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A Reliable WifeHe Placed A Notice In A Chicago Paper, An Advertisement For A Reliable Wife She Responded, Saying That She Was A Simple, Honest Woman She Was, Of Course, Anything But Honest, And The Only Simple Thing About Her Was Her Single Minded Determination To Marry This Man And Then Kill Him, Slowly And Carefully, Leaving Her A Wealthy Widow, Able To Take Care Of The One She Truly LovedWhat Catherine Land Did Not Realize Was That The Enigmatic And Lonely Ralph Truitt Had A Plan Of His Own And What Neither Anticipated Was That They Would Fall So Completely In Love Filled With Unforgettable Characters, And Shimmering With Color And Atmosphere, A Reliable Wife Is An Enthralling Tale Of Love And Madness, Of Longing And Murder Listening Length Hours And Minutes

I was born in a small university town in Virginia, a town in which, besides teaching, the chief preoccupations were drinking bourbon and telling complex anecdotes, stories about people who lived down the road, stories about ancestors who had died a hundred years before For southerners, the past is as real as the present it is not even past, as Faulkner said.I went to Johns Hopkins University in

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • A Reliable Wife
  • Robert Goolrick
  • English
  • 27 October 2019
  • 9780349122366

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    Contains Spoilers I read the summary, I was intrigued I read the critical acclaim remarks, I was impressed.I read the book and I was disappointed.While there are several places where the glimmer of genius shone through the prose a turn of phrase or a beautiful sentence it was by far one of the most self indulgent, masturbatory works I ve ever read The Author is far too in love with his writing to see the flaws he creates Four pages of He wanted A convoluted, illogical thought where entire threads are dropped for chapters, then picked up and continued far too late The entire thing culminates in rape and death The husband, a Mary Sue who forgives far too much, is utterly unbelievable as a wealthy, lonely man who advertises for a wife The wife, a well versed courtesan, comes across as flighty at best She waxes poetic for several pages about her supposed resolve, only to show through every action that she has none The son, the beautiful, prodigal son, is a waste of ink He, in no way, grows throughout the text He begins as a spoiled, rotten piece of shit He ends the piece by raping his father s wife and waiting to die.The story fluctuates between graphic, wanton sex and self indulgent babbling about the way things are I would not, in any way, recommend the book to anyone else It gets two stars instead of one because there were some incredibly beautiful sentences.

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    They say that men think about sex approximately every seven seconds This book mentions sex approximately every seven seconds and seeing the author is male, I no longer question the seven second theory The storyline is a pretty good idea Man places an ad in the paper for a reliable wife Woman responds with hidden intentions of killing the man slowly with arsenic, making herself a wealthy widow However, upon meeting the man s son, her plans may or may not change The son addition may shock some readers Peronally, I seen it coming It s a bit twisted, much like the rest of the novel Truitt is always thinking about sex Catherine is always thinking about sex Moretti is always thinking about sex And I don t mean simple sexual thoughts like, Oh, I d like to go a round or two with that. but thoughts like He wanted to slice her open and lay inside the warm blood of her body When one of these three is not thinking about sex, at least two of them are going at it Meanwhile, while this sordid tale unfolds, the townfolk in Wisconsin are throwing their children down wells, eating entire dictionaries, or chopping off their hands Two stars Need I say

