AdderI liked this book much, till the last couple of chapters where I had a bit of a WTF moment Some things in a romance novel just push my buttons and this one sure did that In spite of this, I really liked the characters and read this delicious bit of goodness in nearly one sitting Flamboyant rock stars and band drama totally dooo eeet for me Unfortunately, one characters actions had my eyebrows nearly sitting in my hairline and I cannot say I was pleased with how it ended It was a happily ever afterly, but.I ll definitely been keeping an eye out for band boy goodness in what I am hoping is a series of books Fingers crossedhttp 2009 05 This book begins with a bang when Adder the titular hero, punches the drummer of his band and causes a fist fight on stage The drummer is high on drugs and can t keep time properly so, in Adder s thinking, deserves all he gets Adder gets up off the floor, kicks the defeated drummer, picks up his violin and continues the set, much to the delight of his screaming fans Thus we instantly find out three things about Adder He s got a quick temper, he s an exhibitionist, and he takes his music very seriously The rest of his band, comprising of Harpo and Vi are also serious about their music and share Adder s dream of hitting the big time At the moment they are only playing small clubs but Adder s got his eye on fame, fortune and adoring fans and what Adder wants, he generally gets Their drummer is replaced by Harpo s friend Kalil Adder takes one look at Kalil and wants him in his bed He then sets a determined pattern of the most unsubtle seduction in history in order to achieve that goal Kalil wants Adder too, but he s sworn off sleeping with band members Added to the mix is the band s increasingly quick rise to the top and the pressures that puts all the band members under.Adder is one of those characters who you will either love or hate I really liked him He s completely shameless, dyes his hair green, wears outlandish clothing and exudes sensuality through every pore He has a charisma both on and off stage that proves irresistible to most people and Adder, being bisexual, takes advantage of this to sleep with anything on legs He even sleeps with Vi occasionally in a friends with benefits relationship that they both seem quite comfortable with Some people may not like that fact that he is an unabashed man slut, but I felt that it fitted in with his larger than life personality He is single minded in his pursuit of fame, but has the talent to back that up He is also single minded in his pursuit of Kalil so much so that Adder even puzzles over why he should be so determined to have him, especially as Kalil has told him that he won t sleep with band members In the end, Adder resorts to some pretty underhand methods to get Kalil, which again I can see may put some reader s off It s all for a good cause though when Adder eventually breaks down Kalil s defences and Adder becomes, almost overnight, a changed man in that he loses interest in sleeping around.Kalil is quite opposite to Adder in many ways He s just as committed to the band and his music, but this is overlaid with a caution which causes friction amongst the band members The other three people in the band are willing to take risks, whereas Kalil likes to think things through before making decisions He is also rather possessive, especially when it comes to Adder He burns with jealousy whenever Adder flirts with other people, even when Adder repeatedly tells Kalil that he is not sleeping round and has no interest in doing so Later in the book Vi tells KalilIt s unbalanced, that s what Unbalanced Yeah Like I said before, you re too possessive, and he s not possessive enough Unbalanced Kalil peered through the heaving press of bodies to where Adder was now slow dancing with a girl who looked like she didn t even remember what planet she was on The sight made Kalil s gut burn I see your point Uh huh Vi drew back enough to look Kalil in the eye Her expression was solemn If you and Adder are going to last, something has to change Y all have to restore the balance It is Kalil s possessiveness and his overly cautious attitude which eventually begins to draw a wedge between his relationship with Adder, leading to the inevitable misunderstanding This part of the book was the only part which didn t ring true Adder fights tooth and nail to have Kalil at the beginning of the book and then just lets him go, even when he knows that he loves him I felt that, if Adder had been acting in the way I would ve expected from the start of the book, then he would have chased Kalil down and forced him to talk to the band and clear up any misunderstanding quickly In fact, this is what I expected to happen I was rather disappointed to find that Adder just gave up which was so wholly unlike him that I read that section in frustration, annoyed that the book had taken such an irritating turn.Apart from the Big Misunderstanding, I felt that Adder was an interesting book about the pressures facing an up and coming band All the parts to do with their ascension to the heights of fame were done with an obvious inside knowledge of the music industry all the main characters were well rounded and, Adder especially, unusual and the relationship between Kalil and Adder was a realistic representation of how possessiveness and jealousy can damage even the strongest of bonds I would recommend Adder to those of you who enjoy books about the music industry and like larger than life characters. Music Sex Fame What S Missing Surely Not The L WordAdder Has A Plan For His Life Play His Music For Millions Of Adoring Fans, Who Will Reward Him With Money, Fame And As Much Sex As He Can Handle It S A Goal He S Been Working Toward Since His Teens And Is On The Cusp Of Achieving The Idea Of A Relationship Never Entered His Mind Until A New Drummer Joins His Band One Taste Of Kalil, And All He Wants IsFor Kalil, Playing Drums For Adder Is A Dream Come True, The Creative Connection He S Always Wanted What He Never Reckoned On Is The Deeper Connection He Finds With Adder Kalil Would Rather Avoid Sexual Involvement With A Bandmate, But Adder Seems Just As Determined To Break Through His ResistanceAttraction Aside, Music And Sex