The Gathering Storm

The Gathering StormSanderson took the reins in his hands and he did a great job of pushing things forward Egwene, Rand, and Matrim were the prominent characters in this book but this is clearly Egwene s story and how she mend the White Tower She has come a long way from a teenager to being one of most power Aes Sedai I was not a fan of her prior to this book but she won me over in this There were so many instances when I heard people say that Egwene was their favorite character for what she did for the White Tower I was thoroughly disappointed in her, then came book 11 and she started redeeming herself in my eyes In this book she had my attention from the very start and I was in her awe by the end Her behavior in White Tower was exact opposite of what I expected of her Egwene of earlier books would have used One Power and settled the scores as soon as she was captured but no this mature Egwene did not put any resistance, she kept bearing all the hardships silently showing others how strong she was and what it means to be an Aes Sedai The path she chose to unite the White Tower was quite unique and slowly she earned the respect of her fellow Aes Sedais Unlike Egwene, Rand toughen himself up for the coming final battle I don t blame the poor guy for thinking that he s not good enough to face the Dark One After all, one misstep on Rand s part and the world would be doomed It also didn t help that his enemies picked Min to torture him It was a great decision on his part to make himself emotionless as once his enemies got whiff of how he feel about his loved ones, they would attack him through them But his decision to go darker was painful to read as it hurts the people whom he didn t want to hurt With this book we also saw change in author After the last few books this was a good change, perhaps it is because we are near the end and Sanderson has to tie all the loose ends now I didn t see many loose plots in this book Everything is slowly moving towards the one final battle This book proved that it was worth it to read this long series. Tarmon Gai Don, The Last Battle, Looms And Mankind Is Not ReadyThe Final Volume Of The Wheel Of Time, A Memory Of Light, Was Partially Written By Robert Jordan Before His Untimely Passing In Brandon Sanderson, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Mistborn Books, Was Chosen By Jordan S Editor His Wife, Harriet McDougal To Complete The Final Book The Scope And Size Of The Volume Was Such That It Could Not Be Contained In A Single Book, And So Tor Proudly Presents The Gathering Storm As The First Of Three Novels That Will Make Up A Memory Of Light This Short Sequence Will Complete The Struggle Against The Shadow, Bringing To A Close A Journey Begun Almost Twenty Years Ago And Marking The Conclusion Of The Wheel Of Time, The Preeminent Fantasy Epic Of Our EraIn This Epic Novel, Robert Jordan S International Bestselling Series Begins Its Dramatic Conclusion Rand Al Thor, The Dragon Reborn, Struggles To Unite A Fractured Network Of Kingdoms And Alliances In Preparation For The Last Battle As He Attempts To Halt The Seanchan Encroachment Northward Wishing He Could Form At Least A Temporary Truce With The Invaders His Allies Watch In Terror The Shadow That Seems To Be Growing Within The Heart Of The Dragon Reborn HimselfEgwene Al Vere, The Amyrlin Seat Of The Rebel Aes Sedai, Is A Captive Of The White Tower And Subject To The Whims Of Their Tyrannical Leader As Days Tick Toward The Seanchan Attack She Knows Is Imminent, Egwene Works To Hold Together The Disparate Factions Of Aes Sedai While Providing Leadership In The Face Of Increasing Uncertainty And Despair Her Fight Will Prove The Mettle Of The Aes Sedai, And Her Conflict Will Decide The Future Of The White Tower And Possibly The World ItselfThe Wheel Of Time Turns, And Ages Come And Pass What Was, What Will Be, And What Is, May Yet Fall Under The Shadow Ravens and crows Rats Mists and clouds Insects and corruption Strange events and odd occurrences The ordinary twisted and strange Wonders The dead are beginning to walk and some see them Others do not, but and , we all fear the night.These have been our days They rain upon us beneath a dead sky, crushing us with their fury, until as one we beg Let it begin Journal of the Unknown Scholar, entry for The Feast of Freia, 1000 NE Tarmon Gai don is looming War, death and madness have become part of day to day life in the Westlands as the final struggle with the Shadow is at hand The Gathering Storm is the first of the three books written after the Creator s passing Brandon Sanderson does not disappoint, especially because his influence is practically invisible There are differences, of course But apart from the minor change in writing style, this is still very much Robert Jordan Light be praised.Storylines are finally moving towards an end A couple of major revelations are dropped And Egwene al Vere is the obvious star of the show Who would have thoughtThe end is near, Moridin said The Wheel has groaned its final rotation, the clock has lost its spring, the serpent heaves its final gaspsWheel of Time reviews 1 The Eye of the World 2 The Great Hunt 3 The Dragon Reborn 4 The Shadow Rising 5 The Fires of Heaven 6 Lord of Chaos 7 A Crown of Swords 8 The Path of Daggers 