The Law and Miss Mary

The Law and Miss Mary It S Disgraceful How St Louis S Orphans Are Treated And Mary Randolph Plans To Do Something About It She S Lost Her Faith, But She Still Has Compassion And A Drive To Help Innocents In Need If She Has To Battle With By The Book Police Captain Samuel Benton To Protect Themwell, She Ll Give Him A Challenge He Ll Never ForgetA Poverty Stricken Childhood Left Sam Hungry For The Social Acceptance Now Within His Reach All He Has To Do Is Follow Through With The City Fathers Plans But Miss Randolph S Feisty Perseverance Gives Him Second Thoughts, Reigniting His Faith And Showing Him How True Love Can Fulfill All Their Dreams

Married to her own personal hero for over fifty eight years, mother of three, grandmother of four, and great grandmother to a beautiful baby girl, Dorothy calls on her life s experiences including designing and helping her husband build their home, complete with beams they hewed by hand and a real, old fashioned walk in kitchen fireplace she occasionally cooks in, to add color and depth to her sto

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  • The Law and Miss Mary
  • Dorothy Clark
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  • 14 October 2018
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    It s been a long time since I ve read historical fiction Dorothy Clark wrote a wonderful romance set in the early days of St Louis and revolving around the fate of the young orphans in the city.

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    The Law and Miss Mary written by Dorothy ClarkAnother wonderful historical story written about St Louis in the 1800 s.Mary Randolph comes to town with her parents and when she learns how the abandoned children living on the streets are treated by the Mayor and sheriff she campaigns to make it better Her heart hurts to see them so thin with hungry eyes and a hopeless look about them She has to help.Sam is the sheriff just doing his job and trying to not let his heart enter the picture He has a dream that he has been working towards for years and he must not let Miss Mary enter the picture He too had been hungry as a child and knows about children like this but he wants better and his goal is to have a large house and a beautiful wife to make him respectable The mayors daughter seems to always be around and batting her lovely eyes at him.Sam and Mary both need to open their eyes to what is really going on and come back to letting God guide their paths.I enjoyed reading this story but then I always like to read Dorothy Clark books.

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    just a quick sweet romance novel

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    The Randolph FamilyBook 4I m not sure which book I liked the first book in this series featuring Mary s parents , or this bookMary comes from a rich family in Philadelphia But she doesn t have beauty that so many people hold dear, and she is hurt deeply when she learns her fiance was marrying her for her money not her So she gets permission from her father to go with her brother, James, to St Louis where he will manage his father s newly purchased ships.But Mary soon learns that the children on the streets of St Louis are mistreated badly The mayor of the city is a monster, ordering Captain Samuel Benton to lock any homeless children in jail His intent, they learn much later, was not for the safety of the children or even for the town Samuel, at first, does what he s told and thinks he s actually helping the children who now have a safe place to stay And Mary fights him tooth and nail by taking in the children he tries to rest But they soon both learn of the mayor s true intent and join forces to stop the horrible thing from happening.Meanwhile, the feelings they have for each other grows But they aren t right for each other, are they After all, Sam wants to prove his worth by marrying well and climbing the political ladder in St Louis Mary believes she s too homely for any decent man to marry her for her.This is a book that I could hardly put down It kept me reading until the last page and left me feeling good about the nice people the author has created I m very much enjoying her series

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    Award winning author Dorothy Clark delivers another winner with The Law and Miss Mary Her vivid descriptions make you feel as if you re actually in St Louis 1840 as she tells the story of Mary Randolph, who s determined to save the town s orphans, even if it means butting heads with police captain Samuel Benton A charming story of healing, both physical and spiritual, The Law and Miss Mary will linger in your memory long after you ve turned the last page.

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    I enjoyed this book Set in St Louis on the edge of the new wilderness of the early 1800 s, I envisioned what St.Louis must have been like at the time I liked the main idea of the story in that others see us differently than we sometimes see ourselves The attitude of the heart is what truly affects our outward appearance.

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    Set in St Louis, 1840, Mary Randolph strives to find a place for all the orphans Police captain Samuel Benton must enforce the new law that jails these children Together they face the mayor and his beautiful daughter to provide for these poor children.

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    Loved the characters and the story was amazing To think Mary wishes that she was short and blond is crazy, but thank Sam he got her to see reason Lol this is truly a unique and fascinating story and I am now wondering what else I can find from this author

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    I really enjoyed this book The plot is all about Mary s quest to help the orphans a quest I loved because orphans are near and dear to my heart Along the way, Mary learns to love and trust again A sweet romance is a nice back plot to the orphans and their journey home.

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    This was a good christian, historical romance Mary might have over thought her problem with her attractiveness throughout the book, but I enjoyed the book.

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