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    Actual rating 1.5 stars generously rounded up to 2There are some spoilers.This novel centers around Ralph Truitt, a man who s been wronged many times and his misfortunes are far from over Mind you, Truitt isn t a saint, but in this reader s opinion he doesn t deserve what happens to him in this novel.It all starts when Truitt puts an ad in the paper looking for a reliable wife But the women he comes to marry is anything but reliable She s also a faithless scheming bitch, but on that later Catherine Land is a woman with a plan and a mission She is to marry Ralph Truitt, then slowly poison him until he dies and she becomes sole possessor of all his possessions After this she will reconnect with her lover, Tony Moretti But Tony Moretti is actually Antonio Truitt, Ralph s non biological son Sounds like a soap opera, doesn t it Catherine and Antonio or Tony, whichever you prefer set all of this up You see, when Catherine saw Ralph s ad in the paper and showed it to Antonio it raised all of his old hatred for his father He saw his father s loneliness as the perfect why to not only get back at his father but also to kill him All he had to do was get Catherine to do his dirty work.So, Catherine marries Ralph and soon after she is sent by Ralph to get his son back Ironic, yes, but Ralph wants to make things up to his son and try to undo his wrongs Also, the author is trying to incorporate twists into this sex filled mess called a novel As you can imagine, when Catherine goes to get Antonio lots of fun adultery ensues But Antonio is also angry that Ralph isn t dead yet So, Catherine returns to Ralph without his son and then the poisoning commences A Reliable Wife could ve just as easily been titled The Misadventures of Harlots Everyone has sex on the brain 24 7 365 And if they aren t thinking about sex, they re having it It truly never ends And none of it is sex y , either there is adultery, rape, and even talk of sex with an unconscious partner I don t know about you, but none of that interests me.Catherine is probably one of the most deplorable characters I ve ever read about Among many other blunders that I won t bore you with, she deludes herself into thinking that Antonio loves her when he s clearly only using her as a means to kill his father.Somewhere around page 140 I began to skim the hell out of this I quickly grew tired of the endless talk of the characters getting high on opium and morphine in both their past and present and the minutiae of their endless sexual excursions and reminiscence.The very fact that this is a 1 New York Times bestseller just reaffirms my belief that that list is crap and there s a lot of people who will forever love trash.

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    Even though I have alredy sent this, I am updating for my Best of 2009 list This was a terrific novel with the gothic feel of past novels such as REBECCA and the recent THIRTEENTH TALE In 1907 Catherine Land answers an ad for a reliable wife to the wealthy businessman Ralph Truitt He knows nothing of her sordid past nor does he have any idea of her plans, which is to leave rural Wisconsin a wealthy widow in her suitcase is a small blue bottle filled with a nasty substance But what gets in the way of her plans and his, too is the crux of the story and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough I so, so wanted this to have a happy ending but considering the subject, I wasn t sure it would And how did it end You ll have to wait to read the book I think this is good for book groups as there is much to discuss.

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    Halfway through this book, sick of every character having a wanton, unquenchable libido, I wanted to shout at Goolrick, If you want some that bad, get some and then come back to the story It wasn t raunchy or descriptive or anything like that It was just an undertone that tainted the novel with an erotic feel I didn t question one lustful character with a history of excessive sleeping around, but every single one was a bit much I will give Goolrick credit that despite this being historical fiction and my distrust of modern authors to capture the right attitude of sex in historical fiction, I found myself believing all these characters in the shady side of town I think Goolrick got the flavor of the era right The characters were a little too much European flavored tragic, but I liked that nobody was perfect and I didn t know if good or evil would prevail in them.While Goolrick has some beautiful, poetic moments with his writing, he relies on them too heavily to tell his story instead of just telling the story The number one rule in writing show don t tell I offer A Reliable Wife as exhibit A on why that rule exists I trudged through the backstory in the first few chapters waiting for it to pick up, but even as the story took turns I didn t expect, I wasn t given actual scenes, only summaries of events and what the characters felt and what we were supposed to take away from it When the story veered back from St Louis I was sure Goolrick was finally going to show us something, but no He kept on this summary and analyzation through the end of the book The most annoying of these is the incident with the Larsens Pretty integral characters and a rather alarming twist that is written off in a side note without much explanation There s a whole lot of crazies going on in this small Wisconsin town that aren t really elaborated on.At the core of the novel is a great story I can t even tell you what it s about because it unfolds like an onion from chapter to chapter All I can say is it starts with a woman who answers an ad in the paper for a spouse from a lonely Midwestern man, but why she answers the letter or why he sends it out is something you ll have to find out for yourself Even when you think you know who the characters are and what they are out to achieve, they surprise you It makes for a book you don t want to put down, even if the writing is a struggle to get through I would love to see this done in a movie, if it were produced right.