9 Winter s Heart 10 Crossroads of Twilight 11 Knife of Dreams 12 The Gathering Storm 13 Towers of Midnight 14 A Memory of Light I first picked up the Wheel of Time series fifteen years ago while a freshman in college I remember being totally caught up in the series, consumed by the characters and taken in by the world I looked forward to every page, couldn t decide on my favorite character and couldn t wait for the next book That changed as the series went on Wandering plotlines, characters that became so unlikeable that I loathed when they appeared for than a chapter at a time, and so much of the plot taken up with unimportant throwaway characters that I felt like I needed a separate book just to keep up with all of the characters I remember clearly the moment I decided I was done with the series, after an entire book searching for the bowl of winds, only to reach the end of the book and with bowl in hand, the characters do nothing It was another half a book before the artifact was finally used So it wasn t until Robert Jordan died that I went back and picked up the last few books that I hadn t read, in anticipation of Brandon Sanderson s writing the final novel I was pleased to find that the books resolved some of the issues as they went on, even though, as I picked up the last of the Wheel of Time books I learned it would be the last of three.The Gathering Storm renewed my love of the Wheel of Time Sanderson s writing pays homage to Jordan just enough that the book doesn t seem disjointed, but it so many ways it is much better Rare are the chapters where we follow a character through the minutia of walking from one place to another without the plot moving forward Chapters told from the point of view of characters not central to the plot were revealing and concise The plot moves forward at a satisfying pace and resolves many of the plotlines that we have been waiting years for Even satisfying is that the characters become likeable again Even Rand by the end, is one step closer to being a sympathetic character I totally recommend the Gathering Storm as a book that will renew the faith of Jordan readers like me, who became disenchanted over the years I m looking forward to the final two books of the A Memory of Light and in the meantime I will be introducing myself to Sanderson s other books. 5 Another buddy read with the Fantasy Addicts at BBB May the Wheel keep on turningPessimism, she is a fond friend of yours, yes That s uncalled for I barely know her Mere acquaintances, at bestWOW Brandon Sanderson did Robert Jordan proud What a ride What an amazing series The complexity of plot and characters are not comparable to anything else I have ever read in my entire life It would be impossible for me to even delve into what happens in this book How do you summarize the whole of everything that goes on around you at all times Impossible There was joy, there was pain, there was anger, grief, and there was hope And Sanderson s stile of writing, although not the same as Jordan s, fits perfectly with the feel of the series, mostly in the ability to lace even the toughest situations with some humor and make us look on the bright side of the problem Wow Did I say WOWThe Wheel has turned, for better or worse And it will keep on turning, as lights die and forests dim, storms call and skies break Turn it will The Wheel is not hope, and the Wheel does not care, the Wheel simply is But so long as it turns, folk may hope, folk may care For with light that fades, another will eventually grow, and each storm that rages must eventually die As long as the Wheel turns AsTo all fans of Epic Fantasy, you guys have to give the series a try It is soooo worth itThe end is near, Moridin said The Wheel has groaned its final rotation, the clock has lost its spring, the serpent heaves its final gaspsWish you all Happy Reading and may you always find inspiration in the books you read I guess the big question that counts when considering this 12th volume of the WoT is how did I feel about the switch from Robert Jordan to Brandon Sanderson I was OK with the change than I anticipated I m a big Brandon Sanderson fan but I had definitely been dreading the moment when he took over writing WoT Mostly just because I like consistency and WoT books always had such a familiar and distinct feel to them Some things were definitely different, but I think the most important thing of all was that Sanderson managed to capture the spirit of the story and managed to maintain that special WoT feel Sanderson s WoT was worse than Jordan s WoT in some ways but, surprisingly, better in others The trade off worked out about level for me The big plus Sanderson brought to the 12th WoT instalment was a dramatically improved pacing There was no dull spots and no chapters that felt like filler or where if felt the characters were just treading water Every chapter was engaging and interesting and a few of the action packed and emotionally charged chapters were among the best WoT moments in the whole series One of the most noticeable differences between Sanderson and Jordan was the tone and type of the humour Jordan always favoured subtly and hilarious mishaps while Sanderson favours a direct style which meant the humor came in the form of witty banter I m not sure which type of