Essential X-Men, Vol. 9

Essential X-Men, Vol. 9Probably the most boring X Men line up ever in probably the least interesting X Men stories ever. The impact of movies like Alien, but also late 80s movies is kind of bananas There are suddenly semi automatic rifles and threats of rape all over the x men comics and I don t dig it Watching Storm get de aged after it just happened to Illyana Rasputin at the end of Inferno also kind of sucked The violence, the agony of Wolverine, the musculature and guns of Forge, the continued meandering It s a lot And then almost near the end, what happened to Psylocke wasSUPER fucked up imo Storm Gets Younger, Polaris Gets Stronger, Jean Grey Gets Tentacles, And Psylocke Gets A Makeover From The Mandarin As The X Men S Adventures Continue Waves Of Super Villainy Strike The Savage Land, Muir Isle, And The Morlock Tunnels Collects Uncanny X Men And Annual For die hards only The X men comics got a little bit weak in the late 80 s The team kinda disintegrates in the first half, and we see of on again off again members Forge and Banshee than we do of the team s stars As for villains, it s the Reavers, the Reavers, and of the Reavers This volume just seems to be missing so much of what makes the X Men well, the X Men. More of the same, although it s nice to see Jim Lee s art pop up here. Never boring but few issues in this collection reached the level of Fall of the Mutants or Inferno Jim Lee coming on as the artist is still the kick in the butt it was originally But, a lot of this collection is the team breaking apart and then seeing them in their amnesiac new life. graphic novel , 15 yolo 90 Psylocke , X man , Jubilee. I enjoyed most of the stories in this large volume Though I didn t enjoy the constant disappearances of the X men beginning with Rogue and ending with the entire team I likes seeing the introduction of Jubilee and Psylocke s asian body. This volume chronicles an interesting and unusual period of the X men saga Included here are Uncanny X Men 244 264 and Annual 13 The last of the 80s leading into the 90s brings us some of Claremont s last issues on the title, and he leaves his mark The story starts directly following the Inferno crossover The X Men return to Australia to continue pretending to be dead so they can hide from the Marauders The first couple of issues are fun little guys and girls night out stories to lighten the mood after the dark Inferno saga This is followed by the X Men part of the Atlantis Attacks crossover From issue 246 251, we get the steady disintegration of the team with one defection, one death, and 5 deciding to go through the Siege Perilous After this, there is no team for a while.Events that followPsylocke is reborn as a Asian assassin, Storm returns as a little girl, Colossus is reborn in New York as an artist named Peter Nicholas, Dazzler comes back as herself with no memories , two members of Freedom Force are killed, Forge and Banshee begin a search for the X Men, and Jubilee becomes Wolverine s newest sidekick.This was an era I truly enjoyed when they were first published They lost little in the re read, but still very fun. I admit, I skimmed through this and didn t read most of it This line up is not my favorite Some of the artwork from a few of the issues were just terrible.I would say that if you want all of X Men for the sake of continuity then get this, but most of the stuff in here could be skipped, it s not essential or all that great.I would not buy this new at full price 20 I think I d only get it if it were just a few dollars and in good condition On a side not, it s interesting to see how the look of Rogue has changed over the years and continued to change after these issues, this collection.

Chris Claremont is a writer of American comic books, best known for his 16 year 1975 1991 stint on Uncanny X Men, during which the series became one of the comic book industry s most successful properties.Claremont has written many stories for other publishers including the Star Trek Debt of Honor graphic novel, his creator owned Sovereign Seven for DC Comics and Aliens vs Predator for Dark Hors

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