Bottom's Tale

Bottom's Tale Tad Merryman Was Perfectly Happy As Randy Top About Town Until The Fairy Queen Titania Treated Him To A Magical Night Of Unbridled Passion Which He Hated Discovering She Was Tricked By Her Husband Oberon Into Her Crazed Night With Tad, Titania Curses Tad To Henceforth Only Enjoy Himself As A BottomWith His World Turned Topsy Turvy, Tad Is Starting To Hate His Life Until He Meets The New Blacksmith, Simon In The Presence Of The Big, Gorgeous Smith, Tad Starts To Think Being A Bottom Might Not Be Such A Bad Thing Until Titania Offers Him A Deal He S Not Sure He Can Refuse

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Elizabeth Jewell is the author of a growing collection of paranormal and contemporary erotic novels and novellas She s been writing since before she could read, and has given in to the fact that she s completely addicted to the process of composing fiction especially hot, steamy, paranormal fiction Elizabeth

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  • 18 May 2018

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    It s an okay book with somewhat of a plot It kinda feels like a fairytale, but language is inconsistent sometimes I could spot some wannabe historical and modern words mixed It s easy one evening read I personally dislike vilification of females in mm novels but Titania is a queen of fairies so that goes along the lines If you like very descriptive sex scenes, that s a book for you Special thanks for the horse character, he s the most charming character in the whole story Insta love and lust love But medieval fantasy setting is nice.

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    Tad is an happy man with plenty of lovers and with only a rule he only tops, never bottoms But during a Midsummer s Night, Titania and him are under a spell, and Titania makes love to him for all the night, and the morning after, she curses him he will never be happy like a top So Tad begins to watch the men in other way, but in the villagge all the available men know him as a top Until he meets the new smith, Martin he is tall, very tall, and huge in every part of his body Not at all a good choice to be bottom for the first time with him But his body thinks different and every time he is near this man, he could think only a thing to get laid And Martin is really happy to fullfil his fantasies A very very light tale, funny and careless a one shot reading before sleeping.http elisa 90

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