The Sword Thief

The Sword ThiefAmy and Dan s treasure hunt continues in Japan many adventures and some really surprising twists in such a short story Highly recommended Dan s eyes were cast upward, gawking at a steel structure that rose above the park Cool, someone brought over the Eiffel Tower and painted it red and white Alistair smiled The Tokyo Tower is taller than its Parisian counterpart, but also lighter, due to advances in steel construction advances that were developed, may I add, by an Ekat engineer My illustrious family A fun, fast adventure, but no where near as substantive or satisfying as the first 2 in the series It felt like watching a Disney TV series, each chapter ending in a cliffhanger thank goodness there were no commercials I really miss the strong historical bent of the first 2 books There was some info here about the Japanese historical figure, but not nearly as much as in the past books There was some nice character development, humor, and, as I said, terrific adventure If this had been the first book in the series I would have enjoyed it but probably not bothered with additional books As the third installment of many it was acceptable but not wonderful. E ovog puta se primeti da imamo novog pisca Cccc, teta Nije da puno smeta ali ima manjih reakcija kod glavnih likova koje nisu na nivou prethodne dve i umeju da bodu o i Do kraja se navikne na to ali malo smeta.Sem toga nema ta puno re i, opet ska emo po egzoti nim lokacijama Akcije ima vi e po to naravno da su morali da ubace ninje i yakuze i injenica da je svaki azijat kung fu majstor Dobro ovde imamo jednog azijata al opet PSve u svemu na nivou prethodnih i potraga se nastavlja. The Sword Thief Pre Reading Checklist I own a samurai sword because I m secretly a ninja and in case the apocalypse happens in my lifetime I own a private plane I have great respect for the inventor of microwavable burritos I often get kidnapped by relatives I m super talented at throwing shurikens I m amazing at solving anagrams I m an alchemist I think Rufus, not Romulus, should ve been the name of the co founder of RomeRatings of previous books Book 1 The Maze of Bones Book 2 One False Note Book In The Bestselling The Clues Series May Just Be The Most Thrill Packed Yet ATTENTION Amy And Dan Cahill Have Been Located Once Again, This Time In The Company Of The Notoriously Unreliable Alistair Oh Could They Have Been Foolish Enough To Make An Alliance Spies Report That Amy And Dan Seem To Be Tracking The Life Of One Of The Most Powerful Fighters The World Has Ever Known If This Fearsome Warrior Was A Cahill, His Secrets Are Sure To Be Well Guarded And The Price To Uncover Them Just Might Be Lethal Unlike The 39 Clues Book Two One False Note where the action is non stop, in The 39 Clues Book Three The Sword Thief things slow down, and we get to know the characters better, especially the rivals, as they pursue their quest for the 39 clues I liked this change It reminded me of The 39 Clues Book One The Maze of Bones, where all the characters were introduced and we got a good picture of them.With this book the reader gets a chance to get his bearings and to recap all the events that now leads the brother and sister duo team of Amy and Dan Cahill to Japan and Korea This time we learn about the historical person Toyotomi Hideyoshi who has hidden the third clue As the hunt moves to the Orient, Amy and Dan have no choice but to enlist the help of their Uncle Alistair Oh With the one rule of the race being TRUST NO ONE, Amy and Dan must exercise caution as to how much to divulge of their knowledge and exactly how far to trust two of their rival teams Alistair Oh and the Kabra siblings while dodging bullets and swords to escape the yakuza who guard what belonged to their ancestor.It s a psychological game and we are left wondering what is going to happen by the end of the book I truly felt author Peter Lerangis captured the original voices of Amy and Dan and their vulnerability as orphans who have lost much For me, this was essential to keep the thread of the story solid If it had continued with non stop action as in Book Two, the impetus that keeps the reader emotionally involved would have been lost By also engaging the emotions of the other rivals instead of just relating their killer actions, the stakes are elevated And of course, the cliffhanger ending keeps us hungering for. When I was younger, I used to despise Koreans I would get really embarrassed when all the other Korean kids started drawing Korean flags on their backpacks and notebooks and writing KP Korean Pride on everything they owned I still think I was a tiny bit justified in that embarrassment That s pretty lame, yo.But, as I grew older, I realized that, whether I liked it or not, being Korean was part of my heritage, and trying to cut that off was like cutting off my nose to spite my face I learned to accept the good things that came with the culture the emphasis on diligence, integrity, and respect and to watch out for the bad arrogance in achievement, undue emphasis on success in the eyes of the world, and the tendency to bury emotions and affection down where no one can find it, not even you.Besides that, I realized that Koreans have the best cuisine in the world Seriously, Korean food is tha BOMB.And then I read The Sword