Shanghaied Hong Kongs Been Handed Back To The Chinese Ray Sharps Whole World Is Changing Carnivorous Tibetan Monks Are Worried About What A Chinese Bank Is Doing With Their Money A Murderous, Sociopathic Veteran Of The US Invasion Of Grenada, Along With His Twin Kung Fu Bodyguards, Floss And Betty, Muddy The Waters Adding To It All Is A Painful Dumpling Accident, Drugs, Sex And Rock And Roll Along With The Usual Coterie Of Business Moguls, Hookers, Friends And Foes And The Return Of Rays Chinese Mexican Colleague And Pal, The Diminutive Ms Wen Lei Yue

Eric Stone s most recent book is SHANGHAIED , the fourth book in his Ray Sharp series of detective thrillers set in Asia and based on true stories The previous books in the series are FLIGHT OF THE HORNBILL, GRAVE IMPORTS and THE LIVING ROOM OF THE DEAD He is also the author of Wrong Side of the Wall a true crime sports biography Eric worked for many years as a journalist in the U.S and

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  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Shanghaied
  • Eric Stone
  • English
  • 24 March 2019
  • 9781606480304

10 thoughts on “Shanghaied

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    Although I liked the exotic China location and the early parts of the book, the main plot and the bad guys are summarily executed mid way through the story In fact, the main character is supposedly killed off.In the second half Lei Yue, Sharp s dwarf friend has to overcome her heroin addiction, which she was injected with when she was a prisoner of the bad guys The descriptions of her addiction and battle with it fully realized but was not what I was expecting in this story.If Ray Sharp is dead, which seems to be the case, it will be one of the first mysteries that I have ever read where the name character is killed off Not sure I liked it.

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    spoiler alert Enjoyed this tale that was set in Hong Kong and mainland China at the time of the handover some great descriptions of the local scenes and way of life Ray Sharp is an interesting character, but one it appears that rather strangely the author has tired with as in a rather strange twist which I didn t feel really added to the plot or the book overall he is killed off mid way through The apparent hero s the reader is left with are a Mexican lesbian dwarf and a struggling Korean hooker who don t really measure up.

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    No spoilers allowed Eric s evocations of this part of the world are distinctively good, slightly sour, definitely spicy He takes a leap off the diving board with this book, the 4th in the series Brave writer

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    Thin writing Detailed sex scenes to fill the pages Rotten implausible plot and ending.

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