The Wild Hunt (Point Signature)

The Wild Hunt (Point Signature) Jerold And Gerund Live In The Same House But In Parallel Times A Talking White Cat Living In All Times Brings The Two Boys To Her Home To Prepare Them For The Hunt, A Bizarre Adventure In Which One Of Them Will Become Prey To A Huntman With An Evil Plan

Jane Yolen is a novelist, poet, fantasist, journalist, songwriter, storyteller, folklorist, and children s book author who has written than three hundred books Her accolades include the Caldecott Medal, two Nebula Awards, the World Fantasy Award, three Mythopoeic Awards, the Kerlan Award, two Christopher Awards, and six honorary doctorate degrees from colleges and universities in Massachuset

❮KINDLE❯ ❧ The Wild Hunt (Point Signature) ❄ Author Jane Yolen –
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Wild Hunt (Point Signature)
  • Jane Yolen
  • English
  • 07 January 2019
  • 9780590528368

10 thoughts on “The Wild Hunt (Point Signature)

  1. says:

    A different take on the Wild Hunt story As always with Jane Yolen book there is magic and mystery.

  2. says:

    Truly magical It shouldn t have taken three days to read as it is a very short book With illustrations But it is Christmas time and I m busy This is the kind of story that uses words like gerund and widdershins Delicious Two boys are in this story They each live in a house in a wood The house is surrounded by Rowan trees The house is the same but different for each of the boys In one house there is a dog In both houses there is a white cat It is another story of the battle between light and dark The Summer Queen and Winter s King It is a story about heroes Stories about heroes can be enormously comforting A delightful read for a wintry morning It does remind me that eventually it will be spring again.

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    This is one of my favorite books that I like to revisit from time to time Not only is it a great adventure, but by the time you finish reading it, you will NEVER forget what a gerund is Two boys, in parallel times, live in the same lonely mansion with a cat who is not a cat They have no idea how they came to be in that place, no name save the one the cat who is not has given them Outside the mansion, snow falls deep and the sounds of horses hooves and baying hounds can be heard The cat has warned the boys, in their time in space, not to venture out Of course, one of them does

  4. says:

    this is a book i read for the first time when i was like, eleven, and i still love to read it its a great winter time book to read in a quiet house with the snow easy for children to read, but entertaining with beautiful images and thoughtful characters.

  5. says:

    if you like humor read this book.

  6. says:

    It s a house, with a boy, a talking cat, and tongues that turn into knives Then it s a different house, with a different boy, and an added dog Then it is the wild woods where the dark hunter is mustering his hounds Each chapter has two shadows, or two mirrors that flow into each other by the end The old war of dark v light, summer v winter plays out on both human and superhuman scales Loved it

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    I found this story a bit odd I didn t really care for it But that is my personal opinion It might change when I read it again That s the best thing about some stories You could read it once and think nothing of it, then read it again and it s your favorite.

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    Sorry, I didn t get it This is a childrens ya story, I think, so perhaps I was applying some fableistic concepts to it that didn t belong My bad, I guess.

  9. says:

    it is good and it have something i want to know

  10. says:

    Strange and wonderful.

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