The War of the Worlds: H.G. Wells's Classic Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies

The War of the Worlds: H.G. Wells's Classic Plus Blood, Guts and Zombiesmost excellent When the first of these classic books with horror elements added turned up, I didn t think I would bother with any of them Maybe I convinced myself that what was done was a crime against the long dead author Then this book turned up I couldn t deny that I was curious That s when I realized that the reason I wasn t interested in the other zombified classics had nothing to do with sensitivity to the original authors integrity I simply wasn t interested even in the original book, let alone any reworked version But I was definitely a fan of the original War of the Worlds For me to dismiss this work simply because it revamps and old classic would be hypocritical I m a huge fan of Orson Welles radio play, George Pal s movie, and Marvel Comics excellent Killraven series So, I had to check out this book.Upon finishing the book, I was a little uncertain about how I felt about it Surprisingly, this Blood Enriched version didn t feel so very different from the original Eric Brown very nearly seamlessly writes in H G Wells style, but for a word usage here and there that had me scratching my head Perhaps I was expecting this book to be far radically different from the original I failed to reckon that Wells novel did have elements of a good horror story already After all, it is a story about inhuman monsters attempting the wholesale slaughter of humanity Eric Brown just introduced a second group of monsters Eric did have of a voice in the ending of the book, however The famous ending of the Martians remains as Wells wrote, but there is With all of the above stated, I did enjoy reading this novel And that s all that matters. The Invasion Begins And The Dead Start To Rise There S Panic In The Streets Of London As Invaders From Mars Wreak Havoc On The Living, Slaying The Populace With Heat Rays And Poisonous Clouds Of Black Smoke Humanity Struggles To Survive Against Technology Far Beyond Its Own, Meeting Fear And Death At Every Turn But That S Not The Only Struggle Mankind Must Face The Dead Are Rising From Their Graves With An Insatiable Hunger For Human Flesh Friends, Neighbours And Loved Ones Lost To The War Of The Worlds Are Now The Enemy And The Earth Is Forever Changed It S Kill Or Be Killed, If You Want To Survive, Otherwise You Might Become One Of The Walking Dead Yourself Invaders from the Red Planet come to earth, causing zombies to swarm the planet, thus threatening all of mankind instead of just Great Britain The possibility of life on other planets has been written about in many genres, especially science fiction Author Eric S Brown s fascination with zombies has led him to modify H.G Wells classic, War of the Worlds While the Mars invaders in that original novel were limited to Great Britain, here zombies are created worldwide, as particles falling off the Martian spaceships spread throughout earth s atmosphere.Brown s version can be liken to his purchase of a frosted cake from a bakery to which he added a few sprinkles for decoration whereupon he takes credit for creating the entire confection To say that the addition of zombies to this timeless tale is superficial is an understatement Unlike Well s original, this version needs additional editing There are some sentences with either a misspelled or missing word For example on page 87, It was my unfortunate luck that a dead man already killed the ditch home There are also a few minor formatting issues, although they do not affect the flow of the story Readers interested in other War of the Worlds adaptations can read George H Smith s, The Second War of the Worlds Was and Manly Wade Wellman s Sherlock Holmes War of the Worlds J.M Dillard s War of the World s The Resurrection Max Allan Collin s War of the Worlds Murder Tony Wright s War of the Worlds Aftermath Douglas Niles War of the Worlds New Millennium Gabriel Mesta s The Martian Wars or, War of the Worlds Global Dispatch edited by Kevin J Anderson.Readers interested in other zombie tales can read any one of Eric E Brown s numerous books on zombies or World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. I was really impressed with this I had thought that it would likely be campy and silly but I honestly couldn t really tell where Wells left off and Brown started Not without sitting down with the original Brown worked the zombies very well into the original plot and did it in a logical manner A very, very good read Wells fan of War of the Worlds won t be disappointed. I like how the book puts you in the perspective where you can visualize the story like its a movie It also shows you in detail how advance earth was in their time and how the outbreak effected it Plus the novel gives you a feel of how the characters reacted to the conflict and how they are dealing with it. Entertaining book I enjoyed it I loved the original book so when I saw this in the store I had to see what it was like It kept me entertained and was a fast paced book Good read for Halloween time of the year I like the subtle message that we should learn to live for the moment because you never know what the future may bring Interesting take on H G Wells, just OK not great But entertaining. Eric seemlessly adds zombies to the tale I couldn t really tell where his voice ended and Mr Wells started If you are looking for gruesome violence you may want to look elsewhere, otherwise I think Eric did a great job. I was pleasantly surprised by this book I had it for a long time before I decided to start reading it in October 2015 I figured that, hey, it was Halloween season and Halloween means spooky things, so why not finally read the book about aliens AND zombies That s a pretty awesome combination if you ask me, so I really don t remember why it took so long for me to read it I definitely don t regret it, though.One of the things I was most concerned about when I first started the book was how well Eric Brown s writing would mesh with H.G Wells Wells is, obviously, one of the driving forces in the science fiction genre, so it was only natural that I worry about some modern day writer coming in and possibly butchering a classic story with modern lingo and lots and gratuitous blood Listen, I know Plus Blood, Guts, and Zombies is in the title, but there can be too much blood in a book I first read the original The War of the Worlds for school one year and I had enjoyed it, though I was young enough that I couldn t quite appreciate it yet.My worry was unfounded Somehow or another, Brown managed to replicate Wells voice in such a way that, if I hadn t read the original book, I might have had trouble being able to tell where Wells stopped and Brown began and vice versa It was amazing how seamlessly the zombies and extra blood and guts were knitted into the original story Considering that the original is already about Martians, I can t really say that the addition of zombies was entirely natural, but all things considered, it was a match made in heaven I don t know if anyone else could have pulled it off the way Brown did I have a lot of respect for him after impossibly making a classic story even appealing to people like myself I loved this book, I really did It sounds crazy It sounds insane Who would put zombies in the The War of the Worlds Eric S Brown, that s who And it was a wonderful, amazing idea This was so much fun than you d expect It sounds like it might be dumb, I know it does based on that title, but it s way better than you d think I d love to find the time to reread this book one day I really do recommend it, both to people who already like science fiction and classics, and people who aren t super into either but might like to give one a try It s unbelievable Definitely read this book if you have the slightest interest

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  • The War of the Worlds: H.G. Wells's Classic Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies
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  • 14 September 2017
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