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    I kindled this book, inspired by a stormy Friday night home alone, hoping for a romantic transportation to a Wisconsin winter a century ago The premise is good, some fellow, a rich rural industrialist advertises for a reliable wife and this female character turns up much prettier than the picture she sent, but that is just the least of her deception Anyway, on it goes, murky pasts and dramatic ongoings, but soon I found myself realizing that this book was a hollow, repetitious, skeletal frame There was no particular reason to read each sentence although I did, dutifully Once something got established it was repeated in a way that reminded me of the Lutheran masses of my childhood the minister would repeat the sentences with slight variations, it was a style appropriate for the ecclesial layout of a point the device had a hypnotic quality Here I found myself turning the pages listlessly, unengaged there was no food there There are a million references to sex, but no heat, no heartbeat, no actual physical or emotional happenings just insipid formalistic cataloguing of references One falls into a hypnotic stupor.

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    At first I was drawn to this book because of it s apparent similarities to the movie, Original Sin, which I happen to love and think is both dark and sexy hey, it s a guilty pleasure This book though, is a lot different from what I originally imagined it would be It s incredibly well written, dark and poetic, sexy, disturbing, and sad I was surprised at some of the twists and turns the story took and I have to say I was pleasantly misled into thinking I knew what was going on This is one of those stories that I know will stay with me for a long time, but also one I m not sure I could reread Ralph Truitt places an ad for a reliable wife in the classifieds and Catherine Land answers He speaks to her through letters and she sends a picture and he in turn sends her a train ticket to come live with him as his wife When she arrives she looks nothing like the picture she sent and he realizes that the woman he has brought into his life is not what she seems But then, neither is Ralph Truitt His past is dark and his future is uncertain will he ever find love or any kind of release from the tedium of his life I enjoyed this book immensely, but this story was like driving past a car crash that you have to slow down and stare at, hoping to see something gruesome Once I started reading I couldn t put it down and I had to know what was going to happen with the characters Sex, love, insanity, and death are all major themes of this novel and I think the author did a fantastic job of weaving them throughout the story I loved the way Catherine was portrayed she likes sex, money, reading, flowers, and good food She s very complex and hard to read at first, but the you get of her story, the easier it is to relate to her I thought she was both weak and strong, loving and conniving, and an incredibly well developed character She struggled with her sense of self and what she thought she deserved throughout the novel She s unique, but she s also every woman Ralph on the other hand, I liked from the start, even though I don t think I was supposed to I don t think it helped that I imagined a slightly older Clive Owen when I thought of him Ralph had a hard life, but his main problem is he blames himself over everything bad that had happened to him From an early age he s made to believe that he s a wicked child that will grow into a wicked man, his veins filled with a poison that will kill anything he touches It s not until he meets Catherine, who is both a cause and relief for his pain, that he truly feels he has the right to be loved and live a full life.Now, there s a whole other half to this novel that I can t even discuss without spoiling the surprise Maybe I m dense but I didn t see the twist coming Even up to the last page I wasn t sure how things would end, and I was again surprised at how they did The ending was satisfying and just about perfect I look forward to reading by this author and I hope he gets going on his next novel

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    Cuando terminas de leer un libro como ste, no puedes dejar de preguntarte c mo puedes transmitir todo lo que sientes, en unas pocas palabras O c mo puedes plasmar las sensaciones que anegan tu alma, sin hacer antes un dibujo de cada palabra de cada p rrafo de cada p gina que has pasado, vida Sencillamente es imposible Es como querer retener un pu ado de aire en un pu o cerrado S lo puedo decir que olvides la car tula, que olvides la sinopsis, que olvides estas palabras y lo leas S lo eso.

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    This book just made it into my TWISTER HALL OF FAME at www.booksbejeweled.comIf you re in the mood for a quick easy read, you might want to skip this one A Reliable Wife deserves your time to digest, enjoy, study Filled with symbolism and theme, it is one of my all time favorite books It is a suspenseful, plot twisted story that takes place in the early American 1900 s The setting is isolated, cold and creepy and the characters are wholly unpredictable At the heart of the story is a smoldering power of sexuality There are three main characters, all motivated by a kind of Victorian sexual lust you don t see in modern books It is truly a fascinating literary experience.

