Curse of the Gianes

Curse of the GianesBanshee O Grady And His Faery Lover Maeesbef Have A Problem Living In The World Of Men Makes Maeesbef Than A Little Unhealthy And Horny O Grady Doesn T Mind The Latter So Much, But He Worries That His Lover Might Up And Die On Him That S Where Lyre Comes In He S Been Through Loving In The Human World, Been Through The Sickness That Comes With Living Outside The Grove His People Inhabit Not Only Does He Have To Help Maeesbef, He Has To Fight His Attraction For Yet Another Human, Police Detective Seamus, Who Thinks He S Seeing Things And Going Mad When The Fey Show Up On His Doorstop Can Lyre Learn To Love Again And Can Seamus Let Himself Accept That Love, And The Otherworldy Family That Seem Determined To Help Him Out

A.M Riley is a film editor and amateur poet living in Los Angeles, California She writes murder mystery, romance and urban paranormal with GLBT characters In addition to writing, Riley enjoys politics, police blogs and ice hockey.

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  • Curse of the Gianes
  • A.M. Riley
  • English
  • 09 March 2019

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    Maeebsef and O Grady are living together but the faerie is getting worse everyday Maeebsef needs to feed on sex with human and O Grady is no able to satisfy him But then arrives Lyre, another of the Gianes that maybe can help Maeebsef And Lyre, searching for Maeebsef, meets Seamus Brady, a gay cop who resembles a lot to Joseph, the lost lover of Lyre.Another tale where magic mix with real world and where love is a vital force for the fey world This story is centered on Seamus, on his quest to find the true love in the human world, but maybe he has to search among the faeries Seamus is a cop but he is not tought and rough like the NYPD cops we are used to read He is a lonely soul who has gripped the love where he can find it, even if it s not true love And now he clings to a new possible lover, even if this one slips away after every encounter.Once upon a time Lyre has loved and lost, and now he fears to love again He is not the classical fairie, he is not lithe and ethereal like Maeebsef, but even if his body is stronger, his soul is scarred and, in the end, the weaker in body Seamus, will be the stronger in soul.The story is a little complicated then his prequel Of the Clan O Grady and I strongly reccomend to read them in order even if Maeebsef and O Grady are supporting characters in this sequel, you can t fully understand the whole meaning of it if you have not prepared yourself with the previous book.http www. dp B000VQ4RUM

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    Out of print

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