Yule (The Feast of Odin)

Yule (The Feast of Odin) All Julian Wants For Yule Is His Submissive The Gorgeous, Blond, Sexy Karl But Karl Has Just Got A New Job In His Homeland Of Sweden Can Julian Arrange A Session That S Intense Enough To Touch Both Karl S Pagan Beliefs And His Heart And Keep Him In England Re Enacting The Sacrifice Of Odin Upon Yggdrasil As A Safe BDSM Scenario Might Be The Thing To Give Karl Inner Knowledge After All, Yule Is The Feast Of Odin, The All Seeing And Submissives Do Find Clarity In Surrender

main library catalogue is over on LibraryThing, because I m the sort of anal retentive bibliophile who wants to record the exact print run and page count of my individual copy of a book This account s always going to be a somewhat out of date and partial mirror But it lets me put my book reading log up on GoodReads to share with my friends over here.

[EPUB] ✸ Yule (The Feast of Odin) ✻ Jules Jones – Webcamtopladies.info
  • ebook
  • 32 pages
  • Yule (The Feast of Odin)
  • Jules Jones
  • English
  • 11 June 2017

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    Julian and Karl are a strange couple Karl is a big scandinavan man, 6 and half feet tall and with long blond hair, like the classical Odin imaginary, but he is a bottom in a BDSM relationship Instead I imagine Julian like the classical professor english type, lean and fair we really don t have a physical description of him, so I have developed my own imagine.This is a short story, 30 pages, so it s not than a scene in the very meaning of the word We can say that Julian and Karl are a new couple, given they haven t yet try all the possibilities in their relationship and it s not yet decided if they will be together for a long time, or only for some months, till the things between them are still good.Julian wants to bring their relationship to a new level, of intimacy and trust, and in this night he also wants to prove to Karl that he can find what he searches with Julian, in his home and in his arms.There is a game of trust between the two, even if Julian forces something with Karl, even if Karl has not said aloud his agreement but Julian knows it s time for them to try it and perhaps his being the top in this relationship is due also to that.For a short story, it has two uncommon characters who make it a worthy reading.http elisa rolle.livejournal.com 20

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    This is a really well written story, but I just couldn t get all that into it Have tried to work out why and ultimately I think I just found the characters took themselves too seriously Also, there was a bit of pagan poetry in there which is a major turn off for me The sex was hot, although the BDSM content was confined to fairly mild bondage and teasing There was some voyeurism from another couple to add some spice, though.

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    I loved this short story Very creative way of bringing everything together.

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