The Vindication of Jesus Christ: A Brief Reader's Guide to Revelation

The Vindication of Jesus Christ: A Brief Reader's Guide to RevelationReview from 2010 Jordan believes that the Old Creation was destroyed at the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD He understands this as the main concern of the book of Revelation He is a biblical literalist who believes the earth was created in seven 24 hour days, but understands the Old Creation as the Old Covenant.Several outline structures are given for Revelation They appear to be contradictory, but Jordan assures us they are equally correct He doesn t explain exactly how this works Even though the many outlines are overlapping, Jordan says none of the various judgments in Revelation seals, trumpets, bowls describe the same ground There is no recapitulation.Jordan also says that Jesus coming in the clouds is his ascension, not his return In another unique insight, he says the Man of Sin found in 2nd Thessalonians 2 is the High Priest If that wasn t a new revelation to readers, then try this Jordan says Greek was the language of the Roman Empire In another insight, Jordan proclaims that 666 represents the religious leaders of Jewry and the millennium began in 70 AD Satan is loosed to deceive certain nations at certain times, such as Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia He will finally be loosed to deceive all nations.The Bible says the length, breadth and the height of the New Jerusalem are equal Jordan says this is a pyramid.The book is a summary of Jordan s studies and lectures They are available for 1000 at his web site If you re not confused enough, you can pay out the extra bucks. Jordan is great as always Although The Book Of Revelation Is Said To Give A Blessing To Those Who Read And Hear It, It Often Results In Confusion As WellRevelation Is Applicable To All Times And Occasions In The Church, And Because Of That It Has Been Interpreted As Predicting Many Different Events In Histroy Naturally, These Interpretations All Contradict Each Other Which Leads Many Believers To Decide That Efforts To Understand It Are A Waste Of TimeIn Fact, However, Revelation Is Not All That Difficult To Interpret It Completes The History Begun In The Book Of Acts, And Is Closely Tied To Everything Else That Is Going On In The Apostolic Age It Deals With The End Of The Old Creation And The Full Arrival Of The New, And Then Looks Forward To The Final Return Of Jesus And The Bodily Resurrection At The End Of History Fascinating. I have mixed thoughts on this I can only take Jim Jordan in very small amounts That being said, if one can find it, this booklet is worth reading I read it in about 20 minutes Jordan argues for a symbolic reading of Revelation, implying that the keys to understanding the book are already iin the book particularly the Old Testament If you don t agree with Jordan s hermeneutics, this book will not be of much help I sort of agree with his methodology I agree with Jordan that the standard grammatical historical method is obviously not the method the new testament writers used However, given my readings of James K.A Smith, I am skeptical of claims of this is the biblical interpretation highpoints of the book His chiastic outlines at the beginning of the book are really neat His claim that the seven churches recapitulate the history of Israel seems to match up. Way too short Otherwise, great. Mind blown If you read this, and you should, you will question much of what Jordan is saying and this due to a couple things One, we most likely do not know our Bible as well as James Jordan and Two, our understanding of the book of Revelation has come from popular culture not the Bible So, read this humbly and with a teachable mind and examine the Scriptures as Jordan brings them to you After finishing this little book, I know you will see Revelation with new eyes Thanks James Jordan I think that this is an indispensable outline of Revelation, but it is not for the uninitiated This is Jim at his most Jim No room for proving assertions Not enough explanations But tons of really cool stuff And I think he s basically right on his take in this one. This is an excellent little survey of Revelation Jordan is a great guide to reading and understanding Biblical symbolism As always, he goes places that I m not sure are correct in his conclusions But, at the same time, I m also not sure he is incorrect either I d recommend this book to anyone who thinks Revelation is mainly about apache helicopters and the present geopolitical state that we call Israel Spoilers it s not about those things A lot of fun I ve read or heard it said somewhere that many Preterists tend to make the same mistakes as Futurists when interpreting Revelation The Futurist has his Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other, while the Preterist has his Bible in one hand and Josephus in the other Unlike these hard lined preterist interpreters, Jordan thinks John is primarily using the language of symbol to describe the spiritual realities at play in the life of the first century church rather than using this language to cryptically describe particular events and characters surrounding the destruction of the Temple in AD 70 I think Jordan s right on a lot that he says in this little book, but I also can t quite keep up with him sometimes.

James B Jordan is a Calvinist theologian and author He is director of Biblical Horizons ministries, a think tank in Niceville, Florida that publishes books, essays and other media dealing with Bible commentary, Biblical Theology, and liturgy.Jordan was born in Athens, Georgia, and he attended the University of Georgia, where he received a B.A in comparative literature and participated in Campus

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