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The Privateer Thorne pens an intriguing tale of pirates, privateers, and Caribbean secrets with The Privateer Kate O Connell is looking to start a new life for herself on the island of San Madrid, but her new life is full of challenges, including the handsome Captain Adair and Captain Bertrand Who will win her heart Set in the early 1700 s in the West Indies, Captain Adair is in charge of the British Navy sailing ship, The Indemnity Captain Julius Bertrand is a privateer in charge of The Specter It s their job to protect the island from pirates Bertrand soon discovers there s a plot to acquire great wealth spearheaded by the pirate Moreaux.Kate O Connell, a young woman, arrives on San Madrid along with her father who has been commissioned as the island s doctor At a welcoming party, Kate makes a poor impression by speaking her mind and being honest The island s society women frown upon her Adair and Bertrand find themselves intrigued with Kate.Captain Adair makes an effort to court Kate, but it s Bertrand who has caught Kate s interest, despite the fact he gives his cabin boy a lashing that Kate doesn t approve of Bertrand shows Kate he cares with little gestures, by sending her a parrot and saving her during a shark attack, but he never vocalizes his feelings.Both men realize they have to marry, but who will be the one to capture Kate s heart The plot does revolve around Kate and Bertrand, but rarely do their paths cross until the end when the pirates attack.What Thorne does well is bring a rich authenticity to the story which puts the reader right in the scene with the characters The writing is crisp and the dialogue is as well The descriptions paint a vivid picture of the setting Thorne paints island life perfectly from the dangers of a shark attack to day to day occurrences.The supporting cast is a delight from the dashing Captain Adair, to the boy, McAllister, and to the Spencer ladies who embody the prestige and privilege of the nobility.Kate is a spunky heroine She knows her mind and is true to herself The hurricane tests her courage and will to her limits Bertrand is an enigma He s very methodical and thorough, however there are times he does things the reader doesn t expect.The story is sweet in romance and full of adventure Overall, The Privateer is a swashbuckling tale of the Caribbean full of hope, intrigue, and courage. Popular Book, The Privateer By Danielle Thorne This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Privateer , Essay By Danielle Thorne Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is such an engrossing story I don t want to give anything away, or reveal too much I d just like to say how much the characters surprised me, things happened with them that I didn t expect at all In the latter part of the book after the hurricane practically destroys the small island where the setting takes place, you re then swept away because almost immediately pirates attack the survivors You should be made aware that the author doesn t angelize these brutal men She s graphic when describing their actions The last few chapters are nail biting, and I felt tensed all the way through, like I sat atop a mile high roller coaster without knowing if I d ever make it to the safety of the ground.Descriptions are fantastic, historical facts related with accurate knowledge, dialogue perfect.My only complaint is that this is an ebook I want this story in print so I can proudly display it on my keeper shelf I didn t like this one as much as her first book There were quite a few lengthy passages that I just didn t fully understand and were hard to follow There was a lot of maritime warfare strategy that I thought was too much And it really ended too soon Yes from the first book we know what ultimately happens, but we needed a detailed version in this novel Overall, I did like it but it left me a little disappointed. If you like brave, intelligent, independent women who speak their mind, Kate O Connell is that ideal girl Even though The Privateer wasn t for me, Danielle does a great job in creating her different characters on her island and ending the book with a great pirate ending I did find the book a bit slow and left my mind wanting from the various relationships with the characters in the novel but for someone else, it might be the perfect combination I have to admit I wanted between Kate and Bertrand While I enjoy a good passionate scene, it s not required I ve read many inspirational romance novels that don t have the erotic scenes but were still wonderful love stories But then again, I did come into this story thinking I was going to be reading of a historical romance than anything For a first novel though, the story was still rather good Makes me wonder if there are any future plans for continuing the story perhaps of Captain Adair and Miriam it would be nice to finally get them together.This is my second fiction e book I have ever read and unfortunately I found it a bit difficult electronically so I ended up printing out a double sided copy to read from If I had an electronic device such as Kindle or read the story in sections through a service like DailyLit it may have been easier to read electronically Unfortunately I wasn t able to save spots within the e book in the PDF format I had on my Blackberry and my Blackberry e reader would have required that I convert it into a special format requiring paying for some special software. Okay Tammy, I m done reading this and have come to the conclusion that I enjoyed only half of this book The storyline involving Bertrand was not too exciting for me The Kate storyline was much engaging I felt the whole thing a bit contrived but aren t most of these books anyway, it ended much too quickly and without enough string to tie the ends off neatly. Fun and clean love story Captain Julius Bertrand was once a pirate but gained a pardon from the governor of the Bahamas Later with his Letters of Marque, he teams up with Lt Shane Adair and begins his career as a privateer The two are commissioned by the British Crown and are trying to find the French pirate, who sails under no certain flag Bertrand suspects it is a man from his past with a personal vendetta against him They also are investigating why the Spanish guardcostas are dumping the logbooks Bertrand has sacrifice much to become a respected man in society and the bounty on his head threatens to destroy it all.Kate O Connell helps her father, who is a doctor retired from the Royal Navy She s traveled all over the world with her father and is very independent for the standards of the time and has no trouble voicing her political views They ve settled in San Madrid where her father is now the resident physician She may claim she has no interest in marriage, but finds she s drawn to Bertrand Though the feeling is mutual neither pursue the relationship further due to the social standards and personal beliefs Bertrand is forced to look elsewhere for a wife Lt Adair tries to court Kate and a man from Kate s past arrives in San Madrid to complicate matters.The Privateer starts out slow and I wasn t sure where the tale was going, but it all becomes clear as the story unfolds All questions are answered and there is an explosive final confrontation Ms Thorne has written a detailed historical piece that captures the era where marriage and secure social standards are honor bound The romance is minimal and strictly polite conversations even when there is a disagreement The dialog was perfect for this time period, sweeping you back in time I thought of Jane Austen novels in this respect The pirates are not the romantic heroes but the true to life dangerous men where violence is apart of their daily routine The author betrays their viciousness with descriptions that will chill you I don t want to give anything away, but there was a moment that I thought there couldn t possibly be a happy ending I was surprised by this certain event, but realized it would have been expected in this time period I m glad to say it all worked out in the end.Recommended for those who love classic historical fiction. THE PRIVATEER should no longer be available from Awestruck Publishing Watch for the re release of the uncut, detailed and adventurous edition in January 2011 with Desert Breeze Publishing.

Danielle Thorne is the author of classic romance and adventure in several genres She loves Jane Austen, pirates, beaches, cookies, antiques, cats, dogs, and long naps She does not like phone calls or sushi A graduate of BYU Idaho, Danielle saw early work published by Every Day Fiction, Arts and Prose Magazine, Mississippi Crow, The Nantahala Review, StorySouth, and you get the idea Besides wr

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