Are About The Only Things The Hedonistic Adder And The Increasingly Jealous Kalil Can Agree On Still, Before They Know It They Re On The Brink Of Something Deeper, Something LastingAnd It Scares The Hell Out Of Both Of Them Reading this Adder and Kalil are an explosive pair that points out that sometimes a pair can seem totally opposite but actually be on the same page and not realize it until it is almost too late After reading some reviews I was prepared to not like Adder, but I did like him, tremendously He was as generous with his affection albeit without ever admitting the dreaded L word outloud as he is with his personality and determination to find stardom Kalil is a very reluctant and careful man, especially considering he is only a risk taker in his music, but nowhere else This does create communication problems between himself and Adder that are painful for both when insecurities and determination collide Adder takes a unique approach to bring Kalil around to confront their feelings but it was very much in character for Adder and Kali s reaction was spot on as well I liked the epilogue, the angst was heartfelt and their steps to fame was plausible Another Ally Blue satisfied customer. I actually really liked this story The first few words dragged me into the story right away and I didn t want to put it down.I really liked the characters Kalil is one of the best drummers ever He s shy but still confident and just wants to make it as a musician but he s cautious when it comes to signing contracts and interband relationships especially since he easily gets jealous when he has feelings for someone Adder is the opposite He s outgoing, loves attention, uses his flirtation to get what he wants and he doesn t care who he screws as long as their willing and of age And he loves it, thinks it s flattering, when Kalil gets jealous whenever someone flirts or comes onto Adder.Like I said, I was caught up in the story I liked how when Kalil joins the band, there s instant attraction between him and Adder I found it funny how much Kalil was adamant on not having a relationship with Adder especially since Adder wore him down eventually to the point where they turn into long time lovers The book takes place over a year and in that time, considering Adder was a major slut, he never once cheated on Kalil, almost did but didn t actually go through with it There was only one thing that I didn t like about the book and I just have one question I might be a little dense or something but I don t ever remember reading about the band s name Is the band called Adder I was just a little confused about that but there s this one scene that happens at the very end that I didn t like at all view spoiler Kalil leaves the band because he realizes that nobody really cares about his opinion in it and because of that, Kalil and Adder break up Months later, he comes back to the band but it s iffy on whether they ll become lovers again Well, Adder thinks of a fucking stupid idea to get Kalil back by making him jealous So, Adder invests the help of some people in order to get Kalil to walk in on Adder fucking some guy at the recording studio so Kalil would get jealous enough to stake his claim on Adder Which I thought was pretty outrageous considering Adder is very adamant on the fact that he never tops with guys Anyways, that scene kinda dimmed my enjoyment of the book because I thought it was really petty of Adder He could have thought of another way to get Kalil back Even just flirting with someone in front of Kalil would have made him jealous enough to stake his claim hide spoiler First time I met Ally Blue, she was known as the Queen of Angst books as Easy and Forgotten Song are without doubt beautiful books, but so full of angst The she started to change, and she gifted us with light funny comedy as Catching a Buzz or The Happy Onion even if, between books, she also wrote the Bay Paranormal Investigation series that s not exactly light , but sometime she returned back to her old habit with books like Untamed Heart So you can understand that I approached this last book with a big question in my mind angst or light and funny The Show Business setting let me think that it would be the second one but then the not easy relationship between Adder and Kalil, with their incapacity to come clear with their feelings was a sure hint that the angst part was there, ready to struck Adder is the first violin and leader singer of a rock band Big on stage and even bigger on life, Adder has an easy to go approach to sex if they are legal and willing, he is on for the ride, not matter if with a man or a woman And he is so easy and fascinating that no one seems to be able to hold a grudge with him, and so he has not a string of disappointed former lovers behind him, he was even able to remain friend and bandmate with one of them, Vi, the girl at the keyboard You will think that this approach to life, all sex and denying the existing of love, would be a consequence of some broken heart in his past, and instead Adder is for real like that, he is not the jealous type and he doesn t consider exclusive sex as a possibility since he doesn t consider there is a chance for him to find someone with whom he will desire to be exclusive until Kalil.Kalil is the new drummer of the band and a very handsome young man As soon as Adder sees him, he is bent to the task to seduce the man, and maybe Kalil, unwillingly, does the only thing to secure him a than passing interest by Adder s side he plays the role of the unreachable damsel on the ivory tower but thanks to a drunken night that tower crushed down and Adder breaches the door of Kalil s most hidden treasure pun very much intended I was almost holding a grudge myself with Ally Blue since she deprived me of that sex scene I only had to read of the two waking up together AFTER the crime , but she soon made amend and gave us a lot of other sex scenes between the two, very much intense and good as I will say later on in this post, I believe that there is a reason for the author to not allowing us to see the performance of Adder as a top.Coming back to out heroes, It s not that Kalil is not interested in Adder, he only doesn t want to be another notch in his