Of the Clan O'Grady

Of the Clan O'Grady Maeebsef Knows He Shouldn T Leave The Grove, But He Can T Imagine Living The Life His Mother Wants For Him So He Follows A Human To The Human Realm, Hoping To Build A Bond And Find A Way To Make His Wants And Needs Make Sense What Maeebsef Finds Instead Is O Grady, The Unusual Banshee Of The O Grady Clan Gruff And Always In Mourning, O Grady Decides To Help Maeebsef Find His Way Home, And Finds Himself Far Invested In The Faery S Happiness Than He Expects Can O Grady Put Aside His Dour Banshee Ways And Let Maeesbef Into His Life

A.M Riley is a film editor and amateur poet living in Los Angeles, California She writes murder mystery, romance and urban paranormal with GLBT characters In addition to writing, Riley enjoys politics, police blogs and ice hockey.

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  • Of the Clan O'Grady
  • A.M. Riley
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9781102376347

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    A little treasure of an alternative world Why alternative Because in a modern New York, the banshee of the Clan O Grady is a man, and the faery is also a man, Maeebsef.Maeebsef was a Gianes, a rare fey breed in a matriarchal society Maeebsef was cherished and pampered like a victorian maiden, fated to marry a dominant woman and be a beautiful ornament for her house But Maeebsef is different from his brothers, and he learns too much to be passive But he is also naivee and inexperienced of the outside world from his grove and he gets lost on the big city O Grady finds him and suddently the mourning man begins to feel happiness and joy in the arms of this fey It s Maeebsef s charm or it s love Maeebsef is like a child in a candy store all his new and forbidden for him, but when he tries the chocolate, how he can renunce to it And O Grady is like a big chocolate cake for him O Grady is a bear big and growling, but tender and caring for this little man so beautiful and innocent Maeebsef is vulnerable, he doesn t have the appropriate armour for the real world, so strange and careless, and O Grady will be his knight in shining armour But when the matter in question will be love, both Maeebsef and O Grady will be greenhornsI have great expectation for this story and I m satisfy It s short and enjoyble, very fresh and naivee The author doesn t indulge herself in the myth, giving unnecessary details that could be bother the reader, but she uses them with cleverness, creating a mythical world living in the mid of New York City.http elisa rolle.livejournal.com 16

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    Hmm, first off, the prologue is crap and best skip it entirely else you ll just confuse yourself into thinking it s revelant to the following story Which it isn t.The actual beginning of the story is sort of confusing mainly because we re not sure exactly in which kind of setting the story is happening in We ve got magical creatures such as troll, fairies, banshees, etc, in what looks to be the normal human world There s also some confusion as to whether they can be seen by humans or not It seems like some can and others can t Not explained in any way either as to why Once you finally realize that O Grady is the drunk banshee s name as well as the name of the clan he is protecting , some of the confusion clears up.I think this story showed a very sad but true fact about how people humans for them tend to take sexual relations very lighty Something that greatly confuses our little fairy friend Maeebsef which is under the deluded notion that he is now bonded to a human because he sucked him offThis story is mainly about O Grady helping Maeebsef find his human even though he clearly sees that what happened between the fairy and the human was nothing to write poetry about He s thankfully there to pick up the pieces when Maeebsef finally learns the truth about his silly crush.And when O Grady and Maeebsef start getting closer not all is well when O Grady s duties comes knocking on his door.All in All I did enjoy this book enough that I most likely will read the sequel in the future.

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    Good m m urban fantasy about the male banshee of the Clan O Grady who befriends a naive young fae lost in New York City.

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    Fantasy Sci fi is always hit and miss for me, but, man, I loved this I haven t read anything by Riley that I didn t love yet, so I shouldn t be surprised This had a nice balance of a few laughs, a few sniffly moments and a great big smile at the end 4.5, bumping up to 5 for goodreads.

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