favour I favour in general but did find the change in style in the context of this series to be a touch jarring at times I also felt like Sanderson had a slightly different interpretation of some of the WoT characters than Jordan himself had I know, not a big surprise considering we as fans all likely have a billion different interpretations of the characters from what Jordan himself intended Still, I did find the change a little jarring It was most noticeable in Mat, Nynaeve, and Elaida Talmanes was also a bit different but Sanderson had wiggle room there as Talmanes was only a minor secondary character in Jordan s books while in this one he was basically promoted to Mat s main sidekick Mat and Elaida regularly acted out of character in my eyes while Nynaeve also had a few moments that felt wrong for her The story itself in this 12th WoT book was actually pretty good It was fast paced and quite engaging from start to finish We got to see excellent progress in a number of the long term ongoing story arcs The main focus of the story was on Rand and Egwene Rand sought his alliance with the Seanchan, had encounters with the Forsaken, tried to get his army ready for the Last Battle, and battled a lot of his own inner demons and increasing madness Egwene sought to unify the Aes Sedai and deal with the Black Ajah Both story arcs were pretty exciting Mat and Perrin had a few moments of their own, especially early on, and their parts were entertaining enough Elayne never appeared at all and was basically on the bench for this instalment As always the main cast was helped out by some enjoyable back up from a few of the secondary POV characters The pick of the bunch in this book was Tuon, Cadsuane, and Tylee All in all this was a great read and a worthy addition to the fantastic WoT series Rating 4.5 stars I was tempted to give it the full 5 stars as it really was that sort of quality by I m hacking off half a star because of some moments that really annoyed me Audio Note We might have had a change of author, but thankfully we retained our fantastic WoT narration pairing of Micheal Krammer and Kate Reading They are as good as it gets Final rating 3.5 stars.After an early and unexpected death of Robert Jordan somebody had to finish his magnum opus A relatively new and unknown at the time author was chosen Brandon Sanderson Fortunately for the series fans Jordan left enough notes regarding further plot developments and it is said the final chapters of the last book were entirely written by him So did Sanderson succeed in continuing the biggest epic series in fantasy It really depends on what you expect from Wheel of Time.The first and foremost complaint about Sanderson s writing was about the characters they did not feel right and became somewhat two dimensional the latter is my own opinion I will give a detailed picture of each of the major people below.Rand has his emo moments practically non stop I was reminded of Sazed in the last two books of Mistborn trilogy he was in exactly the same mood most of the time Rand s last development in the book came up completely out of blue and without any good reason or explanation He has his moments, though.If you heard anything at all about the series and Sanderson s writing, you know that he completely missed writing the most interesting character in books 3 11 Mat Basically Jordan s Mat used to be a lovable rogue, but Sanderson s Mat is a foul mouthed rude The less is said about him, the better.I am happy to say that Perrin felt exactly the same as before The guy had his last exciting moment in book 4 before Faile firmly wrapped him around her finger he cannot have two thoughts without one of them being about his wife any Sanderson s Perrin is as boring as Jordan s, but this is really not his fault.Nynaeve became interesting when she decided to become useful She does not have a lot of screen time, but she still keeps pulling her braid as usual I really cannot say anything bad about her.Egwene spends first half of the book pretending to be a character from a BDSM themed book the one with heavy spanking she practically enjoys it She started being fairly close to Jordan s vision I feel as her plot line developed, she became and distant from that vision She also became quite hypocritical by the end, but I suspect it comes with having a lot of power The majority of the book was spent with two Aes Sedai fractions rebel and the White Tower which means we get to see a lot of Egwene I was never a big fan of petty intrigues by obnoxious magic users who do not know the meaning of humility there are only two exceptions for this , so this is one of the influencing factors the book did not get a higher rating from me.A couple of notes on the characters Elaida used to be a fairly complex character, but she became a psychotic while Tuon is a lovesick puppy all of a sudden I also need to mention one of the biggest reasons I like the series was the sense of wonder when I read it whether some ruins of the ancient forgotten cities, giant statues built in times forgotten, uncovered relics serving unknown purposes, some magic constructs something was always there to stimulate my imagination Even in the slowest book of the series Crossroads of Twilight one of the towns visited by Perrin impressed the hell out