belt Anyway after that night the only one in which Adder tops since he is a bottom for nature , Kalil s defense line are filled full of holes and it s not so much time that he and Adder drift onto a some type of relationship, with Kalil uber jealous of Adder, and Adder that doesn t do nothing to fuel that jealousy if not being who he is, friendly and flirting Knowing that the angst was there ready for make its entering, I was fully expecting that the jealousy issue would be the trigger point and instead I was wrong but I will not say be warned, when the angst struck there is always trouble among the heroes, even if they remain faithful at their own way.I like as the author plays with the characters and their behavior to make a point on the story For example, Adder s claim that he is a bottom, you can think it s only a sexual preference, and he also gave a quite good explanation, but for me it s a proof that he is not yet ready for commitment being a bottom allows Adder to be always at the center of the adoration, all right, he is open in a most intimate way, but he doesn t take the lead in the encounter, he doesn t claim no one as his own with women doesn t count, since Adder doesn t risk to fall in love with a woman and in fact, as soon as he realizes that he is starting to feel something for Kalil, he is not able to let someone top him since that claim is of Kalil now.On the other hand Kalil behaves very much like an animal in the good meaning of the word he is not able to say the word, and so he stakes his claim marking Adder with sex, everytime he can What I like very much in this story is that the one who is accused to be not fully grown from an emotional point of view, Adder, is instead the one that understands better Kalil and their relationship Adder knows that something is eating alive Kalil, and than once tries to push the man to talk, but Kalil is as stubborn as a mule I believe that Adder is not insensible, he has only reached a moment in his life in which he is ready for something serious, and maybe he is at that point since he has tasted all the possible ranges before As strange as it could be sound, the one who needs to grow for me it s Kalil.To a very good development of the characters, add also that the show business setting is nicely described, the supporting characters play nicely their role, being present but not obtrusive, and you will have probably one of the best romance I read by Ally Blue so far.http www dp 1605045411 March, 2013 I originally read this book back in 2009 when I was first scratching the surface of this wonderful genre It was a 5 star read then, and a go to comfort read I would skim and find my favorite scenes and it always satisifed.I recently re read it and it was still a 5 star read for about the first 3 4 I just love these characters, and I love the way they fall in love and stay together simply because they want to be with each other, and not because they need to fall in with any societal norms of monogamy or coupledom It s really cute and romantic And a lot of their childish behavior can be forgiven when taken in context with the fact that they re in their early 20 s It was when I got to the end, the Big Misunderstanding and the Token Breakup that it faltered It was based on such a silly argument, I don t know if I buy that they would have stayed split up for so long, even when taking into account their youth and hotheadedness It s just kind of dumb and far fetched.So based on the general consensus of my friends that I should change my rating if my opinion changes on a re read, I am taking away a star But I still think this book is awesome and it deserves a resurgence in popularity, so I m urging all my friends who haven t read it to pick this one up Do it now Thank you, Nichole for choosing this book for me to read The author of this work has a clear understanding of the mindset of a man and his fear of commitment The fact that both of the main characters were fighting against a relationship is so typical This book was filled with colorful, lovable characters that stayed on my mind even when not reading The plot was entertaining and the writing was flawless. This story was nice, fast read and the pace was OK So it s not the story but the characters I had problems with I liked Adder s character in the first half he is the type of guy we don t have usually in romances.He stand out for being egoistic, egocentric, sarcastic about everything except music, someone who likes to play a lot fans, friends no commitments and no particular reasons for this choice.He admits being a slut and is completely dedicated to his music.But we can t hate him or despise him he is somehow funny and likeable through all his flaws.Kalil is extremely annoying he appears at first to be sweet, strong willed but all his actions prove wrong in one paragraph he wants something and two pages later he wants the contrary I found him most of the time changeable and capricious.No chemistry at all between them, even when they have sex, and Ally Blue skipped through their possible chemistry in music.At some point I found myself beginning to analyze all their reactions and then I said to myself Stop, it s ok, let s finish it And then Adder does something really strange and Kalil s reaction to it is even disturbing it all went against their character sketch I would say that fortunately it happened in the last pages of the story, otherwise there was no way I would have finished it.For me it was really 2 stars but gave 3 because I managed to finish it and I had a little fun reading the first half.Maybe the words didn t go through For those who like Ally blue s stories I m one of them too , you can give it a try because as an example I never finished The Happy Onion and it is really high rated.

Ally Blue penned her first tale at age eight, relating the breathless terror of her little sister s not quite fatal encounter with a bee in the backyard That was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with storytelling She now writes gay romance of all flavors, and has recently branched into writing her first love horror She continues her neverending quest to scare herself She is not a hippi

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