, it s also of note that the writers have elected to accept that these books are concurrent with the time of their writing Which is confusing that the boys do not age, yet the technology and vehicles of the world advance at an alarming rate Whether or not this also precipitated the absence of Worthington and the Rolls Royce isn t clear at this stage But the boys have definitely shifted to using Greyhound Buses as their means of longer distance transport. The Mystery of the Scar Faced Beggar marks the very first appearance of the fictional mystery writer Hector Sebastian in the T3I series, and aside from this landmark, it is another enjoyable adventure from M.V Carey, involving South American revolutions, a woman who has prophetic dreams, and the mysterious panhandler of the title As often happens when I read M.V Carey s contributions to the series, I found myself enjoying a few of the side characters almost as much as the main trio Shelby Tuckerman and Gracie Montoya are characters that have stuck in my mind quite well since last reading this story, and Hector Sebastian emerges here as a laid back and friendly successor to Alfred Hitchcock The character of Don has not aged well, and I tend to get secondhand embarrassment when reading about him, but his appearances in the series are brief and so this luckily doesn t hamper my enjoyment of the series very much It s not among my favorites, but The Mystery of the Scar Faced Beggar is still a suspenseful yet relaxing page turner for me. Menurut saya, cerita kali ini terasa lambat alurnya Dari awal, susah menemukan benang merah yang terjalin dari setiap kejadian, jadi, yah, endingnya merupakan sebuah plottwist yang cukup mengejutkan haha. Popular E Book, The Mystery Of The Scar Faced Beggar The Three Investigators, 31 Author M.V Carey This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Mystery Of The Scar Faced Beggar The Three Investigators, 31 , Essay By M.V Carey Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You In this one, the three boys do real detective work than we usually see them do In my opinion, Carey s earlier contributions to the series were quite weak However, his writing and his portrayal of the boys has improved to the point that I think this is one of the best of the whole series.The interesting part of this book is the introduction of Hector Sebastian Originally the series used Alfred Hitchcock as a character who introduced the write up of the boys adventures After Hitchcock s death in 1980, the fictional Sebastian was introduced to replace Hitchcock For a number of reasons, the series was later rewritten without Hitchcock s name All of Hitchcock s appearances were replaced by Hector Sebastian I don t know if this book was also rewritten in later editions, but at least the edition I have shows that Sebastian character was originally not intended to be written over the previous stories. Probably the least enjoyable of the 3I books At around 30 the series went into a slump, with the writers putting little or no creativity into the stories The publishers really messed up by accepting such awful stories when they should have either brought in new writers or made the older ones put a lot into their work It seems that by the 1980s they believed that the new stories would just sell on the back of the older ones and let it go at that A pity This book has a very weak plot and boring characters Reading it was like watching a mortally wounded animal you just wanted it to end and put it out of its misery.

Also known as Mary V CareyPersonal Born May 19, 1925, in New Brighton, England brought to the United States in 1925, naturalized citizen in 1955 daughter of John Cornelius an engineer and Mary Alice Hughes Carey Home address in 1993 was 3748 Birch St., Ventura, CA.Ms Carey passed away in 1994.Education College of Mount St Vincent, B.S., 1946.Religion Roman CatholicCareer Coronet, New

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