Thief and now I hate Koreans again.The third book in the 39 Clues series I can t believe I m only one thirteenth of the way through this series Kill me now contains two elements that I find absolutely repulsive The first is a mysterious Korean uncle to two white kids you still haven t explained this to my satisfaction, writers , who alternates between wanting to help the kids and wanting to hurt the kids to help himself Through it all, he s creepy as creepy gets, and the picture of an actor posing as him on one of the collectible cards was even creepier because the book makes him sound like an old man, but the man in the picture was youngish Creepy uncle of eternal youth Creepy.And his name is supposed to be Alistair Oh Shenanigans Strike three, writers.The second creepy as all get out element is Amy Cahill s crush on her COUSIN Ew, ew, and EW I don t care that they re probably not that closely related There s even a scene where Ian Kabra, the handsome cousin GAG lightly brushes her lips with his or some crap like that EEEWWWW Excuse my while I puke That is so not appropriate, I don t know what to say And the worst part of it is that it s not even being played for laughs, or with any hint of irony When the writers of Arrested Development put romantic tension between George Michael the adorable Michael Cera and his cousin Maeby the also adorable Alia Shawkat , at least there was a chance she was adopted and it was all played for laughs anyway But The 38 Clues is taking this ber seriously As serious as the hereditary diseases that result from inbreeding.Other than that, the adventure part of this novel was pretty much the same old schlock I m getting used to seeing from this series Kids race around exotic foreign location, avoid baddies, run into baddies, somehow elude their grasp and manage to be the first to find the next clue in the series.Three down Thirty six to go sigh Uh wow That was a really quick read Last I checked, I just started leafing through the pages and now I m done.Peter Lerangis, what have you done to the characters You somehow tweaked them up a little bit Since when did Amy begin to stammer so much when she talks Anyway, what Amy felt for Ian was quite incestuous IMO They re cousins first of all, unless the bloodline is very distant And I thought it was pretty clear that she and Dan despise the Kabras so much though it was mentioned earlier that Amy, herself had a teeny tiny crush on her cousin Ian.Unlike the previous books in the series, this had a very few exciting moments Either way, I wouldn t understand a thing if it s an action scene, probably because my mind is just tired of cooperating.It was fast paced but I would really have liked it better if Peter had given off much to the storyline The transitions occurred almost too quickly It s like one second, they re here and one nanosecond later, they re somewhere else I m holding the fourth book right now and I can t wait to read this sometime It s also quite thicker than the first three books. Another good clue hunt In this one, I was suprised that Amy Dan teamed up with Uncle Alistair, and then added Ian Natalie to the team to find the clues in their search in Japan When they go to the Library in Tokyo with Alistair, I was waiting for Alistair to pull one over on them again, like he had in the First book But he didn t.He did hide who he was recieving e mail from, and I was expecting it would have been their other cousin, he had teamed up with before, but it wasn t Alistair actually played them straight in this book.I knoew the Karbas couldn t play things straight with the Cahills, but why is the writer giving Ian a semi interest in Amy as well It was a little sad when Ian Natalie leave Amy, Dan Uncle Alistair high and dry in the end of this search, but good job Dan, not giveing complete information, so the Kabras will be off track, at least for a bit in the next journey.Amy Dan are off to Eqypt It will be exciting to see what they find. The Sword Thief follows the Cahills as they travel to their next destination, Japan and not too far behind them are their competitors in the race for the ultimate prize What the prize is, no one knows yet, but this book will soon reveal the answer Personally I felt the Sword Thief was a little rushed than the previous books I liked the recurring appearances of the siblings opponents throughout their clue hunting I did find the relationship between Ian and Amy off putting and completely random Aren t they meant to be related distantly but still, add this to the fact that they re enemies I like how each 39 clues book finishes with a major cliffhanger The possibilities are limitless for the next author to continue the story.

Lerangis s work includes The Viper s Nest and The Sword Thief, two titles in the children s book series The 39 Clues, the historical novel Smiler s Bones, the YA dark comedy adventure novel wtf, the Drama Club series, the Spy X series, the Watchers series, the Abracadabra series, and the Antarctica two book adventure, as well ghostwriting for series such as the Three Investigators, the Hardy Boys

❮Epub❯ ➡ The Sword Thief ➠ Author Peter Lerangis –
  • Hardcover
  • 156 pages
  • The Sword Thief
  • Peter Lerangis
  • English
  • 01 February 2019
  • 9780545060431

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