of me with its creepiness Well, this sense of wonder is completely gone from the first Sanderson s book I can literally feel him rushing to reach the end of the series and completely ignoring such trivialities along the way.I need to be very generic in this part of the review to avoid very big spoilers as I am about to talk about some of the plot resolutions Some of them felt forced and way too simplistic after the monumental buildup I am talking about the whole Verin help and the confrontation with one of the Forsaken I could go on and on, but I cannot be specific.The first part of the book was slow slower than the last Jordan s book In the second part the pace picked up considerably and different subplot resolutions kept piling on the top of each other.Do you expect a typical summer blockbuster movie a lot of huge explosions, fast moving plot and flat characters You got it here Do you want continue enjoying the world full of wonders at a leisurely pace, or interesting cases of character developments Look somewhere else Even with all the problems I mention the book is good enough to warrant 3.5 stars the widespread opinion is that the last two books are improvement of this one, so I am eagerly await to continue with the series This review is a copy paste of my BookLikes one 4.75 Someone Else is Driving the Car StarsThe end is near, The Wheel has groaned its final rotation, the clock has lost its spring, the serpent heaves its final gaspsThis is the first book that was written after Robert Jordan s death by Brandon Sanderson I got so emotional when I read the opening words in the Foreword I have not tried to imitate Mr Jordan s style Instead, I ve adapted my style to be appropriate to The Wheel of Time My main goal was to stay true to the souls of the characters The plot is, in large part, Robert Jordan s, though many of the words are mine But this is a big project, and it will take time to complete I beg your patience as we spend these next few years perfecting this story We hold in our hands the ending of the greatest fantasy epic of our time, and I intend to see it done right I intend to remain true to Mr Jordan s wishes and notes My artistic integrity, and love for the books, will not let me do anything less In the end, I let the words herein stand as the best argument for what we are doing This is not my book It is Robert Jordan s book, and to a lesser extent, it is your book. I m just going to give props to Sanderson for taking over such a massive epic fantasy It couldn t have been easy and yet I think that he did a fantastic job with this book Yes there are some differences in the writing styles and a few of the characters change a smidge than expected but overall it is amazing how well he did.The Best Parts The better pacing of the story I don t know if this is because we are coming to an end and so all the foundations that RJ set down and the arcs he built up are finally starting to tie together or if Sanderson s style of writing has led to it but the pacing of this huge book is fantastic I ve been reading this series for a year now just a few chapters a day and this was the first time that it was actually really hard to put the book down after 2 3 chapters Verrin just WOW Look I ve gone back and forth on Verrin and her goals in this series Which team is she playing for What is that woman up to Can we trust her or is this just another Aes Sedea Plot Do I like her, do I hate her Well I m just going to say that whatever I was thinking what was actually ture was SO MUCH BETTER I m going to give huge props to Egwene She is really proving to be a very competent Amerlyn and I m really interested in what she is going to do after this book She could be the greatest Amerlyn in history if she keeps this up Min is always one of my favorite characters and I really like to believe that she and Rand are the true soulmate match and he is just going to sperm donor it up for Elayne and Avienda they are a cuter couple together than with Rand I think this book shows just how much Min gets Rand and how she is the one that is going to support him through this huge undertaking But Rand in most of this book was bleak and we find out whyI continue to wonder, he said, glancing down at Min, why you all assume that I am too dense to see what you find so obvious Yes, Nynaeve Yes, this hardness will destroy me I know You all claim that I have grown too hard, that I will inevitably shatter and break if I continue on But you assume that there needs to be something left of me to continue on That s the key, Nynaeve I see it now I will not live through this, and so I don t need to worry about what might happen to me after the Last Battle I don t need to hold back, don t need to salvage anything of this beaten up soul of mineThe meeting with the Seanchen Look I didn t think that it would go well but Rand meeting Tuon.well I ve been waiting for it for so long and now it has happened and I m not sure where all the chips are going to fall I semi see both sides BUT the Seanchen collar and subjugate those who have the one power and I don t see that being something that Rand will ever tolerate I loved all the different crazy happening with pockets of power It is just amazing all the different ways the dark one is touching the land and how it is