Self-Organizing Men: Conscious Masculinities in Time and Space

Self-Organizing Men: Conscious Masculinities in Time and Space The Roles Of Paradox And Incoherence In The Construction And Maintenance Of The Masculine Self Remains Unexplored In Both Gender And Men S Studies Self Organizing Men Through Poetry, Visual Images, Prose And Humor Seeks To Understand How Paradox And The Failure To Cohere To A Unitary Self Creates Opportunities For Sustained Connections To Sexual Love, The Penis, Childhood, And Vulnerability As Well As Disrupts Traditional Transsexual Narratives Of Masculinity And The Gendered Body Contributors Include Eli Clare, Scott Turner Schofield, Tim M T West, Dr Bobby Noble, Nick Kiddle, Eli VandenBerg, Jordy Jones, Doran George, Aren Z Aizura, And Gaylourdes Editor Jay Sennett Is An Award Winning Author, Screenwriter And Filmmaker

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Self-Organizing Men: Conscious Masculinities in Time and Space book, this is one of the most wanted Jay Sennett author readers around the world.

❅ Self-Organizing Men: Conscious Masculinities in Time and Space kindle Epub ❥ Author Jay Sennett –
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Self-Organizing Men: Conscious Masculinities in Time and Space
  • Jay Sennett
  • English
  • 14 April 2019
  • 9780978597306

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    Sexuality is fluid and in constant motionSexuality is a powerful force within us and to fight against our feelings will bring much painJay Sennett has chosen to use his journey from f2m to look at herself himself and all the bits in between in a study of masculinity, whiteness, privilege It is a journey I would like to take maybe one we should all take By that I mean a journey through out inner most selves to discover what really lies below and a journey through the overt parts of our lives such as race, whiteness, blackness, privilege.There is so much to say about Self Organising man liberating, courageous, honest, challenging, brilliant Have you ever yearned for the impossible or even the possible To be someone else, to be somewhere else in mind and body, in sexuality, in life To be in a different psychological and physical space The book raises so many questions about gender about identity and signifyers of gender Is the penis the primary defining factor of maleness or gender constitution What is sex Is it simply penetration and how does that penetration take place How gendered are we in our identities When gender is dichotomies as simply female male we restrict ourselves,our thoughts and our actions Are you happy in your body What does your body mean to you and how does it influence your identity Self Organising Men is a journey for the writers and the readers A liberating self discovery analysis of the self and moving deep into that place is it the heart or the soul, where ever it is it is hard to find and not often found.The honesty of the testimonies reach out to the reader and contribute to the liberating nature of the book, the journey One final note As I read the testimonies and journeys of the contributors I felt that the discourse on gender and sexuality raised in the book are entirely western and to largely white Jay s publishing house, Homofactus Press is presently calling for submissions for an anthology of Trans communities of colour Tinting the Lens in Trans Communities How should we in Africa engage in this discourse when we are still at a point of battling with LGBTs being illegal people So much pain so much hatred.

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    This anthology is a really creative, artistic, internal trip into the world of female to male transsexuals, as well as men whose gender identities don t necessarily fall anywhere on the gender scale that our society has started to define as true and real There were some familiar names and some unfamiliar names, and it was interesting to move from piece to piece and feel the emotions involved in each A really fantastic read.

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    Have you ever felt that, This book is talking to me This is me I am the book and I am not Thou I am new, the book is old As I am old, the book is new.Self Organizing Men is about men females, males, female and male masculinity self and selfishness self and selflessness It is about questions we have asked for a long time It is also about questions we should be asking.If you ever wondered about the illusive real and un real boundaries of gender, self, and labels this is the book for you.

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    This had a great variety of formats pictures, poems, theoretical essays around a topic that was little discussed at the time of publishing re critical masculinities mostly through the eyes of FtM authors.

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    Lent to me by a dear friend Like all anthologies, it is a bit of a mixed bag When it is on it is on I had a personal interest in the reference to CPCC Charlotte happenings.

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