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    How does one go about finding the most unreliable wife, since, well, ever, while looking for her complete opposite Mr Ralph Truitt is giving the ultimate workshop on wifeal alchemy Reasonable writing though, editing tsk and plot that could have been partially inspired by the movie Original Sin which I happen to love Overall sensual enough to be non sensical A slightly deranged sex starved male protagonist Q Sex was all he thought about in the dark In every house, he thought with fascination, there is a different life There is sex in every bed c who quickly becomes infatuated Q She smiled at him, and he knew then that he would die for her c with our very disappointed in life female opportunist Q Perhaps he loved them and treated them with kindness, with grace and affection The world had not shown her that such things were common, but her unhappiness had been made bearable only by the certain knowledge that somewhere there lived people whose lives were not like her own c Q She would not, could not live without love or money c Q When I have his money, she thought, I will go far away, I will go to a country where I don t know anybody and I don t speak the language and I will never talk to anybody ever again c Caboom Q This begins in a lie I want you to know I know that c Not so fortunate pieces Q Standing in the center of the crowd, his solitude was enormous c A standing solitude That s so new.Q The train would come, late or not, and everything that happened before its arrival would be before, and everything that came after would be after c Well, yeah And everything during would be during Weirdish ones Q He had ordered punctuality the way another man might order a steak cooked to his liking c Q Since his first staggering losses twenty years before, his wife, his children, his heart s best hopes and his last lavish fantasies, he had come to see the implacability of his own expectations as the only defense against the terrors he felt It worked pretty well most of the time He was relentless, and the people of the town respected that, feared it even Now the train was late Around him on the platform the people of his town walked and watched and waited, trying to look casual, as though their waiting had some purpose other than watching Ralph Truitt wait for a train that was late They exchanged little jokes They laughed They spoke quietly, out of respect for what they knew to be Ralph Truitt s failure Serve him right, some thought, mostly the men c Of course, a train late is the end of the world This is supposed to illustrate that the guy is a control freak Loved these ones Q He felt that in all the vast and frozen space in which he lived his life every hand needy, every heart wanting something from him everybody had a reason to be and a place to land Everybody but him For him there was nothing In all the cold and bitter world, there was not a single place for him to sit down c Atmospheric Q The trick, Ralph knew, is not to give in Not to hunch your shoulders in the cold or stamp your feet or blow warm breath into cold palms The trick is to relax into the cold, accept that it had come and would stay a long time To lean into it, as you might lean into a warm spring wind The trick was to become part of it, so that you didn t end a backbreaking day in the cold with rigid, aching shoulders and red hands.Some things you escape, he thought Most things you don t, certainly not the cold You don t escape the things, mostly bad, thatjust happen to you The loss of love The disappointment The terrible whip of tragedy c Q You can live with hopelessness for only so long before you are, in fact, hopeless Q I m the kind of woman who wants to know the end of the story, she thought, staring at her face in the jostling mirror I want to know how it s all going to end before it even starts Catherine Land liked the beginnings of things The pure white possibility of the empty room, the first kiss, the first swipe at larceny And endings, she liked endings, too The drama of the smashing glass, the dead bird, the tearful goodbye, the last awful word which could never be unsaid or unremembered.It was the middles that gave her pause c Q The sun set every day It could not be that it would set in splendor only once in her lifetime c Q Perhaps the heart she imagined was one she had never really had at all c Q He felt displaced in his body, homeless in his heart c Q She had wanted something, and she had set out to get it, clear of her purpose and sure in her actions But it had gotten confused, confused in the mass of the ordinary, confused in the way people live, in the way the heart attracts and repels the things it wants and fears Her own heart had gone out in directions she never imagined, her hopes had become pinned to the things she would never have allowed c Q Learning became her She loved the smell of the books from the shelves, the type on the pages, the sense that the world was an infinite but knowable place Every fact she learned seemed to open another question, and for every question there was another book She learned the card catalog She never learned than she needed to know c

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