affecting different people in different places The Town that Matt went to for instance well that is a huge disturbance and a very cool idea Last but not least Terminator Rand is dead Look he has been pretty moody and bleak for the last few books and I get why but it was so nice to finally FINALLY have some resolution with that voice in his head I m glad that we got that out of the way It has been an emotion trip with Lews Therin in Rand s head but we definitely got some great resolution on that story arc and I m really happy with it.The Worst Parts they aren t really bad they are just different BS did a great job with this but there are going to be a few things that are different that you notice.1 Robert Jordan s humor was situational and Brandon Sanderson s is banter wit type I liked this change since I appreciate the banter wit than situational comedy Still it is noticeably different especially in Mat s character and Telmanus Not really good or bad just different.2 I think that RJ s villains are a bit subtle and Sanderson s are in your face Elida is a prime example She was a bit cruel before but in this she was flat out cray cray 3 The flow of the story is a bit different I like the change up and faster speed of things but you can definitely tell that someone else is driving the car now.Overall This world story have been amazing and I m really glad we are wrapping everything up and going into the last battle It is time and I do think looking at the last 2 books I read that it was probably worth some of the slow meandering of books 8 10 to get to 11 14 But I ll know better if that is true at the very end. So this is book 12 of the Wheel of Time series and this is the first one which is written after Jordan s death by Brandon Sanderson I am not going to lie, Sanderson is the reason I began reading the WoT series because I wanted to read everything by him but along the way Jordan sucked me in, developed this stunning world of visionary, resentful, powerful and dangerous characters, and created a massively fun story Some of the books are better than others I liked most of the ones so far although book 6 remains my favourite at the moment and yet, getting to the Sanderson books still makes me feel so good Not because I forced my way through the series or hated it, I didn t, but because I knew that I began 2 or so years ago with the series because I wanted to get to the Sanderson books, and now I have done so and so far it s wonderful Book 12 is the beginning of the end Whilst Knife of Dreams book 11 was the start of Jordan s attempt to bring the strings back together book 12 is the beginning of the questions being answered and the characters forming up and resolving their problems plotlines in order to be ready for the inevitable Last Battle In terms of how Sanderson compares to Jordan as a writer I think he does a great job of not disrespecting the story which Jordan set up so well He says in the introduction to the book that he never wanted to lie and try to emulate Jordan and have none of his personality come through, but equally he wanted it to be true to Jordan s wishes for the story and he wanted it to come out right in the end Sanderson being a long term fan of the series is also obviously a big help to him because he knew these characters and he knew who they were before he began writing them, and he does a fab job of emulating them and continuing their storylines in a way that makes them believable still In terms of the plot this book is undeniably much better paced than some of the previous ones by Jordan himself Whilst Jordan s books tend to be a steady and slow build with the halfway point being the turning point where the action really begins, Sanderson has a knack for instantly starting out with something that will not only interest you, but will also capture and hold your attention for the duration of the book I flew through this book a lot quicker than any of the last few books in the series I wanted, at all times when I was busy, to have the audiobook going or the physical book in hand It was fun, it was fab, it was full of answers and resolutions which we ve been longing for, and ultimately needing The series has, in my opinion, benefited massively from Sanderson taking over, and that s no discredit whatsoever to Jordan, as he set everything up and planned everything out meticulously, but Sanderson is better at engaging you quicker On the whole, I won t go into any details about what really happens in this book but just know that this is the second best of the series so far with the first one being book 6 by Jordan himself and that it really is a throughly good read I would say that this has filled me with so much excitement for the final two books now, and I eagerly await seeing where they will take not only me, as the reader, but the characters that we follow in the story I want to know who will win, how will they win, and what is going to happen in the end to the world of the Wheel of Time There s so much originality which for a time became a little stale, but now I have nothing but anticipation for book 13 and 14.A wonderful 5 read with so many improvements to the character s storylines and the way they re progressing Can t wait for book 13 very soon

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