An Introduction to Indonesian Historiography

An Introduction to Indonesian Historiography In The First Major Work On Indonesian Historiography To Have Appeared In Any Language, Twenty Two Outstanding Scholars Survey Available Source Materials In Asia And Europe And Discuss The Current State Of Indonesian Historical Scholarship, The Approaches And Methods That Might Be Fruitful For Future Research, And The Problems That Confront Indonesian Historians Today The Contributions Which Can Be Made To Historical Studies By Other Disciplines Such As Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, And International Law Are Discussed By Specialists In These Fi Elds Problems Of Indonesian Historiography Are Presented Not Only From Points Of View Of The Diff Erent Social Sciences, But Also From Those Of Historians Who Differ In Approach And Interpretation From One Another This Unique Work, Now Brought Back To Life In Equinox Publishing S Classic Indonesia Series, Proves To Be Great Value To Historians And Social Scientists As An Introduction To Both Sources For And Diff Erent Approaches To The History Of An Important Part Of The World Edited By One Of Indonesia S Leading Scholars, Soedjatmoko, As Well As Mohamad Ali, GJ Resnik And George McT Kahin, An Introduction To Indonesian Historiography Features Contributions From John Bastin, CC Berg, Buchari, JC Bottoms, CR Boxer, L Ch Damais, Hoesein Djajadiningrat, HJ De Graf, Graham Irwan, Koichi Kishi, Koentjaraningrat, Ruth T McVey, J Noorduyn, JM Romein, R Soekmono, Tjan Tjoe Som, FJE Tan, WF Wertheim And PJ Zoetmulder

Agustus 1985, Soedjatmoko terpilih kembali sebagai Rektor Universitas PBB Koko, demikian panggilan akrabnya, sebenarnya bukan orang baru di lingkungan tersebut Sejak lembaga ini berdiri, 1974, ia anggota panitia untuk program pengembangan kemasyarakatan dan kemanusiaan Sebagai rektor, Koko punya program jangka menengah yang pelaksanaannya perlu waktu enam tahun, 1982 1987 Program ini mencakup

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  • Paperback
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  • An Introduction to Indonesian Historiography
  • Soedjatmoko
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  • 10 June 2017
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